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435.07 // Internal Address from Grandmaster Audax

Jedi of the Order, please turn your attention to the following address from Grandmaster Coron Audax:

“Greetings fellow Jedi,

It has long been tradition for our Order to provide our newest students with training weapons to begin their journey on the path of learning to defend others with the Lightsaber. Traditions as old as the Order themselves often carry the risk of becoming mundane procedure. Upon deep reflection and consideration of the process, it has become clear that we have fallen into this trap.

Receiving, training in, and eventually constructing ones Lightsaber is a sacred ceremony of dedication to Jedi ideals. It is the High Council’s belief that current practices lessen the spirit of the sacrament. Jedi Artisans have lead missions to Ilum not as a personal journey, but as a perfunctory duty in collecting focusing crystals in order to mass produce these training weapons. This is costly in both time as well as credits. Mainly, however, it is a disrespect towards the tradition of the Gathering.

Henceforth, the High Council has decided that all new training weapons will be constructed in such a way that they possess a synthetic power crystal and focusing crystal chamber that stands ready to receive the crystal personally discovered by the student who wields the weapon, as the proper ceremony dictates.

This serves to reinforce the importance of a student’s journey and, following the successful completion of the ceremony, will outfit our students with a weapon fully capable to defend the Galaxy that they will be travelling into as Padawans.

High Artisans will be dispatched from Ossus to our Jedi branches, all over the Galaxy, to instruct our students in the importance and practicality of this new philosophy.

That is all and may the Force be with you all.

Grandmaster Coron Audax.”