JEDI HoloNet

330.13 // Rising Tensions on the Border


Earlier today, the Republic increased military presence along the border between Republic and Empire in the Raiobollo sector. There have been rumors the government in place on Dantooine is leaning towards joining the Empire, leaving many to wonder what will happen to the Jedi Enclave there.

In addition, countless planets have seceded from the Republic in the past few cycles, affirming they would not be leaving to join the Empire due to the increased tension between the parties. However, Gravlex Med announced their secession with the Republic, then joined the Empire shortly after its denying they would. The list is as follows:

Codian Moon, Riflor, Ansion, Esfandia, Bimmiel, Seranno, Ord Radama, Felucia, Galidraan, Rhen Var, and Bimmisaari.

330.08 // Piracy in the Outer Rim

Troubling news in the outer rim territories today as a string of attacks on trade routes between Tiss’sharl and Ord Radama escalate into violence. The most recent attack was on a trade ship bound for the local system of Thila. Tiss’hari officials state that the pirates have become increasingly violent, forcefully boarding the ships and stealing the precious cargo. Reports come after a hijacking of a vessel resulted in three deceased and several injured. The merchants state, “We aren’t standing for this anymore. No system wants to side with us, so we’re taking things into our own hands. If it means violence, so be it. This is our livelihood.”

Tiss’hari officials have condemned the pirates, as a parliamentary vote is scheduled to mark the involvement of the government in these clashes, and secure a safer passage in this region. The Republic recognises Tiss’sharl’s condemnation and talks are ongoing as to the involvement of Republic forces.

329.05 // Senate Factions Revolt Against Chief of State


For several terms, the current Chief of State has ruled with the support of a Senate majority. However, the current leadership of the Republic, and it’s longstanding mandate, have been challenged as senate factions reorganize to form a new coalition of affiliate members. This news comes at terrible timing, as political leaders of the Republic continue to struggle with the flu crisis in the core.

The coalition is lead by a long time opponent of the current elected body, Senator Kel Farlen of Onderon. Farlen, so far, has refused to vote in favour of a single piece of legislation proposed by the current Chief of State’s legislative board. Though, what comes as a major shock, according to political commentators, is the decision to place former Jedi Knight Rita Sandria, Senator of Corellia, as the deputy leader of the new coalition, titled the “United Republic Coalition”.

There is much speculation as to Senator Sandria’s reasons for betraying her once political allies, as she was formerly a member of factions backing the current Chief of State. It has been said Senator Farlen and Senator Sandria primarily bonded over their contempt for the Jedi Order and the need to increase military funding.

Other notable members of the coalition include Senator Karssk of Trandosha and Senator Tex Liezal of Iridonia.

Ithorian Senator Morat Hoorza has described this alliance as “horribly dysfunctional” and predicts internal battles will cause it to disband before the next election. However, this move by Senator Farlen and Senator Sandria has significantly increased their popularity back on their homeworlds, ensuring that their seats in the Senate will at least be safe for another term.

328.27 // A Cold War?

The Republic continues to face difficult challenges with the secession of several Republic systems and the failing struggle to eradicate the dangerous outbreaks of illness in significant core systems. Consequential signs of envy for the New Empire, have risen, as Imperial systems reportedly enjoy better economic and political stability since their separation at the end of the Attrition Wars.

In addition, the Empire is superior militaristically. Their arsenal and technology are grandiose compared to our own. It leaves many systems uncertain of safety in the case of a possible war between the New Empire and Republic. Not to mention life sustainability against this dreadful disease that plagues the core.

Even though the battle seems inevitable, as the Empire flaunts their military and diplomatic power at opportunity, the Republic doesn’t seem remotely interested in fighting. They have made no effort to rival the Empire’s technology and prowess.

It leaves many questioning why the Republic and not the Empire?

328.08 // Promotions


Newly promoted Jedi Masters Delmi N’Jork and Simus Cnydaria with Jedi Master Sebastin Creed


Today the Order recognises the dedication and contributions made by Jedi Knights Simus Cnydaria and Delmi N’Jork, by granting them the rank of Jedi Master. Both have spent many years learning the ways of the force and passing on that knowledge to both students and peers. While this will always be so, the Order is proud to acknowledge their successes and ask them to continue their hard work, leading by example.