JEDI HoloNet

343.31 // An Unexpected Development

Yuuzhan Vong

A few days ago, a Republic Vessel reported to a nearby fleet stationed over Iridonia. The report confirmed an Imperium scout convoy was utterly destroyed in an effort to enter Yuuzhan Vong space. Republic military tacticians suggest it was a failed attempt to gauge the Yuuzhan Vong’s borders and susceptibility to attack.

Republic General H. Kardford at an earlier press conference stated: “At this point in time we cannot be certain of the scout convoy’s intentions. We strongly believe, however, this to be a failed strategic movement. We should take their failure as an example: the Imperium is not perfect and makes mistakes which we must learn to exploit! We cannot feel overcome by their military. We must use the incident to strengthen our cause and moral!”

The Yuuzhan Vong has offered no comment on the incident.

341.19 // Hero at Home

In the wake of the war between the Republic and Imperium, many on Corellia, like all of us, are finding it difficult to cope with the losses of their loved ones away at war. It is no secret supplies are strained and resources dwindling. In an attempt to help – Corellian local, Human boy, 10, Yu Equis, began gathering supplies for our honorable men and women. Yu Equis coordinated with his school to start a food and supplies drive for the Republic and New Empire. Slowly other educational facilities are doing the same. It’s now recorded Yu’s influence has resulted in over several thousand cans, and the numbers continue to raise.

We received this statement from Yu:

”When I got home from school one day I noticed several food cans sitting in my pantry. My dad and I rarely eat food from cans, so I thought… maybe the military could use it! My mom’s at war, stationed on the S.S. Magistrate over Bandomear, and it’s been difficult. I hope news of this reaches her and I make her proud. Love you, mom!”

This inspiring boy is a shining example of the hope and intuitiveness that the Republic needs. Yu encourages for other schools from various worlds to do the same. One ‘can’ will make a difference.

341.19 // Conflict on Socorro


A few days ago, an image captured on holorecording by a passing civilian, showed what authorities believe to be a altercation between two people, one wielding a lightsaber and the other a vibroblade. Those captured on the device were not identified, however, authorities have obtained the vibroblade, that was left behind at the scene, which is now in evidence lockup.

Not much information has been released publicly but many have speculated over whether the lightsaber wielder in the image is Jedi, Sith or perhaps something else.

Other witnesses claim there was a third man present during the time of the conflict, though this has not been confirmed.

Later in the evening of the incident mentioned above, authorities carried out an arrested at their headquarters. A man was brought in by an unknown individual then taken into custody. The arrest is believed to be linked to the earlier image. The arrested suspect was identified as a Bounty Hunter, whose contract included the assassination of a man named “Leoabr Heahod” that mysteriously died that evening in a bar in of which he was the manager.

341.18 // Duros King Dies

duroskingA Portrait of King Limmaal

Hundreds of thousands of Duros are in mourning today as the death of King Iroas Limmaal was announced. He died a natural death at the age of 82, in the Ranadaast, where he will be buried in a public funeral. The next in line to succeed King Limmaal is his son, Prince Felasi Limmaal II. He will remain in line until he comes of age, with Queen Soora assuming the throne in temporary measure.

Queen Soora asks that we remember King Limmaal for his temperance and kindness.

“He would help the poor with little regard for their condition, he raised a kind, intelligent son and two daughters. A testament to a great man, he will be dearly missed. I pray we all remember him for his temperance and kind manner.”

341.15 // Missing Exploration Vessel Found

After days of silence, the mystery surrounding The Ingo Star was solved today after members of the Jedi Order intervened in the rescue efforts. Although local holonews outlets have been sharing their theories of the cause of the freighter’s loss of contact, Naalia Exploration confirmed within the past hour. The headquarters based on Rintonne released a statement that the stranded freighter was the target of a software virus.

The Ingo Star drifted in space for approximately 26 Galactic standard hours after contact was broken. Today’s report indicates that there were no survivors at the time of rescue and families have been informed. However, the blackbox from the freighter was retrieved and analysed at an undisclosed location before being later verified by Naalia Exploration personnel. The company is currently preparing to recover the freighter, the statement claims.

Naalia Exploration also deny that the virus was a malicious attack, but confirm that the freighter might still be hazardous to those who approach it. Whether or not this is a ploy to deter scavengers remains to be seen.

The Ingo Star is the fourth vessel in the past Galactic standard year to lose contact in the tri-sector area. One of the more famous incidents, the disappearance of the Ayyn’reshal, is being made into a holodrama.