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Taneeli Vozo

Knight - Master Healer

Homeworld: Nal Hutta

Mentor(s): Aneheta

Species: Kallidahin


In the vast expanse of the galaxy, staggering health inequality is unfortunately inevitable. However, those under the rule of the Hutt Cartel are disproportionately affected.

When Dr. Keekmoy Vozo and Dr. Lalaine Vozo learnt this, they committed their lives to try and make a difference. Giving up their well paid jobs in The Core, they transformed their corvette class vessel into a travelling medical clinic and traversed Hutt Space providing medical care to those most in need of it.

Several years later, on the grimy planet of Nal Hutta, Taneeli Vozo was born. Taneeli spent his early years witnessing the pervasive health inequalities enabled by the Hutts, first hand.

As soon as he was able to help, Taneeli did. He showed not only a natural gift towards medical arts, but something more. He was able to soothe patients, allaying their fears about receiving injections or undergoing procedures with little effort. After further investigation it was revealed Taneeli was force sensitive.

From Hutt Space to Ossus, where under the guidance of his mentor Master Aneheta his medical skills and force abilities were refined. Formal qualifications followed and Taneeli gained his medical degree from the famous Prasteen Braak medical school on Utapau, alongside being a qualified psychotherapist certified by the Coral Collegium on Mon Cala.

Upon his knighting, Taneeli went to assist in the leadership of the Order’s medical corps following in his parents footsteps in helping those less fortunate.

After several years of service to the corps, the Jedi Council requested that Taneeli take up residency at a core facility, and with that he was transferred to Rannon Praxeum.