JEDI HoloNet

378.13 // Hutt space expansion targets the Outer Rim


As the Republic turns its attention inwards, the ever-conspiring Hutt clans have coordinated and organized an expedition of colonists, slaves and mercenary-protection to expand the control of their territories outward, reaching the borders of the Republic and the space of ‘the Centrality’, formally annexing and absorbing the peoples of over 15 planets in the blink of an eye. While it may take Hutt forces time to fully control the regions, their initial annexations have been met with little resistance from the Republic officials.

An anonymous source has leaked several recorded statements made by the Republic Governor bordering the Hutt Space, otherwise known as Governor and Senator Ruun, who said this in a private conversation on the matter:

“Sovereignty is not negotiable. The position of the Hutt crime syndicate stands at a knife’s edge, and if the positioning of the Hutts continues to threaten Republic borders, I as Governor will be forced to act, and the full weight of the Republic will be with me.”

Lord Ruun has yet to officially state the true meaning of his comments; surprisingly, the comments made by Governor Ruun have been met with resounding support from the populations bordering the Hutt space, many of whom fear the prospect of slavery under the Hutts to be a ‘fate worse than death’. The Chancellor and Government have yet to make an official statement, but sources indicate that Republic diplomats within Hutt space have condemned the words of Governor Ruun as ‘boisterous’ and ‘provocative’.

378.11 // Terror in the streets of Vohai


With the Republic embroiled in mass riots speaking out against the new charges of corruption and the already cataclysmic loss of employment, the Chancellor has issued a Republic-wide state of emergency following what has now been called the ‘Vohai massacre’, which left 57 dead and 12 critically injured in the Capital City of Vohai in the Outer Rim. This morning, the Chancellor’s speech on the matter detailed as follows:

“While the events on the planet of Vohai are still unclear, I offer my undying sympathy for the victims of this tragedy and their families. The Government has been working tirelessly to find out information on the matter, and RSF forces have been dispatched with the full investigative rights. At this time, it is unclear whether or not the order for the execution of the rioting citizens came from the Jedi that were stationed there, but after video evidence was obtained and interviews were conducted, there is an undeniable connection of the Jedi’s complicity in the massacre.

Governor X’kados is a good man that I have known and worked with for many years, and it would be treasonous to consider him having any hand in the events that transpired on the planet. Our Governors work tirelessly to provide Republic peacekeeping that the Galaxy deserves.

All members subjected to the events, including the Jedi Order’s members and the Republic Garrison will be made to stand trial at an inquiry and full investigation of the events, which will take place on Coruscant when a date is specified by the Grand Jury, which I will personally preside over. I place my full trust in the Republic’s judicial system, and the perpetrators of this massacre, Jedi or not, will be uncovered and brought to justice.”

Despite the Chancellor’s promises of an inquiry and investigation, the tempers of Vohai have reached boiling point and now, burst. A radical political party known as the ‘People’s Will’ have been identified as the culprits for a number of terrorist acts and bombings against Republic infrastructure, garrisons and buildings across not only the Capital City of Vohai, but over several major cities. Over just the past two days, an estimated 28 Republic Garrison soldiers have been subject to assassination by stabbing or sniper, another 30 killed in explosive blasts. 10 Civilians have been killed in these explosions, which has led the Republic to labelling the ‘People’s Will’ as a terrorist origination. This sudden surge in violence is due to the death of their now martyred leader, Mother Mu’la, as well as the chaos of the Vohai Massacre.

With a growing anti-Republic and anti-Jedi sentiment on the planet, the Republic have deployed the 21st Airborne company and 301st Infantry Corps to act as military police to supply reinforcement for the quickly dwindling Republic Garrison.

378.08 // Riot turns bloodbath with Jedi conspirators

While riots and strikes grip the Galaxy, the planet of Vohai sees a bloodbath as Republic Garrisoned troops open fire on protesters, leaving 57 dead and 12 critically wounded. Men, women and children were gunned down in the streets of the Capital City.

In a surprising turn of events, members of the Jedi Order known as Teynara Jeralyr, Sirius Invictus and one unknown youngling were spotted supporting the Republic Garrison before the bloodbath took place.

The planetary Governor X’kados has yet to make a statement, but the Galactic Government has promised a full inquiry. The Chancellor, in a preliminary speech, has stated: “We are still in the process of gaining all of the facts at this moment.” To follow the inquiry, a full trial will take place, if any members of the Order or Republic troops are found guilty of any crimes.

A mass outcry for the arrest of the planetary Governor, X’kados, has gripped the Galaxy has a whole. Pictures of the victims have been seen on standards and banners that rioters have held.

Due to his Jedi background, a prominent Planetary Governor, Senator and statesmen, Lord Ruun, answered our questions with this to say:

“The actions of the Jedi are unclear, but as no Republic soldiers were injured, it is clear that they were entirely complicit in the murder of these civilians. The planet of Vohai has been crippled with corruption for decades, and actions, like this, must not go without reprimand and the full force of intergalactic Justice.”

378.06 // Galactic Governors provide aid where Chancellor fails.

Pandemonium grips the Galaxy, strikes and riots are being reported from the lower levels of Coruscant, to the trading guilds of the Hydian Way. Manufacturers and business owners are closing their doors, firing workers or cutting pay drastically. After days of seclusion upon hearing the disastrous news, Chancellor Griff has reminded the people of the Republic that, “we are all in this together” during his first morning address. However, the Chancellor has yet to explain any plans to fix or halt the damages of the recession, the Government refusing to make any comment on the matter, leaving industrial leaders in panic.

Despite the call for unity from the Chancellor, strikes, disorder and riots have only increased in number. In the worst affected regions, such as the industrialised mid and outer rim, Galactic Governors have been providing foodstuffs and low-paid work for the poorest in society. Holonews had the chance to speak with Laa’ken Ruun, Senator and Galactic Governor of Bothan Space and the Hutt Border, who was busy personally handing out fruit to malnourished Twi’lek families while being interviewed.

“It’s horrible what crises we find ourselves in with the Republic’s leadership, and I truly feel for the suffering of so many that have not only lost work, but will be forced to poverty for, what could be a fatal amount of time.

Importantly, he commented on the Chancellor’s lack of social reform, despite a long term of office and re-election, stating: “The Republic must do more for social reform and centralisation. The people of the Republic deserve more opportunity than to live in squalor, especially with so many ‘fatcats’ on Coruscant.”

Governor Ruun, following a platform that has frequently advocated Galaxy-wide social reform and centralisation, has found himself becoming more and more popular in many areas of the Galaxy. However, intellectuals and politicians have criticised Governor Ruun for ‘populism’ and ‘inciting industrial unrest’. Senator Sadon Arkanus, an ex-Navy Admiral named the ‘Battle-Axe of Bastion’, has been a vocal critic of Governor Ruun, as well as several others he has deemed “the Republic’s silent Oligarchs.”

In an exclusive interview from his private estate on Coruscant, Senator Arkanus explained: “The work of the Republic’s silent Oligarchs has only served to undermine the Republic politically, and economically. There is a class of hard working, deserving, key industrialists based around the Galaxy, that are having to make necessary cutbacks, but are being squeezed by the boot of Cartel-like Governors, playing at being a part of the Republic.”

378.02 // Coruscant Stock Market Crash! Millions riot, job losses, Galactic Recession to follow

Disaster strikes as a housing-price bubble across the Galaxy finally bursts, and the stock prices of all major Republic Banks and Investment-Centres crash to an all-time low, falling by over 40% overnight. Speculators continue to withdraw their shares only bringing the prices down by the minute, and major banks are beginning to collapse or close their doors to savers as a ‘run on the bank’ occurs across the Galaxy. The economic calamity has caused not only outrage, despair and travesty for the banking elite, flow of investment to businesses and the Republic, but businesses across the Deep Core are beginning to let off workers. Many business owners are attempting to sell their assets in the chaos of the Stock Crash, but this is putting millions across the Galaxy out of work, out of pay, and possibly onto the streets.

Republic Security personnel is seeing the early days of massive riots outside of banks and other commercial centers, the Police Chief on Coruscant warning RSF across the Galaxy to “Prepare for an impending wave of public disorder.” Tragically, many Stock Brokers have been found dead across Coruscant, presumably due to suicide at the loss of all of their gambled assets.

In these early days, it is unclear how this Economic development will affect the rest of the Galaxy. Speculators predict that with the loss of commercial activity within the Deep Core, the entire Republic – and by extension, the entire Galaxy will be hurt by this loss in commerce. Ex-Chancellor and leading Coruscant Economist Ja’lal Munn predicts that not only will job losses be a pandemic source of monetary distress across the Galaxy, but it will create a catalyst for all kinds of corruption and dissent, “possibly violent”, in the worst-effected areas.

One thing is certain, unemployment will create idle hands, and idle hands are the devil’s playthings. However, Holonews remains optimistic, and reminds its viewers to keep optimistic as well.