JEDI HoloNet

408 ABY – Present Day

408.28 ABY – Grandmaster Coron Audax addresses the entire Jedi Order.

409.01 ABY – Zyli Hiden is apprenticed to Xintr Wolfe.

409.10 ABY – Anya is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

409.12 ABY – Rutrik Dagath is initiated.

409.19 ABY – Iffo Rav’i steps down from the High Council.

409.21 ABY – Zel Mirra departs the Rannon Praxeum.

409.22 ABY – Nodo Salar departs the Rannon Praxeum.

409.25 ABY – Joar Hasmal transfers to the Dantooine Enclave.

409.29 ABY – Vuren Nilim is initiated.

409.30 ABY – Kailell Silaan departs the Rannon Praxeum; Aekram Bokrue transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.

410.08 ABY – Nicole Inaru is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

410.12 ABY – Xishala Uquali departs the Rannon Praxeum.

410.13 ABY – Cedro Huerter departs the Rannon Praxeum; Mirkal is granted the rank of Jedi Master; Sirius Invictus is granted the rank of Jedi Master.

410.19 ABY – Donan Healof passes the Initiate Trials and is promoted to the rank of a Masterless Padawan.

410.22 ABY – Tharon Jivler departs the Rannon Praxeum; Shu Ra departs the Rannon Praxeum; Vuren Nilim is apprenticed to Anya.

410.25 ABY – Rukia departs the Rannon Praxeum; Bomat Vreld departs the Rannon Praxeum.

410.26 ABY – Serir Vun is granted the rank of Jedi Knight; Silene Astra-Oniron departs the Rannon Praxeum; Nulla Zil departs the Rannon Praxeum; Nicole Inaru departs the Rannon Praxeum.

410.27 ABY – Dreshin Bralor departs the Rannon Praxeum.

410.28 ABY – Xin Okata departs the Rannon Praxeum.

411.01 ABY – Ahsha Lorennis is initiated.

411.04 ABY – Vale Sutherblaze is apprenticed to Sirius Invictus.

411.06 ABY – Rynn departs the Rannon Praxeum; Valgam Freestar departs the Rannon Praxeum; Ch’sei’Afan departs the Rannon Praxeum; Ooli Mambi departs the Rannon Praxeum; Pipalia Steem departs the Rannon Praxeum; Ragnar Ivesh departs the Rannon Praxeum.

412.02 ABY – Marek Izu is killed on the field.

412.03 ABY – Aqua Sol leaves the Jedi Order.

412.05 ABY – Saay Na is initiated.

412.07 ABY – Zechs Demming retires from the Jedi Order; h’Eethos Omeyia transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.

412.09 ABY – Bluma transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.

412.18 ABY – Lucen-Zo transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.

412.20 ABY – Izao Kavola transfers to the Rannon Praxeum.