JEDI HoloNet

409.19 // A Shaky Start for Little Creek

Potential disaster struck the nacent community of Little Creek recently when the towns aging reactor suffered an apparent near-meltdown.

Councillor Alema Ann has refused to comment on rumours of the involvement of a team of Jedi artisans in the reparation of the reactor.

Councillor Ann neither confirmed nor denied suspicions that the Rannon Planetary council is putting both her councillorship and the city status of Little Creek under review in the wake of these events.

At present, radiation levels in Little Creek are said, by Councillor Ann, to be “within acceptable margins.”

More details to follow as they become available.

-Yalz Havernam, Regional correspondent

408.28 // Equilibrium

Please find the full statement of Grandmaster Coron Audax below.

Good day.

I give this statement on behalf of the High Council, which comprises of Jedi from Ossus, Ilum, Rannon, Taloraan and the support facilities of Bacrana, Lyta, Radra IV, Cotellier and The Arcology.

On 408.22, the High Council of the Jedi Order decided to withdraw its intention to formally align the Order with the Republic. This was done after a majority vote of the High Council.

For the benefit of those who may be too young to remember, the Jedi Order began formal talks to align with the Republic in 398ABY.

This was a result of the convening of the high council where it was deemed that the largest and most present threat to the Galaxy was systemic corruption within the Republic.

It was the belief of the Council that this corruption was centred around an individual. Lord Commander Ruun, a former member of the Order who had risen into a senior position within the Republic. After debating how best to proceed, it was decided the Order would be best placed to monitor the situation from within rather than from the outside.

Over the following years, extensive negotiations took place between the Order and the Republic. While negotiations were on-going, we worked closely with the Republic to untangle it from the influence of Lord Ruun.

We made swift progress and shortly afterwards, Lord Ruun was arrested and charged with war crimes for his actions on Vohai.

It was decided privately by the High Council that the trial of Lord Ruun would be the perfect barometer to see much sway Lord Ruun still held over Republic.

As a former member of the Order, Lord Ruun would be handed over to the Order to guard thus ending his influence over the Republic. As such we anticipated eh would try everything in his power to usurp the process.

If he was found innocent despite overwhelming evidence, we would of aligned with the Republic and continued to deal with the on-going threat to the galaxy.

The Order assisted in ensuring as fair a trial as possible. In particular, the hard work of Jedi Basrand, Evera, Javasti, Paloum, Reu, Vaan and Wrafai, in keeping key witnesses protected to give crucial testimony was critical.

The trial of Lord Ruun took longer than everyone anticipated, and even once found guilty, was subject to multiple appeals processes. All of which open to Ruuns influence.

At that time a deal was agreed upon and ready to be formalised. However, The Order stalled the ratification of the treaty. This caused tension at the highest levels, particularly between the Chief of State Lamee Ranack and The High Council.

Thankfully, there are very few instances where this affected the day to day workings of both the Order and the Republic.

On 408.20ABY, Lord Ruun appeals process was officially exhausted and the guilty verdict upheld. On 408.21ABY he was turned over to the Order for guarding. On 408.22ABY, we gave formal notice to the Republic that we will not be proceeding with the alliance.

We no longer believe the Republic to be a large or present threat to the Galaxy, to warrant a formal alliance.

We appreciate that this might be a bit of a surprise to some, for many different reasons.

We do not anticipate any change in the relationship between the Republic and the Order and we ask that you continue to work alongside the Republic as you have been doing as and when it is required.

The High Council would like to take this moment to look back at where we were at the beginning of this period.

We started this era of the Order, with one of our branches aboard a flotilla of ships, Rannon Praxeum had fallen and the death of Grandmaster Don’roq.

We end it with a Rannon Branch back on Rannon, a new temple on Taloraan and with plans for further expansion, particularly for our support facilities and service corps, to be announced in due course.

Whilst we of course have our own individual assignments and trials, We now believe the following the Imperium War, Spectral Force Crisis and War on Vohai we have reached an equilibrium of sorts, where there is a sense of balance within the Galaxy.

This does not mean we can sit back idly. We must continue to serve the force and lend aid where and when we can. We must always be ready for whatever comes next.

For it will surely come.

408.22 // BREAKING NEWS: The Jedi Order withdraw from proposed alliance with Republic.


We’ve just received confirmation from undisclosed high-level Republic officials that The Jedi Order has sensationally pulled out of a deal that would of seem them formally align with the Republic.

Where does this leave Chief of State Lammee Ranack? Whose whole re-election campaign was prefaced on getting this deal across the line.

What about the relationship between the Republic and Order? If they weren’t already fraught over the Order’s delay to ratify, surely now its at breaking point.

Galactic Holonews has requested comment from both the Republic and The Order, however at this point in time neither have been forthcoming.

We will of course bring you more information as we receive it!

– Ookruck Evaens, Galactic Holonews

408.08 // Ruun appeals exhausted – guilty verdict upheld.

Holonews headlines are only a snapshot into a situation, usually lasting for only 24 hours before the galactic news cycle sweeps them away to be replaced with something more interesting, eye-catching and new.

Whilst most of us get swept along with the cycle of endless news, just because the story ceases to grab headlines does not mean it doesn’t rumble on.

Lord Ruun, once a name that was never far from the front page of the galactic news, today exhausted the last of his appeals, where the guilty verdict put on him many years ago was upheld. Many refused to believe the case could truly be over until the appeals process was successfully navigated, but today, it can finally be said that he will not be walking free and he is indeed guilty for his actions on Vohai.

Ruun will serve out the rest of his life sentence in the unnamed detainment facility he has been held in since the initial verdict.

With the matter of Ruun finally closed, does this mean that the long in limbo deal between The Jedi Order and the Republic to formalise an alliance can at last be formalised and signed? I imagine when it is, it will very much be a headliner grabber.

– Lenee Kath, Galactic Holonews

407.20 // Core planet Duneeden votes to secede from the Republic and go Independent!

It is not uncommon for border planets or systems to flip allegiances. Whether its the planet of Agrazor who seemingly switches between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic almost with every election cycle, or Teth who attempt to play the Hutts and Republic off against each other to get the best deal for its citizens.

Those that choose to go independent often do not stay so for long, realising not only that the infrastructure and links provided by the larger galactic groups are too deeply entwined in their processes but that being part of a larger group provides security and protection.

Duneeden is the latest planet to go independent, but what is perhaps most curious is that one of its neighbours is none other than the jewel on the crown of the Republic itself, Coruscant.

The planet’s government has declared itself as a ‘neutral territory’ and is positioning itself to act as a safe haven for meetings between different galactic groups.

Now, defunct Senator Hulme O’raff had this to say

“It’s the decision of the Wardens and their constituents. Personally, I’m saddened by the move, but ultimately will remain as a chief liaison between Duneeden and the Republic.

The key will be reassuring those other parties that Duneeden is truly independent from the Republic and safe.”

Whether this can be delivered remains to be seen. The move is being met with scepticism from all quarters, with Duneeden buried so deep in Republic space can it truly be neutral? Can the planet defend itself and keep the peace should trouble break out?

All these questions I’m sure will be answered in time but for now Duneeden is one to watch.