JEDI HoloNet

404.28 // Hostage situation over Tepasi


Following a long and thorough investigation, GRID operatives managed to intercept a long missing tibanna freighter under the callsign “Andromos”.

According to anonymous sources, the opposing crew was led by former operative Weyland A., previously presumed killed in action by GRID officials.

During the assault (in which both GRID and Republic forces were present), they managed to capture the core conspirators, arresting at least thirty suspects. However at least ten law enforcement officers were killed in the firefight on board, including several hostages among the casualties caught in the crossfire. The identification of the victims is still ongoing.

We tried to reach GRID headquarters for an official announcement but they refused to comment the situation.

404.19 // Republic doctors assist after brutal extraplanetary attack at Skynara

Grief today as the inhabitants of the planet Skynara recover from a sudden and brutal attack from offworld forces.

The attacking force was small. It’s estimated that less than one dozen agitators participated in the violence that occurred. One enemy combatant was captured and treated on board the hospital ship NASH-4077 “Hawkeye” by joint Republic volunteer doctors and Jedi from a nearby temple. Of the great number of patients treated by the experimental medical frigate, over 95% of the injured they received are expected to make a full recovery, alleviating much of the suffering that would have otherwise come out of this violence.

Upon questioning, the combatant disclosed that they were working for ‘their liege’ who commanded soldiers out in Wild Space, though he did not disclose where the main base, nor what the identity, of his liege was.

The planetary government of Skynara issued a formal thank you to the Galactic Republic following these events for their medical assistance. In addition to this, however, they reaffirmed their political sovereignty and disinterest about joining the wider galactic community.

“It cannot be stated how thankful we were for this new NASH program the Republic has implemented. Having a fully-equipped hospital literally show up at a moment’s notice saved innumerable lives in a moment of deep crisis on our planet.

With that said, the people of Skynara value the sovereignty of our planet and the ability to maintain direct control over local issues. Being so close to Wild Space, our lifestyle and concerns do not have any overlap with those issues one would face on the ‘bourgeois’ planets in the core.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the Galactic Senate as an independent body and friend.”

~Prime Minister T’skali of Skynara

The captured combatant was extradited from Republic custody to the planetary government of Skynara after making a full recovery and is currently still being held as a POW.

Details on the attack have been hard to obtain as the Government of Skynara has been unwilling to share details about the events that transpired specifically. They did release a casualty count. Preliminary analysis indicates that 3,000 civilians were wounded and, of those, 38 were killed. Among the deaths were a number of children as an explosive charge detonated near a school, causing a collapse of the entire complex.

Questions remain: Who were these people who attacked Skynara from Wild Space? Is this a prelude to future violence out in the rim, or was this attack simply a microcosm of what happens out of the security of Republic Space? Only time will tell.

Reporting from Skynara, this is Iddzie Orlbuck

404.12 // Update on Ord Biniir

It’s been a couple years now since violence erupted on Ord Biniir with no meaningful reply from the Imperial Military to the situation.

As the Imperial Military continues to hold back on their heels, not having any direction themselves from a Grand Moff at the helm, the Alliance for Democracy has slowly been expanding their sphere of influence out from the capital.

A mixture of volunteers and conscripts have been filling out their ranks, and the organization has made the move to rebrand themselves, as it were, and are now calling themselves the ‘People’s Republic of Ord Biniir’ (or PROB for short) They are expecting to hold their first planetary election this upcoming week, where all of the candidates are members of the political party which retains the name of their original movement.

PROB’s standing army is referred to as the regulars. Multiple corroborating reports confirm that professional soldiers of some sort are giving training and military instruction to their armed forces. The origin of these soldiers, either from some government or paramilitary, is unclear, but that has not stopped many from filling in those gaps themselves.

When asked about these training camps, Moff Yuliarn had this to say:

“This line of questioning is a joke. We all know it, and you all know it. It’s painfully clear that the Republic is sending in military advisors to train up these local ruffians under the radar in order to facilitate a break from our Empire. It’s a slap in the face and I, for one, will be pushing that we do something about it!”

We followed up again with Senator Yalook P’oolel, representing the adjacent Er’Kit system:

“It concerns me and all of the other senators to hear these accusations from Moffs and others in Imperial High Command. We have no interest in infringing upon the sovereignty of our long-standing ally. There’s enough recovery in the galaxy since those mystics who were causing whole planets to disappear were stopped. I would like to, again, express my desire to see the Empire resolve this conflict diplomatically and offer any services myself, or my staff, can render to mitigate any more bloodshed.”

Despite all of these overtures, bloodshed does continue. Not only on the planet, but in orbit as well. Multiple reports have confirmed that the self-proclaimed government of Ord Biniir has acquired a small fleet of retrofitted Tartan Cruisers, as well as one retrofitted Nebulon-C frigate.

Though the chassis of their fleet are archaic, their top-of-the line systems and armaments have locked down the system’s space-spheres and stymied all travel through the system. Each day that the Empire dallies in their response from here on out only gives more control, and to some, more legitimacy to this new planetary government.

On location, this is Andee N’evaro.

401.03 // Acose Industrial Park has finally reopened.

Today, the Acose Industrial Park opened its gates for workers once again. Late on 400.30 a large fire was was reported to of broken out at the Acose Industrial Park. Whilst the fire itself was put out relatively quickly, it did cause a large explosion which was heard in nearby districts.

It is not clear which industrial unit the fire originated from, although the fire services have confirmed they have identified the cause of the fire and consider the matter ‘closed: no further investigation required’.

There has been no further comment from any governmental body,


In a previous issue we broke the news that the CSF engaged a hostile force above the atmosphere of Coruscant on 400.30. However this has now been confirmed by CSF and GRID to of been a joint training exercise.

400.26 // Continued delay in alliance ratification from the Jedi Order

On 400.07, Holonews reported that the formal alliance between the Republic and Jedi Order was agreed pending formal ratification from the High Council of the Order.

There is no further information as to when or even if such a convening of the High Council is due to take place to discuss and vote on the proposed agreement.

However, a close source to the Jedi Order was recently over heard sharing some of the concerns that appear to be felt within the Order.

“the Republic has seen this as the way of getting Jedi soldiers for their conflicts”

“there was much tension within the temples when Vohai happened”

“Many were not in favour of assisting on the front lines of the Republic”.

What does this mean for the deal between the Order and the Republic? It appears, no one is quite sure, not even members of the Order itself.