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367.01 // Cybot Galactica to Recall All CSD367 Units

Cybot Galactica has announced a mass product recall on all original and replacement Cantina Service Droid 367 units sold or exchanged in the Galactic Republic in cooperation with the G.R. Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with retailers.

Since the affected droid units can overheat and pose a safety risk, consumers and small business owners with a Cantina Service Droid 367 are being asked to power it down and contact the retail outlet where they purchased their device. Consumers who have a CSD367 unit can exchange their droid for another Cybot Galactica CSD unit, or receive a refund, under the terms of the expanded G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

If you bought your CSD367 from the official Cybot Galactica holonet, you should click here to process your refund or exchange. If you have questions, you should contact Cybot Galactica at via their official holonet service.

CSD367 Charging Restrictions
To further increase participation, a software update has been released that prevents G.R. CSD367 devices from charging and eliminates their ability to work as cantina services droids.

Before returning your droid, you should immediately power it down and contact your local retailer to obtain a refund or exchange.

G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program
Under the terms of the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program, you have the following choices:

  • Exchange your current CSD367 for another Cybot Galactica cantina service droid and replacement of any CSD367 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between droids
  • Obtain a refund at your point of purchase

Affected Droid Units
The recall applies to all CSD367 droid units – including the original and replacement (if yours has already been so.) If you are currently using a CSD367, please power down immediately and participate in the G.R. CSD367 Refund and Exchange Program.

Contact the retail outlet where you purchased your CSD367. If you bought your CSD367 from our official holonet or if you have any questions, please view the official Cybot Galactica hologram service.

366.15 // Dantooine Votes to Secede!

Breaking News!

After much heated back and forth between debaters and voters, the planet of Dantooine and indeed, the Raioballo sector in its entirety, have voted to secede from the New Republic and join the Fel Empire.

While the new High Moff for the sector has yet to be appointed, reports indicate that there is a shortlist of candidates and we can expect a result soon. Needless to say the result of the vote has a handful of Senators on Coruscant concerned, with a number wondering just how many outlying sectors will vote to join the Imperial government; a government that has seen steady growth and recovery since the end of the war with the Sith Imperium.

In related news, fighting has apparently broken out across the Empire’s eastern territories with detachments of the Imperial military engaged in battles across the Morshdine, Meram and Corva sectors. Imperial officials have remained tight lipped as to the nature of the fighting, claiming that it is merely ‘local trouble’. The Republic fleet remains on high alert, apparently having deployed to defend a number of worlds along the neighboring Hydian Way.

More news as it comes…

366.12 // RSF cracks down on illegal cargo in Pavan

According to reports released early this morning, the RSF and offworld officials seized large quantities of illegal substances in Pavan, Sector 15-C, in what is being described as ‘one of the largest hauls in Rannon’s recent history’. The crackdown took place overnight, shutting off large portions of the settlement’s cargoport and surrounding areas. Sections were reopened this morning with increased security enforcement.

The haul, which is rumored to include pyrodase and banthazolate, was intended to be shipped offworld disguised in hollow durasteel frames. Officials have not released the cargo’s destination, nor its origin on Rannon, though an investigation has been launched. As of yet, no names have been published in relation to the crackdown.

Locals who were interviewed on the scene this morning expressed surprise that such a large cargo was found outside of capital Kenzie, but the RSF and co-operating officials have not commented on the discovery. Instead, the report reiterated a warning to smugglers considering the Rannon system as a waypoint for their illegal activities.

365.27 // Jedi Master Weaves Diplomatic Disaster!

Here we have a small picture taken from live footage captured by one of our reporters on the ground in Dantooine covering the talks happening there regarding Dantooine’s political future. Here’s the picture now, followed by some audio of reporter Le’ma Denat on the scene with Dantooine representative Rian No’Kesta.

We have managed to make our way into the Jedi Temple on Dantooine, where negotiations of the government’s future is under way. It is unclear what will come of this trading of arguments. The Empire is unrelenting and the Republic is providing a strong defense- Wait.. Wait- Something is happening! Are you getting this?? The Jedi Master is being aggressive and is shouting towards the representative of Dantooine! What has gotten into him!?

We have to see what is going on! Here he comes now! Mister No’Kesta! A word please!?.. Will you be taking what has happened here today back to your superiors??

No’Kesta: Yes, of course! We will not be tolerating this from the Jedi! And I will not stand to being insulted to my face!

Le’ma Denat: Insulted!?

No’Kesta: Indeed! If i have anything to say regarding the vote, Dantooine should firmly go with the Empire! I was not impressed today. Not at all.

Le’ma Denat: Thank you for your comments Mr. No’Kesta. Have a good evening.

And there you have it, a sweet deal gone sour. What will the Jedi do? More on this soon. This is Le’ma Denat, signing off!


365.18 // Imperial Military on Full Alert

Word has come in from our correspondents on Bastion that the Imperial military has officially gone to a state of full alert. As much as half of its standing armed forces are already fully mobilized with the bulk of the fleet moving to deploy along the Empire’s Eastern territories.

All inquiries as to the reasoning behind the mobilization have gone unanswered, both inside the Empire itself as well as by contacts within the Republic Senate. Even more alarmingly, the Republic’s own Mid Rim and Outer Rim fleets have begun to mobilize with a number of Norther sector defense forces already on high alert.

More news as it comes…