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397.19 // The Grandmaster’s Galactic Address

And now, a message from the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order, Don’roq.

For those unaware, our Order has gone through a most tumultuous time. We, as have the galaxy, been engaged with a threat the likes of which has not been seen before. Nevertheless, we Jedi have prevailed and brought this galaxy to a much safer place.

Our Jedi researchers, led by our strongest divisions that for security reasons will remain anonymous, uncovered the nature of an alien element, only recently discovered to exist in the galaxy. We have thus described it as the ‘Spectral Force’. This element, otherwise more commonly referred to as ‘the Void’, is a substance that feeds off the life energies of the Force – that which gives a Jedi their power – and disturbs its very essence to a point unrecognizable.

This element metastasized and, eventually, took hold of a force-sensitive individual. It is at this point that the threat I speak of began, as the notorious ‘Lost Star Children’, who were led astray by this unknown and unregistered force user. This individual, financed through personal connections, sought to use the Lost Star children to create his own dangerous cult. However, before this could reach fruition, myself and a strike team of Jedi took out this individual before he could be a greater harm to the galaxy. The only two Lost Star children to not be returned to their families are Esta Bowing and Koyso Chewai’in, who have tragically lost their lives in the fight against this evil.

As far as we are aware, those areas affected by this malignant taint will slowly heal back to life, but we have no way of telling how long this will take – or if they will ever truly be as they once were.

Let it be known that this could not have been completed if not for the valiant efforts by other factions of the Force. The Imperial Knights, Zeison Sha, Iron Knights, Matukai, Baran Do and others were instrumental in their support, many of which lost their lives – just as we have, during this painful process. Through it all, we have forged a new path of unity and strength – but let us not forget all that we have lost. Myself and the Order would ask the brave members of the galaxy to a one minute silence for those the galaxy has lost tomorrow morning at 11:00 Galactic Time, so that we may reflect and meditate on all that we hold sacred.