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Rhys Cardin

Rhys Cardin
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Minoda Darkrider

Species: Morellian


Rhys Cardin was not born into the most fortunate circumstances one could have in the galaxy. A child of the grim, dark underworld of Coruscant, specifically level 1343. Rhys was a child of parents who happened to be just as misfortunate. The father was an indentured mechanic to a local gang, The Reds, and the mother had to pull extra hours at the gangs’ cantina just to make ends meet.

The luxury of education was not something Rhys had within his reach. Instead, the child was often by his mother’s side at the cantina or with his father while he worked on speeders for the Reds. The time spent in hostile, run-down surroundings may have proven to be detrimental to the young Rhys and the circumstance of his parents’ little fortunes proved to make him quite the diminutive lad, a little fragile and very quiet.

Seeing the state that their living conditions were putting Rhys into, the parents had become desperate to figure out a way to escape the lives they had found themselves forced into. In an effort to secure themselves a way off-world, they saved enough of their funds to purchase a single ticket to some distant outer rim world to begin anew.

Of course, it would prove not to be that simple. The father remained indentured in his servitude to the Reds and despite his attempts to wrangle himself free, he could not. So they hatched a desperate escape, the father tried to steal one of the gangs’ speed bikers to escape while Rhys’ mother took to the streets below with Rhys in tow to await her husband’s arrival. Unfortunately, Rhys’ father never showed up and in his stead, members of the gang ready arrived to take Rhys and his mother back.

Rhys was then told to run by his mother, who attempted to escape alongside him but as the Reds proved to keep pace, she found herself unable to escape their clutches but put up enough of a fight to allow Rhys a chance to escape. Rhys hadn’t stopped running until he found himself at a dead end, his mother nowhere to be seen and the Reds had not followed.

In a desperate attempt to find his mother, Rhys had rushed back out into the crowded, busy streets of his home level. There was not a soul in sight he could recognize, his distress became apparent as he became lost in the streets. It was in that distress he felt something, a calling of sorts, one he would follow until he bumped into a particularly strange figure. Perhaps it was his distress or perhaps it was a calling from some higher power but the much taller, cloaked figure took his hand and at that moment he felt a wave of calm wash over him.

The person in question revealed themselves to be Rozea Lhot; Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. A person of myth and legend in the eyes of young Rhys, who wasn’t even entirely sure what a Jedi was, only the odd story told here and there. The Jedi inquired into the boys’ well-being and what had happened. Not much was said by Rhys, only that his mother had gone missing and he couldn’t find her. Every attempt to find her proved fruitless.

Rozea followed the boy back to his home, there was little left that resembled the small apartment he called home. The place had been wrecked, torn through in search of any credits or heirlooms the family might have had. There was nowhere else for the young Rhys to go, well, aside from wherever the Jedi was going to go next.

The local authorities had been contacted about the incident, and the Jedi’s intent was made known to test the boy on Rannon for any latent force sensitivity. It was from there Rhys would for the first time glimpse the sky of Coruscant if only for a brief moment, before he left for a destination that would be completely alien to him.