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325.10 // CEO of Agos Co Arrested


The first major arrest since the commission, issued against industry corruption, was celebrated by the senate majority and law enforcement officials today, as CEO of Agos Co, Markus Kans was among the first high profile member in the company to be taken into custody. Kans was charged with two counts of conspiracy to murder, three counts of first degree murder, numerous counts of extortion and tax evasion. He likely faces a life time sentence, with the findings of the commission creating an overwhelmingly compelling case against him.

Several share holders have also been arrested for their involvement in the extortion and tax evasion charges, although what sentence they are facing is unclear at this time. Senator Sandria spoke to the media for the first time since the commission was announced today, after being cleared of the allegations staged against her regarding the detention centre scandal. She commented on the murder of her colleagues, of which the commission confirmed Agos Co responsible. “Today we have seen justice for the murder of three of my good friends and loyal servants of the Republic. Today we see the fall of Agos Co as it pays for its wrong doings. Never again should we allow the self interests of companies like Agos Co threaten our great democracy. I call upon Senator Wrex, who for so long defended Agos Co, to reflect on his actions”. Senator Wrex has since resigned as a result of an intense public backlash.

As the commission is  only in its infancy, many are expecting further arrests. The profit projections of Agos Co predict bankruptcy within the end of this cycle, as the commission has affected productivity and further boycotts against the corrupt company have been met with large scale success.  Economists have warned of the economic implications of Agos Co’s demise and will propose a new economic plan to the Senate in three days.

325.09 // Teenager Recognized for Realism

Gorgin Jekoo, age 17, was recognized earlier today by the University of Coruscant for his realistic artwork.

Entitled, “A Peek of Coruscant”, Jekoo was able to capture the essence of Coruscant with detailed artistry and finesse. He is being widely known as an art prodigy.

Gorgin Jekoo received a 4-year scholarship to attend the University of Coruscant, one of the most esteemed universities in the core. The dean of the University of Coruscant stating at a press conference, ‘We here at the University gladly accept Gorgin into our art program. We have no doubt that his talent will flourish under the supervision of our staff. We look forward to seeing him create as intricate pieces of art within our walls come this semester.’

Jekoo’s art teacher, Ms. Oxen, could not be more proud of her student. Stating earlier, ‘I have known Gorgin since he was little. Even then, he showed early signs of true brilliance. I am proud to call him my student and wish him all the best in his first semester at the University of Coruscant.’

The Galactic News also wish Gorgin the best of luck in his career.

I’m Rin Jaicup, signing off.

325.07 // Commission into Industry Corruption


Today the Republic Senate announced a commission into core-world based companies. The move was prompted by fresh allegations regarding the super-profit corporation, Agos Co, whom has been caught out attempting to influence the votes of senators, through illicit means. The Senate membership was originally meant to vote on a bill that proposes sanctions on the purchase of public assets by Agos Co, but that has been delayed so that the commission can go ahead.

Agos Co has for, some time now, been trying desperately to purchase public assets from the Republic, allowing them control over water supply to over six systems. However, they denied all proposed regulations making them targets from Senate factions. Among the most outspoken of these senators, Airen Warren, spoke to media today about the commission; “We have fought so hard for this. It has been long overdue and I will make every effort to ensure that this commission is conducted properly”.

Senator Rita Sandria, another outspoken Senate representative in favour of the sanctions on Agos Co, was unable to speak to media as she faces allegations regarding improper conduct in a Coruscant detention centre. Although there has been no charges laid against her at this stage, her staff professed her innocence before denying to comment further.

Public opinion has rallied against Agos Co, as the suspicious death of three senators, who stood alongside Senator Warren and Sandria, has left many wondering if the company was responsible.

325.04 // Core Killer Caught!

Coruscant’s Security Force have solved the “Killer in the Core” case, subsiding fears of the serial killer in the quiet yet aristocratic suburb in sector 0023.

Security were seen with renown Jedi Investigator, Jao Ryn, who earlier today left the “Tatooine Suns Condominiums and Spa” with alleged serial killer who has been identified as Xen Kedrim.

Chief Locier said at a press conference that ‘they were able to identify the serial killer as Xen Kedrim due to Master Ryn’s ability to scrutinize evidence with a sharp mind and flare of the Force.’

Xen Kedrim, 62, has a history of domestic abuse, specifically beating his wife to death under the accusation that his wife cheated on him with a member of the law enforcement.

When security stormed into the condominium, law enforcement, with the aid of Ryn, were able to find an unlicensed blaster that the security force have evidence to believe to be the murder weapon.

Xen Kedrim has been arrested for first-degree murder. He is currently awaiting trial with the foreboding judgement of possible death.

Until then, the Galaxy will be holding its breath as we wait for the most anticipated trial of the decade to ensue.

325.02 // Initiations and Promotions

Today the Order welcomes another student into its ranks. Congratulations to the newly initiated Xel Damar, who has demonstrated a strong yearning to pursue the studies of a Jedi. We hope you find you have an enlightening and productive experience with the Alzoc branch.

In addition, we also wish to congratulate both Novice Padawans Nico Keztor and Clara Baunes for their recent elevation from Initiate. The training they have undergone and the trials they have experienced resulting in this promotion, have paid off, and have made them eligible for a mentor.