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352.28 // Exhibition to showcase traditional Corellian art


A new art exhibition celebrating the traditional art of Corellian flame miniatures has been announced, opening at the start of 353ABY. The exhibition will feature the work of many well known artists, including Dinaba Fssi, as well as a few rising stars in the field.

The popularity of Corellian flame miniatures went through a revival not long after the end of the Galactic Empire, following a sudden increase in mobility and trade in the Core Worlds. However, the success was short lived and the sculptures fell out of vogue after a few years.

The impressive sculptures are made using a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Conventionally, the construction methods were passed from generation to generation, although this tradition has laxed in recent years to attract new artists.

The exhibition is due to tour throughout the Core Worlds before being permanently established in Coronet City, Corellia.

352.12 // Cooperative Government of Rannon appoints new Senator


It’s not often a politician dies from old age whilst still in office, but it is an undeniable testament to the dedication, conviction and stability that Oro Eewman brought to his role as Senator of Rannon.

His death at the age of 86, after over 35 years as Rannon’s voice in the senate, comes as no real surprise. In fact, his replacement, Tinales Jenkitt, 33, was selected unanimously by the councilors of the The Cooperative Government of Rannon several years ago, and had been shadowing Oro in his final years in order to ensure a smooth transition when the time came.

After she was officially appointed as the Senator of Rannon today, Senator Jenkitt had this to say.

“My first address as the Senator of Rannon was always going to be a bittersweet day. Last night, I was present at the death of a dear friend, renowned politician, and inspirational leader. If I began to list what Oro Eewman did for this planet I would be stood here for many cycles to come. However, what I will say about Senator Eewman is simple, never has anyone embodied the spirit of Rannon and its people as much as he did. When he fought in the senate, he did so for every man, women and child that calls this great planet home.

I am all too aware that I have been tasked by the Cooperative Government of Rannon to replace the truly irreplaceable. To those who may doubt my age and my experience, I will only ask one thing of you, please do not doubt my passion.

Oro often lamented about how he wished to visit the people he represented more often, as he had done when he was first elected and it is in his wish, where I will begin my journey. I aim to visit every city, settlement and outpost, from the north to south, from east to west and the deepest valleys to the tallest mountains.

I represent Rannon. I represent Oro and I represent you.

Thank you.”

352.07 // The Traitorous Imperial Lord

Imperial lord Tiberius Perator was recently apprehended by Jedi and Imperial forces on Mygeeto’s smallest moon. Lord Perator aided in the assassination of the former Emperor and served the Imperium military intellectually and financially in galactic conquest. Empress Fel moved her military against the Imperial lord and forced his leave from Mygeeto. Perator retreated to his family’s palace, turned fortress on the Mygeeto moon. Empress Fel then commenced a year long siege on Lord Perator’s ice bunker.

Unexpectedly Empress Fel’s military was met with Imperium loyalists and soldiers who assisted Tiberius Perator’s escape and continued protection of the rogue lord. The fortress was near impenetrable and had the provisions to sustain the facility for years. However, Lord Perator preemptively requested to treat with Jedi Master Cael Dan’kor, the murderer of the “One Sith’s” Dark Lord.  

High Councilor Dan’kor accepted to negotiate with Lord Perator on the Empress’ behalf. The Jedi Master brought along several other Jedi as well. Jedi Knight Wrennin Vae, best known for his speech during the Great Plague; Jedi Knight Dithaal, Battlemaster of the Rannon Praxeum; Padawan(s) Karmarie Zar, Voh Phaar, Vathius Krai, and Kro’jan Touru. Little is known of what happened, but the trip resulted in Lord Perator and his son, Vexus Perator’s, capture.

Not long ago Tiberius Perator was placed before Empress Bellitrial Fel on Bastion by Cael Dan’kor. Empress Fel within the Imperial palace, before her court, stripped Tiberius of his lands, titles, and holdings, and sentenced him to death, for his treachery and lack of cooperativeness with the Jedi. His son, Vexus, was turned over to Cael Dan’kor by the Jedi’s request. There are no public statements from the Empress or Jedi Order at this time.

351.30 // Zanta-P Medical Station opens in Corsin system


ldimonl_06 copy

In an attempt to ease bureaucratic and logistic blockages between Republic, Imperial and new Hynah Directive territories, a state of the art medical station officially opened today. Located in the Corsin system, the multitrillion Zanta-P station has unparalleled facilities, with over ten thousand permanent staff on board.

In the inaugural statement, Zanta-P spokesperson Varlo Kinall stated that:

“What the Imperium gained in senseless terror, we hope to undo with altruism. In accordance with the oaths we take as medical professionals, we aim to aid all citizens that come to us for help, regardless of where they reside.”

The Zanta-P station is also home to up to one thousand medical students and researchers from faculties across the galaxy, with a two year waiting list for places.

351.23 // Fire hits Endan Nature Reserve

deercreek_fire_nps copy

Citizens were warned today to avoid visiting Endan Nature Reserve, as a woodland blaze begins to spread.

Several eyewitnesses spotted smoke rising from near the Tooini River in the north of the nature reserve earlier today. Specialist fire fighting forces have already been called into attempt to contain the fire. As of yet, there are no reports of anyone killed or injured by the blaze and it is suspected that no foul play was involved in starting the fire.

Specialists predict that the fire should be contained within a few days and that Endan Nature Reserve should be reopened to the public again shortly after.