JEDI HoloNet

383.21 // A dire situation in dire times

Reports, received from the planet of Berris, state that a child has gone missing. The information gathered by both the local Law Enforcement and the media are rather disturbing.
This time, the abductor posing as a Jedi when refused access to the child by the parents. Broke-in, threatening the parents’ lives before forcibly removing the child.

While the local citizens of the small city on the surface of Berris struggle to face reality; the fact remains, young Doroelsa Cobbrec was abducted from her own home, in front of her very own parents. Her mother, Liadean Cobbrec, was shocked and utterly desperate, as evident from her statement to local media:

It is terrible! Our little Elsa was taken away under the threat of rifles. We were terrified for our own lives, as well as hers. I cannot dare to imagine what will happen to my little girl.

In addition, one of the officers stationed in the area and involved in the aftermath is in critical condition. The media was unable get a statement from security forces, but it is believed he got injured in an attempt to stop the abductor. Law enforcement did however make it clear that the officer’s life is stable.

However, perhaps more shockingly, unlike in previous instances the Jedi weren’t even on the planet, arriving only after young Doroelsa was taken and it was too late for them to assist.

383.18 // BREAKING NEWS: Missing Children linked as Senate hosts late night sitting.

The Holonews can today officially confirm that the missing children were indeed all force sensitive and due to be collected by the Jedi Order.

In response to this breaking news, the Senate held an emergency session late last night and demanded to hear from the Order.

Jedi Knight Levi Astra, a branch ambassador for the Order was expected to attend and respond officially on behalf on the Order, but at the last moment was replaced by Jedi Knight Gifford Rav’i. Perhaps an indicative sign of the chaos the Order finds itself in.

A snippet of Master Rav’i address can be found below

Senators, I would like now to appeal directly to those that have lost their children.

I know these words bring you no comfort. They will not stop the sleepless nights. It will not serve to fill the inescapable void left behind. It will not repair your shattered trust with the Order, but, if these words are to serve any purpose, then I hope it is to simply inform that whilst we cannot possibly understand your loss, believe that we share in it.

The Jedi Order adopts all those that join it. We will not rest until our lost brothers and sisters, your beloved sons and daughters, are cradled safely in both our arms once more.

Whilst a vote of no confidence in the Jedi Order was floated by some backbench senators, it was swiftly condemned by the rest of Senate. The Senate clearly has faith in the Order and GRID, however unless some progress is made, how long will the galaxy retain that faith?

383.12 // Unexplained delay on Roytha as another child is reported missing.

A sight that we should never become desensitised to. Two parents behind a long table, surrounded by local security forces, flashing bulbs of holocameras whilst cradling a picture of their now missing child.

Today Rigou and Verioti Gring told of the hollow feeling they have felt since their son was taken from them, before pleading with whoever took their son to return him home to them. Not much is known as to the circumstances around their son Cohah, but it was several days before they realised he was taken.

It was noted that there was a Jedi Knight present on Roytha at the briefing vetting questions from the press. Allowing no questions on why there was such a significant delay before Cohah was reported missing.

The Jedi Knight, from Ossus also refused to comment on behalf of the Order.

The Core, the Inner Rim and now the Expansion Region have all been affected in the last cycle with cases of missing children.

What do they have in common? Rumors are circling that all were force sensitive, however no public information has been released confirming this.

What is most certain is all have fallen foul of the most unforgivable crime.

383.11 // Snatched child on holiday resort planet.


Sandy Beaches.

Luxurious Spas.

A Parents Worst Nightmare.

Reports are coming in from Spira about an abduction of a child Celsili Tooanna. It appears that Celsili was taken during the Hyperwaves Light Show, a spectacular light and firework show performed nightly by the Starscene Resort, last night.

Whilst all of Spiras starports are on high alert, an insider source tells us that the authorities are not hopeful that Celsili remains on the planet, commenting that due to Spiras popularity it is a difficult place to lock down.

One of Celsilis teachers from Rodia has been quoted saying

“She was force sensitive you know.. Her parents pulled her out of school to go on this holiday because the Jedi where to due to come and collect her next cycle. Poor thing..”

Whilst no formal link has been established between Celsili Tooana, and the other disappearances of two boys from Calus, Resuli Concaf and Koyso Chewai’in, when questioned GRID representatives declined to comment at this stage.

As of yet, there is also no official comment from the Jedi Order.

383.07 // Sparks fly in missing children case on Calus

Two children have been taken from under the nose of Jedi Order and Calus Planet Security in the cities of Fonfornon and Konkornon on the ion-storm plagued Calus.

It is currently unknown as to why the child where targeted, however the parents have been left furious at the handling of the investigation.

Mr Concaf, father to one of the missing boys said last night

“I knew we should of gone to the media sooner. An off-worlder took my boy and an off-worlder led the investigation into finding him. The residents of this city would of found my boy. I have no doubt about that”

When pushed as to why he didn’t go the media sooner, Mr Concaf responded “I was promised by the Jedi Order that they would get my son back. I listened. I was lied to.”

Lead Agent Quof from the CSF released the following statement

“The CSF will continue to do everything it can to locate the children, we will be using the full support of the Jedi Order and GRID.

It is with deep regret, that at this time, I would formally like to announce the death of Trivok Irk a decorated member of our tactical team who was killed following a tactical mission in which the key orchestrator was taken into custody.

His death can be attributed to a break in protocol, one I take full responsibility for, as such I will be tending my resignation effective immediately.”

It is not currently known where the abductor is being held.