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333.09 // Breaking News: Quarantine Increases!

newstoryQuarantine zone as of 333.09 ABY.

The quarantine zone in the core systems was increased today as infections reportedly sprouted in nearby systems. The recent infection rates have increased to 1,500 with fifty-nine recorded fatalities. The quarantine zone, which now rivals the size of space of the Mandalorian zone, occupies the following systems:

Empress Teta

There are fears that the containment of this epidemic has failed. The Republic has offered little to answer to the recent increase other than a basic statement from the Minister of Health Yoka Bariin, claiming: “The Republic has taken measures to increase the quarantine soon to prevent further infection. Please do not take this as a representation of the reach of the infection; the zone has increased to compensate for the potential of spreading on trade routes. We do not predict it to spread, and are currently in the process of fighting back against the flu.”

In light of the new quarantine extensions, it was reported the Jedi Order had run several aid missions to these newly added systems prior to the ruling. This means that these systems have received helpful medical aid in the form of antibiotics, rations and basic medicines. These supplies are said to last several months. Hopefully these resources gifted by the Jedi Order last long enough for the cure to be completed and deployed.

There are fears that the epidemic has gone too far and is irreversible, but there are significant resources being deployed into medical research and testing into a potential cure. More as it develops.

332.09 // Hypocrisy in The Senate

Latest senate polls show support for the Corellian Senator plummeting after what can only be described as hypocritical procedures.

Being the instigator for the Jedi Order to be investigated for their actions in the galaxy, the Senator from Correlia is now relying on a Jedi’s support for her own personal protection.

This has had many in the senate speculating on her true reasons behind the push. The Senator of Dantooine, Kea Mastruk, had this to say…

How can we stand behind Senator Sandria, when she herself relies on the protection of the Jedi? The people of Dantooine will stay loyal with the Jedi and we urge the other systems to remain so. The Jedi have only ever protected us, and continue to do so.

Furthermore, there is no clear evidence being provided against this Jedi ‘attacker’ we’ve only heard her word and seen a holo-photo of him being present! I do hope the Judge see’s this for what it is… Slander

More on this development as it comes…

332.02 // Jedi Knight Accepts Guilty Plea

We’re coming in live from Corellia today where the accused Jedi Knight, who has now been identified as Kieran Orion, was sentenced to 1000 hours of community service and a 20,000 credit fine. This ruling has shocked interplanetary audiences.

Senator Sandria’s legal team had charged the Jedi intruder with two counts of breaking and entering, one count of aggravated assault and one count of attempted murder, which carried a maximum of sentence of life imprisonment. However, the majority of these charges were argued against in court, resulting in what many are describing as a highly mitigated sentence.

The trial’s judge has been a target of intense public backlash with many of Sandria’s constituency accusing the justice system of favoritism. However, the judge dismissed claims of propagating concessions for the Jedi Order, stating:

“I am well aware of the current political cross fire between senators and the members of the Jedi Order of late, and it has become increasingly obvious that the Jedi are not currently popular on Corellia. However, I do not feel that this justifies the mistreatment of the individual in question, regardless of background or culture. Everyone has equality under the law, whether they be a Jedi Knight or not.

My decisions today was a result of proper in depth analysis of the evidence that both sides brought before the jury. Master Orion was found guilty of the crimes he was proven to have committed and cleared of those he did not. It will be a matter for the Jedi Order to take further disciplinary action, not the Corellian justice system. However, I do feel this man has been properly held accountable for any wrong doing.

I do believe justice was served today”.

There has since been no word from Senator Sandria today, who has yet to formally address the media since the incident. The question on everyone’s mind is where to from here?

331.29 // Sandria’s Staff Address Media

Reporting live from the Sandria Manor. It appears the Senator’s new head of security is about to release an official statement in regards to the intrusion on her estate. This will be the first public address from the Senator’s staff since after the night of the incident.

“My name is Rui Vuusen and I have been a member of the Jedi Order for most my life and plan to remain so for the foreseeable future. I have come to defend Senator Sandria from any further unlawful invasions on her home. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I do not support, nor am I in agreement with any of her motions against the Jedi Order. However, I cannot stand by and watch as the Order I have given my life to commits these terrible crimes and brings its name into disrepute. Especially by those I called my closest friends.

To the Jedi that committed this crime, you’ve gone against everything we stand for. I trust that the Council will deal with this action appropriately and that you will do what is right and honourable and turn yourself in to Correllian authorities. In the mean time, I shall continue to provide security to the Senator until this matter is resolved.”

Could this be the start of a feud between the Jedi? More as the story develops.

331.28 // Nar Shaddaa Robbed!

Hutt Cartel Representative Xorga the Hutt has voiced a great displeasure at a robbery that occurred on Nar Shaddaa recently. This incident has cost the Hutt Cartel several thousand credits over night. The robbery took place on 331.27, at the Promenade, and lasted for approximately thirty minutes.

While little is known of the robbery, it has been reported that several of the Hutt’s men were dispatched to the Promenade after one of the stall’s alarm was triggered. A single man was witnessed exiting the building, believed to be carrying a lightsaber. With this, the assailant is believed to be armed, dangerous and on the run.