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322.11 // Contaminated Nerf Meat Seized by Planetary Officials

News coming from Olanet in the Hunnoverrs Sector has flustered local health inspectors and law enforcement personnel alike, as reports of an effort to sell contaminated nerf meat have begun to surface.

The reports arose after a whistleblower informed planetary officials of a suspected effort by the Asenti Nurti-Corp to process, package and sell various cuts of nerf meat that had been previously segregated for bioanalysis. According to the whistleblower, the cuts had been withheld based on a peculiar bruising being spotted on the surface of the meats. In spite of this effort, the cuts were repurposed, packaged and stored before inspectors could conduct further tests. Upon hearing this testimony, planetary officials were promptly sent to investigate and seize the shipments, which had fortunately not yet been sent.

Internal examination proved that every specimen of nerf meat, combined to weigh more than two and a half tonnes, was indeed contaminated with a bacterial infestation known to cause crippling, flu-like symptoms in most Human and Near-Human consumers. While no arrests have yet been made and the cause of the contamination and the motive to sell the meat are yet unknown, further investigations have been underway and all nerf meat processing factories of the Asenti Nutri-Corp have been indefinitely halted in their operations. In the meantime, officials have issued a warning to habitants of the Outer Rim to not purchase or consume any nerf meat originating from Olanet as a precaution, causing local economists to worry over the loss of production revenue on top of the present health concerns.