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What Does JEDI Offer You?

Star Wars Roleplay Experience

Play As Your Own Jedi

Perhaps the greatest opportunity provided by The JEDI Order is the ability of any person to create a character that can reach the highest pinnacles of achievement in the Star Wars Universe: the title of Jedi Master. Every guest is allowed to freely create characters that can develop into the finest examples of Jedi Knights. Although tradition dictates Jedi be trained from childhood the Council is known to make exceptions for highly passionate individuals playing teenage characters. Always remember, it is hard to become a Jedi but it is even more difficult to live as a Jedi.

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Strict Roleplay Environment

JEDI’s Servers and Roleplay Environments are first and foremost dedicated to providing the best possible roleplay experience for all members and guests. It is inappropriate for both members and guests to disrupt the environment with nonsensical actions on any provided mediums. However, we must keep in mind that ultimately everyone participates in this community because they enjoy it, we are here for fun.

Creative Writing Opportunities


Every Jedi receives his or her own private journal upon entry into The Jedi Order. If you’re just dying to develop your character through long, flowing essays or want to elaborate on your most detailed dreams through the eyes of your character, your journal is the place to let your creativity flow. Some members use their journal merely to record events that occur while playing on the JEDI Servers. Others use their journal to record their character’s inner development and future plans. Still others take the time to develop exciting stories that happen only in their character’s imagination or while on a private mission with their Master.

How each member uses their journal is up to them. Our most creative members and roleplayers have written from the perspective of a ten year old Initiate, full of purposeful errors and misspellings that make up his or her character’s current development. The same members months later write thesis on the Force and life as a Jedi that are so deep and intimate that even official writers would be jealous of their creativity.

Storylines and Missions

For those that desire an even more challenging Star Wars writing experience there exists the ability to write, plot, develop, direct, and execute custom storylines and missions for all members to participate in. The leading member in this activity is called the Era Coordinator. From simple three mission storylines to help a character develop into a more mature Jedi, to storylines including dozens of missions over months or years that impact the entire canon that JEDI adheres to, there’s a spot for everyone to participate and contribute to writing and executing creative storylines. The best part is using JEDI’s Roleplay Mod to enhance each and every mission through NPC dialog, conditional events, and free-form roleplay.

Most Detailed Roleplay Mod in Existence

JEDI uses the RPMod game modification for Star Wars Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy to provide an unprecedented, immersive role-play experience to its members. Find out more about RPMod on its official website.