JEDI HoloNet



Homeworld: Csilla

Species: Chiss



Clo’uv’oor, a young Chiss boy, was discovered by a compassionate Jedi Knight during an expedition on the remote planet Csilla. Recognizing the Force sensitivity within Ouvo, the Jedi Knight made a crucial decision to bring him to the Jedi Council on Ossus. The Council, impressed by Ouvo’s latent abilities and unique heritage, deliberated on the best path for his Jedi training.

After careful consideration, the Council decided that Ouvo’s journey would be best served by transferring him to the Rannon Praxeum. Council believed that Ouvo’s Chiss upbringing and potential warranted specialized instruction from the esteemed masters at Rannon Praxeum.

Thus, Ouvo’s destiny took a new turn as he arrived at the Rannon Praxeum, ready to embark on his training under the watchful eyes of experienced Jedi mentors. Immersed in the rich teachings of the Force, Ouvo would learn the fundamental principles of Jedi philosophy, hone his skills in lightsaber combat, and explore the intricacies of his Force sensitivity. Surrounded by fellow apprentices and guided by wise masters, Ouvo’s journey at the Rannon Praxeum began, marking the start of his path towards becoming a formidable Jedi Knight.