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381.31 // Kenzie Groundquake Aftermath

This is Susan Pikk, Local Rannon Media.

We bring you further news on the tragic groundquake that hit the Kenzie Settlement on the 381.28 at 16:13 GST. The RSF have confirmed that 36 people were wounded and 3 residents were killed. Several buildings were severely damaged during the quake, some collapsing to just rubble. During the groundquake, four buildings had caught fire which resulted in the deaths of 3 residents who were trapped inside one of the burning buildings. The medical centre was overrun with the wounded and the emergency services were stretched as they worked overtime to rescue trapped survivors from beneath the rubble. One of the factory workers of the settlement has taken some time out of his day to speak to us.

Hon’lu Tam, Factory Worker:

It is a tragic disaster which could not have been avoided, the Kenzie settlement has been hit hard and currently looks like a ruin. My respects go to those who have passed, and the families who had lost someone on this tragic day. Though let my words be heard that the Kenzie settlement will not allow this to knock our growth, we will pull out all the stops to restore what was known as a beautiful and prospering settlement. One thing that has made an impact is how the community has come together during these dark times. We will continue to support one another and get through this, together.

During the aftermath many people came from areas far beyond the settlement to lend a helping hand, banding together to help the emergency services. Even the Jedi from the Praxeum nearby came down and assisted in the rescue efforts, some aiding to lift rubble, others assisting the medical branch of the settlement in applying first aid. We have words from the RSF representative.

Cpt Pozzak Dutt, RSF Captain and Representative:

It has been one of the worst natural disasters to hit this settlement in over a century. It was unexpected, and could not have been avoided. But we have trained for moments like this all our lives, and today our training has shown. The swift response of our units and the flawless teamwork was nothing but excellent. We prevented many deaths due to our efforts, not only due to -our- efforts, but the efforts of the people, the Jedi, and the emergency services. Many tired folks return home today with a well deserved pat on their backs. The chaos is over, now we turn our focus to restoring the settlement back to its full health again. Thank you, all.

Nobody knows how long it may take for the settlement to repair the damages done, but one thing that we do know is the spirit within the people of Rannon is as strong as ever. The RSF paired with the local Jedi continue the patrols in the surrounding areas to make certain nobody has been missed, and that everyone is accounted for. The medical branch of the settlement will remain overrun for the next few days, however with the aid of the Jedi, the wounded are making a speedy recovery.