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384.22 // Rumours Surrounding the Nodal Prizes

You know what time of year it is, when prominent scientists throughout the galaxy go out to get a new haircut and buy a new set of clothes. It is time for the annual Nodal Prizes!

The prize is not only the pinnacle of achievement in science, it also comes with enough prize credits to buy a small moon. We know this because Reyus Dean, winner of last year’s prize in economics, did exactly that. The actual credits awarded is a closely guarded secret, but from Dean’s “moonastic” purchase we all know that it is ga-lactic!

This year, however, the chemists in academia may save themselves the haircut. Rumours has it that the Nodal Prize in Chemistry will not go to one of the major research institutions on the core planets. No, if the rumour is true, a young student at a Jedi temple may find themselves in an unusual situation and with a lot of credits. If this happens, it will be the first time that the chemistry prize is awarded outside of academia. Ever.

This rumour has obviously got a lot of mixed reactions from people throughout the galaxy. A lot of people feel that this signals a fresh initiative from the Nodal committee. But some of the scientists we spoke to feel that the Nodal Prizes should only be given to individuals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of true knowledge. If it is awarded to the Jedi, it would signal an endorsement of a particular set of religious views and ancient pseudoscience. Eric Waterhole from the Wideland Institute of Science and Technology said that “it would be a major disaster,” and “[he] cannot see how the committee could ever gain the trust of scientists again if they make this clearly politically motivated move. The Nodal Prize should not be a platform for political propaganda.”

The entrepreneur Alkur Nodal of Glee Anselm started several galactic companies throughout his career, including Artek Technologies, Omniware and Uplift Me. After his unfortunate early death during a visit to one of his mining companies in 322 ABY, his widowed wife, Eefie Nodal, established the Nodal Foundation and donated their entire fortune to it with the explicit purpose of funding a series of awards to living scientists throughout the galaxy who had made “an unusual and noteworthy breakthrough in their field”.

383.25 // A Threat to Tradition

Hosnian Prime, popular location and birthplace of the annual contest ‘Aptitude in the Galaxy’, closes its gates!

Upon demand of the people, worrying about the safety of their own children, the youth talent show is being cancelled effective 383.25.

This, of course, has stirred up the world of show business, as the popular contest was a means of discovery for many aspiring actors, actresses and singers around the Galaxy.

Host of the annual event, Giffy Connel had the following to say:

“It is unacceptable, outrageous and unthinkable! It falls down to authorities, of any given planet, to reinforce their own people. We should feel safe in our homes, our worlds! Not threatened about what may befall us! This is a sad day for the Galaxy. This is a sad day for Art and Culture.”

One cannot help but wonder about the developments that the future holds. For Hosnian Prime, and the Galaxy itself.

It was Jothralta Uert, and this was Galaxy News.

369.10 // Band dominates Coreworld charts

Upstart band Thousand Dustclouds made headlines yesterday when their single Change Of Superstitions topped every Coreworld chart. The last time such a feat was achieved was by classic Aubade soloist Rhafz Noin back in 315ABY.

Thousand Dustclouds, heralded as a return to the Leap-Jump genre, rose from relative anonymity, having been restricted to circuits of their homeworld Wukkar. However, the band came into notoriety after the track was featured in the latest Cerulean Star advertisement. Change Of Superstitions climbed to multiple number one spots in just a few days before the band were officially given the prestigious accolade.

A statement issued by the band’s manager and representative, Max Ghilern, congratulated his young protégés:

I am exceptionally proud […] of the three of them. They’ve worked hard for a number of years and paid their dues. They deserve this recognition.

362.28 // Annual Priole Danna festival begins

The annual Priole Danna festival opened with a bang on Lamuir IV this week, marking the beginning of ten days of celebration in sites across Gryle City.

Galactic Sparkle-bop star, Zhurseca Arenn, nabbed the prestigious opening ceremony spotlight, performing a special rendition of her song Pebwe a espa-bewa. The ceremony was followed by the traditional Priole Danna parade along Olhoon Avenue with estimated crowds of 270 000. Festival-goers, both local and visiting, can look forward to the city’s extensive mix of music, food and theater during the celebration.

This year’s festival is the 2729th incarnation of the historic event. However, some officials have speculated that this year’s festival does not hold up to previous years, most notably the 2727th festival.

352.28 // Exhibition to showcase traditional Corellian art


A new art exhibition celebrating the traditional art of Corellian flame miniatures has been announced, opening at the start of 353ABY. The exhibition will feature the work of many well known artists, including Dinaba Fssi, as well as a few rising stars in the field.

The popularity of Corellian flame miniatures went through a revival not long after the end of the Galactic Empire, following a sudden increase in mobility and trade in the Core Worlds. However, the success was short lived and the sculptures fell out of vogue after a few years.

The impressive sculptures are made using a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Conventionally, the construction methods were passed from generation to generation, although this tradition has laxed in recent years to attract new artists.

The exhibition is due to tour throughout the Core Worlds before being permanently established in Coronet City, Corellia.