JEDI HoloNet

392.11 // The Attack of Rannon Praxeum

Members of the Order,

On 392.10, The force nexus housed at the heart of Rannon Praxeum was attacked by an entity using what we have now termed the ‘Spectral Force’. An erratic and unstable energy that is created by disrupting the natural transition between life and death. The High Council condemns the manipulation of such a sacred right. We all have a right to life just as much as we have the right to pass over to be one with the force without interference. Whilst we continue to attempt to understand this unnatural force and how to combat it, please stay vigilant. Security around all known force nexus’s has been increased and placed on high alert.

It is with great sadness that I announce the deaths of Jedi Knight Joran Fayara and Jedi Padawan Lystra Hale. We are grateful that both successfully became one with the force.

At the time of this message, the Order is organising a flotilla of ships to for the residents of Rannon. However, should the residents of Rannon visit your temple, outpost or support facility, please ensure they feel welcome.

Finally, Padawan Tribo Orana has also been reported missing since the attack, his status and whereabouts are unknown. If anyone hears from Padawan Orana, please inform a mentor immediately.

Kind Regards
Grandmaster Don’roq

391.01 // BREAKING NEWS: Jedi Escort destroyed by Vohaian Pi

A Jedi Team and an Utapauian humanatarian aid force above Skynara have been targets of a pirate raid, approximately two parsecs away from the system!

The humanatarian aid force had been given the task to gather supplies on Alzoc III, persumably a ”splinter” force of the devastated Vohai resistance led by the deceased Mother Mu’la. Images that have been recieved before the unfortunate destruction of the Utapauian dreadnought show that the attackers used very violent force to take down the escort, taking more than 142 souls, three Jedi among them.

Jedi Intelligence is currently observing the situation within the Arkansis and Skynara sectors to locate any potential threats by the Vohaian outlaws who are expected to be brought to justice.

The three Jedi that were killed in action were:

– Jedi Knight Qavul Yaraba
– Jedi Knight Elyaq Ra’hara
– Jedi Padawan Astamic Ionia

We would like to give credit to their selfless sacrifice and their heroic acts upon Skynara. Jedi are soon to be send and deployed to the vicinity of the southern Sectors of the galaxy to verify the situation in more detail.

Please remember the lost souls in good memory and may the force be with them and you.

390.25 // Celebration and Welcome

Greetings Residents,

Our involvement on Vohai and in Operation Lost Stars has left us all busy, yet it is important to celebrate progress and welcome those new to our Praxeum.

The Jedi Council would like to congratulate Jedi Knight Narael Undine on their knighthood. It is a long journey Master Undine, and know that no matter how small, the first steps are often the hardest, so look to your fellow Knights and Masters for guidance and we have every confidence you will thrive.

The Council would also like to extend welcomes to the intake of new faces that have been initiated into the Order in the last few years. Now Padawan Serir Vun, a familiar face to many in the Praxeum. Jedi Initiates Rowan Stryx, Talnath Ileybur, Darylna, have been with us for some time, and the newer faces of Xintr Wolfe and Morgan Voss, only recently initiated. The Council extends warm welcomes and congratulations to you all. Again, look to your peers and we are sure you will do well.

Finally, we have opened our doors to members from other branches. We welcome Jedi Padawan’s Syriss and Alyx, and Jedi Knights Xin Okata, Geminae and Nulla Zil who now all reside on Rannon. We hope you all make yourself at home.

Kind Regards
The Jedi Council

387.12 // Statement: Grandmaster Don’roq

Initiates, Padawans, Knights and Masters.

You do not need me to tell you that the last four years have been a difficult time for the Order.

On 387.09, Jedi from Rannon Praxeum led a successful operation and recovered 34 force sensitive children. Details of this assignment are strictly classified and are restricted to the High Council, Local Councillors and the residents of Rannon Praxeum who have been involved in the long term investigation and recovery of the children.

In the short term, the children will all be returned to their families. Longer term, those that were due to begin training with the Jedi Order will study at Ossus under my personal watch before being distributed across the various outposts and praxeums in the galaxy.

Whilst GRID has formally shut down its Operation Lost Stars, the Order have reason to believe that two children are still missing, and those responsible are still to be held to account. Whilst now is certainly a time for celebration, there is still work to be done.

At this time, I would like to personally praise Rannon Praxeum for carrying the intense burden of the investigation. The Jedi Order has not been this well regarded in the galaxy for many decades, and this boost in popularity is down to you. I urge all members across the Order to seek to grow and nuture this new found approval.

Finally, I would like to pay respects to a dear personal friend of mine, Master Cael Dan’kor who became one with the force during the operation to recover the children. His contribution to the Order was immeasurable and whilst he will be missed, his words and lessons will undoubtedly live on through everyone who knew him.

Kind Regards
Grandmaster Don’roq

386.05 // Long Journeys Ahead

The Jedi Council would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest initiates Joar Hasmal. As well as our two new Jedi Knights, Valgam Freestar and Fenn Rahm to the Order. You have all taken your first steps on a long journey which will be both challenging and enlightening. Knighthood is only the beggining of an even longer journey. Look to you fellow Knights and Masters for guidance. As for our initiates, remember to look to your peers and we are sure you will do well.

Welcome to the Order.

The Jedi Council.