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382.03 // Stop reading this and get to bed!

Stop reading this and go to bed!

How many of you are reading this on your datapad tucked up in bed? or sat at your desk with only your holoscreen for light? If you are then stop reading this and go to bed!

Residents of the Galaxy simply aren’t getting enough sleep says a new study commissioned by the Senates Secretary for Health Dr. Beserat.

The study incorporating a wide range of species and locations found that on average a galactic citizen is only getting two thirds of their recommended sleep. Naturally different species require different amount of sleep, a standard human sleep of 7-8 hours would feel like an eternity for the Gand, who only require a couple of hours.

So do yourself a favour. Next time you’re in bed, and you reach for your datapad to watch yet more videos of tooka-cats chasing lasers, pause for a moment and think is that the reason you struggle to get anything done before your 3rd caf in the morning?