JEDI HoloNet

390.26 // Salliche’s pears bruised by unforecasted storms!

Supermarkets, restaurants and food carts in The Core could face up-to a year long shortage due to severe flooding of the agriworld of Salliche according to leaked documents from the Senate.

Located in the Core, Salliache has experienced unforecasted and unprecedented rain and thuderstorms in the past cycle and it is being predicted that upto 70% of it’s crops could be lost.

Best known for the Salliche Pear, the farmers of the agriworld are working tirelessly to harvest what ever they can however the USFW, Union of Salliche Farmers and Workers, have condemned the lack of support from The Senate. One Farm owner ranting

“Usually we hire in extra hands when it comes to harvesting season but we’re about a month too early and being put under immense pressure to harvest what we can, with no additional resource from The Senate! How do they expect us to deliver?”

Talking on the steps of the senate, the Environment, Food and Rural Planets Secretary Villie Reza (Senator for Far Pando) called for calm.

“Whilst there will be some brief disruption to food supplies. The leaked document is not only out of date, but it also covers the worst case scenario and shouldn’t be treated as the default position. We are currently in the process of sourcing food substances to make up for this shortfall in the Core.

As for the comments of the USFW, The Senate has recently made arrangements for the USFW to receive some aid”

390.24 // BREAKING NEWS: Senator arrested for trafficing!

Gaia Fepayli, one of the key senators to the system of Duro, has been arrested for illegal spice trafficing along the Corellian Run. Fepayli is known to be a very successful businessman, trading with all sorts of household products his company, “Fepayli House-Union”, is producing on the planet of Duro. For the time being, we are not fully aware of his intentions, however it is assumed that Fepayli has had an income on this spice trafficing for more than 4.3 million credits, presenting to be a very dangerous move from the senator.

The Republican Senate has called in an emergency meeting aswell as the Duro Gouvernment, immediately dealing with this matter and revoking the political position of Gaia Fepayli permanently, exiling him into the Republican Federal Penitentary on the planet of Coruscant.

We have also recieved information by the CCTV, that the trafficing has recently been escorted by an E3R with a Varactyl logo on it’s wings. The trade route leading to Hapes is being monitored as we speak, and will remain until further notice.

The people of the Republic are now asked to deliver information about this craft and it’s pilot immediately. A late source has revealed that the target has moved to the southern sectors of the galaxy, last heading along the Corellian Run.

Criminal target information:
– Aboard an E3R “E-Wing” with Varactyl logos on it’s wings
– Heavily modified according to late sources
– Pilot armed and dangerous

390.23 // Lost Stars finally arrive at their destination, as schools return across the galaxy.

Systems that follow the R.E.D (Republic Education Directive) will today hear the familiar hum of the school shuttle return to the morning soundscape. For those under the most common syllabus in the Republic, today marks a return to school.

It was reported last week by the the Inter-plantery Foundation of Statistics, that school traffic can add upwards of 22% onto commute times, so commuters will no doubt notice increased delays on the hyperlanes this morning.

It also appears to be the first day of ‘school’ for the Lost Stars. Named after the operation which saw the successful rescue of the force sensitive children that were stolen away from the Jedi Order and their families. It has been confirmed by multiple sources, that the children have spent the last three years at home with their families, and with the help of GRID, the Republic and Jedi Order psychiatrists and councillors have been aided in every-way possible to overcome their ordeal.

Unconfirmed reports appear to point that the children will be kept isolated and in quarantine at the start of their training with the Order before being distributed to the many faculties operated by the Order. The Order has refused to comment on any speculation, however all public and private engagements of Grandmaster Don’roq have been cancelled for the next year as it is believed he will be personally over seeing the Lost Stars initial development and induction.

Whilst the operation which ran for 6 years has been closed for some time, there are still a handful of unanswered questions.

Whilst many mercenaries have been prosecuted and are serving times in prisons across the galaxy, is the figure head and orchestrator still free?

and finally, what came of Koyso Chewai’in and Esta Bowing, the only two children not found in the rescue operation?

390.17 // Shock results as Lammee Ranack is appointed Chief of State!

Shock results as Lammee Ranack is appointed Chief of State!

As the sun or in many cases suns rise across the Galaxy this morning, the residents of the Republic are waking up to a new Chief of State in the shape of the former Mon Calamari senator Lammee Ranack.

Going into the vote even the most experienced commentators were reluctant to call who would emerge as Chief of State. However bookmakers had former Governeor-General Ruun, running on the back of his successes in the Vohai conflict as favourite to get the most powerful and influential position in all of the Republic.

Ruun who started ahead in the polls with a 7 point lead, slowly saw it erode away over the course of the campaign. Wide spread public demonstrations against his actions on Vohai saw highly influential Senators backing Ruun, fearful for their own re-election bids withdraw their support of the fierce military leader. The most recent blow to Ruuns campaign came mere days ago when the Jedi Order issued a statement.

“Whilst the Jedi Order strives to remain neutral in such political events, we would like to state that we condemn Govenor-General use of his past affiliation with the Jedi Order to garner prestige and favour with the residents of the Republic. Whilst Governor-General Ruun may have once represented the Jedi Order and its values, he no longer does so.”

It will be for politics students of the future to debate in their seminars, whether or not this statement is what tipped the balance which meant that New Chief of State Lamee Ranack won over Ruun by a narrow margin of only 9 votes

In her opening address Chief of State Lemmee Ranack, called for an era of calm and stability, recognising that more must be done to engage the further afield systems of the Republic who may feel dis-illusioned, calling on the Core Systems to lend their aid and support in this effort.

Behind closed doors, Chief of State Ranack will know that in order to succeed they will need to win the favour and trust of Governor-General Ruun who when asked by Holonews what his plans are simply stated

“I will continue to serve the republic.”

390.01 // Mother Mu’la killed in explosion, Revolutionary Council surrenders!

The streets of Vohai run red with anarchy as word of Mother Mu’la’s death reaches far and wide. Chaos and confusion grips the ranks of the Revolutionary Guard, while Republic officers and soldiers alike share cheers and song, for they know the war is over. Earlier in the day, the fragments of the Revolutionary Council and Revolutionary military officers reached out to Republic officials and declared their unconditional surrender.

While information is still flooding into the holonews, it is known that the Mother was attending a series of Life Day celebrations in the new capital of Queenstown when a high-explosive device was planted under her seat, killing her and 32 other members of the Revolutionary Council instantly. The new Governor-General, Shaa’li Graamish, has denied all allegations of Republic sabotage and labelled the attack a “form of factional rivalry from within the Revolutionary Council due to weakening morale.”

The estimated casualties from both sides of the conflict range from 50,000 – 175,000 military and another 1.2 million – 7.8 million civilian casualties or deaths. With her death and the surrender of the Council, most commentators assume that the major conflict of the war will come to an end. However, the planet may continue to see severe unrest and tragic losses of life until order is restored across the planet.