JEDI HoloNet

375.16 // Omega Aerospace Unveils New Skyhopper Line

Following a competent industry presentation, low flight manufacturer Omega Aerospace Ltd revealed the latest model in their extensive line of skyhoppers: the XMN-45. The new craft was revealed at the annual Flight And Fancy convention held on Corellia.

Omega Aerospace have been changing the face of skyhoppers for many decades with their surprising range of elegant and luxurious craft. Confirmed owners from their line include High Queen Vreela of Kanzi, Oojo the Great III and singer-songwriter Eiar Yovv.

The XMN-45 will be available from early next year, with prices ranging from 12 to 15 million credits.

374.20 // Mysterious vigilante rescues Drexel Tharandon

Recently, the president and major investor of the Tharandon Company, Drexel Tharandon, was rescued from a group of outlaws in the Rannon forest.

The press shockingly only learned about his kidnapping as soon as he was set free!

Tharandon claims that his rescuer is a superhero who managed to infiltrate the camp of the same outlaws who kidnapped him. This “vigilante” not only managed to sneak past the outlaw’s camp defenses without being detected, but he also managed to treat some serious wounds Tharandon was suffering after the abduction and led him safely to freedom, out of the camp itself.

After being asked about the identity of his vigilante, Tharandon refused to give away his identity, stating that:”My hero was very specific about this. As reward, he wanted nothing more than anonymity, so I intend to keep it that way.”

Are these outlaws a threat to Rannon security? The local RSF leader gave us no comment in such regards.

374.06 // War on Kiffu!

The planet Kiffu, home of the Kiffar people, is in a state of civil war! Chief Vara Zow’kem, leader of the Zow’kem clan, declared herself ruler of the system, and wars clans that reject her claim.

Zow’kem does not have the support of Kiffar’s elder clans such as the Vos and Tai’qua. Divulged in a press conference with Republic intelligence this morning, Chief Zow’kem has allegedly allied herself with Kiffar’s plentiful obscure, smaller clans, amalgamating into a credible threat. Chief Vara Zow’kem garnered her support by promising fairer representation and resources to the smaller clans.

In an emergency session of congress, senator Varu Vos, senator for Kiffu and Kiffex, requested aid from the Republic senate to resolve the conflict. The senate is currently voting on the issue and is expected to reach an answer in the coming days.

371.11 // Terrorist Thwarted!

News From The Mandalorian Sector.

A local terrorist plan was put to an end thanks to a handful of Mandalorian Protectors.

In the early hours of last evening, a large baradium explosive was detected and located at the base of the Ordo Estate in the capital city Keldabe. Thanks to the quick thinking of several Protectors, the explosive was disarmed and removed from the facility.

Mandalore the Rebuilder himself was to be having a meeting on the following day with several of the Mandalorian Clan Chieftans, to discuss ongoing economic and political sanctions. The meeting has been publicized greatly because it was the first time Mandalore has called his chieftans in to a meeting in several years.

No details on the terrorist who planned the attack, and no organizations have came forward claiming the plan. We will keep you updated on this potentially ongoing story.

371.09 // On the Hunt!

Traces of a series of unmarked ship have been picked up on scanners travelling in through Republic Space then out to Wild Space using the major trade route, the “corellian run” (Believed to be Sector S-19) and the Unknown Regions. Recently the Republic have deployed a team of Republic SpecOps forces to intercept one of these unmarked vessels. Though it has been two cycles and the Republic haven’t received word from the SpecOps team.


This image was captured of the republic cruiser that was sent before it was deployed.

With that the Commander-in-chief of the Republic Military has left us with his statement:

“This matter will be dealt with professionally and swiftly; I formally want to apologise to the families and say that I am confident in our abilities to find out exactly what has happened. We are already looking to deploy an intercepting fleet made up of x1 Indictator cruiser supplemented with the Fleet from Cressel with Admiral. Deyren Ulor at the helm. I can assure you, We’ll snuff out the unmarked vessel… atleast within the next cycle”

We’ll keep you updated as more news is revealed