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439.22 // Trade Embargo Reaching Flashpoint

Kuat Drive Yards, currently in protest of the embargo

Recent legislation imposing trade restrictions on biological materials has caused a ripple effect throughout Republic Systems. With representatives of both mining and manufacturing organizations alike making their way to Coruscant to protest the bill.

Our correspondent on the ground was given the opportunity to speak with Dev’ara Ch’chuk, representative of Kuat Drive Yards and he had this to say.

It’s a disgrace! A crucial part of our development and manufacturing process relies on fuels and precious metals being transported to our factories. With these laws being put into effect without any continuity plan is gross negligence of the highest order by the Republic Senate. Senator Prudah and the others who voted this into power should be ashamed of themselves! All in the name of greed and increased taxes.

One way or another, we will be heard!

Dev’ara Ch’chuk is only one of the many we spoke to who expressed their malcontent. It causes some to wonder how such a decision can be made within the Senate without considering how it will negatively impact Republic denizens.

There are also rumors of how the embargo has severely affected the home worlds of certain Senators. With one of the longest trade deals in history being halted for the first time, between Glee Anselm and Ithor.

Both Senator Khorta of the Ithorian delegation and Senator Kalla of the delegation for Glee Anselm have refused to comment.