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369.10 // Band dominates Coreworld charts

Upstart band Thousand Dustclouds made headlines yesterday when their single Change Of Superstitions topped every Coreworld chart. The last time such a feat was achieved was by classic Aubade soloist Rhafz Noin back in 315ABY.

Thousand Dustclouds, heralded as a return to the Leap-Jump genre, rose from relative anonymity, having been restricted to circuits of their homeworld Wukkar. However, the band came into notoriety after the track was featured in the latest Cerulean Star advertisement. Change Of Superstitions climbed to multiple number one spots in just a few days before the band were officially given the prestigious accolade.

A statement issued by the band’s manager and representative, Max Ghilern, congratulated his young protégés:

I am exceptionally proud […] of the three of them. They’ve worked hard for a number of years and paid their dues. They deserve this recognition.