JEDI HoloNet

337.27 // Jedi Order and Republic Reconcile

A riot outside of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was held today as Republic diplomats deliberated with the High Council of the Jedi Order, regarding withholding key information from the Republic in regard to the plague.

In what seemed to be a reprimanding and persecution has turned out to be one of reconciliation. The Jedi Order argued whoever created this illness was ”sinister in nature”, and bringing their work to light would instigate onslaught from this seemingly hidden and mysterious enemy, something they nor the Republic could afford. The Order then speculated they felt the Republic, but more specifically, the Order has been targeted.

The Order has offered their medical facility or ”quarantine zone” on Arkania, for any who are plagued by this illness; regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance. Republic transports will wait in a sectioned off portion of the spaceport in sector 0021, simply bring an identification tag and your ill body. Security in the Core has been raised beyond measures as a precaution to the Jedi’s warning.

337.20 // Emergency Conference Called at the Senate

Coruscant Senate Chambers

Breaking News! A speaker from the Chief of State’s PR group called an emergency conference with interplanetary media journalists today. We are crossing over live to our Zeltron at the Senate, Terina Vay.

“Thanks Yunith, we are expecting the Deputy Chief of State, Asujin Tirahimo, any moment n- in fact, yes, I can see him. He’s taking to the stand now, we can hear what the announcement will be.”

“Thank you everyone for being here, we appreciate that, in recent times, things have been a little hectic and we have not been able to keep the public apprised of the situation we are in across the galaxy – together.

We have decided to keep this announcement as brief as possible and we will not be taking any questions, so that we may return to work in dealing with this devastating epidemic and keeping the people safe from it.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the current Chief of State, Melucia, has fallen ill and is in critical condition as of today. Measures have been taken, and I was sworn into being the Chief of State earlier this morning, until such a time where another can be elected.

::The audience begins to yell and scream in terror::

Senators… SENATORS! I know this is tough for all of you. But I promise, I will hold the Republic together. We -must- hold it together. This plague has been enough to deal with, let alone problems with other governments in the Galaxy. Therefore, to start, I plan to enter negotiations with the Empire, and intend to -speak politely- with the High Council in regard to this supposed cure. It is my intention to stop this chaos once and for all. I will be relentless in my efforts. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will get in the way of peace!

Thank you.”

Thank you Terina Vay, shocking news. We will be right back with more on this.

337.19 // Scandal in the Jedi Order. Coruscant Branch Essentially Wiped Out


Story of the cycle today, after a live interview with a High Councilor of the Jedi Order exposes a shocking scandal

After an investigation into the harsh decline of activity from the Jedi Order – it was discovered that many Jedi had actually died as a result of the virus, wiping out 90% of the Coruscant branch. It seems that the Jedi Order has been hit the hardest by this virus and has kept their dwindling numbers a secret.

The Jedi Order then offered an exclusive interview with one of their High Councilors, promising to provide us with many long anticipated answers. After being transported to an undisclosed location, our reporter, Tom Dailvy, met with Jedi Master Sebastin Creed in what proved to be one of the most explosive impromptu announcements made in recent years.

The Jedi Master stated that the Order had been in possession of a cure for a number of cycles, but had held off on revealing the details to anyone while they continued to do tests.

It was at this point that another Jedi stepped forward and cut the interview short.

Why has the Jedi Order kept this a secret from the Republic? What has the Jedi Order been doing all this time? Has the Jedi Council been divided over the shocking secrecy?

Deputy Chief of State Asujin Tirhamo is set to speak before the Senate soon. Her speech, her spokesperson tell us, is meant to ‘squash tension within the Republic, forever. But also asks us to be accepting and calm of what he has to say.’

337.14 // Jedi Order: At Death’s Door?

Breaking news!

Earlier this morning, GSN reporter Tok Dailvy spoke with Padawan Learner Jin Fals’oo, confirmed apprentice to High Councilor Erzent Xileen. Notably, there has been an extreme decrease in the Jedi Order’s activity in the Galaxy, not only in the Core due the travel ban. The High Council has not fought against it publicly, besides Jedi Padawan Wrennin Vae’s speech, meaning no effort from the Council has been made for it to be lifted. Padawan Fals’oo’s claim? …Allegedly, the Jedi Order has faced catastrophic loss at the hands of the plague.

“The High Council has not fought the travel ban to conceal the Order’s losses. The Order too has been plagued. It is the cause of so many a death within the Order. …I could not hide this from the general public, because I believe they had a right to know why their protectors have not been as active as we have been in the past. I do not care what the Order does to me for sharing this information. I follow the Force’s will, not their’s. Why would they keep this secret? I do not know. Honesty and transparency are principles of the Jedi Code. Principles they clearly have forgotten.”

Deputy Chief of State Asujin Tirahimo spoke with the High Council at the demand of the Senate. The High Council has agreed to conduct a LIVE interview with the GSN Team at the Yavin IV Temple, with High Councilors Sebastin Creed, Erzent Xileen and Vrita’senv’ila on 337.16 around 1500 GST, to confront the allegations in what many are calling ”the interview of the century”.

337.04 // A Senator’s Demand

Dantooine Senator Fie Nevuo addressed the Republic Senate this morning in what many are calling a risky ‘plea for help’. In his speech the senator relayed grievances regarding the growing military presence in the Dantooine system.

”I come to you now not as a Senator, but a frightened citizen of Dantooine. The people of my planet grow restless, anxious, in response to the ever-growing military presence in the system. If the Chief of State is aware of an impending attack from the Empire, why is it my people suffer in wait? Why is it that people shudder at the sound of any large noise? Well, I cannot and will not allow this to continue.

…I am declaring, under advisement from Dantooine’s leaders, a state of emergency, and demanding a planetary wide evacuation, funded and orchestrated by the Senate. If the evacuation is not granted, I am threatening a secession from the Republic, or worse yet, joining the Empire to better the security of the great people of Dantooine.”

This threat left the Senate in an uproar. Few convey sympathy for Senator Neuvo, but most claim his threat treasonous.