JEDI HoloNet

396.12 // Crystalline Contraband in the Capital Causes Crazy Commotion!

Good afternoon readers! Do I have a scoop for you! After scavenging through the scraps of information from various sources, this reporter has found some interesting tidbits that the goons at the ASF would sooner see die in pre-production before sent out to you seekers of the truth.

In the ever growing dystopia that is Alzoc III, everyone knows the heart of which lies the corrupt and toothless Alzoc Security Force, there lurks gang violence and petty crime like a film of oil adhering to every surface. Each attempt to wipe it away just smears it further, and only stains your own hands in the process.

That’s why it is no surprise to find that Alzoc Security Forces are once again withholding information from us, the people! Thankfully, with people like yours truly on the case, you can be sure you have an advocate for your interests in the thick of it on the streets of Alzoc III. Galactic Breaking News Alzoc is proud to be the first to report that black market crystals, of the make that powers the Jedi’s legendary weapons, have been confiscated and rumored to be distributed to local gangs.

This wouldn’t be the first time the ASF has held dangerous information from the public. I’m sure we all remember the incident back in 390 surrounding the neo-spice trafficking through hospitals. Luckily I was there then, and I’m here now to give you all of the facts as they come in.

I have since reached out to the ASF for comment, here’s what they had to say:

“Get that thing out of my face Gorgin or I’ll have you thrown in a cell!” – Commander Dorian Vector, ASF

As you can see, they continue to try to silence the truth! But do not worry. As more information comes out I will be reporting them immediately!

This has been Orleana Gorgin, and I’ll see you next time!

395.07 // The Skies Open!

On 395.07 ABY, the skies were split open, the ground quaking as the Praxeum on the mountainside bathed the valley below in a wondrous orange light.

While there hasn’t been any news as to the reason behind the extraordinary display offered to the settlement, many support the beliefs of a divination ritual or the figurative ‘ascension’ of one within the ranks of the Order in attempts to stop the void outbreak. Of course, everything thus far is postulation and hypothesis.

Will we ever find out what happened on the mountain? Will we ever know what started the void outbreak? Doubtful, but such is the way of the Jedi; has been since time immemorial. Mystery is a part of the people that reside over us, watching us.

It’s Olivei Vrugark with Galaxy news.

394.23 // Missing Girl Found Dead

It was just a day ago, in the peaceful City of Loss Nelagg, here on Alzoc III when a young girl went missing. The authorities initially unable to make sense of her disappearance, having scoured the nearby area, eventually found the missing girl within the tunnels of the Old City of Loss Nelagg. The case, while starting off as a missing persons one, has evolved into an investigation of murder as the girl was found in a horrific state. The officers at the scene describe this case as premeditated murder although we do not have any more news since they refused to disclose any further information.

We will update you, should anything further surface, in the case of Estelwen Rha.

392.10 // Only skilled pilots need apply!

As the storms on Rannon continue to rage on, the effects of it are still truly to be realised. Satellite scans of Rannon show that currently the the heart of the storm sits squarely over the Kenzie Plains.

Such is the level of disruption caused by the volatile storms that only a small safe corridor exists to allow any air traffic be it local or galactic to exit the area. As a result the RSF are requiring any air or space travel in and out of the Kenzie Plains be co-ordinated by the Space Traffic Control function at the city of Kenzie.

When asked what would happen should two ships meet head on in the corridor the Chief Space Controller, Nacku Yanyo simply stated

“It becomes a game of tip-yip. Who will blink first. You either crash into each other, or one is forced into the storm either side of the corridor. I think I’d rather take the collision.”

391.28 // Exclusive: Crashed ship identified and revealed!

It took 4 days for the towering smoke above the mountain border between the Kenzie Plains and Hora Point to subside. Only then could investigators get close to the wreckage of the fallen ship to try to piece together what exactly happened.

The area has been cordoned off for the best part of 2 cycles with little in way of news. Although several sources have confirmed that incessant and unrelenting storms has not made the process easy.

Today, Rannon Access News upon conclusion of the investigation granted an exclusive first look at the crash site.

Upon stepping into the clearing the devastation was immediately apparent. We saw the heart breaking carcasses of the local wildlife population driven from their homes and either hunted by their predators or trapped by the engaging inferno. We walked across the blackened flora, damaged by smoke that will scar and upset the natural balance of this part of Rannon’s plantlife for decades to come, before finally witnessing the hulking ball of mangled metal that once constituted as a hull of the ship.

With the investigation now concluded, R.A.N can exclusively confirm that the ship involved in the crash is ‘The Yavin Runner’ a light transport operated by the Jedi Praxeum located here on Rannon. It has been confirmed that the there were no fatalities to any of the passengers, although, all here are in agreement that in itself constitutes a miracle.

The submitted report states that the ship fell from the sky after being struck by successive bolts of ‘lightning’, seemingly by-passing the fully operational and working shields of the ship. With this report, the on-going legal battle between the Order and the manufacturers of The Yavin Runner draws to a close. The judge ruled a “force majeure”. A legal term that frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties occurs.

The crash site will remain closed to the public, and the R.S.F guidance on travel in and around the Kenzie Plains area remains the same: Critical journeys only, please avoid all unnecessary travel.