JEDI HoloNet

Cal Enesic

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Aldivy

Mentor(s): Cael Dan'kor, Dreshin Bralor

Species: Human


One bright day, far off in the dark expanse of space, a boy met a girl.

This boy’s name was Javen. He was in the throes of his twenty-second year, when he met a girl in the throes of her eighty-second year. The latter half of one’s first century being prime reproductive age for most Firrerreo females.

As a student of the Order on Dantooine, Padawan Enesic’s responsibilities and commitments as a Jedi prohibited him from pursuing the ethereal woman for many years. This did not keep them from corresponding after an encounter on a passenger liner. Their chance meeting happened while he was on assignment with a refugee resettlement operation. Around this woman, hours became days and weeks similarly months as they held themselves and the rest of the frightened passengers together. In the depths of this struggle did they find simply, another real person.

Years would pass after that before their gazes would be cloven again. Their letters were long, and they each spent weeks or even months lost in their composition. While it was not the only distractor from his training, enough of his time would be spent away from his duties that Javen would be relegated to the Jedi AgriCorps.

With the change in his charges came more time for Javen to pursue his ephemeral friend, and after no small struggle he did in fact wed her. Seeking a quiet and peaceful place to call their own, the Enesic’s found footing on the remote planet of Aldivy; a temperate planet with long and rolling hills, pleasant weather, and plenty of distance between them and the conflict of the rest of the galaxy.

It was here that Javen met an old one-eyed one-armed hermit who called himself Red. Red loved big skies, hated the indoors, and proved himself more than a competent rider; their partnership took off almost immediately and with minimal support from the AgriCorps, they began breeding and herding the smaller local strain of banthas.

Within a few years, Mrs. Enesic (Firrerreo are terribly private about their names being known) grew tired of ranching and expanded their homestead with a few hectares of hydroponics. After experimenting with other berries and citrus fruits, they would devote almost all of it to the growing of New Alderaanian Blue grapes. Neither of the Enesic’s were heavy drinkers, but after discovering that Red had fermented some of the fruits on his own (with some small degree of success), the couple decided to transform the vineyard to a full-blown winery.

The farm would continue to support the Order for several more years until Javen was well into his thirties, before his wife gave him news; they were to have a child, and a daughter at that. From that point onwards Javen left wine-tasting duties strictly to Red, and devoted himself to being the best father possible for his little girl.

Callieope Richtar Erato Enesic was born on 343.01 on the Enesic family farm. By the time she was four she was climbing the vineyard and picking grapes. By the time she was six she would go out in the fields to explore, refusing to come home before dinner. By the time she was seven she was helping Red and the rest of the ranch hands with the herds. Nobody could tame the girl save for her mother, who only did so on the most egregious of occasions.

At the end of her seventh year, the young girl spent two days helping round up a third of the herd that had wandered off almost entirely on her own. Old Man Red, knowing more than anyone in their right mind should, saw the signs at once. After consulting the elder Enesic’s, a local Jedi Watchman by the name of Secra Tiv was contacted.

You there, reading this story, you know how it went from here. The Jedi came and spent a few days with the family, interviewing the young girl with a connection to the Force. There were questions, concerns, and for the first time in many years, a bit of drinking. The young girl was not taken, but chose to go with the Jedi Knight after he promised to show her much bigger skies than the cerulean plains of Aldivy…

All because a boy met a girl named Thalia.