JEDI HoloNet

350.22 // Coruscant Liberated!

The Chief of State, earlier today, announced the Sith threat neutralized at a terrible cost. Medical personnel work to remedy the injured, and the relief effort is well underway. The Dark Side nexus perished, following the Dark Lord’s defeat at the hands of the Jedi. However, the area grew to be unlivable and toxic, several hours after the Dark Side anomaly halted.

Despite victory, it cost many a life to succeed. Jedi Master Alehk Thol, long standing member of the High Council, died honorably in the mission to destroy the Sith, among seven other Jedi (Jouren Arthos, Kytana Devin, Erek Ordona, Rhyssa Ya’qul, Taska Volsh, Andyr Proga, and Odala Yoan). In addition, 313 Republic servicemen and women were killed. And worst yet, an estimated amount of 456,000+ civilians, men, women, and children were destroyed by the Dark Side nexus, and many are still missing. Cael Dan’kor, Jedi Master and sole surviving Jedi from the mission, had nothing to comment.

There is to be a pyre burning, per Jedi tradition, to honor the respective Jedi. As for the Republic military men and women, including the deceased citizens of Coruscant, a ceremony will commence, hosted by the Chief of State, later this cycle.

While the evacuation has discontinued, the Coruscant Temple and its surrounding sectors, ruined and destroyed, remains as an unsettling reminder of the Sith’s atrocities. War trials are to start, adjudicated by the Republic and New Empire, with members of the Jedi Order as mediators, in the next two cycles, and will probably end late next year.

350.21 // BREAKING NEWS: Coruscant Under Siege

This just in, the abandoned Jedi temple on Coruscant has been occupied by the ‘One Sith’! Shortly after the Imperium’s defeat on Bastion a little over a year ago, the Sith separated from the fascist regime, ending their coalition with the Imperium and instead retreating into exile. The Jedi Order, New Empire, and Republic were unsuccessful in locating the Dark Lord of the Sith and his followers, until now.

Forty five minutes ago, Sith acolytes were spotted guarding the Temple’s walls. The Republic mobilized a reasonable number of its forces to surround the former Jedi temple, now Sith stronghold, immediately after reports came in.

The Chief of State has declared a state of emergency. We now cross to our live report for more on the unfolding situation.

“Good evening viewers, I’m Lexa Van-Hookren. As I speak, Republic soldiers are evacuating civilians from sectors near the historic Jedi facility. I now go to Tei Alorrum, who is at the scene. What does it look like, Tei?”

“It’s pretty tense down here, Lexa. It appears the Republic has vehicles of war surrounding the Jedi Temple both in the air and on the ground! They very recently asked the Sith to lay down their arms and surrender, but the Force zealots have yet to comply. A lot of the civilians I’ve seen are in a state of panic. The military has been less than courteous towards people’s feelings.”

“A great chunk of our military is in Imperial space, helping Empress Fel restore order to her territory. Is that noticeable now, Tei?

“I would say so, Lexa. The military is strained on soldiers. Everyone is on edge, and it isn’t a pretty sight. Any assistance from the Jedi?”

“We just got news here at the studio that Jedi who were on Coruscant for business have already proceeded inside, accompanied by a Republic strike team, but none of them have come out yet. The Sith offered no resistance to their entrance. I hope the Jedi can settle this, because their other facilities are rotations away.”

“Well, she should… O-oh my god! OH MY GOD!”

“Tei, what’s happening, Tei?!”

“A-… f-*chh* flash of light came f-from the Temple, and the military forces and area surrounding the Temple evaporated. One of the towers on the temple was completely eradicated, as well!”

“I’m s-sorry? Did you say EVAPORATED?”

“There’s a… d-dark field of… energy, it seems, creeping into the surrounding city… v-very-… very slowly. It’s… d-destroying everything in its path! I-it’s not stopping! There are tremendous sounds of starfighters flying overhead at attack speed, The Republic Navy is approaching t-!… O-oh my god, their ships were destroyed, once they entered the dom-… *Static*.”

“Tei, Tei?! I-..I’m receiving word from our scholarly commentators that the dome could be best d-described as a Dark Side Force nexus of sorts! This is in reference to both contemporary and traditional texts. We cross live to academics from the academy who may know more on this anomaly and how-…*Static*…a-*Static-.. -osing… signal to the networ-..*Static*.”

The GSN are currently experiencing technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your viewership.


350.18 // Eerie Demands From Corellian Terrorist Group


News reports have been flooding in from infield reporters and correspondents as it is revealed that Corellian security forces have received mysterious threats from a terrorist group. The self-proclaimed group of extremist Corellian activists have named themselves as Kijinx and claim that they want to put an end to government corruption. They have revealed themselves as the perpetrators of the infamous kidnapping of Senator Huein, the seven armed men a part of their organization.

Threats have since come pouring in from this terrorist group, demanding two things: lesser politically important hostages, such as representatives of Corellia, as well as a large bounty of credits so they can, as they put it, “continue to further root out government corruption such as Senator Huein”. The group has made no further proclamations except for stating that they will not be releasing Senator Huein in the near future, if at all. Their base of operations is unknown, although it has now been confirmed by local security forces that G.R.I.D. will now be called in for reconnaissance.

Though it is ultimately unknown exactly how Kijinx will respond to higher authorities involving themselves in this dispute on Corellia, they have spoken that if should any outsider so choose to put themselves in the path and attempt to deter Kijinx, then they will show no mercy. Reports indicate that whilst it is clear that this group has some following, it is an isolated cell and not a part of a larger whole, acting independently. It is for this reason that local security forces and law enforcement has encouraged the people of Corellia to speak out against Kijinx and to come forward with any knowledge that may aid in the return of Senator Huein.

350.12 // Corellian Senator Taken Hostage


Breaking news from Corellia earlier today: we have just received reports that the senator representing Corellia in the Galactic Senate, Wayne Huein, has been kidnapped in the middle of a press conference. The senator’s personal security and staff are cooperating with local law enforcement in order to deduce the undoubtedly sinister nature of this kidnapping.

Inside sources managed to leak the security footage from the scene, though the original file has been since deleted. The holorecording showed seven armed men infiltrating the compound where the conference was being held, disabling various security systems and incapacitating the checkpoint guards, before finally entering the main room of the press conference. It is at this point that one of the armed men shot the camera in the room, causing all visuals and audio to be lost.

Even as the investigations progress, people are raising further security concerns and asking how these men easily bypassed cameras and security guards and seemed to know the layout of the compound in depth. It is suspected that G.R.I.D may be called in although nothing has been confirmed yet.

The aftermath of this daring heist has not only left behind three corpses of security guards, but a bitter and sour taste in the mouths of the people as the real question is posed: Who are these people? Exactly why have they kidnapped the well respected and beloved senator Huein? And what is their next move? All of these questions can only be answered with time, even more arising. Whatever does transpire, know that we here at Corellian Channel 1 News will keep you informed.

349.25 // Ando prepares for celebration


If you have been meaning to visit Ando in the coming days, you will want to bump up that vacation. The Aqualish homeworld is currently preparing to view the Portage Moon Festival, an event that occurs barely once in a generation.

The thirty day celebration brings much of Ando’s commerce and trade to a halt, opting instead for feasts and public events. The Festival is named after the Portage lilies, which bloom yearly. However, the celebration only occurs when the titular lilies bloom at the same time as a double full moon, accounting for the Festival’s rarity.

The last Portage Moon Festival, which occurred in 292ABY, received negative attention in the galactic media after a scandal involving the celebration’s most famous food: lily cakes. Traditionally a treat to be given at no cost to all festival attendees, some companies attempted to sell the food before being shut down. Local authorities have already released a statement forbidding the selling of the foodstuff and promise to enforce stricter regulations.