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382.25 // Agrodo Ilor is killed in horrific crash

Agrodo Ilor, the young and infamous 20 year old Swoop pilot, passed away yesterday morning after being in a coma following his freak accident at the Galatic Swoop League Grand Prix. On his homeworld of Glee Anselm months ago.

Due to a severe storm during the Glee Anslem GP, Agrodo’s swoop systems had been interfered with. On lap 43 his swoop lost power due to the storm surge causing him to lose control at turn 13 crashing into the safety barrier though with devastating speed, knocking him unconscious on impact.

The collision was unfortunate as his swoop’s repulsors died causing his swoop to scrape across the ground which then allowed it to flip. Spiraling, completely destroying the swoop and his protective gear he was wearing. Causing him to be unconscious immediately. As a consequence, Agrodo suffered massive head injuries and later was shifted to a hospital in Glee Anslem’s capital.