JEDI HoloNet

389.19 // Catastrophe at Kemel Station

At approximately 1734GST, a catastrophic failure occurred at one of the largest fuelling plant and refinery, reports state. The explosion, caught on film, was the first of a series of fractures and fires that spread throughout the compound. As of yet, no injury or fatality count has been released.

The cause of the initial explosion remains unknown, though site officials claim that sabotage is not suspected.

The news comes with a heavy blow to businesses in the local sectors. Local systems, such as Arkanis and Rodia, have already been in a chokehold by a fuel shortage. Though authorities have assured that the situation on Kemel Station will not worsen shortages, the news caused a sharp rise in crude fuel stock prices on the overnight market, with further increases expected in the near future.

386.22 // Tensions rise as Republic closes another factory on Vohai

As another factory threatens to close, the third this year on the planet of Vohai, industrial unrest reaches an unprecedented level. In a leaked statement, spokesperson Carr Greenwill of V-8 Industries called Vohai an “unprofitable population”, which incited a huge wave of protests and tax avoidance among the industrial sectors of the planet. The memory of the massacre of Vohai City lurks over the people of Vohai like a violent spectre, and much of the planet remains resentful and aggressive.

Worryingly, the illusive terrorist group ‘People’s Will’ making a comeback last year as they announced their first public broadcast in over 3 years. Planetary authorities are publicly expressing their worry that industrial unrest may, once again, lead to a repeat of the violence almost a decade ago.

We spoke to a survivor of the Vohai Massacre, a now-unemployed Steel Worker Chiara Bu’cbhi, who gave us her brave story of that fateful and bloody day. “It was like the world just stopped, and suddenly everyone was dead around me.” Chiara told Galactic Holonews today. Now, Chiara is an industrial activist and union leader, writing her own book named ‘The Necessary Revolution’, which critics have cited as an aggressive and pro-terrorist, anti-Republic piece of literature. “We can’t let this happen again; I have kids that need me, but I need the credits to buy them food and clothes. It’s a joke how they treat us, just to undercut the trade we have with the Empire and Hutts. A joke. We aren’t slaves.”

With protests set to take place throughout the cycle until their demands are met, the situation remains unclear.

385.09 // The Galactic Budget

The Galactic Budget for 385-390ABY has been released.

The address which came from Chief Finance Minister Junessburg Mara outlined where the vast 7.1 quadrillion credit budget will be spent.

Questions were raised by the Senate finance committee around the marked 4% increase in the security budget which already makes up a staggering 18% of the overall budget. A key takeaway was the multi billion credit increase for GRID specifically identified for use in an ‘Operation Lost Stars’.

When asked Minister Mara had this to say

Operation Lost Stars is the core GRID operation around the missing force sensitive children in conjunction with the Jedi Order.

Many members of the public have asked if they contribute to the cause, and whilst GRID will not be accepting donations, I can confirm that an ancillary fund has been set up to support the friends and family of those taken.

One thing is for certain, with cuts to housing and emergency services to enable this investment, the pressure is on GRID and the Jedi Order to start delivering results.

383.18 // Incom Corporation Reveals Major Update to Famous Star Fighter

News from the Fresia based Incom Corporation, Executive Nei Ving in an elaborate reveal, unveiled the first major update to the famous X-Wing platform in several decades.

“Today is a special day, we bring a new design to the famous ship that has repeatedly saved the Galaxy numerous times.”

The press conference began with a fly over from the new model, the T-90a. The ship, rumored to have been in planning and construction for decades, is expected to be contracted to the Republic, though no formal announcements have been announced by the Republic Navy.

The ship boasts numerous improvements over the latest XJ-series X-Wings, including a sleek new design and profile. Along with the new looks, the ship also includes some of the most advance avionics that Incom has placed into any space craft.

The famous ship racer, Madlyn Varss also revealed that she will be using the T-90 in the upcoming Corellian Prix, where she will be seeking her third victory in a row. A civilian model of the T-90 is expected to be released along side the T-90a.

After the press conference, Incom’s stock jumped up a massive 35 points in the stock market.

378.02 // Coruscant Stock Market Crash! Millions riot, job losses, Galactic Recession to follow

Disaster strikes as a housing-price bubble across the Galaxy finally bursts, and the stock prices of all major Republic Banks and Investment-Centres crash to an all-time low, falling by over 40% overnight. Speculators continue to withdraw their shares only bringing the prices down by the minute, and major banks are beginning to collapse or close their doors to savers as a ‘run on the bank’ occurs across the Galaxy. The economic calamity has caused not only outrage, despair and travesty for the banking elite, flow of investment to businesses and the Republic, but businesses across the Deep Core are beginning to let off workers. Many business owners are attempting to sell their assets in the chaos of the Stock Crash, but this is putting millions across the Galaxy out of work, out of pay, and possibly onto the streets.

Republic Security personnel is seeing the early days of massive riots outside of banks and other commercial centers, the Police Chief on Coruscant warning RSF across the Galaxy to “Prepare for an impending wave of public disorder.” Tragically, many Stock Brokers have been found dead across Coruscant, presumably due to suicide at the loss of all of their gambled assets.

In these early days, it is unclear how this Economic development will affect the rest of the Galaxy. Speculators predict that with the loss of commercial activity within the Deep Core, the entire Republic – and by extension, the entire Galaxy will be hurt by this loss in commerce. Ex-Chancellor and leading Coruscant Economist Ja’lal Munn predicts that not only will job losses be a pandemic source of monetary distress across the Galaxy, but it will create a catalyst for all kinds of corruption and dissent, “possibly violent”, in the worst-effected areas.

One thing is certain, unemployment will create idle hands, and idle hands are the devil’s playthings. However, Holonews remains optimistic, and reminds its viewers to keep optimistic as well.