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419.22 // Operation Acklay’s Pincer

Private Sa’nem Haldrek was my bunkmate on board the “Trapper.” I had originally been assigned a press room, but, I wanted to give the most accurate account of the current conflict so I bunked up there by choice. Sa’nem was a Tholothian woman, in her mid-twenties. She was well known in her squadron for being forward-looking, stalwart, and good-natured, the perfect person to sit back-to-back with in a shell crater. She had a Zeltron partner back home on Eriadu and the two were bidding on a house.

We both mutually watched out the viewport, the green marble of Vohai under us. We saw the spectacle of the “Elation” detonate, all hands lost. The blood drained from her face and she looked ashen, just as I did at the time. Not long after we boarded our drop ships and descended, hitting landfall. Our assignment was to hold the landing zone as a fallback point in case the assault on the city nearby failed.

I was asking her about why she’d volunteered for such a dangerous mission, given that it had few to no incentives. She simply replied that ‘It was the right thing to do- these people are suffering under the Wyld.’ Midway through our conversation the shooting started. A force of Wyld troopers had regrouped and initiated a counter attack, hoping to surround our advanced force to cut off their escape. Sa’nem shoved me into the mud behind the pile of crates before taking two bolts to her chest that were meant for me. After the short foray, all went calm.

Private Sa’nem was one of 1,500 casualties between the fleet battle overhead and the ground engagement on Voahi. Followed by the 1,700 casualties lost on Ryloth days later. All volunteers who received no meaningful incentives to serve and defend the peoples out here in Wild Space. All doing so simply because, as Sa’nem said so simply, it’s the right thing to do.

Jedi diplomats brokered a deal in the Senate recently which is expected to commit the Republic fully to continuing the war in the Rim. The announcement was met with mixed reviews across the Republic for obvious reasons. It’s the right thing to do. But the cost of doing it is always high, and should not be forgotten.

With the two successful battles on Vohai and Ryloth behind us, everyone here on the front lines are looking to High Command for how to ensure that those sacrifices were not made in vain.

Reporting of this story given with the consent of the Haldrek family and Sa’nem’s partner.

Reporting from Vohai, this is Andee Nevaro


417.09 // Infamous Gang Leader on the Loose

On 417.02, an explosive attack on one of the Republic’s most secure detention facilities lead to the escape of Naveera Sirak, the infamous leader of the Skel Dog gang. The attack left eight dead and four in critical condition. Sources say that the raid occurred during a facility tour attended by members of the Jedi Order. We have yet to reach the Jedi for comment.

The RJA and related Republic Prison Authorities have opened an inquiry in effort to determine how infiltrators were able to penetrate the prison’s systems to and release this most dangerous of criminals.

Major Rako Syvar, Warden of RJA Tarabba Prime, had this to say:

“My most heartfelt sympathies go out the friends and families of the Guards who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence. The RJA will do everything in their power to bring Naveera Sirak and the men and women of the Skel Dog gang to justice. They will be made to pay for their crimes. Inquiries are ongoing into how it was possible for the Gang to infiltrate our facility. It is believed that another inmate, who has strong connections to the gang, may be responsible for creating a breach in these defenses.”

Reporting live from Coruscant, this has been Versei Doonan.

417.02 // The Border Advances


On 416.07 the Galaxy went quiet as the 5th fleet, due to reinforce the Republic Garrison on Vohai, was ambushed en-route in orbit over Radra IV. We now know that the Wyld fleet, its flagship destroyed over Svivren when the blockade was broken, had risked it all by charting their own hyperspace routes from Alzoc III, around Voahi, to Radra IV. As the 5th fleet was navigating nearby the system’s asteroid belt the Wyld fleet ambushed, using tractor beams to tug large asteroids out of the belt to crash into Republic vessels. The 5th fleet was decimated and at least one ship scuttled and is presumed captured, the Republic Star Destroyer “Illuminant Star”.


The Republic has been coordinating a defense but all eyes of the Galaxy have been on Hutt Space. With the Wyld Empire’s goal of being seen as a main-stage player in galactic geopolitics there are rising concerns of factions using this opportunity to annex long-desired territory. Republic and Hutt diplomats, along with Jedi negotiators facilitating, have brokered a trade deal that has de-escalated concerns of Hutt annexation of long desired territory along Republic Space.


With an increased trust in the security of Republic worlds along Hutt space, the Republic has mobilized its fleet, looking to make a strategic strike to push the Wyld Empire out of Republic territory. Republic officials have also said that discussions have been opened up between the Republic military and leaders of the Coalition of Freedom (CoF) in Wild Space against the Wyld Empire. The planet of Svivren, the last system in Wild Space to hold out against the Wyld Empire, is serving as the base of operations for the Coalition. If the Republic and the CoF are to formally make an alliance is yet to be seen. Only time will tell for the future of these occupied planets.

Reporting from Vergesso, this is Andee Nevaro

416.02 // War comes to the Republic

Over the last two cycles the Wyld Empire has spent time and resources solidifying its control over its acquisitions. It appears that stability has been reached on the annexed worlds as, with securing their border along the Arkanis Sector with the acquisition of Wrea and Ryloth, the Wyld Empire has turned their eyes towards the sleeping giant, the Galactic Republic.


In a broadcast to the galaxy today, the Emperor of the growing militant state formally declared war on the Republic, citing a specific war goal to complete:


[The viewscreen cuts to a clip of the speech. The armored figure of the Wyld Emperor standing in the foreground with a wall of flames burning behind him is followed by the sound of his distorted, robotic voice through his helmet]

“Over the last cycles our fledgling Empire has established itself as the preeminent ruling body in your Wild Space. Nonetheless, we’ve found that our sovereignty, independence, and authority has been questioned by those who wish to see the status quo of the Galaxy maintained.

“We refuse to continue to be ignored; viewed as a blip on the radars of the Galactic powers that be. We control four of the five systems that consist of the ‘5 veils’ region of your maps. We will solidify our control over that region and prove ourselves a force to be reckoned with in one fell swoop: our intended acquisition of Vohai.

“The Wyld Empire formally declares war on the Galactic Republic, the driving force of stagnation and ineptitude in the Galaxy. We will prove to all that we are a powerful nation that will be respected and feared by all.”

[The viewscreen returns to establishing shots of Coruscant]

The senate in crisis, the Chancellor has ordered the 5th fleet to mobilize and move to defend the system of Vohai from invasion as well as issued his own statement,

[The Chancellor appears on the viewscreen, the Senate Building looming large behind him as he stands at a podium]

“The Republic has fought many grave threats throughout our history. Since our reconstitution, we’ve endured strife in many forms from many violent enemies foreign and domestic. I want to reassure the member systems of the Republic, our allies, as well as those who would seek to exploit this moment for their personal gain, that we’re unconcerned with this violent threat from the belligerents who have, through force and violence, expanded through independent regions to our south. They will find that, in this case, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.”

War declared and military forces mobilizing, we will be keeping our viewers updated on all critical developments as they occur. We encourage all viewers who are watching from Vohai to follow the local government’s evacuation directives swiftly to ensure that minimum civilian injuries or casualties occur in the coming days.

This is Andee Nevaro reporting.

414.06 // Wyld Empire Opens New Fronts after Small Victories

Over the last year the Wyld Empire has been laying siege to planets inside their growing sphere of influence. The planets of Svivren and Skynara have seen the full brunt of their military blockades until recently.

Jedi led operations on Skynara have provided humanitarian aid to the suffering populations of the occupied world, while a Jedi led strike team on the flagship in the blockade of Svivren disabled the vessel in question, allowing the planetary security fleet to rout the aggressing fleet after the destruction of the flagship.

In these operations some sensitive data has been discovered. This reporter has been authorized to share some details that were recovered and made public just today.

The Wyld Empire has four main combat groups. Two naval battlegroups and two army groups. Each is commanded by a force-using ‘Wyldling’ as they’ve been dubbed. Each army group is attached to one of the naval groups and have been mobilized to open two fronts in opposite directions, eastern and western. The commanders of the Eastern Front are Admiral Vehmens and General Truculen while on the Western Front the commanders are Admiral Kerudelys and General Inestima.

With the setbacks of occupying Svivren and the continued partisan movement only gaining strength on Skynara, the Empire has opened up its two fronts and have used their trademark tactics to stomp down ill-defended independent planets in Wild Space. They’ve made startling gains in their Eastern Front as they quickly toppled Drexel, Dom-Bradden, Ryloth, and Wrea. Meanwhile, the criminal haven Socorro has descended into civil war. Criminal Syndicates and Mob families have banded together to make alliances, half desiring to voluntarily join the Wyld Empire for profit while the other half desire to maintain their ‘independence’ and run their criminal empires without influence from a strong, established occupying government.

While there have been some critical victories made against the expanding rogue state actor, the military capacity and aptitude of their war machine cannot be more clear. More on this developing conflict as it unfolds.

This is Andee Nevaro