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367.23 // SFS Launches New TIE Defender

Just a bare few days after the Jedi Order’s announcement of their new contract with Incom Corporation, Sienar Fleet Systems have announced the sale of a new model of their legendary TIE Defender.

The TIE Defender saw its birth shortly before the Battle of Endor, the engagement that effectively saw the collapse of Palpatine’s Empire. While the Defender saw use in the following decades and through the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, the enormous cost of the starfighter prevented its mass production and the ship disappeared from use.

With extensive modification and updating, Sienar Fleet Systems have decided to reintroduce one of their arguably greatest starfighter designs to the galactic market. While reaction to the announcement has been varied (with many pointing out the timing of the announcement so soon after the Jedi Order’s updating of their starfighter fleet), sources within the Fel Empire have stated that large orders for the new TIE model have already been placed. How the new model of the TIE Defender will stand up compared to competition from both Incom and Kuat Drive Yards will, undoubtedly, soon be seen.

367.20 // Jedi Order Makes Deal for New Fleet

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News from FreiTek’s headquarters on Fresia, Executive Nei Ving announces a partnership with the Jedi Order to supply the Order’s new fleet of E3R E-Wing Escorts.

In a press conference held in the famous FreiTek R&D hangar, Ving announced alongside several high ranking members of the Jedi Order’s famous ‘Ace Squadron,’ that the Order has agreed to phase out their existing fleet of personal fighter craft in favor for the recent developed and released E3R E-Wings.

Rumors had been spreading that the Order had been sending our emissaries to many companies to find a new ship to replace their aging, but iconic ‘Jedi Star Fighter,’ the Kuat Drive Yards’ ETX-80. No comment from KDY on the new contract.

The new deal is expected to deliver unknown amount of ships to the Jedi Order, as well as 15 years of parts and maintenance. It is unknown what cost the Jedi Order has paid for this new contract, but the FreiTek stock jumped up 25 points with the announcement.

364.24 // Praxeum Ship Alacrity Goes Missing

According to reports by Jedi Master Quoi Axon, the presiding head Librarian on Ossus, the flagship of the Explor-Corp, the Alacrity, has gone missing on an extended survey mission East of the Hutt territories.

Contact with the Alacrity was apparently lost shortly after it passed Kubindi, travelling South along the local trade lane. Inquiries with local Hutt families have yielded no answers and slaver raids are not known to be a significant threat in the region.

We still do not have any leads to the vessel’s whereabouts at this time. The Jedi Order has dispatched a search team in order to find the missing passengers and crew as soon as possible. More to come.

364.22 // The Return of the Antarian Rangers

Earlier today the Jedi Order held a press conference on the steps of the Ossus Temple. Members of the Council and the Order were in attendance. After the entirety of the Jedi Council assembled, Grand Master Don’roq took to the podium.

“It is with great honour that I am formally announcing the re-founding of an ancient and prestigious institution. An institution that has served alongside the Jedi Knights for a thousand years. Made of dedicated men and women otherwise unable to feel the Force but serve the Jedi Order all the same.

This institution is the Antarian Rangers.

Work has been done to both recruit and train promising new members for the past several years and, while I cannot disclose official numbers, the majority will be stationed at the Ossus Temple, and the rest deployed among the Order’s facilities.

The Jedi Council has appointed Pers Antilles of Corellia to be Ranger General, a former commander in CorSec and veteran of the Imperium War. We believe he is well suited for the position, and has already done tremendous work, playing a huge role in building the Rangers to their current position.

It is the Council’s belief that the Antarian Rangers will make the Order’s job of providing peace, justice easier for many years to come.

Thank you, and may the Force be with you.”

361.03 // Jedi Order announces Grand Master and additional High Councilors


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Today the High Council of the Jedi Order announced the addition of seven High Councilors and selected one to be Grand Master – Jedi Master Don’roq (Whiphid) of Ossus, completing the Council with thirteen members. The High Council met in its entirety at the Ossus Temple for the first time this morning and shared the event publically through this photograph.

The appointments are as follows:

Jedi Master and Grand Master Don’roq of Ossus (Whiphid)

Jedi Master Adiba Bukhar of Ossus (Mirilian)

Jedi Master Kotoo Xal of Ossus (Rodian)

Jedi Master Mira-tan Quinn of Ossus (Human)

Jedi Master Alexander Rendar of Dantooine (Human)

Jedi Master Kaero Pell of Ilum (Nautolan)

Jedi Master Vidra Stomi of Ilum (Kel Dor)

Master Don’roq released a short statement upon his Grand Master appointment.

I am honored to be granted the prestigious role of Grand Master. I want to assure the people of the Galaxy that the High Council and Jedi Order will continue to protect the Galaxy’s inhabitants and serve the will of the Force. May the Force be with you.

It is safe to say the Order has come a long way since the Great Plague and the Imperium War that followed.