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386.05 // Long Journeys Ahead

The Jedi Council would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest initiates Joar Hasmal. As well as our two new Jedi Knights, Valgam Freestar and Fenn Rahm to the Order. You have all taken your first steps on a long journey which will be both challenging and enlightening. Knighthood is only the beggining of an even longer journey. Look to you fellow Knights and Masters for guidance. As for our initiates, remember to look to your peers and we are sure you will do well.

Welcome to the Order.

The Jedi Council.

385.12 // Astronomers baffled by vanished star in a distant galaxy

On 384.12, astronomers of the Chandrila Larger Array Telescope reported a discrepancy between their bi-year astro-cartographical assessment and the observations from their telescope. Following this report, 37 major astronomical observatories have confirmed the discrepancy, causing excitement among the astronomical community.

All this excitement revolves around WR-765 star, in the Nebula N2-56, around 2 billions light years away. WR-765 is (or should we say, was) a Classic or Population 1 star, that according to Astronomy sources has lost its layer of Hydrogen, and was now fusing Helium. Put simply, it was in the second stage of its stellar life and had about two hundred to six hundred millions of years, before we expected it to explode violently into an impressive Supernova, leaving a black Hole five times larger that a standard Sun.

But, contrary to all our expectations, the star went off far sooner, and not with a bang, but a whimper. According to the now aggregated astronomical data, we stopped receiving light from the star between 382.27 and 383.02. Even more remarkably, it appears that regardless of distance, arc of observation or relative planetary speeds, all observations appear to be astronomically simultaneous, at least in the orders of magnitude Astronomy is concerned. To put simply, such a disappearance should have been observed in very different time periods for each observatory, as expected by our current understanding of the universe.

“This is amazing, it’s the first discovery that does not fit with our astronomical models in thousand of years! There is no precedence like this in the galaxy, nor any similar event registered. A new day for Astronomy, a new day for all Physics has dawned”, said Dr. Maani Inkari, Associate Proffessor of Stellar Progression Mechanics.

When asked if this event is a cause for concern, Proffessor Bama Kallos of Corruscant was reassuring:

“This event has already taken place in that galaxy at least two billion years ago, had there been any worrisome events we would have long noticed by now. While it is currently unexplainable, we would do well to remember that this is how science evolved, discovering unexplainable events, and working them out. It’s a very interesting discovery, and I can’t wait to see where it will lead us.”

But not all scientists are so excited. Others are pointing out to more mundane explanations, to explain this event, such as Professor Pamaf Burkan, of the Institute of Stellar Physics:

“Caution should always be advised when the public is treated to sensuous and mysterious headlines. It’s not a miracle event, untill all other cases have been exhaustively tested. With careful observation, we might find a large gas cloud obscuring observation, or a larger planetary body covering our arc or even a larger, unobserved black hole, in transit between Galaxies.”

Whatever the reason for this mysterious disappearance is, the spark of excitement that it ignited within the community is impossible to miss.

Sovi Ya’qul for the Republic Daily

385.10 // Knighthood and Welcome

The Jedi Order congratulates Jedi Knight Sirius Invictus on his promotion to a Knight in the presense of High Councilors Zechs Demming & Zakarie Di’Vosk and Councilors Xayr’ka Atreus &  Yyn Zet Ari. May his training prove fruitful as he adopts a new role within the Order, and eventually grant him the patience and wisdom to pass that knowledge on to anothers.

The Council would also like to warmly welcome Initiate Mairelis Augustian. You have started a long journey, which will both challenging and enlightening. Listen to your mentors, teachers and fellow students and you will thrive.

Welcome to the Order.

385.09 // The Galactic Budget

The Galactic Budget for 385-390ABY has been released.

The address which came from Chief Finance Minister Junessburg Mara outlined where the vast 7.1 quadrillion credit budget will be spent.

Questions were raised by the Senate finance committee around the marked 4% increase in the security budget which already makes up a staggering 18% of the overall budget. A key takeaway was the multi billion credit increase for GRID specifically identified for use in an ‘Operation Lost Stars’.

When asked Minister Mara had this to say

Operation Lost Stars is the core GRID operation around the missing force sensitive children in conjunction with the Jedi Order.

Many members of the public have asked if they contribute to the cause, and whilst GRID will not be accepting donations, I can confirm that an ancillary fund has been set up to support the friends and family of those taken.

One thing is for certain, with cuts to housing and emergency services to enable this investment, the pressure is on GRID and the Jedi Order to start delivering results.

385.02 // Lost childhoods.

Since Koyso Chewai’in and Resuli Concaf went missing on Calus 2 years ago, official figures state that 11 other cases of missing children have been added to the investigation. However, whilst the official total sits at 13. Holonews has received confirmation from a senior GRID source that GRID believe and are working to the assumption that the actual figure is closer to 19.

Despite no new reports in the 3 cycles of any more taken children, it has been estimated that those already taken have spent nearly 31 years between them in captivity. No one knows where they are, but if you have any information that may aid the investigation you can contact GRIDs tip line on frequency #5555.3333.1111 case ref: #784147912.

GRID and The Jedi Order have not commented on the investigation in recent cycles and it is unclear whether the decline in regularity of kidnappings is down to action taken by the Order and GRID.

As always, the Holonews will endeavor to bring you breaking news as and when we receive it.