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412.06 // Attack at Alzoc III!


[Images play of the capital city of Alzoc III. Humans and other species of sentients run through the streets, seeking cover as a rainbow of colorful blaster bolts fly haphazardly in every direction through the air. The dark silhouette of a large warship loom over the city, overtaking the stars and moon in the night sky.]

These images are being rebroadcast, but were originally broadcast live from the Capital City of Alzoc III just hours ago. A surprise attack by a well-coordinated military force overtook local security forces with relative ease and now the planet appears to be occupied for all intents and purposes.

Local security forces were given the cleared out former Jedi Enclave to use as their central base of operations. From what we understand, they’re hold out there currently in a brutal siege, hoping to hold out for reinforcements from somewhere.

We’re unsure about who is responsible for this attack or what their motivations are but- hold on. Breaking now as we speak… A new broadcast from Alzoc III since the planet’s holonet went dark, we’re patching it through now:

[The council chambers of the Jedi temple on Alzoc III flickers through. The cool whites, blues, and greys of the complex unusually unsettling juxtaposed with the figure standing in the center of the room, clad in black durasteel armor and a helmet in the shape of a warped and twisted alien skull with glowing orange eyes. When they speak, their voice is modulated and guttural…]


I am Iskrandeer, the Wyld King. My people have long lived in the dark expanse outside the rim of this galaxy. We’ve watched as the galaxy shapes and reshapes itself for generations. A cacophonous chaos that breeds contempt, death, and stagnation that they then pass onto their progeny who begin the cycle anew.

I will rectify this. I have taken your people to give them purpose, drive, meaning, and direction… Your generations who otherwise would have flitted aimlessly about their lives… Undirected, unutilized, unfulfilled… I’ve become their savior.

Your warriors of the Wyld cannot help you. They misunderstand the purpose of the power they’ve been given. They misunderstand their place in the Galaxy… But they will soon be reminded.

As I’ve saved the destitute, downtrodden, and forgotten at the edge of your civilization so too will I become your savior now. I give you one Galactic week to make your choice: submit yourself willingly to my rule… Or put forward your best, futile attempt at resistance so I might prove to the galactic community that I have a rightful claim to this territory.

[This broadcast ends and the airtime is filled with a resounding silence for several, long moments]

More on this story as it develops… Reporting from Skynara, this is Andee Nevaro.

411.22 // Major Breakthrough in Abductions Case!


The Associated Presses have just released a detailed report updating the situation on the rampant abductions occurring across independent planets in the Wild Space sector.


A coordinated sting operation performed on Ryloth by GRID and Jedi operatives has resulted in the capture of a criminal cell of abductors tied to the slew of recent disappearances along the borders of Wild Space!


Details on the operation are still classified, but GRID has released a statement suggesting that the apprehended suspects have identified a third party as being responsible for coordinating multiple criminal and slaver syndicates that have been operating on these neutral planets for some time.


This statement corroborates previous reporting by the Associated Presses that several criminal organizations have been working together in order to coordinate abductions on this massive interplanetary scale.


There’s very little information about to whom these syndicates all report to. However, GRID did confirm Press questions about if these criminal organizations were tied at all to the Ravager pirates present in the Instrop sector in previous cycles. GRID officials replied that there is strong evidence to suggest a link, and that the third party facilitating collaboration between these criminals was also responsible for providing arms and equipment to the pirate gang there.


Republic officials are already debating next steps to try and be pre-emptive moving forward with this developing situation, but the neutral planets bordering Wild Space are universally dubious about Republic interference.


“The Republic likes to pretend their poodoo doesn’t stink. They enter neutral and independent systems like ours for any pretext, large or small, and then begin to argue that they need to impose changes on these planets due to corruption, or criminality, or so on. Look at their own democracy! They cannot even charge war criminals in a timely manner, nor can they stem the proliferation of criminality and corruption in their own senate! We will never allow such hypocrites to come into our system and infringe on our sovereignty.”

Affytechan Prime Minister Zzezzekkeen’Orloblap, of Dom-Bradden,


While most systems are not quite so aggressive with their statements about planetary sovereignty and rejection of Republic assistance, there’s generally unanimous consent and agreement on this point with border planets.


“The Republic has long used its military to project power far beyond its borders. As a planet based on inclusivity and peacefulness extended to all, the Republic’s brand of peacekeeping is abhorrent to our principals. They have shown time and again an inability to maintain peacekeeping forces without a military presence coming along hand-in-hand. We will not allow arms and weapons to set foot on our planet, nor will we facilitate violence on our soil. We reject all offers of the Republic for assistance on this matter.”

Svivreni President of Svivren, Skesteece-Hikataram Milaficat,


While overtures of cooperation from the Republic fall on deaf ears, the populations of all these planets still hope that this GRID and Jedi breakthrough about the source of these disappearances leads to their local governments taking the reins on stopping this interplanetary crime spree.


Reporting was facilitated by the AP


Photograph courtesy of Orleana Gorgin

The CGR is in disarray today as the meeting of the Planetary Council in Immarra was cut short by a devastating attack by groups thought to be connected to the Willowinds, the de facto rulers of Rannon’s city Harenae.

Sources say that all of the Planetary Councilors have been accounted for and safe, and they are thought to have been the target of the attack. At least 8 people have been confirmed dead, with the numbers rising as more bodies are recovered from the rubble. Many still are missing, notably Shi islands own Tessa Malum, who had been in talks to establish Shi as a formal region in its own right and have its own elected seat on the Planetary Council.

Immediately after the blast armed men arrived on the scene and began gunning down RSF personnel and civilians alike, fortunately many were able to make it to cover, but the barbaric intent does not change.

There was thankfully a Jedi on site, thus far unidentified, and they were able to secure the councilors and stop one of the battle droids seen patrolling Harenae from brutalizing the lower levels of the city. We reached out to Elis’ta, Immarra’s Councilwoman, for a comment, and was directed to the chief of RSF, Briar Kegal. Here’s what he had to say –

This attack was a cowardly act by cowardly thugs to intimidate the Council into recognizing the Willowinds as legitimate leadership. Make no mistake. Nobody’s fooled. You’re the same old gangs you were before this void crisis took over. Your attack failed, and they will continue to fail. You can run on back to your little Hutt overlord and let them know when we set our sights on Harenae, we won’t miss.

We’ll keep you updated on more details as they come in on this developing story.

411.01 // Facility Assessments

Members of the Order,

As part of the expansion and improvement plans of the Order and its Service Corps. An independent assessment is being undertaken of all our core and primary supporting facilities.

The assessment will cover a variety of different elements, however, the main focus will be upon the facilities themselves ensuring they fit for purpose and identifying any possible scope for improvement.

The following assessments will take place in due course.

  • Taloraan Edifice will assess Ossus Temple
  • Ossus Temple will assess Dantooine Enclave
  • Dantooine Enclave will assess Ilum Temple
  • Ilum Temple will assess Rannon Praxeum
  • Rannon Praxeum will assess Radra IV Outpost
  • Radra IV Outpost will assess Lyta Outpost
  • Lyta Outpost will assess Cotellier Outpost
  • Coltellier Outpost will assess Barcana Outpost
  • Bacrana Outpost will assess Taloraan Edifice.

Please be welcoming and gracious when those charged with assessing your facility arrive and do everything possible to ensure their assessment runs smoothly.

The High Council

410.21 // Joint Statement: Republic & Coruscanti Government

In a joint statement this morning, Republic Ambassador Vosadaii alongside Coruscanti Government Diplomat Miona offered further clarification on the deal struck late last night.

Last night a deal was struck between the Republic and Coruscanti Government to help end the ongoing food shortages on Coruscant.

The additional food will be sourced utilising the wider trade network of the Republic, particularly making use of trade lanes in the Galactic South and Galactic East.

We would like to take this moment to reassure those agri-worlds in the Galactic North that your trade will not be disrupted as a result of this. We will continue to maintain the same level of agri-trade down the northern trade spine. The wider network will only be making up the shortfall in produce rather than replacing it in its entirety.

The additional cost will be absorbed by the Republic, at no extra cost to either the people of Coruscant or the Republic.

Immediately after the statement, Agri-Unionist Undruk who represents the Agri-worlds in the Galactic North made a statement.

Whilst I’m glad that trade down the trade spine won’t be disrupted and the livelihoods of millions have been protected, it’s important to get on record that if it hadn’t been for the threat of a mass strike, the Republic would of almost certainly ceased all agri-trade from the North! This battle is not over, and my colleagues and I will endevaor to ensure the rights of agri-workers in the Galactic North are protected.

One party that has been particularly quiet in all this has been the independent planet of Duneeden. What does this latest development mean for them?

One thing is for certain, if they do not find an ally soon, their independence project will surely fail.