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353.26 // Sith Sighting on Rannon?

Locals in one of Rannon’s largest settlements are alarmed by reports of a figure wearing attire similar to that of the Sith acolytes from the Imperium Wars. The figure was spotted arriving on the planet at Rannon’s largest station, with an investigation by local security personnel unveiling that the suspected Sith arrived with forged documentation.


No further sightings have been reported, but Rannon’s security force is promising to look into the recent arrival.

353.24 // Imperium agents in the Republic?


Only three years after the Imperium War comes to a close, details have emerged that former agents of the Imperium are believed to be working for the Republic.

According to several declassified reports received from GRID, the Republic’s intelligence division has recruited several officers and scientists into their division. According to the reports, this recruitment started shortly after the fall of the Sith on Coruscant.

A spokesperson for GRID made the following statement to the GHN surrounding the matter:

Reports that there are members of the former Imperium working for the Republic are correct. We invited several scientists and officers to GRID Republic, in order to develop new defences in case of another Sith incursion, including the plague.

While we were enemies a short time ago, their disassociation from the Sith gave us the opportunity to let them prove their worth to the Galaxy at large, by aiding the Republic and her allies.

The start of this relationship signifies the end of official hostilities between the Imperium Loyalists and the Republic.

We’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

353.16 // New Mandalore Chosen


In a rather heated battle, Asdral Gev has been chosen as Mandalore, defeating the previous, Zarus Jendri, in one on one combat.

In a summit on the capital city of Sundari, Mandalore, Asdral Gev had challenged Zarus Jendri’s leadership, stating that Jendri has ineptly lead the Mandalorians since the end of their involvement in the Attrition Wars. The challenge, one deeply rooted in Mandalorian culture, ended with Jendri’s defeat in armed combat and Gev being established as the new Mandalore.

Jendri’s policy of isolationism is thought to have been the main reason for Gev’s challenge, the Mandalorians staying relatively within their own territory since the end of the Attrition Wars. Contacts on the planet believe that Asdral Gev wishes to expand the Mandalorians status within the Galaxy, creating stronger ties with the other galactic governments.

New Republic representatives have released statements that ambassadors from Mandalore are expected to arrive on Coruscant soon, with expectations that the Mandalorians wish to expand trade routes through their systems, to help ease off the issue of poverty that has plagued Mandalorian space since the end of the war.

Asdral, former chieftain of the Fett clan, has been dubbed Mandalore the Rebuilder by the other clan chieftains.

353.09 // Republic praises Ahakista smuggling clampdown after record bust

spice copy

Ahakista, a small trading planet situated in the Outer Rim, has often been regarded as a prosperous hub for smugglers wishing to gain access to the Mid Rim and Core market safely.

It has been widely reported in recent years that the Republic have been putting immense pressure on the Ahakista government to enforce stricter checks on imports and exports coming to and from the planet in a bid to clamp down on illegal items reaching the core. It has even been rumored that the Republic are offering extensive funding to revitalise the key infrastructure of the planet if certain targets are met.

With only one major arrest in the last few years, Ahakista were recently granted new powers by the Senate which allow them to stop and search any package coming through the port.

The powers, deemed controversial at the time, have today bore fruit. The Republic is full of praise for the Ahakista Government, after word of a record bust reached the Senate.

Following an extensive sting operation, over 100kg of the narco-spice ‘Thruster Head’ was seized and the culprits detained. The man in charge of the on-going operation had this to say:

“Whilst we are of course delighted to hear that our work has been praised by the Senate, it is but a drop in the ocean when it comes the problem we face here.

I hope these arrest sends a message to those considering using Ahakista as a bridge into the Core worlds to simply think again.

We can’t say too much about the identities of the people arrested, as they are awaiting trial, but needless to say, they have been detained without bail and we are extremely confident of a successful conviction.”

352.28 // Exhibition to showcase traditional Corellian art


A new art exhibition celebrating the traditional art of Corellian flame miniatures has been announced, opening at the start of 353ABY. The exhibition will feature the work of many well known artists, including Dinaba Fssi, as well as a few rising stars in the field.

The popularity of Corellian flame miniatures went through a revival not long after the end of the Galactic Empire, following a sudden increase in mobility and trade in the Core Worlds. However, the success was short lived and the sculptures fell out of vogue after a few years.

The impressive sculptures are made using a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Conventionally, the construction methods were passed from generation to generation, although this tradition has laxed in recent years to attract new artists.

The exhibition is due to tour throughout the Core Worlds before being permanently established in Coronet City, Corellia.