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319.31 // Mining Guild Management

As Galactic political entities still recover from the recent War, the Mining Guild has been exploring alternative solutions to keeping up with the growing demand of raw materials and fuel. One of the most notable was forcibly retiring the Guild’s CEO and allowing the vacancy to be filled by Decium Tiro, a veteran executive of the organization.

In the past, Tiro has stated his displeasure with the Guild’s apparent lack of prioritization on potential profit centers across the Galaxy and plans to introduce a multitude of changes to the Mining Guild that will allow for the company to keep pace with the demand of the Galaxy. Analysts agree that change is definitely necessary as the Guild has just been barely able to scrape along in fulfilling Tibanna orders of major Galactic centers. Some say the change is coming just in time in order to prevent the cost of fuel rising for the average Galactic citizen spacefarer or atmospheric commuter.

Others, however, are not so pleased with how the Guild plans to continue business. Shortly after taking the office of Chief Executive, Tiro was questioned by a representative from an independant HoloNews network who wanted to know if by “selling these raw materials to any and all sides of political lines the Guild is not only facilitating growing demand but also a future war.” To this the CEO had a simple reply,

“It’s true that the materials extracted and refined by the hard working men and women of the Mining Guild could be used for military applications. However we can’t allow this hypothetical to paralyze our movement in the Galactic marketplace. Our products could just as easily be used to build a state of the art medical facility for children. We are more selective than we appear about who we sell to. But in this time of recovery we won’t hesitate to play our part in patching war wounds that still require tending to.”

Where the new CEO plans to take the Guild is still relatively secretive, but it is good to hear that the steady stream of resources will continue to flow, heating our homes and fueling our vehicles.