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363.23 // Forked River Mavericks win championship

Last night, grav-ball team Forked River Mavericks defied all expectations after being crowned champions of the Galactic League in a nail-biting match against crowd favorites Bonadan Bouncebeasts.

The Forked River Mavericks, who in previous seasons have never advanced beyond the first round of play-offs, surprised fans and gamblers alike with a near perfect win streak throughout the season. The underdogs met with previous champions Bonadan Bouncebeasts and narrowly won with a 81-78 final score.

The match, which was held in the historic stadium in J’lal district, drew larger crowds than any in recent years and marks the end of this year’s official grav-ball season. The first rounds of the new season will start in 364ABY.

346.31 // The Last Possible Second


Yesterday evening The Rancors scored a surprising 5:4 in an breath-taking game of Huttball against the Feisty Mynocks, held at the New Vertica’s infamous pit-stadium.

The game was as exciting as ever, with a twist that will certainly make its way into the pages of sport history. In the very last second, Kissan Vesir of The Rancors brought the ball to his team’s camp and determined the outcome of the game.

The crowd went wild as did his team and with these events Kissan is slowly becoming a fan-favorite, appearing all over the Nar Shaddaa Holonews and beyond. Our reporter, Elia Tay-na, managed to catch Kissan after this critical match for both the team and their fans.

“How did you manage to provide this most surprising victory for your team?”

“My teammates say it all had to do with luck and timing, but I say my instincts were ones that were at work. So, maybe I am one of those crazy robed monks, who knows?”

Reports all over the moon, have indicated that clubs and bars have all been filled in the following couple of days. It seems that Nar Shaddaa is not yet over with celebrating this moment of sporting victory and history.

336.16 // Galactic Record Set!


In the recent bolo-ball tournament the Ord Mantell team broke a new record, receiving an astonishing winning score of 57 to 13 against Team Fondor! The astonishing victory has raised the bar for future teams who hope to fight this ever growingly formidable team. The next fixture is set on 337.04 with teams Fondor and Finyen facing off for a comeback from this dramatic failure of a contest.


295.31 // Umgullian Execution


After what can best be described as the shortest trial in peacetime history, the Umgullian Racing Commission passed the unanimous verdict of ‘guilty’ for Gran gambling promoter Toryak Vu today. Vu was convicted of three counts of blob race manipulation amounting to track-rigging, chemical enhancements, and insider gambling.

The Comission has been critisized heavily for their adherance to what has been called ‘outdated, draconic laws’ by many, but a strong grass-roots movement supporting the strict enforcement of rules has shown itself in the Coalition for the Protection of Non-Sentients.

Jude Alkorda, senior spokesperson for CPN responded to the verdict by saying…

“The Commission’s decision to uphold their long-standing death penalty is more than than just an exersize in soverign governance, it is also proof positive that laws protecting non-sentient beings are alive and well in our cold, un-feeling society. The care and protection of all non-sentients, be they blob, poly-pedal, or avian is a responsibility of all who value the sactity of life.”

In holding with Umgullian law, Vu’s execution will be carried out by the end of the cycle in a private facility as soon as his final affairs have concluded.

Runson Tip, GHN Sports

295.04 // Alderaanian Royal Debate Reaches Impass

Wide-ranging governmental reform on New Alderaaan has reached an impasse following fierce debate over the proposal of reintroducing a monarchy to the planet.

Once a settlement founded by survivors of Alderaan’s destruction in 0ABY, the planet, now with a population of 5 million, has seen a resurrection of old Alderaanian traditions and customs in the past decade, with the monarchy representing the pinnacle of the process. New Alderaan is currently governed by the Alderaanian Council, comprised of more than a hundred elected officials, the future of which is under heavy discussion.

The pro-monarchy movement has a significant following among the New Alderaanian population, but it remains to be decided who, if any, should sit on a New Alderaanian throne. Positioning themselves as candidates are members of the Antilles, Omas, Panteer and Organa families, each commanding a great deal of support among the people.

With the sparse numbers of survivors of Alderaan’s destruction, the legitimacy of these bloodlines has been called into question, particularly that of the Organa family whose link to the original bloodline, Leia Organa-Solo, was in fact adopted.

There is also strong support for those campaigning for an elected monarchy, similar to the former Commonwealth world of Naboo, as well as external intervention from the Galactic Alliance, though opposition to ‘outside meddling’ as it’s been called has been frowned upon.

Of note, leading members of the Panteer family have voiced opposition to GA intervention, holding that, “This is an internal affair, and an important step in re-establishing the sovereignty of Alderaan.”

It remains uncertain if and when a decision on the matter will be made, but this is an issue that the people of New Alderaan will not let go of easily. We will keep you updated as more comes in…

Now, we go over to Runson Tip with the lastest in sports…



“This is Runson Tip, reporting to you live with the GHN news team just outside the Blastech Convention Center here on Coruscant, bringing you the latest updates for this, the four-hundredth annual Galactic Series of Sabacc. I’m standing here with a literal living Corellian Sabacc legend, Getton Antillies. Getton, why don’t you tell us a little about why this event is so important?”

“Well Runson, the Galactic Series of Sabacc is turning four-hundred years old this year, and is making one hell of a comeback by doing so. For the better part of the conflict with the Ascendancy, the event was for the most part ignored, and several years, abandoned all together. Another suitable host planet was found on several occasions, but the fighting was just too much for most of the players to attend. This year we’ve opened up the field to allow for amateur, as well as professionals enter into the field.”

“Speaking of, with all the mixed levels of play, aren’t you….wait, wait, this just in, I’m receiving word that the envoy for the Ascendancy team of players has just made it through customs. There was a lot of speculation about their involvement, particularly so soon after the cease-fire, what’s your take on this Getton?”

“I don’t think the Galactic Alliance has much to worry about at the Convention Center. Ever weary of cheaters, the Board has enlisted the help of Jedi Master’s Phoe Nhix and Eolk Trenthz, to help monitor the event and alert security of any foul play.”

“There’s no concern of any foul play on behalf of the Jedi?”

“None whatsoever, the pot winnings are going towards rebuilding and resuscitation of war-torn families and worlds. There will be a winner, with a prize and notable glory attached, but the focus of this year’s event is on rebuilding relations with war-weary friends and neighbors in the simplest way possible; order up a cold ale and deal another hand of cards!”

“Well said Getton. Getton Antillies here with the Galactic Series of Sabacc, I’m Runson Tip, back to you at the GHN studios.”

Thank you Runson.

That is the lastest for today from us at the GHN, I’m Ular Tenn.