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396.12 // Insurrection on Ord Biniir

Breaking news, now, from the system of Ord Biniir in Imperial Space. With the backdrop of civil insecurities with the succession of the Fel line, pockets of opportunistic radicals are sparking conflict.

On Ord Biniir the fringe group calling themselves “The Alliance for Democracy” has been operating for decades, advocating for a secessionist movement to leave the Empire and join the Republic as an independent system. While never taken seriously, this group turned militant just three days ago, gaining weapons and vehicles from an unknown source and starting an insurrectionist campaign to, in their words, “Liberate Ord Biniir from the autocratic dynasties who have subjugated the good citizens of this planet for too long.”

Using an armored walker, along with military-grade ordinance, they began their rebellion in the heart of the capital city Soontir. After sustained fighting, the AFD have managed to push loyalist forces outside of the capital city, closing the shield gates, and have set up martial law inside the city center.

Negotiations with the AFD have ground to a halt, with the AFD saying there is no negotiation that will succeed unless full succession is granted to the system. Republic senators and the Chancellor have denounced the movement of the AFD, stating that organization is nothing but a terrorist group.

“We have no relationship with, nor share any values with, the so-called Alliance for Democracy terrorizing the good people of Ord Biniir. We believe they should throw down their arms and surrender to Imperial authorities, for this will not go the way they think it will.”

Stated Senator Yalook P’oolel from the nearby Er’Kit system.

Despite these Republic assurances, many moffs in the Empire remain skeptical.

“The Republic, while long an ally of our Empire, has always been expansionist in nature. It would surprise no one if this was not the work of some group of senators instigating an insurrection in our space for a land-grab during a delicate transition of power.” Said one moff, requesting to stay anonymous.

The local authorities on Ord Biniir have been petitioning the Imperial military for assistance, but no comment was given from Imperial High Command as to their future involvement with the situation.

More on this story as it develops,

On location, this is Andee N’evaro.

395.26 // Loyal To The Fels!

As we venture closer, and closer towards the Empresse’s verdict we have begun to see a division of people grow within Imperial Space. On most key planetary systems protestors litter the streets holding up banners and chants in an attempt to display their discontent. The Pro loyalists on Bastion have marched through most of the capital completely impeding transportation throughout the city. At a press briefing, the commissioner of Imperial Security on Bastion, Klor Mendrin said the force was so stretched officers have not seen their families for cycles. Plus, approximately 65,000 officers have been placed on 1-rotation shifts.

A spokesman for the loyalist group, Arix Nesda said:  “We stand by the Fel bloodline. It’d feel wrong, untrue to traditions for someone not of the family to take up the throne. Especially the likes of those without a spine such as Nemora Torysk. Only a dog of the Republic. I only hope that the High Moff Council and the Empress herself see eye-to-eye and elect Julianus to be the true emperor. As he is truly deserving. ”

The loyalist group has committed to continuing the protests on for the remaining cycles of the year. Imperial Security has said it needs to balance the right to protest in a democracy. During the current campaign, the ISF has made 3,458 arrests and 1364 charges have been laid so far by the Imperial Courts.

The commissioner said that of those convicted after the group’s protests in through 394.15-395.20, so far over 2000 had paid costs and got a conditional discharge. It left them with a criminal record, but some critics question if the penalties are enough of a deterrent, particularly for activists who may regard criminal convictions in the furtherance of their cause as a badge of honor.

Commissioner Mendrin confirmed ISF and Imperial officials were discussing changes to public order laws to deal with protests such as those of The Loyalist cause, including ways to deter repeat offenders and disruption.

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395.12 // Void outbreak threatening the existence of the Galaxy

Breaking news, as the first rumors of the fate of Pleis IX have surfaced after weeks of silence.

Pleis IX, long hailed as the unknown Agricultural Gem of the Empire, dropped all forms of communication around 395.05, with no prior warning. Friends and relatives of inhabitants had been trying to reach their loved ones, to no success. The Imperial Navy had blocked all access into and out of the system, but had declined to comment on the situation. That is, until now.

Reports coming allegedly from survivors of the Arc-Ship “Hope” speak of a void infestation that consumed the planet in a matter of hours, leaving behind a black hole. Of a population numbering dozens of billions, only a few hundred thousand escaped.

Grand Moff Otta Vormis has quickly interjected, stating that these rumors are unsubstantiated.

“We are still investigating the events that took place in Pleis IX. This is a top priority for the Imperial Command, and as such, we insist on civilians respecting the curfew and not paying heed to unsubstantiated rumors, that only serve to undermine our mighty Empire. The punishment for breaking this curfew will be extremely severe.”

Imperial Scientists side with the Grand Moff, stating that a collapse of an object that big is impossible, and the mass of a planet is vastly too small to create a black hole.

However the holoforums are filling with reports from alleged Arc Ship passengers, that expert journalist call “too harrowing to be fake”.

Is this a sign that the Void infestation has escaped the Jedi Order, and now threatens the innocent civilians across the galaxy?

Stay tuned for updates.

394.06 // 26 Jedi dead, Failed Attack on the Temple of Ossus

In the early hours of 395.06, a rupturing explosion was heard booming through the sacred halls of the Ossus Jedi Temple. Little is known about the attack, but on-site reporters are claiming that the corpses of ‘shadowy figures’ are littered in the dozens as have over 20 confirmed Jedi deaths. Despite the horrific violence, the temple bravely stands.

However, a shocking revelation has been uncovered. An injured, misspoken student told our Holonews reporters that, “This isn’t the first of its kind. Rannon has already fallen.” Unknown to the galaxy, the Rannon Praxeum has been targeted by a similar attack over a year ago – which aerial footage has now confirmed. It has been said that upon receiving the news, Republic specialists were outraged at the lack of transparency the Jedi Order has offered their intelligence services in regards to such a dangerous threat. The Grandmaster of the Order, Don’roq, has refused to comment under the guise of this being a “matter of spiritual warfare”, not concerning the wider Galaxy; but this statement has understandably caused considerable criticism for the Order as a whole.

For many, this was a chilling reminder of the atrocities that befell the temple only half a century earlier during the Imperium Wars. It is being theorized by several correspondents that these series of attacks are directly linked to the earlier kidnapping of children and devastation of the Order’s reputation. Nevertheless, tensions undoubtedly grow within the Order as not only one of the most prestigious Praxeums of the Order has already fallen, but one has barely clung onto life from a threat that the Galaxy will not be told exists.

394.03 // Tradition Over Advancement

With the question of succession still in the air, both “candidates” have begun their campaigning. The Bastion Newscast was able to catch Ambassador Nemora Torysk after her meeting at the palace with officials, before boarding her transport. Our correspondent Alanya Ilorin was given the chance to pose a couple of questions to the ambassador.

“Nemora, I’m sure you are aware that at the moment there is no clear heir to the throne. Now, as someone that doesn’t hold the name Fel do you think you fair a good chance again Julianus?”

“I’m clearly aware of my name. I don’t believe the Fel Dynasty is what has made the Empire what it is today, it’s the people, the small people. We’ve seen planets under our program flourish in deals and trade with the likes of the Republic, it’s our system of rule and mainly the Moff Council which have directed the Empire to where it is now.”

“If the Empire has been directed by the Moff Council why the need for a new head of state?”

“Why, because we lack direction, an executive decision. The Empress has been quiet for many years now and her inner circle has only kept things isolated. It’s the role of the Moff Council to advise the Empress not the other way. You always need one voice to speak over many.”

“And the future of the Empire?”

“Advancement, I wish to see the Empire continue to flourish. To see more systems join our cause as I believe what we offer can only leave planets better off out in northern space. I believe we offer more structure and more involvement in our system, compared to the likes of the Republic. Who are stretched thin by the large amounts of planets under their control.”

That was all the time we had with Nemora before she boarded her transport. It seems she has set in stone big plans for the direction of the Empire, her talks around expanding Imperial Space by assisting neighboring system and enabling them to flourish can only appeal to the Empress, the Moff Council and to the people of the Empire. Plus, she has the backing of Moff Sehrana who has already made comments saying that she agrees with the ambassador’s sentiment and will openly sponsor her on the Moff Council.

More news to follow shortly.