JEDI HoloNet

388.02 // Empress Bellitria Comments on Vohai

In a rare public appearance, Empress Bellitria Fel spoke to members of the media this morning, addressing a number of social and political issues that have been sweeping the Empire in recent months. Of particular note is comments she made regarding the ongoing crisis on Vohai..

“We of course wish a fast resolution to the crisis on Vohai with as little loss of life as possible. The Republic and the Senate are of course in every right to protect the lives of its citizens on Vohai in this conflict, although the people of Vohai We would argue should also be allowed to determine their own fate. It’s ironic that a galactic government that is supposed to be founded on the principles of ‘democracy and freedom’ appears to have forgotten this, while worlds are free to join and leave the Empire as they please.
In any case, we hope the situation is resolved quickly.”

The Empress’ comments quickly drew sharp criticism from people within the Republic Senate.

387.26 // Sabotage Attempt and Attack on Capital-Ship RSN Firefly, two killed and ship saved by Jedi Heroes

The RSN Firefly, de-facto Capital and Operations Ship of the peacekeeping mission of the planet of Vohai, home to over ten-thousand soldiers and crew-members, suffered an attrocious and murderous sabotage attempt by Revolutionary loyalists, co-ordinating with Revolutionary ground forces who mounted Starfighters and, in the hundreds, flew into the RSN Firefly, killing their pilots in the process and blowing up the Starfighters, in the hopes of the shields having been disabled by on-board EMP planted by saboteur. Presently, the RSN Firefly is still undergoing electrical repairs but is anticipated to remain very much in working order.

Two Jedi who cannot be named were, in the words of on-board crew members and soldiers at the time of the explosion, “absolutely necessary” for the saving of the entire ship, as the saboteurs intended to plant more bombs after the first attempt failed.

In retaliation, Republic Forces have proceeded with an intense bombing campaign over the unprotected and unshielded industrial areas of the planet to further weaken the Revolutionary war effort, while also disabling transport links on the Vohai Monorail with intense orbital bombardment. Senators have raised serious ethical concerns about the longevity of the war, anticipated actions of Governor-General Ruun and the prospect for civilian casualties nullifying the ‘moral righteousness’ of the Republic. However, the Chief of State has suspended Senate debate on the subject until official statistics from the Office of Strategics and Military Logistics comes forth.

387.19 // Missing Sword causes the Lamprey Basin to bubble and boil.

The tension between the two towns of Dorsel and Shanti Reef continues to grow as Dorsel officially terminates all boat trip excursions between the two settlements.

Both settlements are located in the vast Lamprey Basin which is protected on all sides by towering Fins mountain range. Situated in the heart of Karkaris, they are both popular tourist destinations with both Karkoradons and off-worlders. Whilst both are still individually accessible via shuttles, Shanti Reefs economy is significantly bolstered by ‘day trippers’ from Dorsel.

Whilst a friendly rivalry has always existed between the two, it soured a year or so ago, when the ancient sword of founding father of both settlements, Nidusronto Shanti, was stolen. The culprit behind the theft is still unknown, and the whereabouts of the sword a mystery.

This latest development is seen as an attempt to put pressure on Shanti Reef to report the theft to Karkaris Security Forces. Dorsel has repeatedly and consistently asked for the case to be referred to KSF, however the sword which spends 60 years in each settlement before transferring to the other, was in its 24th year at Shanti Reef when it was taken, meaning that for an official KSF investigation to begin Shanti Reef must report it missing. Something that as of yet, they have refused to do.

When asked to comment, one of the local town councilors and Shanti Reef shuttle port manager Stin’io had this to say

It’s none of your business. We’ve got a someone looking into it, better than any KSF officer. The sword will be back in no time you wait and see.

Until then Shanti Reef is open for business.

387.13 // Attack on Vohai Garrisons, defections and Ruun declares State of Emergency

A shocking turn of events has gripped Vohai, as seven major garrisons on the cities of Summerfield, Little Rodia and Gallicia have rebelled against their regional authorities and joined the planet-gripping strikes, with many of them professing loyalty to the ‘People’s Will’ terrorist faction. While the situation is still unclear, it is reported by several sources that Republic officials have been stripped and killed as Government buildings are stormed and set ablaze, most notably in the capital of Vohai City. After almost ten years without need, the State of Emergency has once again been declared on the turmoiltuous planet of Vohai.

Resources are being stripped from nearby systems to aid in the support of the remaining Vohai’s garrisons, but G.R.I.D officials have denoted a lack of ability in their espionage and covert operations to try and defeat the terrorist cell of the People’s Will due to ‘subversion of the population’.

Reportedly, Governor-General Ruun is reaching out to old allies within the Jedi Order – but at this time it is unconfirmed. Whether or not the violence will be contained can only be told through time; the Galaxy holds its breath and watches.

387.11 // Ruun declared new Governor-General amid Vohai chaos

In an unsurprising turn of events, Laa’ken Ruun, former Jedi, Senator and Naval Officer has been issued the rare title of Governor-General of the Vohai System, as well as all affiliated military and civilian enterprises to ‘ensure the safety and security of the citizens of the Republic.’ The Chief of State made a brief and unannounced statement on his off-world flight to visit Ithor, in which he stated:

Governor Ruun has had a long and fruitful career, which makes him the most experienced man for the job. At this time, the Republic does not wish to directly engage with regional matters out of respect for the decentralisation of our governing bodies. We have every confidence in Ruun’s abilities and are giving him every resource required to deal with the threat posed by the terrorist cells on Vohai, and pray that in due course no more suffering comes to the innocents plagued by their barbarism.

Despite Holonews’ best efforts, we have been unable to reach Governor-General Ruun for comment or interview.