JEDI HoloNet

401.03 // Acose Industrial Park has finally reopened.

Today, the Acose Industrial Park opened its gates for workers once again. Late on 400.30 a large fire was was reported to of broken out at the Acose Industrial Park. Whilst the fire itself was put out relatively quickly, it did cause a large explosion which was heard in nearby districts.

It is not clear which industrial unit the fire originated from, although the fire services have confirmed they have identified the cause of the fire and consider the matter ‘closed: no further investigation required’.

There has been no further comment from any governmental body,


In a previous issue we broke the news that the CSF engaged a hostile force above the atmosphere of Coruscant on 400.30. However this has now been confirmed by CSF and GRID to of been a joint training exercise.

400.26 // Continued delay in alliance ratification from the Jedi Order

On 400.07, Holonews reported that the formal alliance between the Republic and Jedi Order was agreed pending formal ratification from the High Council of the Order.

There is no further information as to when or even if such a convening of the High Council is due to take place to discuss and vote on the proposed agreement.

However, a close source to the Jedi Order was recently over heard sharing some of the concerns that appear to be felt within the Order.

“the Republic has seen this as the way of getting Jedi soldiers for their conflicts”

“there was much tension within the temples when Vohai happened”

“Many were not in favour of assisting on the front lines of the Republic”.

What does this mean for the deal between the Order and the Republic? It appears, no one is quite sure, not even members of the Order itself.

400.13 // The Manning Inquiry ends as Ruun trial due to start immediately

The inquiry into Lord Laa’ken Ruun and potential war crimes committed during the war on Vohai has officially been closed and the report provided to relevant committees for review.

It was announced 398ABY that a trial would take place following the inquiry but it appears the Republic are keen not to stall the process. Announcing the trial is due to start on 400.24ABY.

Rumours coming from the Chief of States office suggest that the finalisation of the deal between The Jedi Order is being delayed by the Order who wish to see the outcome of any trial before signing on the dotted line.

400.07 // BREAKING NEWS: Deal in principle agreed between Republic and Jedi Order

In what diplomats on both sides have dubbed some of most complex negotiations in recent history, Galactic Holonews has received word that a deal in principle has finally been struck between The Jedi Order and the Republic.

It is believed that Chief of State Lammee Ranack is keen to get the formal alliance between the two finalised, and has privately expressed frustration at the Grandmaster Coron Audax delay in signing the agreement.

In response to a question from the Galactic Holonews, Jedi Knight Ensil Stazi, spokesman for the Jedi Order has released the following statement:

The Jedi Order has made it standard practice not to comment on any of the negotiations.Standard practice dictates that any deal would be subject to final approval from the High Council of the Order not just the Grandmaster.

The Galactic News has reached out for clarification of when such a vote would take place, but has yet to receive further comment from the Order.

400.02 // Rannon’s Renovation Reduces Revered Reticence?

Good afternoon readers on Alzoc and Rannon alike. This is Orleana Gorgin of the AGNN. Many of you are interested in learning the truth, which was why I was awarded the Sector Service Excellence Award 6 times running! But we’re not here to talk about that. After all, you can see my accolades and pre-order my latest book, “Just Jedi? More like, just Jedi”, at orlggn.hlnt anytime! Instead, I am writing this piece to talk about the continued wake of destruction that the Jedi leave in this local path. Some of you may ask why a reporter from Alzoc III would bother covering something on Rannon.

Well, as of posting this article I am officially a galactic correspondent with the network, not just a regional one for Alzoc. Which empowers me to investigate the likes of the Jedi, who much like last time, left Alzoc in a hurry.

To that end, it raises a big question to many – “Why”? Why bring yourself to our quiet planet, set up a presence, lower the crime rate, community outreach, etc, and then just leave? To this reporter the answer is clear – the Jedi do not care about us! Now, they have returned to Rannon after blasting out of there eight years past, and the locals are none too happy about it. Earlier this cycle I had the privilege of gathering some comments from regular citizens just like you and me. Take a look here at what the people had to say:

”The Jedi left and stuff just got worse and worse. The storms kept up for ages. We lost so many homes, people died. Some say that the Void was the fault of the Jedi. I don’t know about that, but I do know that if they couldn’t stick around to help, they can’t just show up when everything is starting to get back to normal!” – Ficti Nomine
”I dunno…Rumor is they left to protect the kids and stuff. Which I guess that’s okay. But I lost my farm. The Jedi could have even come to help even when they were offworld….” – Lannis Janna
<<sinpad hioffpo parede ned swoquix chaintwist inti alerassa>> – ???

But don’t just take their word for it, you can also listen to someone you trust, like me.

Well, have they put any work to reconstruction efforts on Rannon? Reportedly, the planet is only at 50-75% recovered from the major storms according to most experts. Well, they certainly have rebuilt their nice and exclusive temple!

Therefore a humble and small time award winning reporter poses this challenge to the local Jedi on Rannon: I’m going to go out and start helping rebuild Rannon. If you care at all, you’ll join me for a workday instead of hiding in the temple playing little monks.

Until then, this is Orleana Gorgin, signing off.