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382.02 // The Jedi Order has decreed searches to the Outer-Rim

After thorough investigation within the Outer-Rim and many micro-occurrences leading to an overwhelming influx of crime travelling south into wild space it is believed that the Jedi Council has given orders to increase Jedi presence in that particular region of the Galaxy.

This particular report focuses on a pair of Jedi were sent to the planet of Jutrand, based in the Outer-Rim.

Video evidence has been recovered from the planet revealing a hooded man with a lightsaber being chased down by the pair of Jedi trying to apprehend him. It is not clear whether this man is acting alone, or is residual part of the Imperium Remnant. The Jedi Council has declined to comment, simply commenting that search parties have already been sent to travel through wild space to bring assurances to the residents of the outer-rim.

Meanwhile, it is Holonews belief that all Jedi within Wild-Space or the Outer-Rim have been given a warning of caution when dispatched on any assignment within these area’s.