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410.21 // Joint Statement: Republic & Coruscanti Government

In a joint statement this morning, Republic Ambassador Vosadaii alongside Coruscanti Government Diplomat Miona offered further clarification on the deal struck late last night.

Last night a deal was struck between the Republic and Coruscanti Government to help end the ongoing food shortages on Coruscant.

The additional food will be sourced utilising the wider trade network of the Republic, particularly making use of trade lanes in the Galactic South and Galactic East.

We would like to take this moment to reassure those agri-worlds in the Galactic North that your trade will not be disrupted as a result of this. We will continue to maintain the same level of agri-trade down the northern trade spine. The wider network will only be making up the shortfall in produce rather than replacing it in its entirety.

The additional cost will be absorbed by the Republic, at no extra cost to either the people of Coruscant or the Republic.

Immediately after the statement, Agri-Unionist Undruk who represents the Agri-worlds in the Galactic North made a statement.

Whilst I’m glad that trade down the trade spine won’t be disrupted and the livelihoods of millions have been protected, it’s important to get on record that if it hadn’t been for the threat of a mass strike, the Republic would of almost certainly ceased all agri-trade from the North! This battle is not over, and my colleagues and I will endevaor to ensure the rights of agri-workers in the Galactic North are protected.

One party that has been particularly quiet in all this has been the independent planet of Duneeden. What does this latest development mean for them?

One thing is for certain, if they do not find an ally soon, their independence project will surely fail.

410.20 // BREAKING NEWS: Republic steps in to solve food shortages on Coruscant.

We have just received confirmation from a source within the Coruscanti Government that a deal has been reached with the Republic to rectify the food shortages currently gripping Coruscant.

We have immediate live reaction from our political correspondent, Amlio Kentrin

“Did anyone really expect Coruscant not to align with the Republic? Anything else was all bluster honestly. Although what’s interesting is where the food is coming from. Reports are suggesting increased trade down other trade routes, which will be sure to cause issues in the Galactic North.”

More reaction and information as it becomes available.

410.19 // Canto Bight’s ‘Omen’ Rumor Causes Tourist Numbers to Plummet

Known for its mass tourism due to in part having one of the largest casinos in the Galaxy, Cantonica’s Canto Blight has been the center of attention of a rumor that has caused mass hysteria for the locals, as well as a large number of tourists who planned to visit.

It is not the first time that such a rumor, called Omen by Cantonicans, surfaces. There have been reports over a century for the existence of this event, but the Cantonica Security Force has not deemed it important to investigate. Until now.

What is this ‘Omen that could cause such mass hysteria across the entire city? Asking around the locals, rumors circulate that the city has been cursed by consistent disappearances of random people, who visit the city never to return.

It is not an unusual event to have family members and friends not return over the years from Cantonica, often assumed that they gambled their life away or having got rich and disappeared from public life. But over the recent years, the disappearances appear to have grown dramatically, sparking interest and fear over this “Omen”.

Unofficial Sources claim that Cantonica authorities have been investigating those disappearances, and initial reports reveal that they take place primarily in the capital of Canto Bight, sparking further rumors of terrible gangs or insidious cults within the capital.

When contacted for an official statement, Canto Bight Chief of Security, Inspector Elias Miller, stated: “We urge people to take these rumors with a grain of salt. Disappearances in popular places are not unheard of over the years, and there appears to be no visible or significant increase lately. Canto Bight’s security is of the utmost priority, and the Security Force takes matters seriously. Canto Bight is one of the safest capitals in the Galaxy, and we urge tourists to pay no heed to such unsubstantiated rumors.”

Despite the statement, bookings and arrivals of tourists on Canto Bight have seemed to plummet. This sharp decline has caused major concern for Cantonica economists, who believe that if this trend does continue, the economy could take a massive hit.

Is this ‘Omen’ just a rumor, started just to scare potential visitors, or is there some sinister truth behind it?

Stay tuned for further developments in this story.

Cerisse Lo’nje for National Cantonican News Center.

410.04 // Disappearances spike to a fever pitch


A coordinated investigation between major investigative journalist organizations has brought to light a disturbing trend from the “five veils” systems to the end of the Corellian Run. 

Over a dozen systems along the border of Wild Space have experienced an unsettling surge of abductions that have been steadily increasing over the last 20 years. These rarely reported-on systems independently have been tracking these disappearances and have been making individual legislative actions to try to curtail the disturbing increases to no avail.

While local reporting has been measuring these disappearances from Ryloth to Skynara to Vohai, our counterparts at the associated presses have collected and consolidated all of these individual reporting threads into one, umbrella survey of all of these border planets.

The result is unquestionable evidence of a coordinated attempt to take mass populations from vulnerable planets. Shared characteristics of these planets tend to be a lack of unified government, lack of industrialization, under-educated populations, and high rural populations of low density.

These trends have opened up these planets to being slow to report disappearances, or to have such a high degree of criminal activity, such as on the planet Socorro, where a true population census is completely impractical.

There is still little understanding of who is behind these mass, interplanetary abductions. Of the many criminal organizations that operate outside of Republic space, the majority of which do not have the infrastructure to commit mass kidnapping on a scale this disturbingly large. Experts are continuing to gather evidence but preliminary data suggests that multiple different criminal organizations may be coordinating together for their own mutual benefit.

We’re hopeful that our investigative report brings enough of this data to the light of the galactic community and can facilitate and foster aid and assistance to affected planets who, on their own, are unable to stem the tide of this disturbing trend.


Reporting was facilitated by the AP

409.24 // 2 Years on: The Duneeden Project and Empty Supermarket Shelves

Two years ago Duneeden seceeded from the Republic, becoming a purple ink blot of independence within its heart.

So how is the Duneeden project coming along? The Synod of Duneeden, comprised of elective representatives of the wards of Duneeden, would have you believe that the project has been an overwhelming success. Many didn’t believe the planet would survive 6 months without the backing of the Republic, let alone two years.

However, our sources from across the 6 wards of Duneeden inform us that crime is on the rise, alongside unemployment. Meanwhile education and health care services appear to be going in the opposite direction and are in decline. Many in the upper echelons of the Senate believe it is only a matter of time until Duneeden rejoins the Republic.

But could it all still go pear shaped? (Pun very much intended)

The Galactic Holonews can exclusively reveal that there is tension between the Senate and the Coruscanti Government fixated entirely around fresh fruit and vegetables.

Those who reside on Coruscant will know first hand the growing difficulty to attain fresh produce. Owing to the alterations of trade routes due to the independence, the specially designed ships used for transporting the produce which is grown in Agriworlds in the mid and outer rim, are now having to bypass Duneeden preventing them from refueling on coolant. As a result, it is estimated that approximately 31% of produce now arriving on Coruscant is inedible causing wide shortages.

The Coruscanti Government wants to strike a deal with The Synod of Duneeden to reinstate the old trade route. However, such a deal will surely go someway to further weaken the Dunedin’s reliance on the Republic, something the Republic are all to aware of.

Stay tuned for more information.