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440.11 // Joint Statement

With an announcement by the Jedi Order of their intention to realign with the Republic came a landmark treaty between the Jedi and two of the largest democracies in the Galaxy: The Republic and League of Sovereign Systems. This ‘Triple Entente’ between the three factions binds together these two representative democracies to the ancient order dedicated to upholding political and civil freedoms across the Galaxy. The alliance was a clear call to return to mythic times of the ancient High Republic, but to make the implication more explicit Chancellor Naka Rei, flanked on one side by President Pyke and the other by Grandmaster Coron Audax, said these words on Mothma Plaza in front of the Senate Dome,

Since the Imperium War the Galaxy has not seen a galactic conflict to match its scale in destruction and loss of life. While we’ve seen a number of tragic and destructive events such as on Vohai or with the ascent of the Wyld Empire on the rim, we’ve lived in a Galaxy wherein the vast majority of which has been spared the horrors and ravages of war. Through this time of relative fortune, we’ve grown complacent. We’ve assumed that our values have remained explicit, have remained in the minds of our people, and that our values are shared by all those rational sentients in the Galaxy.

But, the health of democracy is informed by our ability to look back at the mistakes of the past, learn from them, and apply those lessons to make different changes in the future. We’ve seen that when republics rest on their laurels, when democracies fail to explicitly, firmly, and loudly reaffirm their values and beliefs in fair play, free expression, and open markets they slide and decline and open the door for the destructive forces of populist and authoritarian ideas.

We as allies of civil rights and liberties stand here now, together, in solidarity to declare to the Galaxy that we are recommitting to these ideals: We pledge to reinforce the rule of law, not the rule of a person or select group. We pledge to protect the rights of all sentients to political expression, to the right to critique government and protest against laws they deem unjust. We pledge to maintain an economic, social, and political framework to protect and preserve fair play for all people in the Galaxy. Finally, we also pledge to continue to advocate and provide the opportunity for all beings to freely and easily participate in the systems of government so that they may make the changes they demand to see from their elected officials.

Democracy is hard. It’s messy. It’s often inefficient. But, democracy functions because it allows all people to express their beliefs, have an open and honest conversation about the best path forward, and then to allow a government made up by the people to make an informed decision moving forward with any given crisis or situation it faces. We look forward to a future where we continue to build towards an ever healthier and stronger free society, thank you.

Mechanically, this Triple Entente is a relatively simple document. It primarily establishes a clear mutual defense partnership between the three parties wherein it identifies that any attack on one of these organizations is considered an attack on all three.

Separately and independently of the Jedi Order, the Republic Senate and League Congress have both approved a lend-lease and rearmament treaty where the Republic will invest nearly a trillion credits into a new generation of defense force vessels, mechs, and infantry materiel. As this new generation of equipment comes online and enters the field, the older generation of defense force vessels and materiel will be leased to the League of Sovereign Systems to help facilitate the further protection of hyperspace lanes along their borders from a rising tide of organized criminal violence and piracy originating from the southern Cartels in Hutt Space. After a number of payments that equal the cost of any given vessel plus a three percent interest rate the League will permanently own these vessels and other materiel. In this way, the Republic is able to subsidize funding to replace aging ships while also providing a force-multiplier to their democratic ally to their galactic south.

Finally, it’s expected that in the coming weeks that a joint declaration of denouncement will be made with the members of this Triple Entente along with Emperor Jarek Fel, or a senior member of the Council of Moffs, in regards to the recent actions of the Third Estate that completely restrict many civil rights and liberties of their citizens while establishing a dictatorship over half of the systems in the Gordian Reach.

Reporting from the Senate Dome on Coruscant, this is Quan Regal from the Associated Presses.