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394.01 // Death of Grand Moff Jarvin Fel

The Empresses’ first cousin and her most trusted confidante, Jarvin Fel has died at the of 43. The Grand Moff was found dead in his private quarters within the Imperial Palace on Bastion. The cause of Jarvin’s death has not yet been revealed however second-in-command of the Imperial Knights, Master Felten Hossk who was the first to discover Jarvin’s dormant body has stated: “As Knights we have sworn loyalty to the empress and the Fel Dynasty. It saddened my heart to find Jarvin in such a state, helpless. His service to Fel Empire will not be forgotten”. The purple-armored Knight said no more and wouldn’t disclose any finer details of the situation after being prompted by our correspondent.

The feeling of shock lingers even outside of the Imperial Palace. Members of the Moff Council have rested their condolences with the Fel family. Even Moff Gyi, someone who Jarvin disregarded Moff Gyi due to his Imperium heritage had this to say:

“I will not sugarcoat things. I and Jarvin’s relationship was indeed rocky, yes. With parts of my family breaking off from the Empire and helping birth the Sith Imperium, Jarvin has always distrusted me and honestly, he is not wrong to do so. Though I earnt his trust and displayed my loyalty when I led the campaign against the remnants of my family’s doing. Yes, I’m surprised by the death of someone so close to the Empress and I’m also skeptical as to what caused his death. In times like these where the question of succession is in the air, one can only wonder what power can lead people to do.”

With Grand Moff Jarvin’s passing, it has allowed Ambassador Nemora Torysk to gain even more traction out in the fringes of imperial territory whispers have risen from within the palace that the Empress has already picked the ambassador as her next line of succession though High Moff Korsden has stated otherwise:

“The question of succession is still upon us. The Empress has yet to make her decision and until so the Moff Council will only continue to advise and serve her to the best of our abilities.”

While some believe the throne lies with Nemora Torysk, high ranking figures within the Capital believe the son of Jarvin Fel, Julianus Fel II, a training Imperial Knight may have a chance to rival the Ambassador in their campaigns to take on the throne. With Julianus holding the family name he proves to be an appealing candidate, able to continue the Fel Dynasty. Though the decision is left with the Empress.


393.28 // Homelessness on Coruscant hits highest ever recorded, new study finds


Homelessness on the lower levels of Coruscant is reaching levels only seen in preceding centuries, a study by the Institute for Galactic Economic Affairs (IGEA) concluded this year, citing sky-rising property value and a rampant drug trade as the two largest sources of strife for the issue. Lamee Ranack, the Republic’s Chief of State, hoped to bring an end to the issue with her ‘Five Steps’ program to bolster the Republic’s “structural foundations”, the first step involving “economic reinvestment” and “revitalisation” for impoverished areas such as the capital city’s lower levels.

However, the study conducted by the IGEA was extremely critical of Chief of State Ranack’s policies, stating that credits used were only “fuel to the fire” that did not address the underlying issues of the rising levels of poverty and homelessness. The main area of Ranack’s economic revitalisation scheme was to buy up huge swathes of unused lower level infrastructure or buildings and refurbish them into housing estates or flats, but this itself created several neglected issues. First and foremost, the study writes, “the revitalisation scheme, as it is run by profiteer banks, neglects the needs of well-being by constructing or reconstructing housing in areas that are prone to gang violence or habitually plagued with anti-social behaviour to ensure that quotas are met.” Furthermore, “the forced eviction of ‘squatters’ created a tremendous sudden growth in homelessness, the biggest source of the issue, with spurred on anti-social behaviour as families and individuals struggled to live outside of the homeless communes that had naturally built up over time”.

To remedy this, the Coruscant government began issuing single-occupancy tents or larger tents for family occupants. However, the issuing of tents to the homeless has begun clogging up commercial highstreets as instead of living in sewers or under bridges, the homeless now live in ‘tent communities’ in open areas, bringing them into open clashes with Coruscant underworld police. Against Lammee Ranack’s wishes, the corporate block of the Senate has begun drafting a bill to illegalise vagrancy – in effect, forcing these homeless groups into more clandestine areas of the city – to keep commerce high, citing ‘public danger’ presented by the homeless due to high levels of the illegal drug trade.

With the senate’s backlash and current debate over the legality of homelessness, the government has been ineffective in stopping this growing crisis.

391.03 // A Question of Succession

Talk and debate regarding the next in line to the throne have been playing back and forth across the Empire in recent months.

With Empress Belitria still childless and will no apparent suitor on the horizon, many in the Imperial Palace on Bastion have, apparently, begun to quietly throw their support behind members of the extended Imperial family. Two in particular are proving increasingly popular as potential successors to the Empress.

Grand Moff Javin Fel has served on the Council of Moffs for the past thirty years and served with honours in the war with the Sith Imperium when he was younger, having taken part in the battle to reclaim Bastion. While popular among the other Grand Moff’s and, indeed, the military at large, he is seen as something of a traditionalist and has long been one of the more outspoken voices in the Imperial government against the Empire’s alliance with the Republic.

Ambassador Nemera Torysk has acquired something of a ‘people’s hero’ reputation over the course of her career in the Imperial Diplomatic Corp. Serving as her distant cousins ambassador to the Republic, she has been monumental in solidifying relations between the two powers as well as warming the opinions and relations of other nations across the galaxy towards the Empire.

While much of this issue remains speculation so far, the question surrounding the Imperial succession continues to slowly build. While the risk of civil war erupting as a result of the issue seems incredibly small, whoever succeeds the current Empress to the throne will determine the direction of the Empire and her politics for years to come.

390.26 // Salliche’s pears bruised by unforecasted storms!

Supermarkets, restaurants and food carts in The Core could face up-to a year long shortage due to severe flooding of the agriworld of Salliche according to leaked documents from the Senate.

Located in the Core, Salliache has experienced unforecasted and unprecedented rain and thuderstorms in the past cycle and it is being predicted that upto 70% of it’s crops could be lost.

Best known for the Salliche Pear, the farmers of the agriworld are working tirelessly to harvest what ever they can however the USFW, Union of Salliche Farmers and Workers, have condemned the lack of support from The Senate. One Farm owner ranting

“Usually we hire in extra hands when it comes to harvesting season but we’re about a month too early and being put under immense pressure to harvest what we can, with no additional resource from The Senate! How do they expect us to deliver?”

Talking on the steps of the senate, the Environment, Food and Rural Planets Secretary Villie Reza (Senator for Far Pando) called for calm.

“Whilst there will be some brief disruption to food supplies. The leaked document is not only out of date, but it also covers the worst case scenario and shouldn’t be treated as the default position. We are currently in the process of sourcing food substances to make up for this shortfall in the Core.

As for the comments of the USFW, The Senate has recently made arrangements for the USFW to receive some aid”

390.24 // BREAKING NEWS: Senator arrested for trafficing!

Gaia Fepayli, one of the key senators to the system of Duro, has been arrested for illegal spice trafficing along the Corellian Run. Fepayli is known to be a very successful businessman, trading with all sorts of household products his company, “Fepayli House-Union”, is producing on the planet of Duro. For the time being, we are not fully aware of his intentions, however it is assumed that Fepayli has had an income on this spice trafficing for more than 4.3 million credits, presenting to be a very dangerous move from the senator.

The Republican Senate has called in an emergency meeting aswell as the Duro Gouvernment, immediately dealing with this matter and revoking the political position of Gaia Fepayli permanently, exiling him into the Republican Federal Penitentary on the planet of Coruscant.

We have also recieved information by the CCTV, that the trafficing has recently been escorted by an E3R with a Varactyl logo on it’s wings. The trade route leading to Hapes is being monitored as we speak, and will remain until further notice.

The people of the Republic are now asked to deliver information about this craft and it’s pilot immediately. A late source has revealed that the target has moved to the southern sectors of the galaxy, last heading along the Corellian Run.

Criminal target information:
– Aboard an E3R “E-Wing” with Varactyl logos on it’s wings
– Heavily modified according to late sources
– Pilot armed and dangerous