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443.05 // The Mythical Melodies of the Hydroplains!

Time for a deep dive, metaphorically and literally.

Did we finally answer the fin-flapping mystery that has gripped the imaginations of citizens in the Hydroplains for eons!?

That’s right the elusive Melodies of the Hydroplains became the center of a sensational story by our intrepid investigators.

According to locals, the vast and sparkling Hydroplains, known for its pristine waters and lucrative Hydro exports, is also the secret home of the Melodie. These aquatic beauties are said to serenade workers with their enchanting voices, leading some to prosperity and others to a soggy doom. But how much truth lies beneath these rippling tales?

Armed with an underwater camera, sonar devices and our guide, a seasoned fisherman named Jorco Seaweed (yes, that’s his real name, we know, we know) who claims to have seen these creatures on more than one occasion.

“They’re out there, singing their hearts out, I swear on my second best fishing net!”- Jorco Seaweed

We traversed the aquatic expanse, our anticipation growing with every splash. However, instead of enchanting mermaids, we encountered schools of fish and a rather confused-looking squid.

Despite our high-tech gadgets and Jorco’s enthusiastic guidance, proof of the Melodie remained elusive.

So, are there Melodies in the Hydroplains? While our investigation may have given us more questions than answers and decidedly fewer mermaid selfies than hoped, the mystery at least remains captivating.

Although, at a time when the Jedi Order has taken residency on our planet, a few mermaids might not be so far-fetched.

443.01 // Historic Assembly Vote Paves Way for 24/7 Starport Operation

In a landmark decision the Assembly of Duneeden has voted in favor of allowing the Oronti City starport to operate 24 hours a day, passing the motion by 4 votes to 2.

The decision to extend the starport’s operational hours at Oronti City, nestled high in the Cascard Glens, is a strategic one. The move is expected to bolster Oronti’s reputation as a critical hub for commerce and transport, enhancing Duneedens role in the broader galactic economy and increasing trade capacity by 35%, marking a new era of potential economic growth for the planet.

The Assembly’s vote passed by simple majority, drawing support from Ward 1 (Ro’dyn), Ward 2 (Pelori Mountain Range), Ward 4 (Cascard Glens), and Ward 7 (Elenith Citadel). This coalition of yes votes underlines a shared vision of economic expansion and prosperity.

However, the decision was not without its detractors. Ward 5 (Zersiumfields) and Ward 6 (Hydroplanes) voted against citing concerns about the potential strain and pressure the increased capacity could place on their existing manufacturing infrastructure. Both wards generate a majority of the planets exports, Durasteel and Hydro respectively.

Ward 3 (Linal Forest) abstained. This abstention is consistent with the Dunedei stance of non-interference in matters outside the forest’s perimeter.

As the starport lights stay on all night, the planet takes a step closer to realizing its full potential as a key player in the galaxy, but can production keep up with demand.

435.11 // Corporate Conglomerates donate to top Republic Universities

Companies such as Czerka Enterprises, Lerrimore Contracting Company, and Corellian Engineering Corporation – in cooperation with the Bank of Aargau, have granted 50 million credits to the University of Coruscant, Corellia University, and Mrlsst Trade and Science Academy. This unrestricted donation is meant to bolster creativity and ingenuity in the respective school’s engineering and science departments.

This contribution has been met with wide acclaim by the public.

One student from the University of Coruscant – Jaq Roznex (20 M), majoring in engineering, is thrilled.

This is insane! My class and I will be able to finish our robotic project without my professor coin pinching. Never thought companies like Czerka or Lerrimore cared like that.

We were able to catch up to Republic Senator Menzyx Kallian, a rising star in the Senate, leader of the Centrist party, and former executive for the Bank of Aargau, on the Senate floor – and he had this to say on the matter:

I am proud of the ceaseless work the Bank of Aargau has done to finance the Republic. And it is my firm belief that we are approaching a precipice. Every day I see more homeless people, more violence, and not on Tatooine where you would expect such a thing, but on planets that were once the models of dignity like Coruscant and even Aargau, my home. Why? The people of this great Republic, of all classes and races, have been crushed by the weight of its… imperialistic overreaching. More conflict in our Outer Rim territories? What a surprise! We must instead focus on investing in the next generation of top minds. Without their innovations, their… forward-thinking, it will be impossible to improve our infrastructure. It is imperative that we raise the quality of life and make smarter use of our resources, or this… fractured Republic will shatter.

Research done by the Associated Presses Voter Study Group shows that Senator Kallian has had a significant uptick in the quarterly Senatorial polls since this interview. Time will tell if this really is just the nudge the Republic needs.

Reporting contributed by the Associated Presses.

433.20 // Torque Files Suit Against Industrial Automation

Planetary Counsel for Torque, regarded as the highest elected law enforcement official on the world, recently filed suit against DE-series droid manufacturer Industrial Automation in the Courts. This move comes after the world was afflicted by a catastrophic failure of the aforementioned droid series that was under recall at the time.

The initial hearing of the case was held at the Galactic Courts of Justice building on Coruscant in a closed session, so the exact particulars of the suit will not be known until a later date. However, our investigative reporters have uncovered two clues suggest the suit is not related directly to the incident, but rather statements made by Industrial Automation employees leading up to the tragedy.

A discarded draft of the initial filings reveal that the Galactic News Network was also named in the suit. However, the final filing was amended to remove them from the list of involved parties. Secondly, a leaked excerpt from Industrial Automation’s motion to dismiss indicates their defense theory is the detailed statements were to “stress the dangers to our clients and dissuade them from delaying to engage with the recall process.”

These two items hint that the government of Torque is claiming the attack on their world would not have occurred if the droid manufacturer had not released the following statement to the HoloNews:

“One of our Lead Engineers found a potentially dangerous subroutine error that, if triggered, could cause a catastrophic meltdown in the unit. It’s highly unlikely, and we have no reports of the bug causing any damage, but we don’t want to trust that this error won’t cause serious troubles down the line. Effects could include a dangerous detonation of the unit, as well as even EMP bursts that could wipe out on-board electronics including life-support systems on freighters.”

We have reached out to both parties in the suit. Both sides have declined to comment, citing the on-going nature of the case.

432.18 // Recall on Previous Generation Droid Line

Industrial Automation’s Kuat branch, a droid manufacturing firm specializing in cutting-edge astromech units, has announced a galaxy-wide recall of the last generation of their latest model the, DE series. Their public relations spokesperson gave this explanation to news outlets when asked about the recall for the droid model, popular with independent contractors and small business freight companies for their reasonable price tag and trusted reliability,


“One of our Lead Engineers found a potentially dangerous subroutine error that, if triggered, could cause a catastrophic meltdown in the unit. It’s highly unlikely, and we have no reports of the bug causing any damage,” the company spokesperson said as they continued, “but we don’t want to trust that this error won’t cause serious troubles down the line. Effects could include a dangerous detonation of the unit, as well as even EMP bursts that could wipe out on-board electronics including life-support systems on freighters.” The spokesperson finished by reassuring their consumers, “All clients will be issued a new DE series droid from our latest generation, free of charge, with reassurances that all issues with programming have been resolved.”


When asked why this glitch existed in the first place, IA’s spokesperson responded that programming is incredibly byzantine with astromech units of all types. They cited that in order to process intense cosmological calculations in the short time it takes requires an abundance of algorithms and subroutines to work complex tasks in tandem. Occasionally errors are bound to happen.

However, competitor manufacturing company Cybot Galactica, known for their historically popular C3 series protocol droids, issued their own statement on the recall,

“We have industry standards for a reason. Subroutines like this are extraordinarily rare, and the fact that it’s been embedded within these trusted and reliable machines for over a cycle now is something that no other company has had happen in living memory. It’s a miscarriage of safety and, in fact, we call upon the Galactic Republic to launch a full investigation into how this ‘bug’ was implanted anyway. Something this severe could indicate no less than sabotage.”

The Associated Presses have not found any evidence to support a theory that malignant intentions were involved with this programming error, however, the Galactic Republic’s Senatorial subcommittee on Business Ethics and Oversight did say that they would launch an investigation to clear the air. Industrial Automation responded saying they would fully cooperate with whatever the Galactic Republic required in order to clear their name of malfeasance.

More on this story as it develops, this is Quan Regal of the Associated Presses