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439.24 // International Summit Scheduled on Rannon

It is confirmed that a Jedi Praxium on Rannon is going to host an international meeting between two allied factions, the League of Sovereign Systems and the Galactic Republic. The heads of each government’s executive branches, Chancellor Naka Rei and President Zebulon Pyke, will meet to discuss a number of pressing issues including the ongoing political changes in the Gordian Reach as well as increased criminal activity along the southern border of Hutt Space.

Already we’re seeing shrewd and highly impactful leadership on the part of Chancellor Rei. Only months ago, one would have been hard-pressed to find any common ground between the many political parties in the Senate Dome. Now, however, regardless of party, most every senator holds a cheery and optimistic disposition towards the upcoming summit, solidifying many leaders around the new Chancellor.

Centrist Senator from Arrgaw, and representing the Kira Sector, Tulle Mivvar,

It benefits the Republic and her industries to have a reliable and self-sustaining southern neighbor to engage in long-term trade with. Not only does it help with the security and sovereignty of our own space, it makes sure that our proverbial ‘backyard’ becomes a place that is safe for free-flowing trade and development. Before this League, these sectors of space were not so. We believe they’ve done an excellent job and deserve our support and continued economic relationships.

Diplomat Senator representing the Noonian Sector Yalook P’oolel,

We are looking forward to how the talks between our new Chancellor and the League go. While not a member of our party, Chancellor Rei has always been a long-time proponent of bipartisanship. We’re confident that whatever deals he brings back to the Senate to review for approval will be in the mutual interest of ourselves and our growing ally. Any democratic government that supports universal rights, liberties, and a free press is a government we want to associate with.

Preservation Society Spokesperson Neh’ka, Advisor to Senator Khorta, had this to say,

We, the Preservation Society respect the decision of systems to remain independent whether as a standalone system or as part of a collective. With our firm belief that in unity there is strength, we offer the Chancellor our best wishes in finding a common ground once more between the systems that make up the League and the Republic so that we may strengthen the bonds of our Galaxy once more.

War Hawk Senator representing the Ojoster Sector Manne Steel,

The relationship we forged with these fearsome fighters in the flames of war would be all too easy to lose and fade away in peace. The War Hawks commend the Chancellor of our party for taking strides forward in international relations to ensure that our new stalwart allies continue to grow and prosper under the guidance and protection of their older sibling.

While it is still very early in the Rei administration, public opinion for this summit has followed the direction of these Senators and the people of the Republic wait eagerly to hear the outcome.

Reporting from Coruscant, this is Andee Nevaro