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270.19 // Changes and Additions to the Ranks

After eight years of training under then-Jedi Knight Jamus Kevari and four more years of solitary training, Iverian Prey has been granted the title of Jedi Knight. An Arkanian by birth, he was identified by the Jedi at a young age and processed in Coruscant, eventually being transferred to the care of the Jedi of Yavin IV. Sifting through many times of both bliss and hardship, Knight Prey was deemed worthy of his new title after a heroic defense of the Yavin Praxeum against two Dark Jedi with the mentor population effectively absent for the event.

On this very day, we have also welcomed a new Initiate to our ranks in the young Togruta female, Li Andru. We wish Initiate Andru a successful start towards her new path, and also wish Knight Prey a continuation of his fortuitous dedication to the Will of the Force.

– The Jedi Council