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270.01 // Blavek Araven – Jedi Knight

After a highly impressive career as the padawan-learner of Jedi Master and former High Councilor Shimi Zaki, Blavek Araven (Shistavanen, age 29) has been declared Jedi Knight of the Order.

Knight Araven recently underwent an incredible Trial of Flesh when he was forced to observe a young friend of his be slaughtered almost defenselessly. In the ensuing chaos of the aftermath, Knight Araven kept a clear head and did not harm any one of his captors. After reviewing the incident, the Jedi Council of Yavin IV deemed that Knight Araven had acted above and beyond the actions one would expect of a normal sentient, and declared him more than suitable for the rank of Jedi Knight.

Master Zaki has conveyed that Knight Araven was to him, “…the perfect student.” The Council wishes to convey their congratulations to Blavek Araven. The Force will be with him throughout his career as a Jedi Knight of the Order.

– The Jedi Council