JEDI HoloNet

395.20 // Grandmaster’s Statement

Initiates, Padawans, Knights and Masters.

The past decade for us has not been easy, this spiritual war has spiraled out of control. We are no longer able to contain the void problem.

Before I speak on our next plans of action, I wish to recall our thoughts to the assault on the Ossus temple. On 394.06, the temple was attacked by a small force of what we believe to be void cultists. Our enemy ruthless, they hold no honour nor dignity. Though their attempt to seize the temple and capture the Nexus were futile, many of our brothers and sisters were killed during the attack. Remember that death is not the end of our journey. Those that have died have only become one with the force.

In order to minimize collateral we have taken the approach of this problem being an affair of the Jedi. Whether this is the case or not we are still unsure as the motive of our enemy isn’t clear.

However, it has been brought to our attention by some of the Order’s ambassadors that the void hasn’t only been attacking the Order. It has become apparent that other force-sensitive groups have also been attacked during this period. Again, we aren’t sure as to why but a theoritical guess made by the Council of First Knowledge believes that the enemy are searching for large concentrated areas of the forces.

This problem is bigger than us and is a direct threat to the force. I wish for us to extend our hand, to wielders of the dark and light to help us in the coming battles.

Kind Regards
Grandmaster Don’roq

395.13 // Fringe Scientist kicked from Scientific Gala

In a bit of a strange news today, a physicist was unceremoniously removed from the prestigious Scientific Innovations Gala, held bi-annually on Coruscant.

The physicist, named Kleon Barrush, presented his theory on the Kinetic Manipulation of the Evolving Manifold, which according to the audience, sounded more like a bad science fiction super-weapon that anything else. Before he could finish his explanation, he was booed off the stage and even had the gala security remove him and revoke his access.

“Never heard a worse mad rumbling in my life. He was talking about waving the fabric of the world like it’s putty. He thinks he can ignore gravity. And do what? Space surfing on an Event Horizon? Nonsense!” ,said Dr. Gurt Kehmol, the thrice awarded Head of Astronomy of Corruscant.

Dr. Nevtaro, who reemerged after decades of absence, dismissed the theory on grounds of usability: “Even if we took his theory seriously for a moment, what he proposes is an alternative way to travel the galaxy, in stead of Hyperspace. However, where we have a relatively cheap, well tested and reliable method of traversing the vast amounts of the universe, his method would require the energy of at least the average Neutron Star to work. It’s like he rediscovered fire, but he needed a planet to make it work. Waste of time!”

We have reached to Dr Barrush for a comment, but he has not replied yet.

395.12 // Void outbreak threatening the existence of the Galaxy

Breaking news, as the first rumors of the fate of Pleis IX have surfaced after weeks of silence.

Pleis IX, long hailed as the unknown Agricultural Gem of the Empire, dropped all forms of communication around 395.05, with no prior warning. Friends and relatives of inhabitants had been trying to reach their loved ones, to no success. The Imperial Navy had blocked all access into and out of the system, but had declined to comment on the situation. That is, until now.

Reports coming allegedly from survivors of the Arc-Ship “Hope” speak of a void infestation that consumed the planet in a matter of hours, leaving behind a black hole. Of a population numbering dozens of billions, only a few hundred thousand escaped.

Grand Moff Otta Vormis has quickly interjected, stating that these rumors are unsubstantiated.

“We are still investigating the events that took place in Pleis IX. This is a top priority for the Imperial Command, and as such, we insist on civilians respecting the curfew and not paying heed to unsubstantiated rumors, that only serve to undermine our mighty Empire. The punishment for breaking this curfew will be extremely severe.”

Imperial Scientists side with the Grand Moff, stating that a collapse of an object that big is impossible, and the mass of a planet is vastly too small to create a black hole.

However the holoforums are filling with reports from alleged Arc Ship passengers, that expert journalist call “too harrowing to be fake”.

Is this a sign that the Void infestation has escaped the Jedi Order, and now threatens the innocent civilians across the galaxy?

Stay tuned for updates.

395.10 // Cantonica Takes A Gamble

It has been five years since Cantonica was shaken to its very core by the actions of the ‘branded’ terrorist and traitor Samson Fitzgerald. The man previously most known for his prominent business establishment, the Cantonica Casino, was uncovered to have had schemes and plots in the works to release despair and destruction upon the planet’s surface, just as a means of appearing in the ‘opportune’ moment to save the figurative day. While the news didn’t travel as fast as they should off-world, due to the matter initially requiring careful treatment from Cantonica’s government itself, finally after all this time, the records of the trials, the proceedings are known to the public.

Especially now with the Corporate State making yet another move towards buying out more than just a few lots, industries and real estates alike; the people cannot help but wonder when their expansion actually ends, nor realize where it really begins. Another rising mystery on the corporate field!

As far as the people are concerned, the matter has been taken care of. Many protesters wanted to see Mr. Fitzgerald pay for his crimes with his own life, substituting for the lives lost due to his actions within the Cantonica Casino. Especially the dearly departed Garnica Jevealis, opera singer extraordinaire taken from our world too young and too soon.

In honor of Jevealis’ memory, HoloAudio Records are releasing an unabridged, even if not entirely finished, version of the Album the young singer would have published if not for the events of Cantonica. The Album’s name, originally ‘A Bright Life’, has been renamed to ‘In Memoriam’. Also, for the elective fan, the Album contains backstage clips of pre-production. Viewers, as well as listeners, of the Album, state that this paints a whole new visage for the artist herself.

A must have, for any collector!

395.07 // The Skies Open!

On 395.07 ABY, the skies were split open, the ground quaking as the Praxeum on the mountainside bathed the valley below in a wondrous orange light.

While there hasn’t been any news as to the reason behind the extraordinary display offered to the settlement, many support the beliefs of a divination ritual or the figurative ‘ascension’ of one within the ranks of the Order in attempts to stop the void outbreak. Of course, everything thus far is postulation and hypothesis.

Will we ever find out what happened on the mountain? Will we ever know what started the void outbreak? Doubtful, but such is the way of the Jedi; has been since time immemorial. Mystery is a part of the people that reside over us, watching us.

It’s Olivei Vrugark with Galaxy news.