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397.18 // Demonstration of Phase X

The Empire has once again stunned top galactic officials and military personnel with the official unveiling of the new standardized stormtrooper phase X armour. A user feedback program led by the Imperial Infantry Trials and Development Unit (IITDU) has driven a new initiative to upgrade from the phase XI armour. Moff Gyi, acting as the high general of the Imperial Army has overseen the development of the new Phase X stormtrooper armour. Phase X has already started rolling out at the start of the year and is set to gradually replace the Phase XI armour.

So far around 14,000 units of Phase X body armour, helmets and load-carrying systems have been issued to a number of units – including members of 1st Legion, 291st Legion & 501st Legion.

The new design of Phase X mainly combats the design flaws in XI’s complete set of eighteen components that encased the body. The Imperial Department of Military Research described the problems of the XI was that issues with manufacturing eighteen different components for a variety of humanoid and non-humanoid species put stress on manufacturers. In order to simplify things, designers place more emphasis on limiting the number of individual components that made up the armour, reducing the number from eighteen down to eleven.

Helmets of the Phase X program have also received an upgrade. Now equipped with a smoke filtration system and an external tank hook-up although the helmets can still not filter toxins. Aside from providing standard protection for the wearer’s head, the Phase X helmet will possess both communication and targeting systems for the foot soldiers, although quadnoculars will still be required for any enhanced imaging. In addition, will have contained polarized lenses and night vision, but lacked advanced imaging gear in order to keep the helmet’s weight down.

Moff Gyi commented saying:

“The entire process from receiving feedback, informing the developer ,trialling prototypes, manufacture and then fielding has taken 23 cycles, demonstrating a step change in support to front-line soldiers.”

Additionally Moff Gyi stated:

“Going forward the Stormtrooper Corps will be three times more effective than what it was, giving our soon to be True Emperor an excellent force able to quell any threats to Northern Space.”

More news to follow.