JEDI HoloNet

360.16 // Tragedy in Felaeon Estate, Riane


The small town of Riane was shook yesterday afternoon following the scenes of devastation at Felaeon Estate. Reports indicate that notable landowner and philanthropist Kesyk Felaeon, along with several of his employees, died in an attack by local wildlife.

Mr Felaeon’s son, Cran Felaeon, was arrested for suspicion of manslaughter shortly after the attack. Mr Feleon’s daughter, Carmiya Felaeon, also survived the attack and was taken in for questioning by enforcers.

Already, memorials and messages have been pouring in from around the community over Mr Felaeon’s death. Work on his latest project, the reconstruction of the old market on the outskirts of Riane, will temporarily halt. The date for a ceremonial service for those who died in the attack will be announced in the coming days.

360.02 // Reported Expansion of Imperial Military


This last year has seen the rapid expansion of the Imperial military, both in terms of naval and ground forces. Imperial troop numbers have swelled and their shipyards have, reportedly, been producing a constant stream of new naval vessels for the past several months.

While sources inside the Republic military and naval intelligence have been unable to comment as to why this buildup is occurring, the official statement given by Imperial Grand Admiral Karala is that the buildup is to both combat the enormous upsurge in piracy the Outer Rim has experienced since the end of the war and also to restore security and order to many of the Empires worlds.

In related news, the worlds Tangrene, Serenno and Vantooine are the latest worlds to experience a rise in pro-Imperial sentiment with many beginning to claim their worlds should join the Imperial government.

More to follow soon..

359.20 // Rise of Pro-Imperial Sentiment Along Galactic North


Following the conclusion of the devastating war with the Sith Imperium and the slow recovery of the Republic economy, several worlds in the galactic North have recently experienced an upsurge in pro-Imperial sentiment. Worlds such as Gravlex Med, Sernpidal, Telos and even the rural farming world of Dantooine (a world long known to house a Jedi enclave) have all shown a rise in Imperial favour, with increasing numbers outright claiming they should join the Imperial government.

Such attitudes are not unheard of. Similar waves of pro-Imperial support and sympathy appeared on a number of worlds in the Northern territories following the close of the “Attrition Wars” decades ago. Such sentiment at the time was due to lack of relief and support from the Senate on Coruscant and a sharp rise in local piracy in the regions; piracy that the Galactic Alliance at the time was ill equipped to counter.

Should this sense of pro-Imperial support continue to rise in the galactic North, what will this mean for relations between the Republic Senate and the Imperial Monarchy? Will this create a sudden sense of tension between what have been until now determined allies?

More to follow soon.


359.13 // Sting Operation Leaves Many Injured, Several Dead


Due to recent events taking place outside a popular upper level bar on Coruscant, the Galactic Republic Intelligence Agency has released the following statement:

On the behalf of G.R.I.D, we’d deeply like to apologise to any individuals, families, or businesses that were affected by the events earlier this morning. We realise that the situation erupted quite suddenly and because of such, it gave citizens around the area no warning or time to step away from the area. Those who witnessed the events unfold or were somehow otherwise affected by the happenings will be directly compensated by the Republic. We’d also like to recognise those who helped in the operation, specifically those who gave their lives to end such a terrible cause.

Another statement released later in the day stated that G.R.I.D. was being assisted by two Jedi Knights, Balek Toraz and Jao Ryn. It has been stated that the pair, alongside G.R.I.D. agent Lorat Moliffe, went undercover for many years to attempt to get an upper hand.

The mysterious, nameless gang was known by a select few for their illegal trade of lightsaber crystals; a rare and expensive treasure. A confession by one of the perpetrators spoke about the gang’s work to weaponize the gems for even deadlier and more destructive blasters. All designs and prototypes have been seized by the Republic. It is unknown at the moment if the gang had made any successful weapons.

With the information gather by Toraz, Ryn, and Moliffe, the G.R.I.D. was able to launch a successful operation to detain all members. In the fire fight, 12 civilians were injured. All are in stable condition and will be released back to their families when statements are fully received. Sadly, during the fire fight Jedi Knight Ryn and Agent Lorat Moliffe lost their lives. The Republic thanks them for their service and sacrifice. Republic spokespeople will release a follow up statement with more information at a later date.

358.30 // The Jedi Order Announces New High Councilors


Since the Imperium Wars, the Jedi Order’s High Council has only comprised of a handful of members, largely based at the Rannon branch. However, today the High Council traveled to the Ossus temple for a public ceremony that would see three additional high councillors announced. The announcement means that the Order’s leadership has doubled in size and now includes representatives for each of the four branches of the Order, including Rannon, Ossus, Ilum and Dantooine.

Commentators interested in the Jedi Order have speculated for a long time when the High Council would expand its numbers and which experienced Jedi would accept the positions. Now we finally know.

Among the new councilors is Jedi Master Leo Undrul from Dantooine, Jedi Master Tai Oro from Ilum and Jedi Master Yanna from Ossus. The new members of the High Council will continue to serve alongside the current leadership, all of whom presently reside at the Rannon Praxeum and includes Jedi Master Amalia Feyn, Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor and Jedi Master Wrennin Vae.

Today marks a significant step forward for those fighting to rebuild the Jedi Order since the war.