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362.28 // Annual Priole Danna festival begins

The annual Priole Danna festival opened with a bang on Lamuir IV this week, marking the beginning of ten days of celebration in sites across Gryle City.

Galactic Sparkle-bop star, Zhurseca Arenn, nabbed the prestigious opening ceremony spotlight, performing a special rendition of her song Pebwe a espa-bewa. The ceremony was followed by the traditional Priole Danna parade along Olhoon Avenue with estimated crowds of 270 000. Festival-goers, both local and visiting, can look forward to the city’s extensive mix of music, food and theater during the celebration.

This year’s festival is the 2729th incarnation of the historic event. However, some officials have speculated that this year’s festival does not hold up to previous years, most notably the 2727th festival.