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428.10 // Rannon: Blood fills the streets of Haranae

In an Immarra Capital News exclusive, we have forty-three confirmed civilian deaths in the Haranae settlement to the far west of the Calidi Badlands. It’s no surprise to the people of Rannon that to hear of crime in this region, however in the past ten years we have observed a notable decrease in criminal activity much to the credit and pleasure of CGR representative Din Khorta for Haranae.

The streets of Haranae are filling with the blood of its citizens, with every day people laying lifeless, leaving their family members with inconsolable grief.

Our on site correspondent had the chance today to speak with the grieving husband of Poliana Zebronah, a Zabrak woman who was gunned down by the so called ‘White Bantha’. “They walked among us, they bought our wares and drank in our cantina’s. We knew what they were, but things had been so quiet for so long that it was normalised. Their past acts were exactly that. In the past. We never thought in our wildest dreams that this kind of thing could happen to us.”

Walking the streets of Haranae today will have you witnessing walls scorched by blaster fire, pieces of infrastructure and sections of buildings brought into the main thoroughfare to act as shielding for many citizens to defend themselves, their families and their homes.

Various citizens told our news correspondents that they feel the White Bantha is responsible for the instability and poverty in the region and urge the CGR to take immediate action.

– Jana Vondar, I.C.N Network