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Donan Healof

Donan Healof
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Bacrana

Mentor(s): Kiara O'ren

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Tyriajab


Kleysha Healofs second pregnancy was very different from her first when she was pregnant with Kayna. Throughout the pregnancy she had many dreams of how her son would have dark hair and brown eyes and that he would smile at her and love her very much. On a dreamy day, 396.31 ABY at midnight her water broke and labor started at home, it was very painful and unfortunately could not be natural as surgery was needed. From the moment Donan Healof first began to cry, as his lungs gasped for air, he was held by two mechanical arms of a droid, from the first moment he opened his narrowed eyes. From that day on, droids were a frequent companion in his daily life in Bacrana.

As Donan grew up, he helped his mother Kleysha, and father Ronin run their droid shop, taking on maintenance and simple tasks at a young age. Donan’s father Ronin Healof and mother Kleysha were paranoid and did not leave the house often, only on weekends to sell the droids they had reprogrammed. Donan was homeschooled, he did not know much about history, but he knew numbers, programming, rewiring and was really good at it considering he was only 8 years old. He had an older sister, but to his knowledge, Kayna left her hometown of Ber after she came of age and became a bartender in Amma, so he never actually saw her, only through holo calls.

When the door opened, the cold breeze brought someone into Healof’s residence at 404.06 ABY. It was a rather sunny day in Bacrana, in his parent’s droid shop (which is actually just the home garage with a holo sign outside) called “HD” (Healof Droids) a man came to visit, it was an old man with a receding hairline, silver hair drew attention away from his old but thin and strong body, nothing unusual. Yet there was something about this man that Donan could not understand, this aura of calm, knowledge, and peace radiated from him, but Donan was too young to understand, he just felt safe when this man was around. The Jedi recruiter came in and started looking at the droids, but Donan started asking him about everything, it was strange words and questions that left his mouth, it seemed like he could not stop asking this man, “Where are you from?”; “Who are you?”; “Do you make droids as well?” and so on. This man answered all of his questions with aplomb, but he also told these interesting stories about space wizards and how they could do things that would make a lot of people happy, which seemed like made-up stories to Donan. Though Donan was sure that whatever this place is where this man lives, he wanted to go with him since he always wanted to have real adventures like in the holograms he had seen. Soon though, Donan’s parents came back and they seemed to know this man, whoever he was, they asked him to leave, but the man insisted on staying, saying that it was very selfish for them to ignore the power in Donan.

Exactly one year after 405.06, the Jedi recruiter came back and offered Ronin and Kleysha their son a safe life, training, knowledge, school, and protection among the best-trained Jedi in the galaxy. All of that, except the knowledge, sounded like gibberish to Donan, but that day, after the Jedi recruiter argued with Donan’s parents for about two hours and left almost everything behind, the Jedi Recruiter and Donan took a shuttle to the Jedi Temple in Rannon.