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391.28 // Exclusive: Crashed ship identified and revealed!

It took 4 days for the towering smoke above the mountain border between the Kenzie Plains and Hora Point to subside. Only then could investigators get close to the wreckage of the fallen ship to try to piece together what exactly happened.

The area has been cordoned off for the best part of 2 cycles with little in way of news. Although several sources have confirmed that incessant and unrelenting storms has not made the process easy.

Today, Rannon Access News upon conclusion of the investigation granted an exclusive first look at the crash site.

Upon stepping into the clearing the devastation was immediately apparent. We saw the heart breaking carcasses of the local wildlife population driven from their homes and either hunted by their predators or trapped by the engaging inferno. We walked across the blackened flora, damaged by smoke that will scar and upset the natural balance of this part of Rannon’s plantlife for decades to come, before finally witnessing the hulking ball of mangled metal that once constituted as a hull of the ship.

With the investigation now concluded, R.A.N can exclusively confirm that the ship involved in the crash is ‘The Yavin Runner’ a light transport operated by the Jedi Praxeum located here on Rannon. It has been confirmed that the there were no fatalities to any of the passengers, although, all here are in agreement that in itself constitutes a miracle.

The submitted report states that the ship fell from the sky after being struck by successive bolts of ‘lightning’, seemingly by-passing the fully operational and working shields of the ship. With this report, the on-going legal battle between the Order and the manufacturers of The Yavin Runner draws to a close. The judge ruled a “force majeure”. A legal term that frees both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties occurs.

The crash site will remain closed to the public, and the R.S.F guidance on travel in and around the Kenzie Plains area remains the same: Critical journeys only, please avoid all unnecessary travel.

391.16 // CANCELLED: “The Second Dream” tour stop.

Due to the current unpredictable climate on Rannon, The Second Dream tour stop at the Kenzie settlement has been cancelled.

It was originally scheduled for 391.19. Tickets purchased on the holonet will be refunded automatically within 2 to 3 working days.

If you still wish to see Liliette Rha, the tour management is offering 20% discount on tickets to her tour stop on Dagu to any citizen of Rannon.

About Liliette Rha

With her powerful vocals and astonishing range, Liliette Rha has emerged as one of the most magnetic and massively successful performers in music today. At age 25, she’s delivered three electrum-selling albums and surpassed 30 billion holo-streams, in addition to nabbing six Award nominations, and landing 11 hits in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

She continues to take the galaxy by storm with her grand galactic tour which started shortly after the successful launch of her fourth album “The Second Dream”. Visit the tour site for more details.

388.04 // RaMMA 004 hit record box office buys.

According to a recent study published by the Institute of Galactic Trends, on average it takes anywhere between 3 to 4 years for a trend in the Core to reach the Outer Rim.

It’s no surprise that with the booming popularity of the Galactic Fighting League in the core, it appears that the mixed martial arts craze has finally reached Rannon.

Avid fans who have followed the tournament since its inception 4 years ago would’ve been surprised and perhaps disappointed to see that local Rannonite and three time champion Oaley Mulato failed to retain the belt..

The final was a tense affair between Nidus Tal’vo of Shanti Reef, Karkaris and Comir Sevenitah of Ithaqua, Toola, with the young Karkarodon just doing enough to win at the end.

He has this to say about his victory

“I owe it all to Master O, he taught me everything I know, when it comes to Teras Kasi. Thank you, I’ll be back next year although for now I’m going to enjoy a nice cold freshing can of Wizzos fruit Soda.”*

It’ll be interesting to see what the next trend will be to hit Rannon from the core, one can only hope it’s one a little less gory.

* Please note quotes may have been amended for ease of use
and may not fully represent actual comments made.

386.09 // In awe, and partial terror, the residents of Kenzie last night.

On 386.08 ABY, the skies split open, the ground quaking as the Praxeum on the mountainside bathed the valley below in wondrous light.

While there hasn’t been any news as to the reason behind the extraordinary display offered to the settlement, many support the beliefs of a divination ritual or the figurative ‘ascension’ of one within the ranks of the Order. Of course everything thus far is postulation and hypothesis.

However, considering the tremors that followed through the whole incident, the residents of Kenzie weaved their own rumors about the phenomenon. Resident Drixler Guvber told us the following

Love, in all my years I have never seen anything like what happened yesterday. We’ve had earthquakes and whatnot before, of course, that much is obvious. But to see the valley bathed in the light of that beam. I’m telling you, my dog nearly went mental. My neighboor closed up shop, he feared ‘the end was near’. But yeah, the Jedi are friends, I hope everything is alright up there.

Will we ever find out what happened on the mountain? Will we ever know what started the tremors of the earth? Doubtful, but such is the way of the Jedi; has been since time immemorial. Mystery is a part of the people that reside over us, watching us.

It was Olivei Vrugark with Galaxy news.

381.31 // Kenzie Groundquake Aftermath

This is Susan Pikk, Local Rannon Media.

We bring you further news on the tragic groundquake that hit the Kenzie Settlement on the 381.28 at 16:13 GST. The RSF have confirmed that 36 people were wounded and 3 residents were killed. Several buildings were severely damaged during the quake, some collapsing to just rubble. During the groundquake, four buildings had caught fire which resulted in the deaths of 3 residents who were trapped inside one of the burning buildings. The medical centre was overrun with the wounded and the emergency services were stretched as they worked overtime to rescue trapped survivors from beneath the rubble. One of the factory workers of the settlement has taken some time out of his day to speak to us.

Hon’lu Tam, Factory Worker:

It is a tragic disaster which could not have been avoided, the Kenzie settlement has been hit hard and currently looks like a ruin. My respects go to those who have passed, and the families who had lost someone on this tragic day. Though let my words be heard that the Kenzie settlement will not allow this to knock our growth, we will pull out all the stops to restore what was known as a beautiful and prospering settlement. One thing that has made an impact is how the community has come together during these dark times. We will continue to support one another and get through this, together.

During the aftermath many people came from areas far beyond the settlement to lend a helping hand, banding together to help the emergency services. Even the Jedi from the Praxeum nearby came down and assisted in the rescue efforts, some aiding to lift rubble, others assisting the medical branch of the settlement in applying first aid. We have words from the RSF representative.

Cpt Pozzak Dutt, RSF Captain and Representative:

It has been one of the worst natural disasters to hit this settlement in over a century. It was unexpected, and could not have been avoided. But we have trained for moments like this all our lives, and today our training has shown. The swift response of our units and the flawless teamwork was nothing but excellent. We prevented many deaths due to our efforts, not only due to -our- efforts, but the efforts of the people, the Jedi, and the emergency services. Many tired folks return home today with a well deserved pat on their backs. The chaos is over, now we turn our focus to restoring the settlement back to its full health again. Thank you, all.

Nobody knows how long it may take for the settlement to repair the damages done, but one thing that we do know is the spirit within the people of Rannon is as strong as ever. The RSF paired with the local Jedi continue the patrols in the surrounding areas to make certain nobody has been missed, and that everyone is accounted for. The medical branch of the settlement will remain overrun for the next few days, however with the aid of the Jedi, the wounded are making a speedy recovery.