JEDI HoloNet

405.07 // Republic and Jedi Order break though on BL-022 Stimpak

The construction of a large manufacturing plant has begun on the planet of Alpinn today. The factory will be producing the newly approved BL-022 Stimpak which is being hailed as a major breakthrough in helping to improve the living standards and survival rates in some of the galaxies poorest populations.

The BL-022 Stimpak vaccinates 4 out of the 5 most common fatal diseases and illnesses in young children on planets with desert biomes with a 92% success rate.

Many people haven’t heard of Sand Fever, Bunkurd Disorder, Knowt’s Disease or Womp-rot but for the billions of residents across the galaxy who call a desert biome home they are very real and can be potentially fatal to newborns or young children.

This vaccine offers an answer to this and we’re very excited that we are able to proceed with this venture.

– Alath Bailo, Co-chief of the Department of Galactic Health

Not only does the vaccine covers those diseases that but it also provisionally tests for force sensitivity.

Children from under priviledged areas can often go un-discovered. When we first heard of the success of the BL-022 vaccine it was only logical that we attempt to reach these children in a way that was previously unavailable to us. The Order only stands to gain by diversfying its ranks as much as possible.

– Oon’talla, Jedi Knight and member of the Circle of Artisans

Whilst there is much cause for celebration, there is concern over the cost to the end user of the Stimpak. The diseases covered disproportionately impact poor regions and it is those very regions that are unlikely to be able to purchase the vaccine. There had been hope amongst the project team that a large donor investment would enable the construction of the manufacturing plant and lead to a subsidised price, however not enough money was secured.

It’s potentially a game-changer, but only if it can reach those that need it most.

400.07 // BREAKING NEWS: Deal in principle agreed between Republic and Jedi Order

In what diplomats on both sides have dubbed some of most complex negotiations in recent history, Galactic Holonews has received word that a deal in principle has finally been struck between The Jedi Order and the Republic.

It is believed that Chief of State Lammee Ranack is keen to get the formal alliance between the two finalised, and has privately expressed frustration at the Grandmaster Coron Audax delay in signing the agreement.

In response to a question from the Galactic Holonews, Jedi Knight Ensil Stazi, spokesman for the Jedi Order has released the following statement:

The Jedi Order has made it standard practice not to comment on any of the negotiations.Standard practice dictates that any deal would be subject to final approval from the High Council of the Order not just the Grandmaster.

The Galactic News has reached out for clarification of when such a vote would take place, but has yet to receive further comment from the Order.

399.02 // A message for Alzoc III residents

Residents of Alzoc III,

7 years ago, we were forced to flee Rannon as a result of an attack by an entity using what we now know as the spectral force. The praxeum itself was left severely damaged and tainted. Thankfully, the nexus at the heart of Rannon was protected due to the actions of those Jedi that stood to shield it.

On 397.12 the entity responsible for the attack was defeated and as a result the spectral forces grip over Rannon immediately began to fade.

The High Council has been monitoring the praxeum for some time and on 398.12ABY the shield around the nexus naturally faded. Upon further investigation the council are please to announce that Rannon Praxeum is now free of any taint.

Approximately 2 cycles ago work began in earnest to restore Rannon Praxeum. The work has been overseen by High Councilors Iffo Rav’i and Sirius Invictus, with Architect and Jedi Knight Ciupa Lafo of Ilum leading a team of skilled local craftsmen from Kenzie.

We will be leaving Alzoc 3 on 399.12ABY, stopping off at a Orngate Energy Plant ran by the Agricorps on the planet of Siskeen before arriving on Rannon on 399.14ABY.

Please find below an anticipated itinerary for travel

  • 399.12 @ 1500GST – Depart Alzoc 3 aboard the Flotilla.
  • 399.12 @ 1630GST – Arrive at Orngate Energy Plant, Siskeen

  • 399.13 – All day spent at Orngate Energy Plant, Siskeen

  • 399.14 @ 1500GST – Depart Siskeen aboard the Flotilla.
  • 399.14 @ 1600GST – Arrive at Kenzie Settlement, Rannon
  • 399.14 @ 1620GST – Walk up the mountain as a group to the Praxeum.

398.10 // New Grandmaster’s Address

Dear members of the Jedi Order,

I would like to thank my fellow High Councillors for bestowing the honour upon me of Grandmaster. It is a duty I take with the most humble of gratitudes. However, I would like to take this moment to speak plainly to you all, so that you may understand the motivations of what is to come.

Recently, Grandmaster Don’roq and myself received a letter from the Galactic Republic’s Chief of State, Lammee Ranack. In it, she expressed a clear desire to work more closely with the Jedi Order in the hopes of building a stronger relationship. Though she did not directly say it, the language implied that this stronger relationship can only mean one thing: alliance.

Near-unanimously, the Jedi High Council has decided that it will entertain talks to renegotiate our previous alliance with the Jedi Order, one that ended centuries ago.

However, let it be known that the High Council is well aware of the past and does not make this decision lightly. The Republic is a temperamental thing, but it is showing worrying signs of corruption that we feel, as Jedi, we are best poised to deal with. Working closely with the Chief of State, we want to negotiate our alliance so that the Jedi may work more effectively in tackling the inner rot of this galactic government, wherever it may be found and on whatever level.

We must never forget our duty to life. It is my belief that, so long as we allow this rot to occur in the institutions of the Republic, we debase ourselves and our principles. Therefore, I would ask every member of the Order in a position to do so to grow a relationship with one of the Republic’s organisations, those which I will list below.

Let it be understood that we are not in an alliance with them yet, but it is the Jedi Order’s desire to do so. It is imperative that we do not make our relationship with them more precarious. When we can operate from within, the Jedi Order may begin assessing the levels of corruption – and how to best deal with them.

The following institutions I recommend that Jedi spend time working with.

  • G.R.I.D – Galactic Republic Intelligence Division, the intelligence / spy network of the Republic. The Jedi Order has a long history of work with them.
  • P.S.F – Planetary Security Forces, local police work usually ran by local governments, but some in the core are Republic-funded.
  • Senate Investigation Unit – An independent judicial body that investigates senatorial misconduct or misdemeanours.
  • Supreme Court – The Republic’s highest judicial authority.
  • Galactic Republic Military – The GRM is comprised of the GRSA, the Grand Republic Service Army, and the GRSN, the Grand Republic Service Navy.

May the Force be with us on this crucial task,
– Grandmaster Coron Audax

398.10 // Grandmaster of the Order declared dead

At 03:23 Galactic Standard Time, Holonews received the word from the Ossus Praxeum’s press office that the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq, had succumb to his wounds and painlessly become one with the Force. In an earlier meeting of the High Council, it was decided that Master Coron Audax, 71-year-old Talortai, is to take over as Grandmaster and lead the Jedi Order as his successor.

The following is to be considered Master Don’roq’s eulogy by Holonews. His service to the galaxy will not be forgotten.

Born in 249.02 ABY on their planet of Toola, the young Whippid Don’roq displayed an early potency in the Force and quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order while the temple at Coruscant was still in use. There, Don’roq was taken under the tutelage of Master Dennin Mial, where he excelled in both study and duty.

It was Master Don’roq’s service in the Attrition Wars that defined him as a man, where he showed outstanding bravery as a frontline hospital doctor. Master Don’roq was among the few Jedi whose hospital tended to both side’s injured, for they were all sons and daughters of the Force in his eyes.

Master Don’roq trained over twenty-two padawans during his time in the Order, himself knighted in 276 ABY. Each one owes their wisdom and sense of duty to his guidance. During the Great Plague, Master Don’roq took up the role as local councillor in the temple of Ossus. It is there that he would spend the rest of his life. He led the Praxeum’s defence during an assault by the Sith Imperium, later doing much to aid the order’s recovery following the decimation of the Great Plague and Imperium Wars.

In 361 ABY, the Jedi Order chose Master Don’roq to lead them. It was there that he was faced with the most serious challenge of his lifetime: the rebuilding of the Jedi Order. Over the next 37 years, Grandmaster Don’roq gave himself tirelessly to his duty. The threat of ‘the Void’, an anomaly in the Force whose agents had begun kidnapping would-be Jedi children, showed the two defining qualities of the Grandmaster: bravery and compassion. The Jedi had struggled with much sacrifice to combat the threat of the Void, finally rescuing all but two of the stolen children.

In 397 ABY, Grandmaster Don’roq led a strike team of the Jedi’s finest into the heart of the Void, killing its master and freeing the galaxy from its plague. But it was from this battle that he was injured grievously. For some time the Grandmaster’s body fought bravely, but a fever would take him in the night. He became one with the Force surrounded by friends and those who loved him, not only for the man that he was, but the compassion he had shown the Order.