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269.30 // Corinth Alkorda, High Councilor

After a career spanning fifty years and half of the Galaxy, Jedi Master Corinth Alkorda has been welcomed onto the High Council by in-place councilors Soh Raun and Jared Quell. Master Corinth Alkorda has had a long experience within the Order and on the field, and his wisdom and cool-headedness will be strong assets to conduct his new duties. Upon induction, Master Corinth stated:

As my mentor and former High Councilor Axem Keigoku once said, “Let no man take upon his own will what the Force has not willed for him.” As the Force has called me to a higher position within our Order, I will respond with reverent obedience.

The addition of a new High Councilor will help to aid the High Council as our Order expands throughout the years. Indeed, we are entering a time of prosperity and growth, and this expanded High Council will help to guide the Jedi Order along that path.

– The Jedi High Council