JEDI HoloNet

398.10 // Grandmaster of the Order declared dead

At 03:23 Galactic Standard Time, Holonews received the word from the Ossus Praxeum’s press office that the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq, had succumb to his wounds and painlessly become one with the Force. In an earlier meeting of the High Council, it was decided that Master Coron Audax, 71-year-old Talortai, is to take over as Grandmaster and lead the Jedi Order as his successor.

The following is to be considered Master Don’roq’s eulogy by Holonews. His service to the galaxy will not be forgotten.

Born in 249.02 ABY on their planet of Toola, the young Whippid Don’roq displayed an early potency in the Force and quickly rose through the ranks of the Jedi Order while the temple at Coruscant was still in use. There, Don’roq was taken under the tutelage of Master Dennin Mial, where he excelled in both study and duty.

It was Master Don’roq’s service in the Attrition Wars that defined him as a man, where he showed outstanding bravery as a frontline hospital doctor. Master Don’roq was among the few Jedi whose hospital tended to both side’s injured, for they were all sons and daughters of the Force in his eyes.

Master Don’roq trained over twenty-two padawans during his time in the Order, himself knighted in 276 ABY. Each one owes their wisdom and sense of duty to his guidance. During the Great Plague, Master Don’roq took up the role as local councillor in the temple of Ossus. It is there that he would spend the rest of his life. He led the Praxeum’s defence during an assault by the Sith Imperium, later doing much to aid the order’s recovery following the decimation of the Great Plague and Imperium Wars.

In 361 ABY, the Jedi Order chose Master Don’roq to lead them. It was there that he was faced with the most serious challenge of his lifetime: the rebuilding of the Jedi Order. Over the next 37 years, Grandmaster Don’roq gave himself tirelessly to his duty. The threat of ‘the Void’, an anomaly in the Force whose agents had begun kidnapping would-be Jedi children, showed the two defining qualities of the Grandmaster: bravery and compassion. The Jedi had struggled with much sacrifice to combat the threat of the Void, finally rescuing all but two of the stolen children.

In 397 ABY, Grandmaster Don’roq led a strike team of the Jedi’s finest into the heart of the Void, killing its master and freeing the galaxy from its plague. But it was from this battle that he was injured grievously. For some time the Grandmaster’s body fought bravely, but a fever would take him in the night. He became one with the Force surrounded by friends and those who loved him, not only for the man that he was, but the compassion he had shown the Order.


Jedi Insignia

Galactic Holonews has just received word from an inside source that Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq, has been admitted to intensive care under the Circle of Healers of Ossus. Though we are not in possession of all of the facts as of yet, we can confirm that he has fallen unconscious and is being transported into an intensive care facility within the temple as we speak. The overwhelming speculation is that this condition has followed cycles of failing to heal from wounds he sustained during the strike team operation he led into the heart of the Spectral Force.

The 150-year-old Whiphid has had a long history of serving the galaxy; from his time as a member of the Galactic Alliance’s division of Jedi healers during The Attrition Wars, to being elected to the position of Grandmaster of the Jedi Order in 361 ABY. His almost fourty year tenure has overseen the growth of the Jedi Order back into its former glory as the guardians of justice and peace from the disastrous ashes of the Imperium Wars. The Jedi, the Republic and the whole Galaxy has been shaped by his guidance.

All the staff at Holonews will pray for a speedy recovery of the Grandmaster, and we are sure that the entire galaxy is with us in that prayer.

397.19 // The Grandmaster’s Galactic Address

And now, a message from the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq.

For those unaware, our Order has gone through a most tumultuous time. We, as have the galaxy, been engaged with a threat the likes of which has not been seen before. Nevertheless, we Jedi have prevailed and brought this galaxy to a much safer place.

Our Jedi researchers, led by our strongest divisions that for security reasons will remain anonymous, uncovered the nature of an alien element, only recently discovered to exist in the galaxy. We have thus described it as the ‘Spectral Force’. This element, otherwise more commonly referred to as ‘the Void’, is a substance that feeds off the life energies of the Force – that which gives a Jedi their power – and disturbs its very essence to a point unrecognizable.

This element metastasized and, eventually, took hold of a force-sensitive individual. It is at this point that the threat I speak of began, as the notorious ‘Lost Star Children’, who were led astray by this unknown and unregistered force user. This individual, financed through personal connections, sought to use the Lost Star children to create his own dangerous cult. However, before this could reach fruition, myself and a strike team of Jedi took out this individual before he could be a greater harm to the galaxy. The only two Lost Star children to not be returned to their families are Esta Bowing and Koyso Chewai’in, who have tragically lost their lives in the fight against this evil.

As far as we are aware, those areas affected by this malignant taint will slowly heal back to life, but we have no way of telling how long this will take – or if they will ever truly be as they once were.

Let it be known that this could not have been completed if not for the valiant efforts by other factions of the Force. The Imperial Knights, Zeison Sha, Iron Knights, Matukai, Baran Do and others were instrumental in their support, many of which lost their lives – just as we have, during this painful process. Through it all, we have forged a new path of unity and strength – but let us not forget all that we have lost. Myself and the Order would ask the brave members of the galaxy to a one minute silence for those the galaxy has lost tomorrow morning at 11:00 Galactic Time, so that we may reflect and meditate on all that we hold sacred.

395.20 // Grandmaster’s Statement

Initiates, Padawans, Knights and Masters.

The past decade for us has not been easy, this spiritual war has spiraled out of control. We are no longer able to contain the void problem.

Before I speak on our next plans of action, I wish to recall our thoughts to the assault on the Ossus temple. On 394.06, the temple was attacked by a small force of what we believe to be void cultists. Our enemy ruthless, they hold no honour nor dignity. Though their attempt to seize the temple and capture the Nexus were futile, many of our brothers and sisters were killed during the attack. Remember that death is not the end of our journey. Those that have died have only become one with the force.

In order to minimize collateral we have taken the approach of this problem being an affair of the Jedi. Whether this is the case or not we are still unsure as the motive of our enemy isn’t clear.

However, it has been brought to our attention by some of the Order’s ambassadors that the void hasn’t only been attacking the Order. It has become apparent that other force-sensitive groups have also been attacked during this period. Again, we aren’t sure as to why but a theoritical guess made by the Council of First Knowledge believes that the enemy are searching for large concentrated areas of the forces.

This problem is bigger than us and is a direct threat to the force. I wish for us to extend our hand, to wielders of the dark and light to help us in the coming battles.

Kind Regards
Grandmaster Don’roq

394.24 // The Archology On Manaan

A brand-new research facility for the purposes of study and advancement of new biotechnology and medicinal treatments; “The Arcology”, has been recently unveiled on Manaan, built by a combined effort of both the Jedi Order, the Order of Shasa and the Republic Alliance with a consistent funding from many Medical Corporations and charitable organizations.
We had our own reporters on standby for the event along with a recorded speech translated into galactic basic from the newly-appointed head rector of The Arcology; Volko.

“Today marks a new beginning in medical research, we venture into the unknown and brave the new frontier of science and technology. Together, with the united power of our will, intelligence and focus, we can surpass the expectations and understandings of our predecessors and go beyond the limits of the stars.”

The Arcology is reported to be built over the site of Hrakert Station; An old Republic installation for mining Kolto under the Hrakert Rift in Manaan’s deep waters… The installations history is somewhat distorted over the centuries but some information remains in that it has been the headquarters of the Order of Shasa for a millennium.

The features of The Arcology also are reminiscent from what we were permitted to see, the large historical Academy of the Jedi on Dac. The Order of Shasa, the current owners of Hrakert Station will preside control over The Arcology with open invites to those of the Jedi as well as advanced medical students willing to volunteer their aid to the research.