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408.08 // Ruun appeals exhausted – guilty verdict upheld.

Holonews headlines are only a snapshot into a situation, usually lasting for only 24 hours before the galactic news cycle sweeps them away to be replaced with something more interesting, eye-catching and new.

Whilst most of us get swept along with the cycle of endless news, just because the story ceases to grab headlines does not mean it doesn’t rumble on.

Lord Ruun, once a name that was never far from the front page of the galactic news, today exhausted the last of his appeals, where the guilty verdict put on him many years ago was upheld. Many refused to believe the case could truly be over until the appeals process was successfully navigated, but today, it can finally be said that he will not be walking free and he is indeed guilty for his actions on Vohai.

Ruun will serve out the rest of his life sentence in the unnamed detainment facility he has been held in since the initial verdict.

With the matter of Ruun finally closed, does this mean that the long in limbo deal between The Jedi Order and the Republic to formalise an alliance can at last be formalised and signed? I imagine when it is, it will very much be a headliner grabber.

– Lenee Kath, Galactic Holonews

407.20 // Core planet Duneeden votes to secede from the Republic and go Independent!

It is not uncommon for border planets or systems to flip allegiances. Whether its the planet of Agrazor who seemingly switches between the Galactic Empire and Galactic Republic almost with every election cycle, or Teth who attempt to play the Hutts and Republic off against each other to get the best deal for its citizens.

Those that choose to go independent often do not stay so for long, realising not only that the infrastructure and links provided by the larger galactic groups are too deeply entwined in their processes but that being part of a larger group provides security and protection.

Duneeden is the latest planet to go independent, but what is perhaps most curious is that one of its neighbours is none other than the jewel on the crown of the Republic itself, Coruscant.

The planet’s government has declared itself as a ‘neutral territory’ and is positioning itself to act as a safe haven for meetings between different galactic groups.

Now, defunct Senator Hulme O’raff had this to say

“It’s the decision of the Wardens and their constituents. Personally, I’m saddened by the move, but ultimately will remain as a chief liaison between Duneeden and the Republic.

The key will be reassuring those other parties that Duneeden is truly independent from the Republic and safe.”

Whether this can be delivered remains to be seen. The move is being met with scepticism from all quarters, with Duneeden buried so deep in Republic space can it truly be neutral? Can the planet defend itself and keep the peace should trouble break out?

All these questions I’m sure will be answered in time but for now Duneeden is one to watch.

406.29 // Taloraan Edifice officially opened.

Greetings Residents,

We have been living in a time of significant peace for the best part of a decade now and the Order has grown in numbers.

As a result, it has been a priority to expand our core facilities and in 404ABY, the High Council commissioned the creation of a fifth primary facility in the Galactic South East.

I would like to thank the diplomacy departments of Ossus and Ilum for working so hard and diligently in identifying a suitable planet and in the end identifying Taloraan in the expansion region.

After protracted negotiations with the local government, a rather large and striking building was signed over to the Jedi Order in 405ABY with a 120-year lease. We have spent the last year refitting and repurposing the building to suit our needs. It is truly a spectacular, if not sightly grandiose, temple to visit. I would recommend doing so if you are able.

Taloraan Edifice will be populated with students and knights primarily from Ossus and Ilum temple, although as of today, it is open for all members of the Order to visit.

– Grandmaster Coron Audax


406.08 // Breaking News Update on Status of Orb Biniir Controversy

On 404.27 a diplomatic meeting occurred between the invested parties in the ongoing saga of the system of Ord Biniir.

Representatives of the Empire, Republic, Ord Biniir provisional government, with mediators from the Jedi Order met on the Republic Diplomatic Cruiser “Organa” just outside the system of Ord Biniir.

Representing the Empire was Moff Yulian, the Republic’s two majority parties currently are the Diplomats and War Hawks represented by Senator Yalook P’oolel and Ambassador James Hawken. Originally it was agreed that President Kennith Malorant himself would represent his government that he set up through force of arms. President Malorant did not honor the original agreement, however, it’s been reported. Instead he attended via hologram which throws the following events into a suspicious light.

During the negotiations, the Jedi successfully mediated a plausible and strong path forward for Ord Biniir sovereignty pending approval for a provisional government authorized by the Moff Council and the Galactic Senate. The conditions of which would be a new election which included inrances the elections would be free, fair, and allow all to vote unconditionally after.

These negotiations were interrupted by a small army of assassin droids which infiltrated the ship. It’s reported that none of the crew survived the initial ambush as the droids got into position.

With the protection of the Jedi, however, all of the representatives on board and diplomatic delegates escaped from the snare mostly unharmed. The disabled corvette was repaired and a daring escape was executed.

Footage from the diplomatic corvette showed that an Imperial Star Destroyer had been a part of the ambush. While it only started firing on the corvette when the hyperdrive and shields were fixed and operating, it spent the whole operation apparently on standby to destroy the vessel if the droids failed in their primary task, seemingly to assassinate all of the delegates on board.

Public records confirm that the Destroyer in question was scheduled for decommission over a decade ago, and should have been stripped for useful parts and set to autopilot to descend into the sun of the Bastion system. Clearly it was appropriated on rout and found its way here.

Finally, on-board records indicate that Ambassador Hawken of the War Hawk party was directly involved with the assassination attempt. Hawken disappeared just before the violence broke out and was never found after. Additionally, all of the escape pods on board were jettisoned using Hawken’s clearance code. An outstanding warrant and reward is out for James Hawken to be taken in alive.

After the incident, the Republic, Jedi, and Empire released joint statements backing one another in a unified front against the treachery possibly committed by President Malorant himself.

Master Iffo Rav’i, of the Grand Council of the Jedi Order, issued this statement,

“The Republic and Empire are united in bringing the democratic will of the people of Ord Biinor into fruition.

“Whilst it is not clear who is responsible for the attack on the peace talks, know that those behind it will be held accountable for their actions.

“In relation to enabling the democratic process on Ord Biinor, all avenues are being explored.”

Senator Yalook P’oolel said this the same day on the steps of the Senate building,

“While we continue to find the most peaceful avenue forwards in this developing case, it’s become clear to both Moff Yuliarn and myself that this was a coordinated attempt by the Government of Ord Biniir to instigate war between the Empire and Republic.

“We are working with the Empire to put diplomatic pressure on the faux democracy that’s been set up on the planet of Ord Biniir and are pushing to return to normalcy. The citizens of Ord Biniir, seventy-seven years ago, peacefully left the Republic to join the Empire. This armed takeover is an affront to that peaceful transition and will not be supported by the Republic.”

Moff Yuliarn joined voices with his other two counterparts,

“With the support of both the Jedi Order and Republic, I have the highest confidence that we will see ourselves through this crisis with minimum bloodshed. All of our parties are interested in avoiding another conflict on the level of Vohai we’ve seen a generation past.”

After these remarks were made, a joint strike force of Imperial Destroyers and Republic Cruisers made coordinated hyperspace jumps into the Ord Biniir system.

After a short and intense sortie, most of the Ord Biniir fleet was destroyed with the remainder fleeing. An orbital blockade has ensued, putting further pressure on the planetary government to abdicate for the betterment of them and the planet’s citizenry.

In related news, election season has come to an end. With the revelation of Ambassador Hawken’s involvement with an attempted assassination plot, the Diplomat party swept the Republic Senate and the War Hawk party has effectively lost all power and has dissolved.

More on this story as it develops.

This is Andee N’evaro

406.06 // Crime Lord’s Death Causes Chaos!

The infamous crime lord Meelo, who acted as an overlord for a segment of the Hutt Cartel called “Bloody Nexu”, has died. During his lifetime, he was a figurehead of the spice and slave trade. He and his family were murdered by a slave servant in their sleep.

As a result, the gangs which he presided over have fractured. No one within the organization has stepped up to assume the role as leader nor have the Hutts been able to place a successor successfully. Crime activity has spiked in the Republic systems near Hutt space by more than fifteen percent.

This statement was released by the department head of G.R.I.D Polos Rudaur at a press conference earlier:

“The Hutt Cartel…of course…is not being effective in keeping these gangs under control. Rest assured, the Republic will be sending its very best to stabilize the regions of our territory affected by Meelo’s death.”

It is rumored that the Jedi Order has been asked to partake in this mission, though no statement has been released by the Jedi High Council as of yet.