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441.07 // The Empire Speaks to Growing Tensions on the Rim

A Joint Denouncement today, led by Emperor Jarek Fel himself, identifies the nascent Third Estate as a source of tension, division, and unrest along the rim of the galactic northeast. The Emperor had this to say about the developing situation on the borders of his Empire,

Citizens of the Galactic Empire, loyal friends, and denizens of the Galaxy.

I, Emperor Jarek Fel, the Second, come before you today to address a call to action that cannot be ignored. This infantile sovereignty, The Third Estate, looms at the edge of the Galaxy as a potential threat to the security of all peoples, in all nations.

I stand before you and state that the united Citizens of our Empire deny The Third Estate’s legitimacy and decry the methods in which they attempt to spread it. A nation should offer order, peace, and prosperity to those that reside with its borders. The Third Estate offers nothing but dread and lackluster promises to those that submit to it.

There is no greater honor I can give my Grandmother, Empress Bellitria Fel, than to stand in solidarity with our allies of old. But our silence, of late, in their admirable symphony of peace has not had its ill effects. I have directed my closest advisors and confidants to pledge our support to our allies’ cause, only to be met with understandable skepticism. As I am sure many of our Citizens are aware, it takes time and effort to rekindle friendships, and wisdom to avoid missteps.

While the Empire feels it is our duty to support our allies against the growing threats in the Outer Rim, we also do not wish to fan the embers of their skepticism and shall refrain from sending fleets into any fray. Skepticism leads to lack of coordination on the battlefield, and lack of coordination can lead to unnecessary loss of life. This is something I cannot willfully ask any of our dedicated service personnel to engage in.

The protection of my Citizens is my duty. To that end, I have ordered my advisors to place great priority on the training of our forces; be they soldiers, spacers, or officers. This is to ensure that, in the event we are called to defend ourselves or our allies, they will be able to operate safely, efficiently, and with confident leadership that they may return to their families victorious and unharmed. This is the reason for the routine drills that our allies have expressed misgivings about.

However, the Citizens of our Empire are united, and there will be no reluctance to commit fleets to defend against any action this growing threat may pose to any Imperial World.

Any such action will be met with total and utter obliteration.

Followed shortly after from Mothma Plaza outside the Senate building Chancellor Naka Rei seconded the Empire’s denouncement with one of his own as well as supporting his verbal denouncement with a call to the Senate to enact economic sanctions on the small government:

The Galactic Republic joins the Fel Empire in its condemnation of the practices being exercised by the Third Estate inside its borders. Years ago I served alongside fine Imperial naval officers in the struggle to maintain Empress Bellitria’s right to her throne. I know that she would be proud of the declaration today made by her grandson condemning the errant behaviors of the Third Estate.

It is true that since Emperor Jarek has ascended to the throne there has been uneasy disquiet from the Empire. However, this reaffirmation that the Fel Dynasty continues to be an ally in the fight versus civil injustice puts the minds of all freedom-loving governments across the galaxy at ease.

The Galactic Republic has recently passed legislation to reorganize, update, and bolster our own armed forces while phasing out older, but still combat effective, equipment to our southern ally in the League of Sovereign Systems. While we understand the timing of these decisions, I personally want to urge caution to my fellow heads of state:

Mobilization is an act that makes everyone in the galaxy uneasy. As political tensions rise, none should implement violence as a form of foreign policy. The Triple Entente that has been formed between the League, Jedi, and Republic is one of mutual defense for a reason.

The Galactic Republic has no interest in military conflict. No other state in the galaxy can have war with us without themselves being first the aggressor. We wish to reaffirm bonds of fellowship, camaraderie, and peace between the major powers in the galaxy; bonds that the Third Estate is seeking to strain with their oppressive behaviors antithetical to ours and of our allies.

I have brought legislation forward for our Senate to consider that would enforce strict embargoes upon the Third Estate. In addition, my legislation will increase the internal security of hyperspace lanes between Hutt Space and the Third Estate, ensuring that no organized smuggling attempts will be effective in undermining our territorial sovereignty, nor our ability to enforce our embargoes upon the Third Estate’s economy.

We hope that the Third Estate comes to realize that creating ties with the Empire and Republic while also dropping their oppressive legislation that suppresses the rights and liberties of their citizens will bring a new era of prosperity for their young nation, rather than dire economic situations that will stymie their goals of expansion and subjugation.

This joint denunciation comes as the Third Estate signs a multinational annexation treaty with nearly a dozen worlds in the Esstran Sector, bringing all of the sector save a few systems directly into the fold of the Third Estate. The treaty, called the Stygian Pact, doubled the size of their borders in the galactic northeast, bringing their border to meet the Fel Empire’s along the southern side of Thalassia. While the propaganda arm of the Third Estate claims that this has been met with jubilation, festivals, and parades of the worlds that are joining the move has also abruptly stopped all other free press from reporting on the fallout of this move as the oppressive laws of the Third Estate blanket the ability for independent journalism to operate within their borders.

Reporting from Jaemus, I’m Ayahes Cesaro of the Associated Presses with contributions from Quan Regal on Coruscant.

440.21 // Border Security Becomes Election Season Issue

A scene from the Senate Ways and Means Committee meeting 440.18

A recent dramatic event of pirate-on-pirate activity in the sparsely-populated Nam Chorios system in the Meridian Sector has sparked a heated debate over trade, taxes, and border security in the Senate Dome on Coruscant. Adding to the debate over the last cycle about transport restrictions for biological materials, Senators from the Diplomat party have already proposed hard-line policies that would dramatically increase the Senate’s spending on border security while raising taxes on internal shipping. In addition, The Diplomat party has suggested a tariff on imported motherboards, circuit breakers, microchips, and other complex electronic hardware used for starship manufacturing in a clear gesture to the Centrist party that they want to cooperate and coordinate.

With the strikes and protests ongoing on Centrist planets such as Kuat and Corellia over the internal shipping restrictions that have harmed their industries, a tariff on importations of these goods would increase domestic demand for these goods that are widely manufactured by companies on these worlds. The War Hawks have voiced concerns over this measure citing that it would pass these costs off to consumers, including local sector security services. Additionally, hearing about the proposed bill the Guild of Corporate Sector Industries based out of Bonadan issued this statement:

While we understand the need for the Republic to protect its domestic industry, we would discourage any further movement on a protective tariff that would impact her foreign relations with independent planets whose portfolios have been built on the last century of free-flowing trade between the Republic and her sovereign neighbors. In a time of great change in the regions of the Galactic North-East, it would behoove the Republic to incentivize continued business with our collective systems rather than force us to find other competitive markets to maintain the positive credit-flow in our portfolios.

These new issues are compounded with a heated debate that was started back in 439 by Senator Prudah of the Maldrood Sector. In a bid to increase taxes along major hyperlane routes he convinced enough senators to back legislation that shut down biological trade along hyperspace routes that have dramatically harmed member worlds from the Ottega and Jalor sectors among many other sectors represented by Centrist party Senators.

Spokesperson Neh’ka, Advisor to Senator Khorta had this to say about the intersecting issues facing the Senate,

Preposterously high levels of negligence blanket new trade legislation driven by Senator Prudah and his taxation committee. How much longer will Republic denizens be made to await the introduction of what can only be described as a conceptual taxation system until trade throughout our many sectors may resume once more! If no resolution is to be found in the coming cycle, the Preservation Society must hold those responsible to account for the immeasurable damage this will cause to many worlds economies.

These conversations are sure to impact the upcoming election season as incumbents and challengers begin their campaign trails in the upcoming rotations. Next cycle’s election is already seeing a wider number of Senatorial candidates submitting affidavits of candidacy across hundreds of sectors, a dramatic increase in civil participation in comparison to recent historical cycles.

Giving you updates as they occur, this is Quan Regal of the Associated Presses reporting from Coruscant.

440.11 // Joint Statement

With an announcement by the Jedi Order of their intention to realign with the Republic came a landmark treaty between the Jedi and two of the largest democracies in the Galaxy: The Republic and League of Sovereign Systems. This ‘Triple Entente’ between the three factions binds together these two representative democracies to the ancient order dedicated to upholding political and civil freedoms across the Galaxy. The alliance was a clear call to return to mythic times of the ancient High Republic, but to make the implication more explicit Chancellor Naka Rei, flanked on one side by President Pyke and the other by Grandmaster Coron Audax, said these words on Mothma Plaza in front of the Senate Dome,

Since the Imperium War the Galaxy has not seen a galactic conflict to match its scale in destruction and loss of life. While we’ve seen a number of tragic and destructive events such as on Vohai or with the ascent of the Wyld Empire on the rim, we’ve lived in a Galaxy wherein the vast majority of which has been spared the horrors and ravages of war. Through this time of relative fortune, we’ve grown complacent. We’ve assumed that our values have remained explicit, have remained in the minds of our people, and that our values are shared by all those rational sentients in the Galaxy.

But, the health of democracy is informed by our ability to look back at the mistakes of the past, learn from them, and apply those lessons to make different changes in the future. We’ve seen that when republics rest on their laurels, when democracies fail to explicitly, firmly, and loudly reaffirm their values and beliefs in fair play, free expression, and open markets they slide and decline and open the door for the destructive forces of populist and authoritarian ideas.

We as allies of civil rights and liberties stand here now, together, in solidarity to declare to the Galaxy that we are recommitting to these ideals: We pledge to reinforce the rule of law, not the rule of a person or select group. We pledge to protect the rights of all sentients to political expression, to the right to critique government and protest against laws they deem unjust. We pledge to maintain an economic, social, and political framework to protect and preserve fair play for all people in the Galaxy. Finally, we also pledge to continue to advocate and provide the opportunity for all beings to freely and easily participate in the systems of government so that they may make the changes they demand to see from their elected officials.

Democracy is hard. It’s messy. It’s often inefficient. But, democracy functions because it allows all people to express their beliefs, have an open and honest conversation about the best path forward, and then to allow a government made up by the people to make an informed decision moving forward with any given crisis or situation it faces. We look forward to a future where we continue to build towards an ever healthier and stronger free society, thank you.

Mechanically, this Triple Entente is a relatively simple document. It primarily establishes a clear mutual defense partnership between the three parties wherein it identifies that any attack on one of these organizations is considered an attack on all three.

Separately and independently of the Jedi Order, the Republic Senate and League Congress have both approved a lend-lease and rearmament treaty where the Republic will invest nearly a trillion credits into a new generation of defense force vessels, mechs, and infantry materiel. As this new generation of equipment comes online and enters the field, the older generation of defense force vessels and materiel will be leased to the League of Sovereign Systems to help facilitate the further protection of hyperspace lanes along their borders from a rising tide of organized criminal violence and piracy originating from the southern Cartels in Hutt Space. After a number of payments that equal the cost of any given vessel plus a three percent interest rate the League will permanently own these vessels and other materiel. In this way, the Republic is able to subsidize funding to replace aging ships while also providing a force-multiplier to their democratic ally to their galactic south.

Finally, it’s expected that in the coming weeks that a joint declaration of denouncement will be made with the members of this Triple Entente along with Emperor Jarek Fel, or a senior member of the Council of Moffs, in regards to the recent actions of the Third Estate that completely restrict many civil rights and liberties of their citizens while establishing a dictatorship over half of the systems in the Gordian Reach.

Reporting from the Senate Dome on Coruscant, this is Quan Regal from the Associated Presses.

440.08 // The Jedi and The Republic

Jedi of the Order,

As far as our archives look back, Jedi have acted in their capacity as mediators, diplomats, peacekeepers, and even so simply as a voice offering wisdom. Helping governments and entities across the galaxy to strive for the same mutual goal of peace.

After many cycles of deliberation by both the High Council and esteemed Ambassadors of our Council of Reconciliation, the Order has made the landmark decision to formally realign itself with the Galactic Republic.

It is in times of relative peace that the Jedi look to strengthen the bonds of unity and cooperation after extended periods of division. Working to build a closer relationship with Republic diplomats and politicians throughout our galaxy. With that, we publicly declare our support for Chancellor Naka Rei as he heralds a new era of democracy, peace, and prosperity for the Republic. Once more formally accepting our traditional and historic role as Peacekeepers of the Republic

As we shine a light on a renewed era of partnership with the Republic, the Order will strive to continue being a guiding hand or voice of reason in times of turmoil, no matter the current political landscape.

We urge all members of the Order to aid the efforts of their respective branch ambassadors in forming a stronger relationship with Republic diplomats in the coming cycle as we begin to rebuild bonds shattered by the past.

May the Force be with you all,
-Grandmaster Coron Audax

440.31 // The Back Reach formally folds into the Third Estate

Disturbing news from the Gordian Reach today. In their de facto capital world of Feena, the ultranationalist group dubbed “The Roilers” have enacted a military coup over their local governments across the Back Reach. The Roilers were able to get a legislative majority on most of the worlds across the Back Reach four cycles ago in the last major election. Readers should note that a legislative majority does not equate to a popular majority in the legislatures of the Back Reach. In fact, on Feena specifically, the Roilers held only 40% of the legislative branch, while Vahn Goreing won an electoral victory while still losing the popular vote, earning only 48% of the popular vote for his governorship.

In the looming specter of losing their legislative foothold in this upcoming election on 439.28, the day of said election, Vahn Goreing, the self-proclaimed leader of a trans-system state dubbed “The Third Estate,” ordered agents from his Ministry of Purity and Thought to execute a mass wave of arrests across the governing planets of the Back Reach. In a matter of hours, hundreds of lawmakers and elected officials were arrested for alleged charges of “felony crimes of thought,” as the Ministry of Purity and Thought stated later in the day.

News of this has been sparse and difficult to piece together as there has been a blanket ban on the free press and extreme limits on permissive external communications outside of the borders of these systems. Several reporters, including a colleague of mine at the Associated Press, based out of the Republic have had warrants for their arrest issued inside the borders of the, until recently faux, Third Estate. Internal announcements for the days after called for calm as the Ministries and Governor Vahn Goreing “navigated the ongoing crisis,” citing that the “opposition party has attempted a coup to overthrow our glorious state.”
It was not until a public broadcast to the Galaxy from the Executive House on Feena that we had any confirmation about the situation that went on during the last few rotations. Governor Goreing made this announcement with flags emblazoned with the insignia of the Third Estate rippling behind him.

People of the Galaxy, our government has survived a violent coup attempt by political radicals who do not respect nor follow the rule of law across our systems. Indeed, as I speak, our valiant crisis response teams are continuing to attempt to evacuate survivors from our legislative complex, where a biological attack occurred. We have arrested all of the people involved in this widespread conspiracy. With the consent of the surviving and acting legislators in our system, I have declared martial law and suspended the constitutions of the Back Reach until such a time that elections may be safely performed.

Rest assured. Our Third Estate will come out of this crisis more unified and stronger than ever.

The Associated Press has found no evidence to corroborate any attack cited in this speech.


Immediately at the end of this speech, all emigration from the Third Estate was banned, all ports of entry were restricted, and it was announced that only pre-approved immigrants reviewed by the Third Estate would be allowed entry. Curfews were created across all systems and enforced by the Third Estate’s armed muscle, dubbed “The Roilers” after their original political movement.

At this point, while any formal proceedings may officially cement the authority and creation of a formal third estate that the Roilers have been building over the last four cycles, Vahn Goreing and his cabinet have effectively rested complete autocratic control of these systems. Our thoughts go out to all those beings trapped behind this curtain that has fallen across the borders of the Back Reach who now face persecution with no recourse or opportunity to escape.

There has been no announcement from the Republic, League of Sovereign Systems, or Empire at this junction, nor any smaller independent planetary system. We will give updates as they develop.
Reporting from Coruscant, this is Andee Nevaro.