JEDI HoloNet

382.08 // Breaking News: Explosion in Ravelin, Bastion.

Urgent incoming reports are stating that at least five members of the public are dead following a large explosion in the capital of Bastion, Ravelin, causing panic and disorder amidst the streets of the city. The blast occurred at 0800GST local time and has left a green haze over the Moff Assembly hall.

A small group of local terrorists claimed responsibility shortly after the denotation, whose believed target was a small diplomatic meeting being held at the Moff Assembly hall. A counter-effort was undertaken by a pair of Imperial Knights. Though it was rumored that two of the radicals managed to slip through their grasp.

Law enforcement on Bastion are still searching for the members of this terrorist faction. There is no word at this time on the possible identity of the perpetrators. Information released by the news cables from Bastion, however, indicate that the terrorists used a chemical bomb made up of unknown compounds.

The status of the Moff council is said to be unknown, although local aides report that they were able to escape the fiery impact of the blast and the green fog it left behind with the assistance of the Imperial Knights in the area.

The area is still under quarantine.

382.07 // Wanve’dirisoar

After a short trial on Corcuscant Wanve’dirisoar was found guilty of over 11 different charges, including murder, ownership of an illegal firearms and seizure of a freighter-class vessel.

Linked to over thirty crimes with her thought to be deceased partner Rydd, Wanve was caught and detained as a result of a Jedi operation to recover a missing delivery ship. Her long time partner, Rydd, is understood to of blown himself up as part of the raid and despite being unable to formally identified him from what little remained, GRID, the Jedi Order and Rannon Security Forces are all confident in their identification.

Wanve’dirisoar was sentenced to life imprisonment at Ubplish Prison (Category B), a remote facility whose location is undisclosed somewhere in the Core.

382.03 // Stop reading this and get to bed!

Stop reading this and go to bed!

How many of you are reading this on your datapad tucked up in bed? or sat at your desk with only your holoscreen for light? If you are then stop reading this and go to bed!

Residents of the Galaxy simply aren’t getting enough sleep says a new study commissioned by the Senates Secretary for Health Dr. Beserat.

The study incorporating a wide range of species and locations found that on average a galactic citizen is only getting two thirds of their recommended sleep. Naturally different species require different amount of sleep, a standard human sleep of 7-8 hours would feel like an eternity for the Gand, who only require a couple of hours.

So do yourself a favour. Next time you’re in bed, and you reach for your datapad to watch yet more videos of tooka-cats chasing lasers, pause for a moment and think is that the reason you struggle to get anything done before your 3rd caf in the morning?

382.02 // The Jedi Order has decreed searches to the Outer-Rim

After thorough investigation within the Outer-Rim and many micro-occurrences leading to an overwhelming influx of crime travelling south into wild space it is believed that the Jedi Council has given orders to increase Jedi presence in that particular region of the Galaxy.

This particular report focuses on a pair of Jedi were sent to the planet of Jutrand, based in the Outer-Rim.

Video evidence has been recovered from the planet revealing a hooded man with a lightsaber being chased down by the pair of Jedi trying to apprehend him. It is not clear whether this man is acting alone, or is residual part of the Imperium Remnant. The Jedi Council has declined to comment, simply commenting that search parties have already been sent to travel through wild space to bring assurances to the residents of the outer-rim.

Meanwhile, it is Holonews belief that all Jedi within Wild-Space or the Outer-Rim have been given a warning of caution when dispatched on any assignment within these area’s.

379.07 // Legend Becomes Truth!?


The legends of the Starweirds was probably told to everyone at some point in their lives. A species of incorporeal humanoids found only in space. Tall and gaunt, they possessed long, sharp talons, wild white hair, and glowing eyes. The creatures appeared to spacers repairing their starships in space, or aboard vessels traveling through hyperspace. Recently reports have come that vessels have gone completely off the grid, varying from transport shuttles to even military occupied vessels.

Colonel Krenn, one of the soldiers who witnessed the massacre on Vohai had this to say:

“I can assure you that the Republic Navy won’t let this stand. High Command is already devising a plan to tackle the situation and we will treat this as real rescue missions with a threat.”

Some believe this issue should be taken up by the Jedi. The Starweirds were always reported to be linked to the force in some sort of way. We spoke to Jedi Master and High Council, Yanna who’s known within the Order for her extensive knowledge for the mystery behind the force, she said this:

“Yes, the Starweirds are more than just a fairy tale, which is why we always remember to tell people to travel with caution. The Council Of First Knowledge have devised a plan and are now picking Jedi to lead the campaign against the Starweirds. We’ve elected three Jedi Knights from their respective branches to take a team of Antarian Rangers and Padawans out to search for the missing vessels. We’ll most likely see some results over the next couple cycles.”

Master Yanna seemed sure that her Knights would be able to deal with the situation, though we’ll have to see if Colonel Krenn gets to the Starweirds before her!