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396.18 // Double Trouble: Junior Jedi Just Jaded Justice

Good day my fellow truth seekers. I told you I’d keep you up to date on this whole crystal conundrum, and true to my word I have just gathered even more of a scoop while simultaneously doing the job of the Jedi and the ASF!

Some of you super fans might have seen my latest episode of “Ultra Undercover Utilitress”, in which I made my foray into the local Jedi Temple here on Alzoc III and gave you all a candid look at how the temple operates behind closed doors.

You can remember with fondness and dismay at my detention at the hands of these Jedi when they aptly discovered I was under cover and how they failed to even check basic credentials for validity before locking up innocent civilians doing their civic duty! One of the Masters there even ordered one of the young Jedi to destroy my camera! It made it perfectly clear that these are not people we want protecting us. If you remember the rumors surrounding their leaving of this facility some decades past, you’ll know that I long have believed the people at the capital rose up and together ousted the lot of them with our cries of anger! Speak to them with the money, I say! Not allowing them to renew their lease was, in my opinion, the greatest act of service the ASF had done to date, or since.

But, Orleana Gorgin isn’t all talk, sentiment, auspicious beauty and intelligence, she’s also built to work, and she works for YOU, the deserving citizens of Alzoc III who deserve to know they are safe!

When last we left off on this story we had discovered little to nothing other than that lightsaber crystals of some kind were circulating the black market. Since then, the ever competent Jedi have been taking over the case. Particularly, two young Jedi that you may recognize – I snapped this photo just moments before they began threatening innocent Ugnaughts on the street.

That’s right – it’s the same duo who we encountered on “Ultimate Undercover Utilitress”! You can tell the Jedi sent its very best to investigate this, right?

Not even five minutes after this point the duo came after me, but I wasn’t afraid, because of that beauty, charm and wit I told you about earlier. I actually managed to pry some information out of them, cobbled together with what I had previously learned through my own investigation.

As you may or may not be aware, there was a sizable explosion just the other day on the east side of the capital where…the less than savory congregate. Allegedly, a small explosion set off other explosives from this weapons dealer, causing the damage to the building.

This has put the Rising Sun and Dewback groups on extremely tense terms, as people start pointing fingers. Other smaller gangs are smelling the blood in the water too, such as the Fletchers. Alzoc III’s capital is set for an all out gang war with us innocent, beautiful and incredibly intelligent citizens caught in the crossfire!

This reporter has located a few items from the police report that the ASF DOES NOT WANT you to see. Allegedly there were plasma emissions detected at the scene, as well as bizarre shrapnel embedded into the walls with the plasma emissions. After questioning the Jedi, I think that maybe one of the gangs has set up ELABORATE TRAPS to cause EXPLOSIONS to happen when testing out these crystals. Are they actually crystals? Are they just BOMBS?!

One thing is for certain. This reporter is on the case and will find out more for you soon. Until next time, this has been Orleana Gorgin.

396.12 // Insurrection on Ord Biniir

Breaking news, now, from the system of Ord Biniir in Imperial Space. With the backdrop of civil insecurities with the succession of the Fel line, pockets of opportunistic radicals are sparking conflict.

On Ord Biniir the fringe group calling themselves “The Alliance for Democracy” has been operating for decades, advocating for a secessionist movement to leave the Empire and join the Republic as an independent system. While never taken seriously, this group turned militant just three days ago, gaining weapons and vehicles from an unknown source and starting an insurrectionist campaign to, in their words, “Liberate Ord Biniir from the autocratic dynasties who have subjugated the good citizens of this planet for too long.”

Using an armored walker, along with military-grade ordinance, they began their rebellion in the heart of the capital city Soontir. After sustained fighting, the AFD have managed to push loyalist forces outside of the capital city, closing the shield gates, and have set up martial law inside the city center.

Negotiations with the AFD have ground to a halt, with the AFD saying there is no negotiation that will succeed unless full succession is granted to the system. Republic senators and the Chancellor have denounced the movement of the AFD, stating that organization is nothing but a terrorist group.

“We have no relationship with, nor share any values with, the so-called Alliance for Democracy terrorizing the good people of Ord Biniir. We believe they should throw down their arms and surrender to Imperial authorities, for this will not go the way they think it will.”

Stated Senator Yalook P’oolel from the nearby Er’Kit system.

Despite these Republic assurances, many moffs in the Empire remain skeptical.

“The Republic, while long an ally of our Empire, has always been expansionist in nature. It would surprise no one if this was not the work of some group of senators instigating an insurrection in our space for a land-grab during a delicate transition of power.” Said one moff, requesting to stay anonymous.

The local authorities on Ord Biniir have been petitioning the Imperial military for assistance, but no comment was given from Imperial High Command as to their future involvement with the situation.

More on this story as it develops,

On location, this is Andee N’evaro.

396.12 // Crystalline Contraband in the Capital Causes Crazy Commotion!

Good afternoon readers! Do I have a scoop for you! After scavenging through the scraps of information from various sources, this reporter has found some interesting tidbits that the goons at the ASF would sooner see die in pre-production before sent out to you seekers of the truth.

In the ever growing dystopia that is Alzoc III, everyone knows the heart of which lies the corrupt and toothless Alzoc Security Force, there lurks gang violence and petty crime like a film of oil adhering to every surface. Each attempt to wipe it away just smears it further, and only stains your own hands in the process.

That’s why it is no surprise to find that Alzoc Security Forces are once again withholding information from us, the people! Thankfully, with people like yours truly on the case, you can be sure you have an advocate for your interests in the thick of it on the streets of Alzoc III. Galactic Breaking News Alzoc is proud to be the first to report that black market crystals, of the make that powers the Jedi’s legendary weapons, have been confiscated and rumored to be distributed to local gangs.

This wouldn’t be the first time the ASF has held dangerous information from the public. I’m sure we all remember the incident back in 390 surrounding the neo-spice trafficking through hospitals. Luckily I was there then, and I’m here now to give you all of the facts as they come in.

I have since reached out to the ASF for comment, here’s what they had to say:

“Get that thing out of my face Gorgin or I’ll have you thrown in a cell!” – Commander Dorian Vector, ASF

As you can see, they continue to try to silence the truth! But do not worry. As more information comes out I will be reporting them immediately!

This has been Orleana Gorgin, and I’ll see you next time!

395.26 // Loyal To The Fels!

As we venture closer, and closer towards the Empresse’s verdict we have begun to see a division of people grow within Imperial Space. On most key planetary systems protestors litter the streets holding up banners and chants in an attempt to display their discontent. The Pro loyalists on Bastion have marched through most of the capital completely impeding transportation throughout the city. At a press briefing, the commissioner of Imperial Security on Bastion, Klor Mendrin said the force was so stretched officers have not seen their families for cycles. Plus, approximately 65,000 officers have been placed on 1-rotation shifts.

A spokesman for the loyalist group, Arix Nesda said:  “We stand by the Fel bloodline. It’d feel wrong, untrue to traditions for someone not of the family to take up the throne. Especially the likes of those without a spine such as Nemora Torysk. Only a dog of the Republic. I only hope that the High Moff Council and the Empress herself see eye-to-eye and elect Julianus to be the true emperor. As he is truly deserving. ”

The loyalist group has committed to continuing the protests on for the remaining cycles of the year. Imperial Security has said it needs to balance the right to protest in a democracy. During the current campaign, the ISF has made 3,458 arrests and 1364 charges have been laid so far by the Imperial Courts.

The commissioner said that of those convicted after the group’s protests in through 394.15-395.20, so far over 2000 had paid costs and got a conditional discharge. It left them with a criminal record, but some critics question if the penalties are enough of a deterrent, particularly for activists who may regard criminal convictions in the furtherance of their cause as a badge of honor.

Commissioner Mendrin confirmed ISF and Imperial officials were discussing changes to public order laws to deal with protests such as those of The Loyalist cause, including ways to deter repeat offenders and disruption.

That’ll be all with the Bastion Newscast!


395.25 // Experimental procedure gone wrong. Stakeholders Upset.

It’s a characteristically warm and sunny day in the Northwestern hemisphere of Manaan where I am at, the facility widely known as simply ‘The Archology’. It was designed as a three-way effort between the Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance, and the Order of Shasa to further biomedical research and advances.

This effort has been stymied in recent months by a series of detrimental events. Following a hostile incursion from a rogue element some months back attempting to illegally gather information about the top secret projects, the researchers of the facility have suffered another major setback.

Jedi Master Ari Tolen has been leading the development of an experimental treatment to combat the effects of Gyorbitz Disease, a degenerative neurological condition in which the subject’s mental functions begin to decay. One of Gyorbitz Disease’s first symptoms is memory loss. The team’s project was using a conjunction of mystic techniques and biocybernetic implants to create a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) treatment to prevent, and restore, the loss of memories of a patient suffering from the disease.

Master Tolen’s team had made several successful preliminary tests on animal subjects of similar neurological makeup as the preliminary volunteer patients. Unfortunately, their first live test had some serious complications, the ultimate result of which was their first volunteer patient suffering from complete memory loss.

When asked about the dramatic turn of events, Master Tolen had this to say to the press:

[Patient’s name has been redacted] was well aware of the experimental nature of the procedure and consented to the risks. They were suffering from the later phases of Gyorbitz Disease, so the neurological pathways in their hippocampal region were already seriously decayed. It’s regrettable beyond words of what happened, as all of our previous simulations indicated an over 90% chance of success. We are still processing the data and looking for any evidence of what in our procedure malfunctioned to cause this result.

Other researchers have indicated any number of possible complications. Some doctors of the Galactic Alliance point to the inconsistency of mystic meditative restoration practices as a probable result while both the Jedi Order and Order of Shasa state that biocybernetic technologies are still in their infancy, and more pre-sentient troubleshooting for biological compatibility may be required.

No matter what element of this complex procedure went awry the results are the same and it has caused a stir amongst Archology investors as to the long-term profitability of the endeavour. One stakeholder has been reported as having expressed their concern about their shares in the funding. Should more setbacks occur, many are wondering about the financial security of the future of this shared facility.

Reporting from the blue planet, I’m Chryztal Merrone.