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Landing Requirements

As one enters the Duneeden system one will be faced with many new people, places, and technology. In order to ensure travelers are properly prepared for landing at the Duneeden Temple the Jedi Council has conveniently arranged the following resource list for download into commlink devices.


Born out of the culture and climate at the Temple, a variety of distinguished apparel has been created. In order to be familiar with the different styles, please review the following section.

In addition to a significant change in appearance, many travelers and Jedi have added a personal touch to their droids and ships. An information repository containing all relevant information has been provided by the Jedi Council, and can be accessed through the following links.

The weapon of the Jedi is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of his or her life. The lightsaber is an integral part of Jedi Training and Jedi Philosophy. Jedi Knights spend countless days perfecting their lightsaber designs, which have recently been included in the Temple Archives.

Should the wandering student or traveler find him or herself in need of a temporary distraction on his or her long journey, the following compilation of music has been arranged accordingly.