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443.05 // The Mythical Melodies of the Hydroplains!

Time for a deep dive, metaphorically and literally.

Did we finally answer the fin-flapping mystery that has gripped the imaginations of citizens in the Hydroplains for eons!?

That’s right the elusive Melodies of the Hydroplains became the center of a sensational story by our intrepid investigators.

According to locals, the vast and sparkling Hydroplains, known for its pristine waters and lucrative Hydro exports, is also the secret home of the Melodie. These aquatic beauties are said to serenade workers with their enchanting voices, leading some to prosperity and others to a soggy doom. But how much truth lies beneath these rippling tales?

Armed with an underwater camera, sonar devices and our guide, a seasoned fisherman named Jorco Seaweed (yes, that’s his real name, we know, we know) who claims to have seen these creatures on more than one occasion.

“They’re out there, singing their hearts out, I swear on my second best fishing net!”- Jorco Seaweed

We traversed the aquatic expanse, our anticipation growing with every splash. However, instead of enchanting mermaids, we encountered schools of fish and a rather confused-looking squid.

Despite our high-tech gadgets and Jorco’s enthusiastic guidance, proof of the Melodie remained elusive.

So, are there Melodies in the Hydroplains? While our investigation may have given us more questions than answers and decidedly fewer mermaid selfies than hoped, the mystery at least remains captivating.

Although, at a time when the Jedi Order has taken residency on our planet, a few mermaids might not be so far-fetched.

443.01 // Historic Assembly Vote Paves Way for 24/7 Starport Operation

In a landmark decision the Assembly of Duneeden has voted in favor of allowing the Oronti City starport to operate 24 hours a day, passing the motion by 4 votes to 2.

The decision to extend the starport’s operational hours at Oronti City, nestled high in the Cascard Glens, is a strategic one. The move is expected to bolster Oronti’s reputation as a critical hub for commerce and transport, enhancing Duneedens role in the broader galactic economy and increasing trade capacity by 35%, marking a new era of potential economic growth for the planet.

The Assembly’s vote passed by simple majority, drawing support from Ward 1 (Ro’dyn), Ward 2 (Pelori Mountain Range), Ward 4 (Cascard Glens), and Ward 7 (Elenith Citadel). This coalition of yes votes underlines a shared vision of economic expansion and prosperity.

However, the decision was not without its detractors. Ward 5 (Zersiumfields) and Ward 6 (Hydroplanes) voted against citing concerns about the potential strain and pressure the increased capacity could place on their existing manufacturing infrastructure. Both wards generate a majority of the planets exports, Durasteel and Hydro respectively.

Ward 3 (Linal Forest) abstained. This abstention is consistent with the Dunedei stance of non-interference in matters outside the forest’s perimeter.

As the starport lights stay on all night, the planet takes a step closer to realizing its full potential as a key player in the galaxy, but can production keep up with demand.

440.31 // The Back Reach formally folds into the Third Estate

Disturbing news from the Gordian Reach today. In their de facto capital world of Feena, the ultranationalist group dubbed “The Roilers” have enacted a military coup over their local governments across the Back Reach. The Roilers were able to get a legislative majority on most of the worlds across the Back Reach four cycles ago in the last major election. Readers should note that a legislative majority does not equate to a popular majority in the legislatures of the Back Reach. In fact, on Feena specifically, the Roilers held only 40% of the legislative branch, while Vahn Goreing won an electoral victory while still losing the popular vote, earning only 48% of the popular vote for his governorship.

In the looming specter of losing their legislative foothold in this upcoming election on 439.28, the day of said election, Vahn Goreing, the self-proclaimed leader of a trans-system state dubbed “The Third Estate,” ordered agents from his Ministry of Purity and Thought to execute a mass wave of arrests across the governing planets of the Back Reach. In a matter of hours, hundreds of lawmakers and elected officials were arrested for alleged charges of “felony crimes of thought,” as the Ministry of Purity and Thought stated later in the day.

News of this has been sparse and difficult to piece together as there has been a blanket ban on the free press and extreme limits on permissive external communications outside of the borders of these systems. Several reporters, including a colleague of mine at the Associated Press, based out of the Republic have had warrants for their arrest issued inside the borders of the, until recently faux, Third Estate. Internal announcements for the days after called for calm as the Ministries and Governor Vahn Goreing “navigated the ongoing crisis,” citing that the “opposition party has attempted a coup to overthrow our glorious state.”
It was not until a public broadcast to the Galaxy from the Executive House on Feena that we had any confirmation about the situation that went on during the last few rotations. Governor Goreing made this announcement with flags emblazoned with the insignia of the Third Estate rippling behind him.

People of the Galaxy, our government has survived a violent coup attempt by political radicals who do not respect nor follow the rule of law across our systems. Indeed, as I speak, our valiant crisis response teams are continuing to attempt to evacuate survivors from our legislative complex, where a biological attack occurred. We have arrested all of the people involved in this widespread conspiracy. With the consent of the surviving and acting legislators in our system, I have declared martial law and suspended the constitutions of the Back Reach until such a time that elections may be safely performed.

Rest assured. Our Third Estate will come out of this crisis more unified and stronger than ever.

The Associated Press has found no evidence to corroborate any attack cited in this speech.


Immediately at the end of this speech, all emigration from the Third Estate was banned, all ports of entry were restricted, and it was announced that only pre-approved immigrants reviewed by the Third Estate would be allowed entry. Curfews were created across all systems and enforced by the Third Estate’s armed muscle, dubbed “The Roilers” after their original political movement.

At this point, while any formal proceedings may officially cement the authority and creation of a formal third estate that the Roilers have been building over the last four cycles, Vahn Goreing and his cabinet have effectively rested complete autocratic control of these systems. Our thoughts go out to all those beings trapped behind this curtain that has fallen across the borders of the Back Reach who now face persecution with no recourse or opportunity to escape.

There has been no announcement from the Republic, League of Sovereign Systems, or Empire at this junction, nor any smaller independent planetary system. We will give updates as they develop.
Reporting from Coruscant, this is Andee Nevaro.

435.25 // Alleged Scandal Involving Mayor Anzati Unveils New Turn

In a shocking turn of events, Mayor Anzati of Rannon has been implicated in a scandal involving a mysterious viral outbreak that has left the city in a state of panic. Workers present during the investigation claim that the Mayor was seen leaving the farm of decorated veteran Kharo Rain, escorted by a GRID operative. While there has been no official confirmation from the counsel of Mayor Anzati, they have not denounced these reports as fake news either.

Speculation regarding the origins of the outbreak has begun to circulate, with some sources suggesting a dubious deal struck between Anzati Acorn, the Mayor himself, and the notorious Hutt cartel in the black market. The details of this alleged deal remain unknown, and the potential consequences for Mayor Anzati are uncertain.

Commander Kharo Rain, a prominent figure involved in the investigation, expressed his disdain for the Mayor, stating,

“I always said that no good-for-anything politician is nothing but a plague itself on Rannon. The sooner we get rid of him – the better.”

These strong words reflect the growing dissatisfaction with Mayor Anzati’s leadership and the gravity of the situation at hand.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised as the virus appears to primarily affect humans. The exact origin of the virus and its mode of transmission remains unknown at this time. Local medical experts emphasize the need for strict adherence to hygiene standards to curb the spread of the disease until its source is identified. They urge citizens to remain vigilant and watch out for symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, rash on the body, and insomnia.

In these uncertain times, it is crucial for the people of Rannon to prioritize their safety. As the investigation into Mayor Anzati’s alleged involvement in the virus outbreak unfolds, the city must come together to support one another and follow the guidance of medical professionals. Only through unity and cooperation can Rannon hope to overcome this unprecedented challenge.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves. This is Gwen’ia Kloos reporting from Rannon, bringing you the latest on this developing story; and if I am right, we have Jedi to thank for this truth. Thank you, whoever you are.

429.03 // Rannon: Death of Councilor Din Khorta

Republic Senators and political figures from numerous worlds within the Mid Rim and Core Worlds have been travelling to Rannon’s capital city of Immarra to pay their respects to Din Khorta, a prominent Ithorian Councillor for Rannon’s planetary Government who was gunned down only a few rotations ago. The former Councillor for Haranae had been deeply involved in uncovering a plot to sabotage Rannon’s agricultural industry and, prior to his death, had held a special session of the Cooperative Government of Rannon involving both the Agricultural Union and Jedi Order.

Sections of the special sessions’ media coverage still remains closed for the public: however, a government aide close to the former council has told I.C.N that a vote was in fact held and passed with majority of the votes being in favour of terminating the trade contract between Rannon’s planetary government and the White Bantha Shipping Company.

The RSF, Rannon’s main branch of public security, has increased their presence in the region to accommodate the influx of well-wishers amidst a time of rising crime and violence. In spite of this, newly elected House Speaker, Councillor Elis’ta, has laid plans for a full remembrance ceremony and vigil.

A spokeswoman for the House Speaker’s office had this to say:

“Councillor Khorta was a man who dedicated his life to the eradication of crime in his home region of Haranae, setting a shining example of how not to give in to intimidation tactics by those who would have a puppet in public service. By not holding a ceremony to honour the life of this inspiring individual, we would surely sully and dishonour his memory. The Speaker is in talks with the RSF and Republic GRID to ensure public safety during this time of grief, and are expecting a full turnout in our planetary capital.”

There is speculation around the arrival of the former Councillor’s son, who in recent years was elected as Republic Senator for Ithor. If there is truth to this speculation, it will be of interest to all whether the Senator arrives as a representative of the Republic or as a grieving family member.