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441.07 // The Empire Speaks to Growing Tensions on the Rim

A Joint Denouncement today, led by Emperor Jarek Fel himself, identifies the nascent Third Estate as a source of tension, division, and unrest along the rim of the galactic northeast. The Emperor had this to say about the developing situation on the borders of his Empire,

Citizens of the Galactic Empire, loyal friends, and denizens of the Galaxy.

I, Emperor Jarek Fel, the Second, come before you today to address a call to action that cannot be ignored. This infantile sovereignty, The Third Estate, looms at the edge of the Galaxy as a potential threat to the security of all peoples, in all nations.

I stand before you and state that the united Citizens of our Empire deny The Third Estate’s legitimacy and decry the methods in which they attempt to spread it. A nation should offer order, peace, and prosperity to those that reside with its borders. The Third Estate offers nothing but dread and lackluster promises to those that submit to it.

There is no greater honor I can give my Grandmother, Empress Bellitria Fel, than to stand in solidarity with our allies of old. But our silence, of late, in their admirable symphony of peace has not had its ill effects. I have directed my closest advisors and confidants to pledge our support to our allies’ cause, only to be met with understandable skepticism. As I am sure many of our Citizens are aware, it takes time and effort to rekindle friendships, and wisdom to avoid missteps.

While the Empire feels it is our duty to support our allies against the growing threats in the Outer Rim, we also do not wish to fan the embers of their skepticism and shall refrain from sending fleets into any fray. Skepticism leads to lack of coordination on the battlefield, and lack of coordination can lead to unnecessary loss of life. This is something I cannot willfully ask any of our dedicated service personnel to engage in.

The protection of my Citizens is my duty. To that end, I have ordered my advisors to place great priority on the training of our forces; be they soldiers, spacers, or officers. This is to ensure that, in the event we are called to defend ourselves or our allies, they will be able to operate safely, efficiently, and with confident leadership that they may return to their families victorious and unharmed. This is the reason for the routine drills that our allies have expressed misgivings about.

However, the Citizens of our Empire are united, and there will be no reluctance to commit fleets to defend against any action this growing threat may pose to any Imperial World.

Any such action will be met with total and utter obliteration.

Followed shortly after from Mothma Plaza outside the Senate building Chancellor Naka Rei seconded the Empire’s denouncement with one of his own as well as supporting his verbal denouncement with a call to the Senate to enact economic sanctions on the small government:

The Galactic Republic joins the Fel Empire in its condemnation of the practices being exercised by the Third Estate inside its borders. Years ago I served alongside fine Imperial naval officers in the struggle to maintain Empress Bellitria’s right to her throne. I know that she would be proud of the declaration today made by her grandson condemning the errant behaviors of the Third Estate.

It is true that since Emperor Jarek has ascended to the throne there has been uneasy disquiet from the Empire. However, this reaffirmation that the Fel Dynasty continues to be an ally in the fight versus civil injustice puts the minds of all freedom-loving governments across the galaxy at ease.

The Galactic Republic has recently passed legislation to reorganize, update, and bolster our own armed forces while phasing out older, but still combat effective, equipment to our southern ally in the League of Sovereign Systems. While we understand the timing of these decisions, I personally want to urge caution to my fellow heads of state:

Mobilization is an act that makes everyone in the galaxy uneasy. As political tensions rise, none should implement violence as a form of foreign policy. The Triple Entente that has been formed between the League, Jedi, and Republic is one of mutual defense for a reason.

The Galactic Republic has no interest in military conflict. No other state in the galaxy can have war with us without themselves being first the aggressor. We wish to reaffirm bonds of fellowship, camaraderie, and peace between the major powers in the galaxy; bonds that the Third Estate is seeking to strain with their oppressive behaviors antithetical to ours and of our allies.

I have brought legislation forward for our Senate to consider that would enforce strict embargoes upon the Third Estate. In addition, my legislation will increase the internal security of hyperspace lanes between Hutt Space and the Third Estate, ensuring that no organized smuggling attempts will be effective in undermining our territorial sovereignty, nor our ability to enforce our embargoes upon the Third Estate’s economy.

We hope that the Third Estate comes to realize that creating ties with the Empire and Republic while also dropping their oppressive legislation that suppresses the rights and liberties of their citizens will bring a new era of prosperity for their young nation, rather than dire economic situations that will stymie their goals of expansion and subjugation.

This joint denunciation comes as the Third Estate signs a multinational annexation treaty with nearly a dozen worlds in the Esstran Sector, bringing all of the sector save a few systems directly into the fold of the Third Estate. The treaty, called the Stygian Pact, doubled the size of their borders in the galactic northeast, bringing their border to meet the Fel Empire’s along the southern side of Thalassia. While the propaganda arm of the Third Estate claims that this has been met with jubilation, festivals, and parades of the worlds that are joining the move has also abruptly stopped all other free press from reporting on the fallout of this move as the oppressive laws of the Third Estate blanket the ability for independent journalism to operate within their borders.

Reporting from Jaemus, I’m Ayahes Cesaro of the Associated Presses with contributions from Quan Regal on Coruscant.