JEDI HoloNet

338.22 // Republic Recognizes the Imperium


The Republic senate has recognized the existence of the Imperium, currently staging war on the Galactic Empire. Along side a diplomatic package from the mysterious government, the Imperium announced they would crush anyone who stands in their way of regaining their rightful territory. The autocratic and fascist agenda is currently scheduled for discussion in the senate, alongside a call for a meeting with the leaders of the Imperium, to discuss a treaty of non-aggression.

With the diplomatic package, has also come information regarding the state of the war. It is understood the capital and surrounding systems have fallen to the regime of the Imperium, with the Emperor nowhere to be seen. Imperial forces are said to be fighting with little success, according to the Imperium, staying:

“The Imperial forces are greatly outnumbered, and are hopelessly naive to think they stand any chance against our forces. We can and will take what is ours, no matter who stands in our way.”

Galactic HoloNews will be updating the galactic charts, identifying the warzone. We advise all who wish to travel avoid this sector as its highly unstable and dangerous. Stay tuned for more.

338.10 // Senator Resigns


Controversial Senator and deputy leader of the United Republic Coalition today announced her resignation from the Senate, claiming she would no longer be contesting the next election and called for an immediate by-election on her home planet of Corellia. The Senator and former Jedi Knight, who famously criticized the Jedi in the past, has remained silent about the recent scandal and death toll of the Order, also refusing to comment about the recent attack on the Arkanian branch.

She had this to say at her press conference earlier this morning;

I have proudly served the people of Corellia for over four terms now. I have both achieved great successes and made mistakes during my tenure in the Senate. But I can say I have never wavered from my values and convictions and consistently strived to do what I thought to be the right thing.

I know there has been a lot of public interest in what I think on recent events, with the Jedi Order experiencing the level of media scrutiny that it currently is. However, I wish to make it clear to everyone here today and those listening that I will be reserved and extremely selective about any future public commentary I offer up that regards the Jedi Order.

It is no secret I’ve been at odds with the Order on a personal and philosophical level for some time now. My experiences as a Jedi are real ones and the alienation and hardship I felt as a Knight was real and haunts me still. With that said, I feel it is no longer appropriate to monopolize politically on the death and destruction that the Order currently endures, despite my supporters and colleagues urging me to do so.

However, my colleagues in the United Republic Coalition have a right to say what they wish. The benefits of living in a democracy is the ability to voice our opinions publicly even when those views are unpopular, and I still believe no-one, not even the Order, should be immune to criticism. I will defend that right to my death, no one can or ever should try to forcefully silence anyone.

But with all that said, I feel my time in public life has come to an end, at least for now. I’m not quite sure what the future holds for me but that is a personal journey I will take over the next few years, I’m sure. Thank you everyone.

With that, the soon to be former Senator left the conference in a rush and refused to answer anymore questions.

337.29 // Civil War Spreads!


The Empire in conjunction with G.R.I.D (Galactic Republic Intelligence Division) has confirmed that the fighting has spread into neighboring systems of Bescane, Kalee and Muunilinst. The Empire has refused to provide a statement, but instead has submitted territorial information which the Galactic HoloNews has submitted into the galactic charts.

The fighting thus far has been one sided, with the mysterious forces baring the similar emblem of the Empire on the winning side. Republic analyst Zarri Bek’ana stated,

“The scenario that is occurring is very similar to that of a civil war, particularly in a historical sense. An attack on the capital and then all surrounding systems speaks to the rebel forces agenda. They’re quite clearly sick of the government, and want to take over. The Republic will likely keep an eye on the war, and if it threatens its borders it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

The Republic Defense Forces have refused to comment on the fighting thus far, but we’ll continue to press on and recommend you stay tuned. More as this develops.

337.28 // Attack on Arkania: Republic Interference!



Breaking news, in the midst of early conflict in the northwest, this mysterious force, now named as the Imperium, attempted to halt the process of creating more cures and destroy the quarantine zone on Arkania. It was ultimately unsuccessful due to the swift rescue of the Republic Navy, at the cost of the Arkanian Temple and many lives, both Republic and Jedi.

It would seem ”all was lost until Republic forces emerged out of hyperspace”, recalls Rin Dascar, Arkanian citizen. The Republic remained on the surface to clean house with the Jedi. They extracted whatever Imperium forces remained on the planet.

Following the attack on Arkania, the remaining Jedi on the High Council have issued an evacuation process; abandoning their temples as a safety precaution against further unwanted surprise attacks.

337.28 // Breaking News: War on Bastion!

Leaked pictures from G.R.I.D (Galactic Republic Intelligence Division) suggest the capital world of Bastion is under siege by an unrecognized faction! Many speculate it to be the manifestation of unknown civil strife at its boiling point, however the Imperial Ambassador, Segoa Drannis, has released a public statement claiming otherwise;

Citizens of the Republic,
War has ensued within the territory of the New Empire, antagonized by an unknown fleet, which is not only well equipped, but knowledgeable in critical intelligence of Bastion’s weaknesses. I am unable to establish contact with the Royal Citadel, but it is logical to assume they are conducting a counter-defense to this savage assault. I ask all of you to please withhold questions. I am in the dark as much as you. And advise you, Chief Tirahimo, as former friend and allies during the Attrition Wars, to fortify your defenses in the North.
A security image was also leaked, taken from the surveillance equipment monitoring the streets of Bastion. A banner showing an insignia is visible, with troops on the ground. It appears this conflict is far from ending, with catastrophic deaths in the wake of this war. A warning that the following material may be shocking to viewers.


A quarter of the Star Destroyers left the boarder, as well, and have likely returned to Bastion. Chief Tirahimo has taken Ambasador Drannis’ advise, and ordered the Republic Navy to make preparations for war. Additionally, the Chief is organizing and is soon to send shuttles to evacuate the Dantooine system. Thoughts and prayers from the GSN Team for those on Bastion and Republic planets near Imperial Space.