JEDI HoloNet

379.19 // Breaking news: Kenzie Central Bank robbery

Yesterday the Central Bank of Kenzie was assaulted by an organized group of well-armed bandits. There have been nine casualties, seventeen light injuries and countless citizens under shock!

The bandits stormed in town with a small ship, landing just in front of the bank, shooting down the guards and opening their way inside the bank. The RSF swiftly took action against these outlaws, and a firefight quickly erupted in the middle of the town. It was then that a mysterious masked fighter appeared out of nowhere and started fighting the bandits. Despite the effort of the RSF, the bandits managed to escape with the loot, causing serious havoc in the bank district. We interviewed the RSF officer who led the attack:

“They were organized and well-armed, like a small army. We’re lucky there were so few victims, but if criminality is reaching such levels, I believe counter measures need to be adopted by our politics.”

He was also questioned about the mysterious fighter who helped them, but refused to turn in for interrogation, disappearing after the outlaws escaped:

“Despite what people might think, the last thing we need are people who take justice into their own hands. This “Vigilante”, or whatever you may call it, was aware that the bank assault was about to take place, and chose -not- warn us in advance. The RSF will likely set up a warrant for this masked ‘hero’. I invite him to turn himself in and give up this madness, before more people get hurt!”

Witnesses claim the masked vigilante was holding a lightsaber, a typical Jedi weapon, despite denying to be a Jedi and stating to be working on his own, when asked by the RSF during their brief collaboration. The RSF claim that the smoking embers produced by the explosion that disrupted the posterior wall of the bank and the smoky fog that followed are to be addressed as the cause for this mysterious masked fighter’s escape.

Is this vigilante a blessing or a curse? What are its goals? Who hides behind that mask? While the people’s opinion is divided, everyone already address this vigilante as “Embers”.

379.07 // Legend Becomes Truth!?


The legends of the Starweirds was probably told to everyone at some point in their lives. A species of incorporeal humanoids found only in space. Tall and gaunt, they possessed long, sharp talons, wild white hair, and glowing eyes. The creatures appeared to spacers repairing their starships in space, or aboard vessels traveling through hyperspace. Recently reports have come that vessels have gone completely off the grid, varying from transport shuttles to even military occupied vessels.

Colonel Krenn, one of the soldiers who witnessed the massacre on Vohai had this to say:

“I can assure you that the Republic Navy won’t let this stand. High Command is already devising a plan to tackle the situation and we will treat this as real rescue missions with a threat.”

Some believe this issue should be taken up by the Jedi. The Starweirds were always reported to be linked to the force in some sort of way. We spoke to Jedi Master and High Council, Yanna who’s known within the Order for her extensive knowledge for the mystery behind the force, she said this:

“Yes, the Starweirds are more than just a fairy tale, which is why we always remember to tell people to travel with caution. The Council Of First Knowledge have devised a plan and are now picking Jedi to lead the campaign against the Starweirds. We’ve elected three Jedi Knights from their respective branches to take a team of Antarian Rangers and Padawans out to search for the missing vessels. We’ll most likely see some results over the next couple cycles.”

Master Yanna seemed sure that her Knights would be able to deal with the situation, though we’ll have to see if Colonel Krenn gets to the Starweirds before her!

378.22 // Murder In Hutt Space!


We turn our attention back to Hutt space where things have been ‘popping off’. Coming back to us now the Hutt Clans, though often disorganized and fractious have unfortunately lost one of their council members. Goolag the Hutt was a renowned name in the far eastern quadrant of Hutt space. It was reported that he had an iron grip of the planets that he controlled often offering the highest levels of authority and apparently claimed to be looking to rid of the bad stereotype the galaxy has placed over Hutt Space. Unfortunately, his good efforts have come to a halt as he has been confirmed dead by Hutt Authorities in his palace on Barab I.

It was reported that he had received a gash mark across his hand, his wound cauterized. A lot of links show to a young Jedi Padawan who goes by the name Mer’dok to be the culprit. Many in the Republic believe this to be a direct attack on the Hutts by the Jedi Order, some claiming this to even be an assassination of sorts. Governor X’kados who was once a Jedi Knight gave us his thoughts about the Jedi’s possible involvement in the murder:

“Honestly I don’t see the Jedi being at fault, there’s most likely more to the picture but who knows. The Jedi are great people. They literally train all their lives on correct morals and ethics as I was once apart of their family and I still am, so I doubt they have an involvement in this, though who knows.”

Leader and face of the Jedi Order Grandmaster Don’roq who has recently been under heavy scrutiny after his plan of expanding the Jedi Order not getting off to a strong start after an unforeseen stock market crash politely accepted our statement request to which he said this:

“Currently the Order is under a lot of pressure. I’ve had to cancel two summit meetings between the branches In order to solve internal issues after the stock market crash. I want to say thank you to all of our donators for still believing in us. I’m sure that we’ll pull through this rough stage. As for the murder, it’s still unclear what judiciary Padawan Mer’dok will be trialed under though I can assure you that there’s something more to this than what meets the eye”

Tensions only rise in Hutt space. We can only hope for the best.

378.19 // Hutt Clans co-ordinate buyouts of Republic enterprises along border

The Hutt Clans, though often disorganized and fractious, have coordinated a systematic buyout of industries within their closest border of the Republic, ‘buying out’ several business owners who have been rapidly losing profits since the crash of the Republic Stock Market, and following Recession.

The Hutt Clan of Wudo, led by Shocher, appears to be the largest culprit, as the territories controlled by the Clan directly border Republic space. An estimated 5 billion credits have been expended in this rapid buyout of Republic Arms manufacturing, steel manufacturing and other heavy industry, as well as farming plantations and private docking bays.

The Republic Governor of the Hutt Space, Laa’ken Ruun, denounced the action as ‘unprecedented economic sabotage’, yet the Republic Government has no intention of publicly commenting on the issue, as Holonews sources indicate the Republic Government is too busy wrapped up in dealing with serious civil disorder concerning the Vohai massacre and ‘anti-corruption’ charges against the Republic.

378.19 // Violence on Hapes: Clan Jendri raids continue

For years, the Mandalorian Clan of Jendri has been a proprietor of profiteering,
galactic piracy, mercenary violence and raiding throughout the Galaxy, but in the past few years they have focused their efforts to the system of Hapes, ruled by the old Queen Mother Zenobia.

Unwilling to follow the law of their ruler, Mandalore the Rebuilder, the members of Clan Jendri have profited from the raiding and destruction they have wrought onto the fringe worlds of the Hapes Consortium. “They bring only Death and Dishonor” said Mandalore, when talking of the rogue Clan Jendri, denouncing their actions as ‘dishonorable’ to the Mandalorians as a whole.

The Queen Mother, Zenobia, has yet to publicly comment on the atrocities, and much information is still unknown as the Hapes Consortium is both private with information released to the wider Republic, and incredibly secretive with the news of their planet.

It is estimated that the Clan Jendri fleet, though small, performs hit and run tactics against the Hapan security forces, luring away defenses while Mandalorians on the ground wreak havoc by means of burning, looting and murder.