JEDI HoloNet

341.02 // Imperium Territory Expands


The fighting has continued and the Imperium has steam-rolled its armies through the outer rim, collecting an additional ten or more systems to its empire. The Republic has formulated its front line between Ebu and Edusa in the hopes of preventing the Imperium march into Republic space.

Due to recruitment calls, the Republic Defense Force has managed to welcome 500,000 in to its ranks and ready for deployment with an additional 300,000 ready for basic training. The Jedi Order has yet to show any activity with the conflict, with the Senate becoming restless and divided on their lack of activity. Despite the announcement of the Jedi Order to protect the Republic, no military action has yet been operated that we know of. It’s a matter of time before the Imperium starts to operate near the Core and threaten the heart of the Republic; we here at Galactic HoloNews implore in the interest of the citizens of the Republic, in hoping the Jedi Order assists. More as it develops.

340.21 // Promotions within the Order

Jerex Sol and Wen Ordo Knighted in the presence of Sebastin Creed and Amalia Feyn.

Jerex Sol and Wen Ordo Knighted in the presence of Sebastin Creed and Amalia Feyn.

The Jedi Order acknowledges the promotions of Jedi Knight(s); Wen Ordo and Jerex Sol. Promoted in the presence of High Councilor Sebastin Creed and Councilor Amalia Feyn on the Rannon Praxeum, these two members will serve the Order in these dark times, and pass their teachings on to future generations, and maintain the Will of the Force for the rest of their lives.

340.14 // Sith Imperium on Alzoc III?

The Alzoc III government has reported an attack on one of their outposts in the mountains. Alzoc III was formerly Republic, and home to Jedi until their decision to relocate to their ancestral world of Yavin IV.

An explosion ripped the east side of the outpost. Notably the location where stored information was kept. The explosion came from seemingly nowhere. No A.S.F (Alzoc Security Force) mentioned sight of anybody entering or leaving the facility.

However, security camera footage (retrieved remotely) contained sightings of robed figures fading in and out of view:

We can identify these figures from prior knowledge to be Sith. One can only speculate their presence is connected to the facility’s history. It was once a Jedi Enclave, used as a hidden retreat.

We are uncertain the Jedi have left Yavin. The Republic and Jedi keep this information secure and hidden. Nonetheless, if they are, we highly advise them to leave soon rather than later.

339.29 // A New Strategy

The Imperium conquest continues in Northern space. Both the Republic and New Empire struggle to push the Sith back as they have all but conquered Imperial territory, and are spreading the fight to Republic space. The presence of Sith on the battlefield has proved difficult for the Empire and Republic. Many war strategists prospect the best way to counter the Sith would be their eternal enemies – the Jedi. However, the Jedi Order has withered to ashes. However, the protectorate established will ensure safer conditions for the Jedi remnant to once again be the Jedi Order. There has been no word on how yet this will be achieved. I and many of the Republic are unsure, though. It appears hopeless.

Empress Bellitria Fel is slowly and painfully retreating her forces from Imperial space to regroup on Coruscant, so she and the Republic may plan an efficient counter offensive to cease the Imperium’s thrust into Republic space. But many still remain pessimistic about the Republic’s future. It does not appear the Jedi will be joining the fray any time soon. Their aid in saving the Empress proved destruction for the Jedi.

We here at G.S.N will share everything we know about the current state of the Jedi remnant. The Sith enacted their plan by first employing their disease, aimed to destroy the Jedi firstly and any others with high midichlorian counts. By doing this the Imperium were able to invade the Republic as swiftly as they did.

Recently, we regretfully informed the public about the assault on Dantooine. A planet writhed in history for pain, war, and destruction. but truthfully a remote and peaceful world. We have received an image of what became of the Dantooine Enclave. This image was leaked from the Republic’s intelligence agency, G.R.I.D.


The Order lost the majority of its member base from the plague. The Dantooine branch, specifically, spread themselves thin. Some followed the High Council to Bastion. Some remained to help the evacuation. All the Jedi who remained on Dantooine were killed, helping the civilians escape Dantooine. Not all escaped, but the Jedi and Republic died and fought trying. The only survivors of the Dantooine branch came from the few Jedi who retreated from Bastion for Ossus, the now make-shift hospital for surviving Jedi. A small fleet blockades the planet in preparation for a possible attack from the Sith, who so desperately wish to eradicate the last scraps of the Jedi.

Additionally, the corridors of the Ilum temple are empty. Like Dantooine, many of the Jedi at Ilum died at Bastion or retreated to Ossus. Many question what will become of their historic crystal caves for lightsaber crystals. There has been no word whether the Ilum Jedi have secured the caves, or left them open for others to enter, explore, or exploit.

The Yavin temple is the only functioning branch in the Galaxy. In light of the closeness of Yavin to the war zone, the Jedi there are soon planning to move to another, more secure, and not disclosed location. But it is said the Jedi will be receiving a Republic guarded escort, and will remain under guard by a small, elite fleet in their time at this new planet. Many speculate the Yavin temple to be the new leading branch of the Order, but there is no evidence to support that rumor.

With the Order’s supply lines now disbanded, the remnants of the Order are no longer capable of supporting them self. The Jedi are fully relying on the Republic for fiscal, medical, and food resources. It is a struggle for the Republic to deliver resources to the remaining Jedi temples as well as supply forces fighting the Sith. The Jedi struggle to survive, but Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo ensured the Order’s recovery to be among the priorities. The Chief of State recognizes how paramount the Jedi will be in the final stages of the war.

Chief of State Tirahimo has asked the people of the Republic to place faith in her, if they cannot place faith in Empress Fel’s plan of retaliation. She promises with the help the New Empire and Empress Fel, she will be able to stop the Imperium in its tracks. As for the Jedi Order, the Republic will keep a nurturing and supportive relationship with them. She does not want them to be restored quickly, she wants them to be reborn from their defeat stronger than ever.

339.16 // Declaration of War Announced

After the untimely and traumatic return of ”One Sith”, the attack on Arkania, and the Republic and Jedi Remnant operation to save the Empress, Republic dignitaries swiftly enacted a declaration of war, a unanimous vote within the Republic senate.

Earlier this morning after an inspiring speech by the Chief of State, Republic forces mobilized in mass from the core to one destination in mind, Imperial space. With the war nearing conclusion between Imperium and New Empire, and the fall of Bastion, it is likely the Empire will fall to the Sith Imperium in its entirety.

With that in mind, the Sith Imperium has mobilized into Republic space. Galactic Republic Intelligence Division or G.R.I.D confirmed the Imperium has annexed the systems of Narauan, Garq, Ord Biniir and Moltok and has now invaded Dantooine and Dubrillion. Dantooine only 75 percent evacuated at the time of the initial assault.

With the Jedi Order in ruins after the ”plague”, many question how the Republic will counteract Sith magic and brutality without the Force on their side.

The war council assured the Republic they’ll do everything in their power to countermeasure the Sith, while the Jedi pick up the pieces of their once glorious Order. To reaffirm that, the Republic have declared the Jedi Order a protectorate of the Republic, defending and aiding them at whatever monetary and physical cost until they are fully recovered; knowing well the advantages of their eventual presence in this particular war.

The Republic Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo delivered her declaration:

“Delegates of the Republic Senate,

As a student of history, we learn to learn from our past. Arguably, the past is just a lesson of the future. In this instance, we can learn from the darkness of our past; because there is darkness ahead. The threat of the Sith has returned.

Once again, they’ve killed to claim unjust rule over the people of this galaxy. Despite attempts of negotiations, they’ve resisted. So, we have no choice but to keep our promise.

The Republic is issuing a Declaration of War against the Sith Imperium. We are also announcing the Jedi Remnant as a protectorate as they rebuild, and an official alliance between the New Empire and Republic. We call for any other galactic factions to join our fight against the radical tyranny of these terrorists and their faction.”