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366.12 // RSF cracks down on illegal cargo in Pavan

According to reports released early this morning, the RSF and offworld officials seized large quantities of illegal substances in Pavan, Sector 15-C, in what is being described as ‘one of the largest hauls in Rannon’s recent history’. The crackdown took place overnight, shutting off large portions of the settlement’s cargoport and surrounding areas. Sections were reopened this morning with increased security enforcement.

The haul, which is rumored to include pyrodase and banthazolate, was intended to be shipped offworld disguised in hollow durasteel frames. Officials have not released the cargo’s destination, nor its origin on Rannon, though an investigation has been launched. As of yet, no names have been published in relation to the crackdown.

Locals who were interviewed on the scene this morning expressed surprise that such a large cargo was found outside of capital Kenzie, but the RSF and co-operating officials have not commented on the discovery. Instead, the report reiterated a warning to smugglers considering the Rannon system as a waypoint for their illegal activities.

365.01 // Dirt Mite Nest Destroyed!

Last night the Jedi Order and R.S.F launched an attack on the dirt mite nest. For thousands of years the nest proved impossible to locate. While the details of the historic operation are classified, the R.S.F chief told the press that the dirt mite nest and queen have been destroyed. The Jedi Council of Rannon and its Gate Master have yet to comment on their involvement.

Let’s go to the people of Kenzie for comments:

Ru Bah, 79, Human: “*Bah*, I think this is a political stunt. No way they found the nest.”

Alara Yil, 26, Rodian: “I am grateful to the Jedi and R.S.F. With less attacks, it will be easier to farm.”

Tin Qua, 32, Nautolan: “I wish I could’ve seen the Jedi and police put em’ six feet under. Nasty little things!”

Miva Harra, 15, Human: “The Jedi and police had no right killing them. They are animals and acted on instinct. They don’t know any better! Those animals ought to be protected, now that they are likely on the verge of extinction!”

There are no reports of dirt mite sightings. For more news stay tuned…

363.30 // Hunter found dead outside of Kenzie

The mystery surrounding the bizarre disappearance of a local hunter was partially solved when a body had been found on the outskirts of the Kenzie Settlement, identified to be a Gar Izen.

The Rannon Security Forces (RSF) has yet to disclose his cause of death to the public. The 32 years old human went missing after leaving for the jungle three days ago. A desperate rescue expedition was organized by the RSF after another hunter reported about finding some of Izen’s belongings near blood stains on the ground, deep in the jungle. The man was found dead by excessive bleeding only yesterday; it was too late to save him.

His loving wife, Mays Izen, mourned him saying “he died doing what was most passionate to him”.

363.09 // Terrorist Attack on Du Hutta

Breaking news from Du Hutta as a large explosion occurs at the estate of the Hutt, Lnorsha.

Around roughly 0500 local time, an explosion rocked Jancola province on Du Hutta, at what was known to formally be the estate of Lnorsha the Hutt. The large explosion devastated the main building along with several surrounding support structures. Casualties numbers are still coming in, but figures currently point to around eighty dead, including Lnorsha the Hutt, along with another fifty injuried.

Local investigators have determined that an explosion using large amounts of thermite and baradium, the main components of devices such as thermal detonators, was responsible for the destruction. No organizations or individuals have came forward to take responsibility for the attack.

A Republic spokesman released this statement following the explosion.

“The devastating attack that hit the planet of Du Hutta this morning, our hearts go out to those who lost family members with this tragedy. The Republic will do all they can in assisting the local authorities in finding those responsible.”


Lnorsha the Hutt was a low-ranking member of the Hutt families, and was recently thought to be under investigation from GRID officials for people trafficking.

We will keep you updated as more details come to light on this terrible story.

360.16 // Tragedy in Felaeon Estate, Riane


The small town of Riane was shook yesterday afternoon following the scenes of devastation at Felaeon Estate. Reports indicate that notable landowner and philanthropist Kesyk Felaeon, along with several of his employees, died in an attack by local wildlife.

Mr Felaeon’s son, Cran Felaeon, was arrested for suspicion of manslaughter shortly after the attack. Mr Feleon’s daughter, Carmiya Felaeon, also survived the attack and was taken in for questioning by enforcers.

Already, memorials and messages have been pouring in from around the community over Mr Felaeon’s death. Work on his latest project, the reconstruction of the old market on the outskirts of Riane, will temporarily halt. The date for a ceremonial service for those who died in the attack will be announced in the coming days.