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445.09 // Missing blood samples lead to horrific events on Moltok!

Special correspondent Miranda Hayes has unearthed a connection between missing blood samples from the Galactic Medical Center and bizarre occurrences on the distant planet of Moltok. The discovery has sent shockwaves through the scientific and intergalactic communities, raising questions about the safety and security surrounding medical research and intergalactic affairs.

Our investigation began when reports surfaced of discrepancies in the records of blood samples stored at the Galactic Medical Center, the hub of medical research on Coruscant. Initial inquiries by authorities met with officials citing possible administrative errors or technical glitches. Relentlessly, Hayes delved deeper into the matter to uncover a pattern of missing samples that could not be easily dismissed.

It was clear that something more sinister was at play. The sheer volume of missing blood samples, particularly those with rare genetic markers or anomalous properties, suggested a deliberate effort to conceal their disappearance.

The truly bloodcurdling evidence was the connection uncovered between the missing blood samples and a series of strange events occurring on the remote planet of Moltok. Reports from local inhabitants spoke of strange phenomena, ranging from unexplained power outages to strange dreams that felt “Unlike anything I wish I’d never dreamt” by one eyewitness.

One particularly compelling report came from a young boy named Uru, whose testimony shed light on the mysterious occurrences plaguing the planet. In the boy’s words he had been experiencing vivid dreams where a mysterious boy would appear, urging him to join in a game.

It was like he was calling me, to follow him. B-But…there was something bad. His eyes were dark. So dark you could fall in…

We believe that Uru’s testimony may hold the key to unraveling the mystery surrounding the missing blood samples and the strange events on Moltok. Could there be a connection between the two? And if so, what nefarious purpose lies behind the disappearance of the blood samples?

Miranda Hayes is a placeholder name used by an anonymous reporter who does not wish to expose their identity publicly at this time. The Associated Presses has verified the validity of all reported sources in this article independantly.


435.11 // Corporate Conglomerates donate to top Republic Universities

Companies such as Czerka Enterprises, Lerrimore Contracting Company, and Corellian Engineering Corporation – in cooperation with the Bank of Aargau, have granted 50 million credits to the University of Coruscant, Corellia University, and Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy. This unrestricted donation is meant to bolster creativity and ingenuity in the respective school’s engineering and science departments.

This contribution has been met with wide acclaim by the public.

One student from the University of Coruscant – Jaq Roznex (20 M), majoring in engineering, is thrilled.

This is insane! My class and I will be able to finish our robotic project without my professor coin pinching. Never thought companies like Czerka or Lerrimore cared like that.

We were able to catch up to Republic Senator Menzyx Kallian, a rising star in the Senate, leader of the Centrist party, and former executive for the Bank of Aargau, on the Senate floor – and he had this to say on the matter:

I am proud of the ceaseless work the Bank of Aargau has done to finance the Republic. And it is my firm belief that we are approaching a precipice. Every day I see more homeless people, more violence, and not on Tatooine where you would expect such a thing, but on planets that were once the models of dignity like Coruscant and even Aargau, my home. Why? The people of this great Republic, of all classes and races, have been crushed by the weight of its… imperialistic overreaching. More conflict in our Outer Rim territories? What a surprise! We must instead focus on investing in the next generation of top minds. Without their innovations, their… forward-thinking, it will be impossible to improve our infrastructure. It is imperative that we raise the quality of life and make smarter use of our resources, or this… fractured Republic will shatter.

Research done by the Associated Presses Voter Study Group shows that Senator Kallian has had a significant uptick in the quarterly Senatorial polls since this interview. Time will tell if this really is just the nudge the Republic needs.

Reporting contributed by the Associated Presses.

399.28 // The Galaxy Aligns as the Galaxy remembers the Battle of Yavin.

When you arrange to meet your friends for an early morning caf, you’ll fire messages back and forth, “I’m free on 399.22, 399.30 and 400.03”. The three letters that come after these dates are often forgotten or left out, but we all know that they are ABY – After the Battle of Yavin.

Was there a time before the battle of Yavin? Of course there was, infact the galaxy spans millenia before the Battle of Yavin, so what was the event that was large enough to hit the reset button on the galactic calendar?

Well, you can find out more, by watching the critically acclaimed 10 part docu-drama series coming to Holoflix called ‘BY’.

The galaxy itself seems to be marking the occasion with a natural phenomenon scientists have dubbed ‘The Concentric Suns’. A large portion of the suns, in the known galaxy, will be in perfect symmetry and harmony, the process known as solar dynamo causing them to correlate to one another for a brief temporal window; one lasting merely couple of days. This is expected to lead to what is being described as a once in a lifetime, for most species, spectacular astral event.

What will it look like? No one is quite sure, it’s never happened before, although scientists and astrologers around the galaxy are at fever pitch with excitement.

397.18 // Demonstration of Phase X

The Empire has once again stunned top galactic officials and military personnel with the official unveiling of the new standardized stormtrooper phase X armour. A user feedback program led by the Imperial Infantry Trials and Development Unit (IITDU) has driven a new initiative to upgrade from the phase XI armour. Moff Gyi, acting as the high general of the Imperial Army has overseen the development of the new Phase X stormtrooper armour. Phase X has already started rolling out at the start of the year and is set to gradually replace the Phase XI armour.

So far around 14,000 units of Phase X body armour, helmets and load-carrying systems have been issued to a number of units – including members of 1st Legion, 291st Legion & 501st Legion.

The new design of Phase X mainly combats the design flaws in XI’s complete set of eighteen components that encased the body. The Imperial Department of Military Research described the problems of the XI was that issues with manufacturing eighteen different components for a variety of humanoid and non-humanoid species put stress on manufacturers. In order to simplify things, designers place more emphasis on limiting the number of individual components that made up the armour, reducing the number from eighteen down to eleven.

Helmets of the Phase X program have also received an upgrade. Now equipped with a smoke filtration system and an external tank hook-up although the helmets can still not filter toxins. Aside from providing standard protection for the wearer’s head, the Phase X helmet will possess both communication and targeting systems for the foot soldiers, although quadnoculars will still be required for any enhanced imaging. In addition, will have contained polarized lenses and night vision, but lacked advanced imaging gear in order to keep the helmet’s weight down.

Moff Gyi commented saying:

“The entire process from receiving feedback, informing the developer ,trialling prototypes, manufacture and then fielding has taken 23 cycles, demonstrating a step change in support to front-line soldiers.”

Additionally Moff Gyi stated:

“Going forward the Stormtrooper Corps will be three times more effective than what it was, giving our soon to be True Emperor an excellent force able to quell any threats to Northern Space.”

More news to follow.

395.25 // Experimental procedure gone wrong. Stakeholders Upset.

It’s a characteristically warm and sunny day in the Northwestern hemisphere of Manaan where I am at, the facility widely known as simply ‘The Archology’. It was designed as a three-way effort between the Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance, and the Order of Shasa to further biomedical research and advances.

This effort has been stymied in recent months by a series of detrimental events. Following a hostile incursion from a rogue element some months back attempting to illegally gather information about the top secret projects, the researchers of the facility have suffered another major setback.

Jedi Master Ari Tolen has been leading the development of an experimental treatment to combat the effects of Gyorbitz Disease, a degenerative neurological condition in which the subject’s mental functions begin to decay. One of Gyorbitz Disease’s first symptoms is memory loss. The team’s project was using a conjunction of mystic techniques and biocybernetic implants to create a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treatment to prevent, and restore, the loss of memories of a patient suffering from the disease.

Master Tolen’s team had made several successful preliminary tests on animal subjects of similar neurological makeup as the preliminary volunteer patients. Unfortunately, their first live test had some serious complications, the ultimate result of which was their first volunteer patient suffering from complete memory loss.

When asked about the dramatic turn of events, Master Tolen had this to say to the press:

[Patient’s name has been redacted] was well aware of the experimental nature of the procedure and consented to the risks. They were suffering from the later phases of Gyorbitz Disease, so the neurological pathways in their hippocampal region were already seriously decayed. It’s regrettable beyond words of what happened, as all of our previous simulations indicated an over 90% chance of success. We are still processing the data and looking for any evidence of what in our procedure malfunctioned to cause this result.

Other researchers have indicated any number of possible complications. Some doctors of the Galactic Alliance point to the inconsistency of mystic meditative restoration practices as a probable result while both the Jedi Order and Order of Shasa state that biocybernetic technologies are still in their infancy, and more pre-sentient troubleshooting for biological compatibility may be required.

No matter what element of this complex procedure went awry the results are the same and it has caused a stir amongst Archology investors as to the long-term profitability of the endeavour. One stakeholder has been reported as having expressed their concern about their shares in the funding. Should more setbacks occur, many are wondering about the financial security of the future of this shared facility.

Reporting from the blue planet, I’m Chryztal Merrone.