JEDI HoloNet

270.27 // New Initiate

Today we would like to wish the most recent addition to our ranks, Delmi N’jork, a fine start on his path of becoming a Jedi and a faithful servant of the Force. A young man from the Outer Rim planet of Nevlaan, Initiate N’jork has gone through a patient process of evaluation before being accepted into the Jedi Order this day. Please join us in congratulating him on his acceptance.

– The Jedi Council

270.19 // Changes and Additions to the Ranks

After eight years of training under then-Jedi Knight Jamus Kevari and four more years of solitary training, Iverian Prey has been granted the title of Jedi Knight. An Arkanian by birth, he was identified by the Jedi at a young age and processed in Coruscant, eventually being transferred to the care of the Jedi of Yavin IV. Sifting through many times of both bliss and hardship, Knight Prey was deemed worthy of his new title after a heroic defense of the Yavin Praxeum against two Dark Jedi with the mentor population effectively absent for the event.

On this very day, we have also welcomed a new Initiate to our ranks in the young Togruta female, Li Andru. We wish Initiate Andru a successful start towards her new path, and also wish Knight Prey a continuation of his fortuitous dedication to the Will of the Force.

– The Jedi Council

270.01 // Blavek Araven – Jedi Knight

After a highly impressive career as the padawan-learner of Jedi Master and former High Councilor Shimi Zaki, Blavek Araven (Shistavanen, age 29) has been declared Jedi Knight of the Order.

Knight Araven recently underwent an incredible Trial of Flesh when he was forced to observe a young friend of his be slaughtered almost defenselessly. In the ensuing chaos of the aftermath, Knight Araven kept a clear head and did not harm any one of his captors. After reviewing the incident, the Jedi Council of Yavin IV deemed that Knight Araven had acted above and beyond the actions one would expect of a normal sentient, and declared him more than suitable for the rank of Jedi Knight.

Master Zaki has conveyed that Knight Araven was to him, “…the perfect student.” The Council wishes to convey their congratulations to Blavek Araven. The Force will be with him throughout his career as a Jedi Knight of the Order.

– The Jedi Council

269.30 // A New Year – New Faces

Following the Council Session of 269.30, six new Initiates have been selected as members of the Jedi Order: Zekii Abrak, Daereon Daimon, Zeak Dystiny, Fane Ornn’ila, Ametha Tasia, and Jacen Ginos.

The Council would like to congratulate each of our new Initiates, and submit one reminder: it is difficult to become a Jedi, but it is more difficult to stay one. May your time within our ranks be prosperous for both you and the Order.

– The Jedi Council

269.30 // Corinth Alkorda, High Councilor

After a career spanning fifty years and half of the Galaxy, Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda has been welcomed onto the High Council by in-place councilors Soh Raun and Jared Quell. Master Corinth Alkorda has had a long experience within the Order and on the field, and his wisdom and cool-headedness will be strong assets to conduct his new duties. Upon induction, Master Corinth stated:

As my mentor and former High Councilor Axem Keigoku once said, “Let no man take upon his own will what the Force has not willed for him.” As the Force has called me to a higher position within our Order, I will respond with reverent obedience.

The addition of a new High Councilor will help to aid the High Council as our Order expands throughout the years. Indeed, we are entering a time of prosperity and growth, and this expanded High Council will help to guide the Jedi Order along that path.

– The Jedi High Council