JEDI HoloNet

354.21 // Missing Ambassador Returns Home


Following a mysterious disappearance, missing Ishi Tib ambassador Gram Keew returned to Tibrin earlier today. Local reports indicated that the ambassador’s transport crashlanded en route to a diplomatic intervention. Ambassador Keew was missing for a total of 11 days and earlier his spokesperson released a statement about his experiences:

“Despite the numerous dangers and perils I faced during this experience, I intend to continue serving the Ishi Tib people. There is no hazard that we cannot overcome and in the end I believe that these conflicts we face can be resolved peaceably, even the unexpected ones.

“However, I would like to take this moment to extend my gratitude to the various Republic and Republic-affiliated forces who ensured my recovery and safe return to Tibrin.”

The remainder of the statement emphasized the need for togetherness in trying times and a promise by Ambassador Keew to return to his work after a brief respite.

354.12 // Power Flux Hits Rannon


Immara Capital news reporting – An unprecedented power flux has occurred since the late hours of last night. Power across various settlements has been intermittently lost. It is cautioned to remain inside your settlements while the situation is being handled, to stock candles and foodstuffs. More details from our reporter, Siri Manova:

“This is Siri Manova reporting in from Maritez!

It has been noted that power outages have occurred in many settlements across Rannon! Citizens have noted times of complete darkness from the late night hours! While some of the larger settlements are experiencing major setbacks, the smaller settlements appear to be finding themselves brought to a standstill, without the required power to run their usual day to day appliances. Businesses have had to close during the hours of power downtime, and some have found their productions brought to a complete halt!

Nothing like this has been seen since the Great Blackout of 278 ABY! Marvelous, isn’t it? While this has hardly been a black out, many report that power is intermittently active, sometimes disappearing from minutes at time, to hours! Though, one report has mentioned the complete loss of power for five hours.

Officials from the Immara Power Limited have responded, saying power will be restored and running as smooth as an aiwha’s back any day now. Security officials have not yet deemed this loss of power as sabotage, but rather, the very rare occasion of power failure. Here’s hoping to better, brighter days where our caf machines will pump their glorious liquid, and our shops wild with customers!

This is Siri Manova, your ever present news reporter, chasing news right back to you. Back to you, Immara Capital News.”

Yes.. thank you Siri. Always a pleasure.

354.05 // Terror on Rodia

Kay-Tap_square copy

A huge explosion has occurred on the Kay-Tap Square on Rodia which took 23 lives and left 11 injured. The local police department is now searching for clues and counts on support from local citizens or anyone who might be involved with this action.

We have an eyewitness who has seen the explosion from a safe distance:

“I saw the explosion! A very big one indeed and all the people standing there suddenly vanished like they have been swallowed from the ground! I don’t know what to say … i-it’s really terrifying that something like this happens right before your eyes. From now on I will lock my door forever when I stay at home.”

People have reported also that there were several hooded men who were wandering around the market with cloaks. Many theories are being suggested for why this has happened.

More information will be reported shortly.

353.26 // Sith Sighting on Rannon?

Locals in one of Rannon’s largest settlements are alarmed by reports of a figure wearing attire similar to that of the Sith acolytes from the Imperium Wars. The figure was spotted arriving on the planet at Rannon’s largest station, with an investigation by local security personnel unveiling that the suspected Sith arrived with forged documentation.


No further sightings have been reported, but Rannon’s security force is promising to look into the recent arrival.

353.24 // Imperium agents in the Republic?


Only three years after the Imperium War comes to a close, details have emerged that former agents of the Imperium are believed to be working for the Republic.

According to several declassified reports received from GRID, the Republic’s intelligence division has recruited several officers and scientists into their division. According to the reports, this recruitment started shortly after the fall of the Sith on Coruscant.

A spokesperson for GRID made the following statement to the GHN surrounding the matter:

Reports that there are members of the former Imperium working for the Republic are correct. We invited several scientists and officers to GRID Republic, in order to develop new defences in case of another Sith incursion, including the plague.

While we were enemies a short time ago, their disassociation from the Sith gave us the opportunity to let them prove their worth to the Galaxy at large, by aiding the Republic and her allies.

The start of this relationship signifies the end of official hostilities between the Imperium Loyalists and the Republic.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.