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358.14 // New research sees exotic pet populations soar

The end of the Imperium War saw an increase in many forms of trade but perhaps one that no one anticipated was exotic animal trafficking. Although a long standing practice, particularly the trafficking of exotic birds into the Core worlds, authorities are renewing efforts to restrict this activity, following new research.

The research, which looked into both native and alien bird populations of several Core planets, discovered that the past few decades have seen an explosion of non-native species compared to previous data. Just as demand for exotic and prestigious pets has increased, so has the number which inevitably escape into the wild. These escaped birds often thrive and threaten the survival of native species.

A few examples of these imported birds, such as irids, bulabirds and lesynns, are common sights on worlds such as Corellia and Fedalle. Unfortunately, experts say that there appears to be no decline in the demand for trafficked exotic pets and the risk posed to native species of all kinds will only become more significant.

357.26 // Mandalore Reaches Agreement with New Republic


In a classified meeting on the Star Destroyer, Wedge Antilles, New Republic leaders met with a Mandalorian envoy to negotiate a new peace treaty.

The meeting occurred in the early morning over Coruscant several days ago. GHN sources inform us that Mandalore, along with two chieftans of Mandalorian clans, docked with the Wedge Antilles and met with New Republic Chief of State, Ryate Burchi, and Senate chairwoman Arawon Kodd.

While the topics are still classified, inside sources tell us that the Mandalorians have agreed to provide personnel and support to relief missions outside their space, in exchange for food and supplies to rebuild their own territories. Arawon Kodd, Senator from Ryloth, is chairwoman of the Senate Relief Committee, and was supposedly essentially to the agreed upon terms.

Mandalorian space was devastated by the embargos placed on them following their surrender during the Attrition Wars, with much of their land and resources being unable to produce because of the lack of trade. Imperium skirmish parties made several attempts into Mandalorian space but were defeated and pushed out by a new army of Mandalorian Protectors.

While talks of a new wave of Mandalorians spreading through the Galaxy are rumored, an alliance between Mandalorians and the New Republic hasn’t been in practice since before the Commonwealth Secessionary Wars.

We will keep you updated as more details of this peace treaty come to light.

356.19 // The Jedi Tournament

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Members of the Jedi Order,

The High Council and resedential Councils are pleased to announce the creation of a tournament. A tournament of which every branch of the Jedi Order will partake. Head of Departments from the medical, ace, lightsaber, Force, and diplomacy will submit their best students to represent their Temple, Praxeum, or Enclave. While the nature of a tournament is competitive, it is the High Council’s initiative to establish needed community and communication between the branches of the Jedi Order.

I, Cael Dan’kor, will administer the tournament alongside Jedi, not necessarily Councilors, from far and wide. I will need their help and your eagerness and excitement to make this tournament possible! To begin, Head of Departments from the medical, ace, Force, and diplomacy must submit one champion for their department by 356.25 ABY, while I ask the lightsaber department to submit ‘three’ students. There will be challenges specific and unique for each department, so be sure to pick a student who can represent your Temple well in the particular fields. Points accumulated from each department round will determine which Jedi facility is the victor.

My hope is to get this tournament started by the end of this year or early next year, so let’s get a move on, comrades! There are a lot of planets involved, so we don’t want to push our luck with keeping them waiting.

Information regarding the challenges will be revealed as the dates manifest. The first challenge, I can say, will be for the lightsaber department. Get your students ready, Masters!

Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor
High Councilor of the Jedi Order

356.15 // Protectors or Agitators?


What many are calling a banquet of deplorable actions, tensions seemingly continue to elevate. In light of the Orinda massacre, Queen Morin had held a banquet for high levels of society from the Republic, Empire, as well as other various systems. What had begun as simple political talks and enjoying a fine night of dinning, turned into an evening of berating remarks and scandal as the once diplomatic event turned into a set of aggressive festivities.

Several eyewitnesses testify to the pair of Imperial Knights that had attended the event, to having, quote: “lifted a Chiss man, choking the life out of him” end quote. Despite the orders to stop from Queen Morin, her guards, as well as the pleas of the crowd and even a Jedi Knight who had come as a representative to the Order with a group of students, the pair of Knights did not cease their actions. Both had ignited their silver blades.

Witnesses say that weapons were drawn and that after negotiations with the Imperial Knights had failed, the Jedi Knight had supposedly forced the Chiss out of the Knight’s grip, the Chiss man was promptly escorted to safety. The situation continued to escalate to the point that the Crown Prince, Rey’zon Morin, charged the Knights after refusing leave. The Prince Rey’zon lost his right hand in the scuffle. The Imperial Knights were then set upon, being allowed to escape from the scene.

No comment was given from the Empire or Empress Fel, although speculation of the guests is that the pair had been provoking arguments throughout the night and that they seemed to want to cause an engagement. All of these events being put into check can lead to a question on the minds of many Orinda citizens – with soured relations with both the Republic and now the Empire, where will Orinda turn? Rumors have leaked out that Orinda plans to call a council of reconciliation, where parties may state their stance and claim.

Regardless of these events, one thing is assured – Orinda Public Broadcasting, station 817, will continue to monitor and report news on the events, and wishes all viewers and listeners a pleasant day.

356.05 // Orinda Massacre


The news has been delayed and all stations within Orinda territory have been told to keep silence until a suitable time that the monarchy has decided to announce the atrocity that has been committed in the past cycle. Captain Gunzelii of the Orinda royal guard, nephew to the reigning Queen of Orinda, Queen Morin, has been arrested and extradited to an alien court outside of Orinda, which has already caused some controversy.

The catalyst for this event to transpire is what many people are already labeling the ‘Orinda Massacre’. During recent protests to a new reform that Queen Morin has made into law (Orinda is an absolutist monarchy within Republic Space), protesters assembled outside of the royal palace, where Captain Gunzelii and his guard were waiting as they had, quote “been expecting resistance”. It is here, outside the royal palace, that the protesters were getting supposedly rowdy, based on numerous witness reports. At this point, one of the royal guard had been knocked down and the word ‘fire!’ had been heard – this is the point that the royal guard began to shoot the protesters.

Eleven dead and twenty-three citizens wounded on Orinda; the planet is in a current chaotic mess, the queen has refused to comment on the events that have transpired beyond, quote “Justice will be served”. She appears to have taken a strong stance against the Republic extradition of Captain Gunzelii, though the Republic claims that it is because of this being a federal crime that they have extradited Captain Gunzelii. Though this essentially breaches current Republic law, it is presumed that it is because of Captain Gunzelii’s close ties to Queen Morin that he has been extradited, otherwise there would not be a fair and just trial.

Queen Morin has recently made a statement that there is to be a banquet feast soon on Orinda for this exact cause. Merriment and filling your stomachs with food, for those that don’t want to discuss the political hot-topic issue. It is said that a number of guests from outside immediate surrounding territory will be in attendance, as well as officials from GRID. Rumor has it that perhaps even a Jedi will be in attendance as a mediator. The feast is set to take place within the next several cycles after all preparations have been met.

Orinda Public Broadcasting, station 817 wishes you a good day.