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Tharon Jivler

Tharon Jivler
Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Kadvarr Tirladdik, Xin Okata

Species: Kubaz

Padawan(s): Cedro Huerter, Silene Astra-Oniron


Tharon Jivler was born on Courscant, in a family of three. They lived in a luxurious residence on the upper levels. Tharon grew fond of his father’s achievements, who served the Republic during the Imperium war. At a young age, he showed interest in martial arts and dreamed of becoming a spy, yet his father did not want him to follow the same path as him and endanger himself. Tharon seemed to possess extraordinary reflexes and the ability to perceive events before they came to pass, to which the parents did not find an explanation.

At the age of nine, Tharon was discovered to be Force-sensitive by a Jedi that had arrived at the Kubaz residence to visit an old friend. It’s not a common thing among Kubaz to be Force-sensitive, which is why the parents never considered the possibility of their child being one and didn’t let him undergo the proper tests at birth. It was a difficult choice for the father, to put his son on such a dangerous path, but he knew it was for the best and it is what Tharon always wanted.

Tharon was taken by the Jedi to the temple on Ossus to begin his training. His first year was a difficult one. Tharon, by nature, is not very social and has difficulty expressing himself. He didn’t make friends and spent his time focusing on his studies and training. During that first year he made his first friend, who later transferred to the Rannon branch. The young Kubaz had grown accustomed to the routine on Ossus and felt he had not been making much progress. After receiving counseling he requested transfer to Rannon, following the footsteps of his friend and thus, starting a new chapter of his journey.


356.23 ABY – Tharon Jivler is born.
366.17 ABY – Tharon Jivler is initiated.
370.21 ABY – Tharon Jivler transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.
372.30 ABY – Tharon Jivler is apprenticed to Kadvarr Tirladdik.
387.09 ABY – Tharon Jivler becomes a Masterless Padawan.
387.27 ABY – Tharon Jivler is apprenticed to Xin Okata.
390.08 ABY – Tharon Jivler becomes a Masterless Padawan.
391.24 ABY – Tharon Jivler is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
396.21 ABY – Cedro Huerter is apprenticed to Tharon Jivler.