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367.20 // Jedi Order Makes Deal for New Fleet

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News from FreiTek’s headquarters on Fresia, Executive Nei Ving announces a partnership with the Jedi Order to supply the Order’s new fleet of E3R E-Wing Escorts.

In a press conference held in the famous FreiTek R&D hangar, Ving announced alongside several high ranking members of the Jedi Order’s famous ‘Ace Squadron,’ that the Order has agreed to phase out their existing fleet of personal fighter craft in favor for the recent developed and released E3R E-Wings.

Rumors had been spreading that the Order had been sending our emissaries to many companies to find a new ship to replace their aging, but iconic ‘Jedi Star Fighter,’ the Kuat Drive Yards’ ETX-80. No comment from KDY on the new contract.

The new deal is expected to deliver unknown amount of ships to the Jedi Order, as well as 15 years of parts and maintenance. It is unknown what cost the Jedi Order has paid for this new contract, but the FreiTek stock jumped up 25 points with the announcement.

367.01 // Cybot Galactica to Recall All CSD367 Units

Cybot Galactica has announced a mass product recall on all original and replacement Cantina Service Droid 367 units sold or exchanged in the Galactic Republic in cooperation with the G.R. Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with retailers.

Since the affected droid units can overheat and pose a safety risk, consumers and small business owners with a Cantina Service Droid 367 are being asked to power it down and contact the retail outlet where they purchased their device. Consumers who have a CSD367 unit can exchange their droid for another Cybot Galactica CSD unit, or receive a refund, under the terms of the expanded G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

If you bought your CSD367 from the official Cybot Galactica holonet, you should click here to process your refund or exchange. If you have questions, you should contact Cybot Galactica at via their official holonet service.

CSD367 Charging Restrictions
To further increase participation, a software update has been released that prevents G.R. CSD367 devices from charging and eliminates their ability to work as cantina services droids.

Before returning your droid, you should immediately power it down and contact your local retailer to obtain a refund or exchange.

G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program
Under the terms of the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program, you have the following choices:

  • Exchange your current CSD367 for another Cybot Galactica cantina service droid and replacement of any CSD367 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between droids
  • Obtain a refund at your point of purchase

Affected Droid Units
The recall applies to all CSD367 droid units – including the original and replacement (if yours has already been so.) If you are currently using a CSD367, please power down immediately and participate in the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

Contact the retail outlet where you purchased your CSD367. If you bought your CSD367 from our official holonet or if you have any questions, please view the official Cybot Galactica hologram service.

358.28 // Xycal Corp recovering stock plummets as CEO steps down.


Galactic energy powerhouse Xycal Corp was thrown into disarray earlier today when it was announced that CEO Consu Xycal would step down with immediate effect.

Whilst there isn’t any official comment from Xycal Corp or Mr Xycal, it is reported that a disagreement between the CEO and the Board of Directors over the company’s attitude on corporate social responsibility towards the planets they’re based on led to a breakdown in communication.

As a result, it was yet more bad news for Xycal Corp shareholders. When the Galactic Stock Exchange opened on Coruscant this morning, Xycal Corp’s stock dropped by 12%, wiping out a cycle’s worth of solid recovery after being cleared by the Senate around its waste management.

Whilst it is expected that one of Mr Xycal’s older siblings will step into the role, there is no doubt that Mr Xycal will be a difficult figure to replace. Intensely popular with his employees, he is the only Xycal in generations to have personally visited every site owned by Xycal Corp.

His last act as CEO was to sign over the controversial Seritif Point power plant to the city for a single credit, allowing the plant to be investigated further or even potentially shut down.

Xycal Corp will recover in time; the energy titan simply too large for a single person to affect it for too long. As for Mr Xycal, he surely won’t be short of job offers.

355.25 // Loronar Power Cells recalled by manufacturer


Loronar Galactic has issued a warning over their most recent generation of power cells, recommending that any recent purchases be returned as soon as possible.

According to the warning, a fault was discovered in a small minority of mark 6 power cells which could cause a leak in the external casing and damage the appliance. Although no figures were given as to exactly how many power cells are affected, Loronar is offering a free replacement service for a limited time.

Following the costly replacement campaign and Loronar’s already struggling public image, the company’s stocks are expected to fall. Since the warning was released, rival manufacturer Arakyd Inc. has seen a surge in sales of its energy supply products.

351.30 // Zanta-P Medical Station opens in Corsin system


ldimonl_06 copy

In an attempt to ease bureaucratic and logistic blockages between Republic, Imperial and new Hynah Directive territories, a state of the art medical station officially opened today. Located in the Corsin system, the multitrillion Zanta-P station has unparalleled facilities, with over ten thousand permanent staff on board.

In the inaugural statement, Zanta-P spokesperson Varlo Kinall stated that:

“What the Imperium gained in senseless terror, we hope to undo with altruism. In accordance with the oaths we take as medical professionals, we aim to aid all citizens that come to us for help, regardless of where they reside.”

The Zanta-P station is also home to up to one thousand medical students and researchers from faculties across the galaxy, with a two year waiting list for places.