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398.05 // OUTRAGE over senator’s sentence for corruption scandal

Protests erupt across the Republic as a three-year community service sentence has been given to Senator Arkanus of Pantora, found guilty of illegally spending 13,000,000 credits of state funds.

Senator Arkanus, who was a leading figure of the senate’s anti-corruption league during the Galactic Recession, has since been in a five-year battle with the Supreme Court of the Galactic Republic over multiple allegations of bribery, abuse of powers and fraud.

The Supreme Court justified its sentence with the following statement: ”

“The Supreme Court has acted on this matter according to the legal definitions of existing codes of conduct, while taking into consideration the character and good that Senator Arkanus has provided for not only his community, but the community of the Republic.”

Critics of the Supreme Court, such as ex-governor Laa’ken Ruun, describe the sentence as “a disgusting misuse of justice… symbolic of the heart of corruption in our Republic”. Lord Ruun himself currently undergoing investigation for allegations of war crimes during the Vohai Civil War by the Supreme Court’s investigative body.

However, critics outside of the political sphere of the Republic seem outraged by the disparity of sentencing charges by the Republic’s legal code. Holonews spoke with Coruscant lawyer Grangram Bibblesman, a criminal lawyer that has “fought tooth and nail” for “far less egregious crimes”, but his defendants have often received far greater penalties.

“Believe me, my clients have stole nowhere near 13 million credits, and they rarely get away with no prison time. This is inequality before the law, plain and simple. It’s telling that, because of the ‘sensitivity’ of the case, the transcripts won’t be released for another twenty years! All I want to know is just how many of those judges were close friends of Senator Arkanus, hm?”

398.01 // Republic gang warfare and its interplanetary underbelly

In the criminal underworld of the Republic, figures lurk every street corner. Violence is not uncommon as disagreements can quickly turn into shootouts. But despite the senate’s clamping down on illegal arms ownership, the intergalactic arms trade remains strong.

By far, Coruscant is the single largest hive of criminal activity in the Republic save for the Outer Rim. In 372 ABY, the senate passed legislation which would ban legal non-government arms sales on Coruscant in an attempt to clamp down on their illegal usage. Since then, the number of non-Republic arms used as evidence in court cases has more than quadrupled. In the last four cycles 100,412 weapons charges were decided by judges – most of which applied to repeating offenders. Of those repeating offenders, 46% were under the age of twenty.

“For most kids here, they either know someone in their family that is part of a gang or have a parent that is working for one.” Holonews spoke with Jamine La’men, leader of Coruscant’s 23rd level ‘Youth Hostels’, a charity which provides housing for young men and women who have been either kicked out of their homes by abusive parents or have lost their homes. Coruscant’s 23rd level has one of the highest numbers of petty theft of all other levels. “It’s not the same everywhere and they know that – but it’s a culture that just grows from a young age here. After the recession, social services started shutting down and kids didn’t know what to do with themselves. None of them are bad, no, but they don’t have the right support to find legitimate work, and go with what’s easy and what seems exciting at the time.”

“Blasters are more common than a hot meal in Resnik”, Jamine told Holonews. Resnik is the derogatory Vohaian name for ‘Little World’, a set of streets on the 23rd level. The gangs of Resnik are known for being involved with the illegal arms trade, mostly from Hutt origins. It is home to a population of Twi’lek and Rodian immigrant communities who fled during the Vohai Civil War, most illegally. The community has been faced with abuse since their arrival in Coruscant, anti-Vohaian demonstrations became increasingly common until the Republic’s Security Forces (RSF) stationed a permanent garrison in the heart of the community, one of the largest single garrison forces in the sector.

Jamine La’men tells us of the story of some of the young adults she has seen pass through her hostel, one in particular named ‘K’. K’s parents were illegal gang workers that had been sucked into the system since they were unable to find other work, until K’s parents were killed in a shootout between their own gang and a Wookiee gang of the 24th level. Unable to find work, K is now serving a life sentence for armed robbery and triple homicide.

But most of these gangs are sponsored by interplanetary crime syndicates, either as part of larger criminal organisations or part of the same purchasing networks. The most prolific of these remain the Hutt Cartel, which supply the majority of illegal substances and arms to criminal organisations within the Republic. Next to suppliers within the Hutt Cartel, the Killik Territories and Fel Empire remain the largest suppliers of weapons used by criminal organisations in the Republic.


Hutt Cartel: 1469

The Republic: 1384

Killik Territories: 702

Fel Empire: 688

The Chiss Ascendency: 213

Bothan Authority: 198

The Rutan Crime Syndicate: 51

The Fel Empire’s diplomat to the Republic, Kammun Gran, was outraged by the insinuation of Holonews. “The fight against galactic gangs is one that must unite governments, not assign blame. Every government in the galaxy has a moral responsibility to clamp down on the illegal selling of their manufacturers’ arms.” The head of the RSF echoed the sentiments of Kammun Gran, adding: “This fight is a plague on our society, but there is a long history of neglect that needs to be owned up to.”

“We wish someone would really care”, Jamine said with tears in her eyes. “At a point, you just have to not think about it and get on. We want to care, but sometimes we have to turn people away – young people who are desperately in need of help – but they would endanger our community with their presence. Those are the ones that break my heart.”

Back to you, Lynda.


Jedi Insignia

Galactic Holonews has just received word from an inside source that Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq, has been admitted to intensive care under the Circle of Healers of Ossus. Though we are not in possession of all of the facts as of yet, we can confirm that he has fallen unconscious and is being transported into an intensive care facility within the temple as we speak. The overwhelming speculation is that this condition has followed cycles of failing to heal from wounds he sustained during the strike team operation he led into the heart of the Spectral Force.

The 150-year-old Whiphid has had a long history of serving the galaxy; from his time as a member of the Galactic Alliance’s division of Jedi healers during The Attrition Wars, to being elected to the position of Grandmaster of the Jedi Order in 361 ABY. His almost fourty year tenure has overseen the growth of the Jedi Order back into its former glory as the guardians of justice and peace from the disastrous ashes of the Imperium Wars. The Jedi, the Republic and the whole Galaxy has been shaped by his guidance.

All the staff at Holonews will pray for a speedy recovery of the Grandmaster, and we are sure that the entire galaxy is with us in that prayer.

397.19 // The Grandmaster’s Galactic Address

And now, a message from the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq.

For those unaware, our Order has gone through a most tumultuous time. We, as have the galaxy, been engaged with a threat the likes of which has not been seen before. Nevertheless, we Jedi have prevailed and brought this galaxy to a much safer place.

Our Jedi researchers, led by our strongest divisions that for security reasons will remain anonymous, uncovered the nature of an alien element, only recently discovered to exist in the galaxy. We have thus described it as the ‘Spectral Force’. This element, otherwise more commonly referred to as ‘the Void’, is a substance that feeds off the life energies of the Force – that which gives a Jedi their power – and disturbs its very essence to a point unrecognizable.

This element metastasized and, eventually, took hold of a force-sensitive individual. It is at this point that the threat I speak of began, as the notorious ‘Lost Star Children’, who were led astray by this unknown and unregistered force user. This individual, financed through personal connections, sought to use the Lost Star children to create his own dangerous cult. However, before this could reach fruition, myself and a strike team of Jedi took out this individual before he could be a greater harm to the galaxy. The only two Lost Star children to not be returned to their families are Esta Bowing and Koyso Chewai’in, who have tragically lost their lives in the fight against this evil.

As far as we are aware, those areas affected by this malignant taint will slowly heal back to life, but we have no way of telling how long this will take – or if they will ever truly be as they once were.

Let it be known that this could not have been completed if not for the valiant efforts by other factions of the Force. The Imperial Knights, Zeison Sha, Iron Knights, Matukai, Baran Do and others were instrumental in their support, many of which lost their lives – just as we have, during this painful process. Through it all, we have forged a new path of unity and strength – but let us not forget all that we have lost. Myself and the Order would ask the brave members of the galaxy to a one minute silence for those the galaxy has lost tomorrow morning at 11:00 Galactic Time, so that we may reflect and meditate on all that we hold sacred.

397.13 // Controversial Book Targeting Jedi Hits The Republic’s Bestsellers!

“It has been over four decades since the Imperium War ended and yet its echoes affect the Republic, Fel Empire and the rest of the galaxy still. At the heart of the conflict, the Jedi. What else is new?”

This is the beginning of the now bestselling book, “The Jedi – Friend or Foe?”, written by Dr. Del Mund, former candidate for the office of senator on the planet of Corellia. The book was published last cycle and already it has received popularity in the mid and outer rim. However, it has not reached much critical or political acclaim due to its anti-Jedi sentiments. Many senators and politicians are speaking out against the book, and here to speak about that is the man himself, Dr. Mund.

“Hello, Dr. Mund!”

“Hi, Ray. Thanks for having me.”

“Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Now, Dr. Mund, your novel has achieved the Republic’s bestseller list quicker than most novels in the last several decades. Why do you think that is?”

“I think it’s because it’s a conversation worth having. If you look at history, the Jedi are at the core of it. Who are their wars against? Other Jedi. And the rest of us are along for the ride. People forget that the Sith came from the Jedi. Why should we have to deal with the Jedi Order’s failures? Failures, if I might add, which have cost countless lives over the centuries.“

“Anti-Jedi sentiment is nothing new, but what makes your book or movement different?”
“Come now, Ray, I’d hardly label it as a movement. And I resent it being called anti-Jedi. More so… anti-war.”

“How can you call this novel not anti-Jedi when you suggested or implied in many of its chapters that it would be better if the Jedi didn’t exist at all?”

“Listen, I respect the Jedi immensely. The story of the Republic and Jedi is an old one. An abusive story at that but a story nonetheless. And they have saved the galaxy more than enough times. The question I’m proposing in my novel is, why was it necessary in the first place? Are or were we better off without them? In my novel you will find historical evidence that gives weight to both sides of the argument. And I’ll leave it to the reader to decide.”

“Many politicians including the Chief of State have spoken out against your novel and have advised Republic citizens not to purchase it. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“Of course they have. They need the Jedi. Why would they say anything different? If I were in their position, I would be saying the same thing. While we’re speaking about the Republic government, why would the leadership allow the Jedi to police our systems when they are no longer sworn to us? Why do they have that authority, and where does that authority end? Where are the checks and balances? These are questions that need answers.”

“You certainly have a lot of ideas, Dr. Mund. But my question to you is, what’s in it for you?”

“Nothing but the debate. Popularity has its setbacks. I have received many death threats since the book’s publication and I am not backing down. Every citizen of the Republic needs to have this conversation to prevent another Jedi war.”

“I am extremely sorry to hear that. Thank you for your time, Dr. Mund.”

“Thank you, Ray.”