JEDI HoloNet

331.29 // Sandria’s Staff Address Media

Reporting live from the Sandria Manor. It appears the Senator’s new head of security is about to release an official statement in regards to the intrusion on her estate. This will be the first public address from the Senator’s staff since after the night of the incident.

“My name is Rui Vuusen and I have been a member of the Jedi Order for most my life and plan to remain so for the foreseeable future. I have come to defend Senator Sandria from any further unlawful invasions on her home. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I do not support, nor am I in agreement with any of her motions against the Jedi Order. However, I cannot stand by and watch as the Order I have given my life to commits these terrible crimes and brings its name into disrepute. Especially by those I called my closest friends.

To the Jedi that committed this crime, you’ve gone against everything we stand for. I trust that the Council will deal with this action appropriately and that you will do what is right and honourable and turn yourself in to Correllian authorities. In the mean time, I shall continue to provide security to the Senator until this matter is resolved.”

Could this be the start of a feud between the Jedi? More as the story develops.

331.28 // Nar Shaddaa Robbed!

Hutt Cartel Representative Xorga the Hutt has voiced a great displeasure at a robbery that occurred on Nar Shaddaa recently. This incident has cost the Hutt Cartel several thousand credits over night. The robbery took place on 331.27, at the Promenade, and lasted for approximately thirty minutes.

While little is known of the robbery, it has been reported that several of the Hutt’s men were dispatched to the Promenade after one of the stall’s alarm was triggered. A single man was witnessed exiting the building, believed to be carrying a lightsaber. With this, the assailant is believed to be armed, dangerous and on the run.

331.28 // Republic Senator’s Residence Attacked?

Reporting live outside the residence of Senator Rita Sandria, Deputy Leader of the United Republic Coalition, where a violent confrontation reportedly took place in the early hours of this morning, Corellian time. We have recently received confirmation of reports of a physical altercation from within the Senator’s residence, coming directly from Senator Sandria’s Chief Security Officer, who called law enforcement onto the scene. In addition to this confirmation, he also provided us with the following image, taken from the moment of the attack:


He had this to say, only moments ago:

“We can confirm that the assailant, who trespassed onto Senator Sandria’s property was a Jedi. At first he left peacefully but later returned and broke into the manor to confront the Senator, where she was forced to defend herself. I watched as she successfully fended him off. Once defeated, security escorted him out, peacefully, under the Senator’s instruction.”

So far, no one has filed any charges against the unidentified intruder.

The Senator has yet to make any public appearances since the attack, but it’s been reported that a robed man of Rattataki heritage, entered the building shortly after media arrived on the scene.

Whether the authorities within the Jedi Order were aware of this has yet to be established, but many are concerned over why a Jedi has targeted an anti-Jedi-Order campaigner. Could this mark a turning point in relations between the Republic and the Jedi Order?

More on this story as it develops.

331.25 // Arkania Calls for Tolerance of the Jedi Order and Political Decency

As the debate on the future of the Jedi Order within the Galactic Republic grows, a surprising decree from Arkania has thrown a hydrospanner into the hyperdrive of the vocal Senator Sandria. The technocratic family of Adasca has decreed the immediate removal of Senator Thalias Silme in favour of the AdasCorp Administrator of Research and Development -and family member- Galan Adasca. A short statement from the newly appointed Senator revealed the following:

“Due to what we have observed as shifting political landscapes, we (the family of Adasca, red.) have decided to take a more proactive approach in the matters of Galactic state. I want to personally thank Thalias for his service to the people of Arkania and our family, and wish to assure that he has not fallen from grace, having done so much to push and provide for humanitarian aid to those in need during his time in the Senate.”

The senator, in line with previous comments by Silme, went on to denounce the comments made by the United Republic Coalition deputy leader senator Rita Sandria, claiming her efforts to be akin to ‘fear-mongering’ and will ‘have a sure destabilizing effect to the efforts of the Order which has protected the citizens of the Galaxy for millennia’. He further pointed out ‘an utter tastelessness’ in the utilization of a suicide for gain in the political arena, and asked the people of Corellia ‘to see their politicians with a critical mind.’

He concluded by stating that the people of Arkania will always support the Jedi Order in their efforts to aid those who are in need. Adasca subsequently declared the grounds of the Praxeum on Arkania as unconditionally sovereign soil under management of the Jedi Order, calling upon other planetary governments to issue similar decrees to safeguard the future of the Jedi Order in the Republic.

Sources say that Olim Adasca, Galan Adasca’s father, who has decided to take up the position of Administrator during his son’s political absence, once studied among the ranks of the Jedi Order. More on this story as it develops.

331.22 // Healthy Bacteria Found on Kidron!


Scientists on Kidron have discovered a fungi that contains several types of healthy bacteria. These plants are known locally as one of the staple foods for the native Slorks who roam the swamplands. The bacteria is said to feed off calcium, which the fungus produces. Scientists are in the process of testing if the fungus works to treat calcification in the joints and muscles.

Health Minister of Kidron states, “We have been welcoming the research parties for some time now in a hope they can produce some effective research. This is certainly a breakthrough”.

However, locals worry that this discovery may have a negative impact on the system.

“I don’t want some industry moving in here building over the habitats to harvest the mushrooms. This might be good for others off world but they don’t realise the impact it has on the people who live near the resource”.

Local resident Kirea Xloma is concerned over the potential of the industry affecting the environment. “I agree that there may be some jobs from it, if it develops; but I don’t think thats worth the cost of my home! Been living here for fourty-eight years and I don’t think there’ll be any good of it!”. Armay Yaraness reporting.