JEDI HoloNet

411.01 // Facility Assessments

Members of the Order,

As part of the expansion and improvement plans of the Order and its Service Corps. An independent assessment is being undertaken of all our core and primary supporting facilities.

The assessment will cover a variety of different elements, however, the main focus will be upon the facilities themselves ensuring they fit for purpose and identifying any possible scope for improvement.

The following assessments will take place in due course.

  • Taloraan Edifice will assess Ossus Temple
  • Ossus Temple will assess Dantooine Enclave
  • Dantooine Enclave will assess Ilum Temple
  • Ilum Temple will assess Rannon Praxeum
  • Rannon Praxeum will assess Radra IV Outpost
  • Radra IV Outpost will assess Lyta Outpost
  • Lyta Outpost will assess Cotellier Outpost
  • Coltellier Outpost will assess Barcana Outpost
  • Bacrana Outpost will assess Taloraan Edifice.

Please be welcoming and gracious when those charged with assessing your facility arrive and do everything possible to ensure their assessment runs smoothly.

The High Council

410.21 // Joint Statement: Republic & Coruscanti Government

In a joint statement this morning, Republic Ambassador Vosadaii alongside Coruscanti Government Diplomat Miona offered further clarification on the deal struck late last night.

Last night a deal was struck between the Republic and Coruscanti Government to help end the ongoing food shortages on Coruscant.

The additional food will be sourced utilising the wider trade network of the Republic, particularly making use of trade lanes in the Galactic South and Galactic East.

We would like to take this moment to reassure those agri-worlds in the Galactic North that your trade will not be disrupted as a result of this. We will continue to maintain the same level of agri-trade down the northern trade spine. The wider network will only be making up the shortfall in produce rather than replacing it in its entirety.

The additional cost will be absorbed by the Republic, at no extra cost to either the people of Coruscant or the Republic.

Immediately after the statement, Agri-Unionist Undruk who represents the Agri-worlds in the Galactic North made a statement.

Whilst I’m glad that trade down the trade spine won’t be disrupted and the livelihoods of millions have been protected, it’s important to get on record that if it hadn’t been for the threat of a mass strike, the Republic would of almost certainly ceased all agri-trade from the North! This battle is not over, and my colleagues and I will endevaor to ensure the rights of agri-workers in the Galactic North are protected.

One party that has been particularly quiet in all this has been the independent planet of Duneeden. What does this latest development mean for them?

One thing is for certain, if they do not find an ally soon, their independence project will surely fail.

410.20 // BREAKING NEWS: Republic steps in to solve food shortages on Coruscant.

We have just received confirmation from a source within the Coruscanti Government that a deal has been reached with the Republic to rectify the food shortages currently gripping Coruscant.

We have immediate live reaction from our political correspondent, Amlio Kentrin

“Did anyone really expect Coruscant not to align with the Republic? Anything else was all bluster honestly. Although what’s interesting is where the food is coming from. Reports are suggesting increased trade down other trade routes, which will be sure to cause issues in the Galactic North.”

More reaction and information as it becomes available.

410.19 // Canto Bight’s ‘Omen’ Rumor Causes Tourist Numbers to Plummet

Known for its mass tourism due to in part having one of the largest casinos in the Galaxy, Cantonica’s Canto Blight has been the center of attention of a rumor that has caused mass hysteria for the locals, as well as a large number of tourists who planned to visit.

It is not the first time that such a rumor, called Omen by Cantonicans, surfaces. There have been reports over a century for the existence of this event, but the Cantonica Security Force has not deemed it important to investigate. Until now.

What is this ‘Omen that could cause such mass hysteria across the entire city? Asking around the locals, rumors circulate that the city has been cursed by consistent disappearances of random people, who visit the city never to return.

It is not an unusual event to have family members and friends not return over the years from Cantonica, often assumed that they gambled their life away or having got rich and disappeared from public life. But over the recent years, the disappearances appear to have grown dramatically, sparking interest and fear over this “Omen”.

Unofficial Sources claim that Cantonica authorities have been investigating those disappearances, and initial reports reveal that they take place primarily in the capital of Canto Bight, sparking further rumors of terrible gangs or insidious cults within the capital.

When contacted for an official statement, Canto Bight Chief of Security, Inspector Elias Miller, stated: “We urge people to take these rumors with a grain of salt. Disappearances in popular places are not unheard of over the years, and there appears to be no visible or significant increase lately. Canto Bight’s security is of the utmost priority, and the Security Force takes matters seriously. Canto Bight is one of the safest capitals in the Galaxy, and we urge tourists to pay no heed to such unsubstantiated rumors.”

Despite the statement, bookings and arrivals of tourists on Canto Bight have seemed to plummet. This sharp decline has caused major concern for Cantonica economists, who believe that if this trend does continue, the economy could take a massive hit.

Is this ‘Omen’ just a rumor, started just to scare potential visitors, or is there some sinister truth behind it?

Stay tuned for further developments in this story.

Cerisse Lo’nje for National Cantonican News Center.


Readers. Listeners. Blind and deaf feelers. Anyone who has a heart (or three) beating in their chest, or used to, thanks for your trust. You know, when I singlehandedly uncovered a spice smuggling ring in the Capitol Hospital on Alzoc III, and survived three assassination attempts to testify under oath before a grand jury, they said I’d peaked.

“There’s no way that woman does anything else meaningful with her career,” – Jack Ferrestein of SNN said, and many agreed. After all, an attractive, single, driven, twenty-something woman who had looked death in the eyes a quarter of a dozen times over, it’s gotta be all downhill from there, right?

And while it’s true that I’m no longer twenty-something, I am still single, driven and under more threat than ever before. You see, like a fine wine, I become more attractive with maturity. And Mama’s full to bursting with maturity (and conspiracy).

Now, I didn’t gather you all here to marvel at how well I have managed to handle my career after all these years, that much is in itself evident. No, no, instead, I wanted to talk about what is next. What have I discovered this time?

As many of you know I left a stable position on Alzoc III to pursue reports of the rebuild on Rannon. And folks, there is major corruption unfolding. This planet is falling apart. What is chilling is the lengths these antagonists will go through in broad daylight to keep the truth quiet. I am of course talking of none other than the masterminds, the Jedi Order.

This branch has skipped across the galaxy for hundreds of years, generating some of the worst examples of Jedi since Doola Infi, and we all remember what she was like.

Now, it is churning out more black sheep faster than they can be shorn. Through an investigation spanning four years I have been tracking the energy infrastructure situation on Kenzie. The Jedi, who allegedly are supplied power from offworld and do not take from the energy grid at all, were suspected to be drawing on the Kenzie grid upon their return after the Void.

When the jig came up, the Order sent their top “Artisans”, a pair of kids known as Xintr Wolfe and Aqua Sol (who has known ties to Sibbal the Hutt on Nar Shadaa). They discovered “internal sabotage” which resulted in the promotion of one of the plant workers, and the firing of the esteemed foreman of many years.

But the lives the Jedi have ruined do not end there. No, fast forward a few more years and one will discover a little explosion in Little Creek plant. And guess who was there? That’s right. The now Jedi Knight Xintr Wolfe, and our ever precocious Aqua Sol.

With the Willowinds holding Heranae hostage, and the Skavs patrolling in between the territories and beyond, Rannon is growing into a chaotic wasteland, despite the empty promises of rebuilding from the Jedi. I managed to catch Padawan Sol on the streets of Kenzie.

I began to question her about the Jedi’s habit of sending children into complex situations. I didn’t get far, but here’s what she had to say:

”The Government permitted us to act. […] People seem to believe I’m skilled! How fascinating. Unfortunately…”

Incredible. But which government? Unfortunately I didn’t get far, as my beloved recording companion G07C-H4, was remotely disabled by an unknown person! Just before falling he was able to broadcast that his systems had been compromised. It was clear, one of the Jedi was protecting their own. Is there no end to the damage this cult is willing to do?

Little did they know, I always have redundancy audio recordings. And one Nicole Inaru, another of the group that conveniently were at the exploding plant, had this to say:

”She can do as she pleases.”

What about the pleasure of the people of Rannon? We will find the truth. Were the Jedi involved? Is there a conspiracy within the Rannon government? The infrastructure of Rannon has been immensely crumbling for well over a decade. The time has come to rebuild! Otherwise, it will all begin to fall, one after another, like so many dominos.

Update: As of publishing Nicole Inaru has since been promoted to Jedi Knight.

~Orleana Gorgin, GNN