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Throughout this page and web site, “JEDI“, “::JEDI::” and the “JEDI Clan” designate an online non-profit-making community located at, and lead by a board of individuals collectively referred to as the “JEDI Council” or simply the “Council“. This community aims to provide an immersive role-playing environment based in the Star Wars® universe, most notably through online multiplayer gaming.

This page is a collection of legal documents for the protection of JEDI, its visitors and its members. We are always open to making amendments to individual sections as valid concerns are brought forth. For any question related to the documents provided herein, please contact the JEDI Council.

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JEDI Clan material – names, artwork, stories, web site, and other assets created specifically for JEDI – is the property of the JEDI Clan under a worldwide, limited release, attribution, non-commercial license and may not be redistributed or modified without the express permission of the copyright holder(s).

The JEDI logo is licensed separately under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License; more information is available in the Promoting JEDI page.

Personal User contributions for use with JEDI Services, including but not limited to stories, art and custom game assets, are made under a worldwide, royalty-free, limited release, non-exclusive, non-commercial license that allows JEDI Services to internally copy and redistribute such material across multiple platforms for the purpose of the Service. No modifications may be made without the express permission of the copyright owner, except as required for technical compatibility with JEDI Services. Additional or alternative licensing may apply for use outside the scope of JEDI Services, at the discretion of the copyright owner(s).

The Star Wars® Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy modification “RPMod” is covered by the JKA Game Source License as made available in the game SDK; RPMod-specific parts remain the exclusive property of its creator, Fabien Crespel – all rights reserved. The JEDI Clan is granted an exclusive, limited license of usage of RPMod on its servers and under the supervision of the modification’s creator.

Other elements, brands and names – in particular, elements from the Star Wars® universe – are the property of their respective owners.
All characters portrayed in JEDI are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

For any question or to report violation of this copyright notice, please contact the JEDI Council.

Terms of Service

By using online services provided by the JEDI Clan, hereafter referred to as “JEDI Services”, you agree to abide by all rules and follow directions from the Administration. JEDI Services include, but are not limited to, the Web site and game servers managed by JEDI.

JEDI Services are free-to-play and donations are entirely optional. By donating to JEDI, you agree to the Terms of Service and acknowledge that this action does not give you authority or power above the Terms of Service. A repayment of your donation will not be made under any circumstances.

JEDI Services are provided ‘as is’. Acceptance of the Terms of Service by users releases the Administration from any and all liability including, but not limited to:

  • Loss of information while connected.
  • Unexpected service interruption.
  • Effects on personal Internet usage.
  • Effects on personal hardware and software.

By contributing personal material to JEDI Services, including but not limited to stories, art and custom game assets, you are granting the JEDI Clan a worldwide, royalty-free, limited release, non-exclusive, non-commercial license that allows JEDI to internally copy and redistribute your material across multiple platforms. No sort of modifications will be made to said contributions without your express permission, except as required for technical compatibility with JEDI Services.

Contributions made specifically for the JEDI Clan, as opposed to personal usage, belong to JEDI under a license detailed in the Copyright Notice section of this page.

By connecting to or creating an account on any JEDI Service, you agree NOT TO:

  • Use or encourage others to use JEDI Services for any illegal purpose.
  • Impersonate any of the JEDI administration in-game or on any other online service.
  • Make unsolicited or inappropriate offers, advertisements or proposals for goods, services or other commercial activities that are not related to JEDI.
  • Interfere with any security-related features of JEDI Services.
  • Engage in any other conduct prohibited by the Administration or service-specific rules.
  • Release or distribute server access information without Administrative consent.

The Administration retains the right to ban or close access, both temporarily and permanantly, to any and all services at any time with or without warning. Users found violating the Terms of Services may find their accounts or IP addresses restricted or eliminated from access to JEDI Services. While players may appeal their ban, the Administration retains the right to revoke any request for a ban appeal.

Privacy Policy

The JEDI Clan is committed to protecting your privacy. The following policy aims to inform you about the way your information is collected and used, and how you may exercise your rights.


This policy was last modified on 2011-07-19.

Collection of your personal information

We collect information from you when you register on our site, browse our site or use other online services provided by JEDI.

When registering on our site or one of its related services, you will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address. Registration is not required to visit our site, but may be essential to the operation of related online services.

Your IP address, which identifies your computer on the network, will be collected at any time required for proper operation of this site and related services. Information from your Web browser, such as its version, language, addons, screen width and height, is collected during your visit for statistical purposes and does not contain personally identifiable information. Please refer to the “Cookies” section below for more information.

Written messages and conversations exchanged via communication means provided by JEDI, such as forums and game servers, will be automatically logged and shall not be considered as secure for all intents and purposes.

Use of your information

Any information collected from you through your direct input or through automated means may be used in one of the following ways:

  • To personalize your experience on the JEDI web site and related services.
  • To improve our web site and services, e.g. by analyzing statistical data.
  • For security and abuse prevention purposes, or to resolve disputes between members.

Sharing of your information

JEDI shall not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties. Your information is solely used for the operation of JEDI and within its boundaries.

Note however that we may release your information when required to comply with the law, to enforce our policies and intellectual property rights or that of others.

Protection of your information

Security measures are implemented by JEDI to maintain the safety of your personal information. Only individuals granted with special rights to our systems, and most notably the JEDI Council, may access your information and are required to keep it confidential.

Services protected by the “JEDI ID” system, and marked as such, provide additional security when transmitting sensitive account information such as your password. This security is enabled by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, as can be verified by the “https://” URL prefix and lock icon displayed in your browser. Not all JEDI services are protected by JEDI ID at the time of writing.

Accessing your information

In compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (USA) and the “Informatique et libert├ęs” law from January 6, 1978 (France), all users of online services provided by JEDI may access, review and modify their personal information by using the relevant User Control Panels where applicable, or in the absence thereof by contacting the JEDI Council.

Usage of “cookies”

The JEDI Web site and certain related online services make use of “cookies”. Cookies are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive while visiting web pages through your browser, that enable the recognition of your computer and the release of information stored during previous visits.

We use cookies to compile statistics about site traffic and navigation patterns, to offer a better experience in future versions. You may choose to opt out from such automated data collection by clicking this link and following instructions.

An authentication cookie may also be stored to let you connect back without having to enter your identification information again. This feature is optional and generally made available as a “Remember me” check box on the authentication form.

Third-party links

Certain web pages may include links to third party sites or services, which have their own separate and independent privacy policies. JEDI is not responsible or liable for the content and activities of such third parties. Shall you feel that a link may be harmful to the integrity of JEDI, please do not hesitate to contact the JEDI Council.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Changes may be occasionally made to our Privacy Policy. In such an event, an updated version will be made available at this URL ( and the modification date will be updated accordingly.

Contacting us

For any question related to this Privacy Policy, please contact the JEDI Council.