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368.09 // Man Killed By Own Exotic Pet

Local law enforcement are investigating whether a man was killed by his pet wampa after his body was found mutilated in his high-rise apartment.

Testai Alqe, a collector of exotic species, was found with “serious injuries” at his home in the Jrade District, Coruscant authorities said.

The 41-year-old rodian was discovered by his BD-5000 luxury droid unit across three separate rooms, where he kept his pets, on 368.08. One of his more exotic animals, a wampa, which can grow up to 2.5 metres tall, was outside of its pen when his body was discovered by officers. It is thought that the wampa mauled the animal lover to death, after an officer for Coruscant Coroner’s Court said: “we have established that the cause of death was a severe impact to the head and torso, based on impact marks found at the scene and on Mr Alqe’s body”.

She added that all the evidence would be heard by Coroner Aisai Coalir in the next few days before a conclusion was made. A Coruscant Security spokesman confirmed that officers were carrying out inquiries into the circumstances surrounding death on behalf of the coroner.

Friend Galoa Fisa has set up fundraising pages in Mr Alqe’s memory. He wrote: “On 368.08 Testai unexpectedly passed away at home. He was obsessed with beasts, birds and all forms of wildlife, in his memory we have set up a fundraising page for the Galactic Wildlife Foundation.

“We have struggled while searching for holograms for his funeral to find any sort of record when he is not holding a kinrath, bantha cub, pylat, esseles, loth-cat, feeding a kath hound or tauntaun, so these charities seemed the perfect choice. In memory of you Testai… who we will all miss dearly.”

In contrast, many locals have taken to questioning the legality of Testai Alqe’s choice of pets. One of his neighbours, 36 year old twi’lek Aurra Kae, had this to say: “It’s unthinkable! Imagine if that beast had gotten loose outside? Children live and play in this area! Innocent people could have easily been mauled to death! Good riddance to a complete and utter moron.”

A Coruscant Security spokesman said: “We were called at 1703GST on 368.08 to an address in the Jrade District. A 41-year-old rodian man had suffered serious injuries and died at the scene. The death is not being treated as suspicious at this stage. A file will be prepared for the coroner.”

367.23 // SFS Launches New TIE Defender

Just a bare few days after the Jedi Order’s announcement of their new contract with Incom Corporation, Sienar Fleet Systems have announced the sale of a new model of their legendary TIE Defender.

The TIE Defender saw its birth shortly before the Battle of Endor, the engagement that effectively saw the collapse of Palpatine’s Empire. While the Defender saw use in the following decades and through the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, the enormous cost of the starfighter prevented its mass production and the ship disappeared from use.

With extensive modification and updating, Sienar Fleet Systems have decided to reintroduce one of their arguably greatest starfighter designs to the galactic market. While reaction to the announcement has been varied (with many pointing out the timing of the announcement so soon after the Jedi Order’s updating of their starfighter fleet), sources within the Fel Empire have stated that large orders for the new TIE model have already been placed. How the new model of the TIE Defender will stand up compared to competition from both Incom and Kuat Drive Yards will, undoubtedly, soon be seen.

367.20 // Jedi Order Makes Deal for New Fleet

Image result for e-wing fighter

News from FreiTek’s headquarters on Fresia, Executive Nei Ving announces a partnership with the Jedi Order to supply the Order’s new fleet of E3R E-Wing Escorts.

In a press conference held in the famous FreiTek R&D hangar, Ving announced alongside several high ranking members of the Jedi Order’s famous ‘Ace Squadron,’ that the Order has agreed to phase out their existing fleet of personal fighter craft in favor for the recent developed and released E3R E-Wings.

Rumors had been spreading that the Order had been sending our emissaries to many companies to find a new ship to replace their aging, but iconic ‘Jedi Star Fighter,’ the Kuat Drive Yards’ ETX-80. No comment from KDY on the new contract.

The new deal is expected to deliver unknown amount of ships to the Jedi Order, as well as 15 years of parts and maintenance. It is unknown what cost the Jedi Order has paid for this new contract, but the FreiTek stock jumped up 25 points with the announcement.

367.01 // Cybot Galactica to Recall All CSD367 Units

Cybot Galactica has announced a mass product recall on all original and replacement Cantina Service Droid 367 units sold or exchanged in the Galactic Republic in cooperation with the G.R. Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with retailers.

Since the affected droid units can overheat and pose a safety risk, consumers and small business owners with a Cantina Service Droid 367 are being asked to power it down and contact the retail outlet where they purchased their device. Consumers who have a CSD367 unit can exchange their droid for another Cybot Galactica CSD unit, or receive a refund, under the terms of the expanded G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

If you bought your CSD367 from the official Cybot Galactica holonet, you should click here to process your refund or exchange. If you have questions, you should contact Cybot Galactica at via their official holonet service.

CSD367 Charging Restrictions
To further increase participation, a software update has been released that prevents G.R. CSD367 devices from charging and eliminates their ability to work as cantina services droids.

Before returning your droid, you should immediately power it down and contact your local retailer to obtain a refund or exchange.

G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program
Under the terms of the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program, you have the following choices:

  • Exchange your current CSD367 for another Cybot Galactica cantina service droid and replacement of any CSD367 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between droids
  • Obtain a refund at your point of purchase

Affected Droid Units
The recall applies to all CSD367 droid units – including the original and replacement (if yours has already been so.) If you are currently using a CSD367, please power down immediately and participate in the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

Contact the retail outlet where you purchased your CSD367. If you bought your CSD367 from our official holonet or if you have any questions, please view the official Cybot Galactica hologram service.

366.15 // Dantooine Votes to Secede!

Breaking News!

After much heated back and forth between debaters and voters, the planet of Dantooine and indeed, the Raioballo sector in its entirety, have voted to secede from the New Republic and join the Fel Empire.

While the new High Moff for the sector has yet to be appointed, reports indicate that there is a shortlist of candidates and we can expect a result soon. Needless to say the result of the vote has a handful of Senators on Coruscant concerned, with a number wondering just how many outlying sectors will vote to join the Imperial government; a government that has seen steady growth and recovery since the end of the war with the Sith Imperium.

In related news, fighting has apparently broken out across the Empire’s eastern territories with detachments of the Imperial military engaged in battles across the Morshdine, Meram and Corva sectors. Imperial officials have remained tight lipped as to the nature of the fighting, claiming that it is merely ‘local trouble’. The Republic fleet remains on high alert, apparently having deployed to defend a number of worlds along the neighboring Hydian Way.

More news as it comes…