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435.25 // Alleged Scandal Involving Mayor Anzati Unveils New Turn

In a shocking turn of events, Mayor Anzati of Rannon has been implicated in a scandal involving a mysterious viral outbreak that has left the city in a state of panic. Workers present during the investigation claim that the Mayor was seen leaving the farm of decorated veteran Kharo Rain, escorted by a GRID operative. While there has been no official confirmation from the counsel of Mayor Anzati, they have not denounced these reports as fake news either.

Speculation regarding the origins of the outbreak has begun to circulate, with some sources suggesting a dubious deal struck between Anzati Acorn, the Mayor himself, and the notorious Hutt cartel in the black market. The details of this alleged deal remain unknown, and the potential consequences for Mayor Anzati are uncertain.

Commander Kharo Rain, a prominent figure involved in the investigation, expressed his disdain for the Mayor, stating,

“I always said that no good-for-anything politician is nothing but a plague itself on Rannon. The sooner we get rid of him – the better.”

These strong words reflect the growing dissatisfaction with Mayor Anzati’s leadership and the gravity of the situation at hand.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised as the virus appears to primarily affect humans. The exact origin of the virus and its mode of transmission remains unknown at this time. Local medical experts emphasize the need for strict adherence to hygiene standards to curb the spread of the disease until its source is identified. They urge citizens to remain vigilant and watch out for symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, rash on the body, and insomnia.

In these uncertain times, it is crucial for the people of Rannon to prioritize their safety. As the investigation into Mayor Anzati’s alleged involvement in the virus outbreak unfolds, the city must come together to support one another and follow the guidance of medical professionals. Only through unity and cooperation can Rannon hope to overcome this unprecedented challenge.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves. This is Gwen’ia Kloos reporting from Rannon, bringing you the latest on this developing story; and if I am right, we have Jedi to thank for this truth. Thank you, whoever you are.

429.03 // Rannon: Death of Councilor Din Khorta

Republic Senators and political figures from numerous worlds within the Mid Rim and Core Worlds have been travelling to Rannon’s capital city of Immarra to pay their respects to Din Khorta, a prominent Ithorian Councillor for Rannon’s planetary Government who was gunned down only a few rotations ago. The former Councillor for Haranae had been deeply involved in uncovering a plot to sabotage Rannon’s agricultural industry and, prior to his death, had held a special session of the Cooperative Government of Rannon involving both the Agricultural Union and Jedi Order.

Sections of the special sessions’ media coverage still remains closed for the public: however, a government aide close to the former council has told I.C.N that a vote was in fact held and passed with majority of the votes being in favour of terminating the trade contract between Rannon’s planetary government and the White Bantha Shipping Company.

The RSF, Rannon’s main branch of public security, has increased their presence in the region to accommodate the influx of well-wishers amidst a time of rising crime and violence. In spite of this, newly elected House Speaker, Councillor Elis’ta, has laid plans for a full remembrance ceremony and vigil.

A spokeswoman for the House Speaker’s office had this to say:

“Councillor Khorta was a man who dedicated his life to the eradication of crime in his home region of Haranae, setting a shining example of how not to give in to intimidation tactics by those who would have a puppet in public service. By not holding a ceremony to honour the life of this inspiring individual, we would surely sully and dishonour his memory. The Speaker is in talks with the RSF and Republic GRID to ensure public safety during this time of grief, and are expecting a full turnout in our planetary capital.”

There is speculation around the arrival of the former Councillor’s son, who in recent years was elected as Republic Senator for Ithor. If there is truth to this speculation, it will be of interest to all whether the Senator arrives as a representative of the Republic or as a grieving family member.

428.10 // Rannon: Blood fills the streets of Haranae

In an Immarra Capital News exclusive, we have forty-three confirmed civilian deaths in the Haranae settlement to the far west of the Calidi Badlands. It’s no surprise to the people of Rannon that to hear of crime in this region, however in the past ten years we have observed a notable decrease in criminal activity much to the credit and pleasure of CGR representative Din Khorta for Haranae.

The streets of Haranae are filling with the blood of its citizens, with every day people laying lifeless, leaving their family members with inconsolable grief.

Our on site correspondent had the chance today to speak with the grieving husband of Poliana Zebronah, a Zabrak woman who was gunned down by the so called ‘White Bantha’. “They walked among us, they bought our wares and drank in our cantina’s. We knew what they were, but things had been so quiet for so long that it was normalised. Their past acts were exactly that. In the past. We never thought in our wildest dreams that this kind of thing could happen to us.”

Walking the streets of Haranae today will have you witnessing walls scorched by blaster fire, pieces of infrastructure and sections of buildings brought into the main thoroughfare to act as shielding for many citizens to defend themselves, their families and their homes.

Various citizens told our news correspondents that they feel the White Bantha is responsible for the instability and poverty in the region and urge the CGR to take immediate action.

– Jana Vondar, I.C.N Network

426.24 // Rannon: Taxation could lead to food riots in poorer regions

Inflated food prices in the aftermath of the war could trigger riots from those going hungry in poorer regions of Rannon, the leader of the Agricultural Union of Rannon has said.

In an interview with Immara Capital News, the Union Leader for the AUR expressed concern about the knock-on effects of the recent taxation increase on agricultural produce, stressing the dependence on these kinds of foods in order to prosper.

“I think we should be very concerned. The impact on food prices and hunger in the next two to three cycles could be substantial. Food and shipping are two of the biggest industries responsible for Rannon’s economic welfare. If everyday people cannot afford to eat or have their goods shipped then we could see its people fall into recession.”, Giza Sied said.

The union leader was strongly critical of the way the Cooperative Government of Rannon has handled the run-up to the situation, calling it “short-sighted” and “down right dangerous”.

The Union of Agriculture is in talks with the Jedi Order to assist farm owners in their time of need with most farmers we had interviewed feeling hopeful about their intervention. In the aftermath of the war, the general populace has seen no reduction in taxation, a concern for many. We reached out to the Cooperative Government of Rannon but they declined to comment.

– Jana Vondar, I.C.N Network


Photograph courtesy of Orleana Gorgin

The CGR is in disarray today as the meeting of the Planetary Council in Immarra was cut short by a devastating attack by groups thought to be connected to the Willowinds, the de facto rulers of Rannon’s city Harenae.

Sources say that all of the Planetary Councilors have been accounted for and safe, and they are thought to have been the target of the attack. At least 8 people have been confirmed dead, with the numbers rising as more bodies are recovered from the rubble. Many still are missing, notably Shi islands own Tessa Malum, who had been in talks to establish Shi as a formal region in its own right and have its own elected seat on the Planetary Council.

Immediately after the blast armed men arrived on the scene and began gunning down RSF personnel and civilians alike, fortunately many were able to make it to cover, but the barbaric intent does not change.

There was thankfully a Jedi on site, thus far unidentified, and they were able to secure the councilors and stop one of the battle droids seen patrolling Harenae from brutalizing the lower levels of the city. We reached out to Elis’ta, Immarra’s Councilwoman, for a comment, and was directed to the chief of RSF, Briar Kegal. Here’s what he had to say –

This attack was a cowardly act by cowardly thugs to intimidate the Council into recognizing the Willowinds as legitimate leadership. Make no mistake. Nobody’s fooled. You’re the same old gangs you were before this void crisis took over. Your attack failed, and they will continue to fail. You can run on back to your little Hutt overlord and let them know when we set our sights on Harenae, we won’t miss.

We’ll keep you updated on more details as they come in on this developing story.