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391.16 // CANCELLED: “The Second Dream” tour stop.

Due to the current unpredictable climate on Rannon, The Second Dream tour stop at the Kenzie settlement has been cancelled.

It was originally scheduled for 391.19. Tickets purchased on the holonet will be refunded automatically within 2 to 3 working days.

If you still wish to see Liliette Rha, the tour management is offering 20% discount on tickets to her tour stop on Dagu to any citizen of Rannon.

About Liliette Rha

With her powerful vocals and astonishing range, Liliette Rha has emerged as one of the most magnetic and massively successful performers in music today. At age 25, she’s delivered three electrum-selling albums and surpassed 30 billion holo-streams, in addition to nabbing six Award nominations, and landing 11 hits in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She continues to take the galaxy by storm with her grand galactic tour which started shortly after the successful launch of her fourth album “The Second Dream”. Visit the tour site for more details.

391.03 // A Question of Succession

Talk and debate regarding the next in line to the throne have been playing back and forth across the Empire in recent months.

With Empress Belitria still childless and will no apparent suitor on the horizon, many in the Imperial Palace on Bastion have, apparently, begun to quietly throw their support behind members of the extended Imperial family. Two in particular are proving increasingly popular as potential successors to the Empress.

Grand Moff Javin Fel has served on the Council of Moffs for the past thirty years and served with honours in the war with the Sith Imperium when he was younger, having taken part in the battle to reclaim Bastion. While popular among the other Grand Moff’s and, indeed, the military at large, he is seen as something of a traditionalist and has long been one of the more outspoken voices in the Imperial government against the Empire’s alliance with the Republic.

Ambassador Nemera Torysk has acquired something of a ‘people’s hero’ reputation over the course of her career in the Imperial Diplomatic Corp. Serving as her distant cousins ambassador to the Republic, she has been monumental in solidifying relations between the two powers as well as warming the opinions and relations of other nations across the galaxy towards the Empire.

While much of this issue remains speculation so far, the question surrounding the Imperial succession continues to slowly build. While the risk of civil war erupting as a result of the issue seems incredibly small, whoever succeeds the current Empress to the throne will determine the direction of the Empire and her politics for years to come.

391.01 // BREAKING NEWS: Jedi Escort destroyed by Vohaian Pi

A Jedi Team and an Utapauian humanatarian aid force above Skynara have been targets of a pirate raid, approximately two parsecs away from the system!

The humanatarian aid force had been given the task to gather supplies on Alzoc III, persumably a ”splinter” force of the devastated Vohai resistance led by the deceased Mother Mu’la. Images that have been recieved before the unfortunate destruction of the Utapauian dreadnought show that the attackers used very violent force to take down the escort, taking more than 142 souls, three Jedi among them.

Jedi Intelligence is currently observing the situation within the Arkansis and Skynara sectors to locate any potential threats by the Vohaian outlaws who are expected to be brought to justice.

The three Jedi that were killed in action were:

– Jedi Knight Qavul Yaraba
– Jedi Knight Elyaq Ra’hara
– Jedi Padawan Astamic Ionia

We would like to give credit to their selfless sacrifice and their heroic acts upon Skynara. Jedi are soon to be send and deployed to the vicinity of the southern Sectors of the galaxy to verify the situation in more detail.

Please remember the lost souls in good memory and may the force be with them and you.

390.26 // Salliche’s pears bruised by unforecasted storms!

Supermarkets, restaurants and food carts in The Core could face up-to a year long shortage due to severe flooding of the agriworld of Salliche according to leaked documents from the Senate.

Located in the Core, Salliache has experienced unforecasted and unprecedented rain and thuderstorms in the past cycle and it is being predicted that upto 70% of it’s crops could be lost.

Best known for the Salliche Pear, the farmers of the agriworld are working tirelessly to harvest what ever they can however the USFW, Union of Salliche Farmers and Workers, have condemned the lack of support from The Senate. One Farm owner ranting

“Usually we hire in extra hands when it comes to harvesting season but we’re about a month too early and being put under immense pressure to harvest what we can, with no additional resource from The Senate! How do they expect us to deliver?”

Talking on the steps of the senate, the Environment, Food and Rural Planets Secretary Villie Reza (Senator for Far Pando) called for calm.

“Whilst there will be some brief disruption to food supplies. The leaked document is not only out of date, but it also covers the worst case scenario and shouldn’t be treated as the default position. We are currently in the process of sourcing food substances to make up for this shortfall in the Core.

As for the comments of the USFW, The Senate has recently made arrangements for the USFW to receive some aid”

390.25 // Celebration and Welcome

Greetings Residents,

Our involvement on Vohai and in Operation Lost Stars has left us all busy, yet it is important to celebrate progress and welcome those new to our Praxeum.

The Jedi Council would like to congratulate Jedi Knight Narael Undine on their knighthood. It is a long journey Master Undine, and know that no matter how small, the first steps are often the hardest, so look to your fellow Knights and Masters for guidance and we have every confidence you will thrive.

The Council would also like to extend welcomes to the intake of new faces that have been initiated into the Order in the last few years. Now Padawan Serir Vun, a familiar face to many in the Praxeum. Jedi Initiates Rowan Stryx, Talnath Ileybur, Darylna, have been with us for some time, and the newer faces of Xintr Wolfe and Morgan Voss, only recently initiated. The Council extends warm welcomes and congratulations to you all. Again, look to your peers and we are sure you will do well.

Finally, we have opened our doors to members from other branches. We welcome Jedi Padawan’s Syriss and Alyx, and Jedi Knights Xin Okata, Geminae and Nulla Zil who now all reside on Rannon. We hope you all make yourself at home.

Kind Regards
The Jedi Council