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322.15 // Contamination Fears Cease as Employee Confesses

A logistics manager of the Asenti Nutri-Corp has been identified by planetary officials on Olanet as the one responsible for designating contaminated nerf meat for shipment. Amid an ongoing investigation, manager Kelsin Nauer surrendered himself to law enforcement and confessed that he was paid by executives from a competing meat-producing company to damage the reputation of the Asenti Nutri-Corp. Nauer alleges that he was approached by a third party a cycle prior to the incident to “identify methods to discredit Asenti and execute appropriate actions to the fullest of [his] ability”.

While the names of the executives and the competing company remain anonymous, officers report that they have an individual in their custody who is suspected to have facilitated the deal with Nauer. As investigators hope to ascertain the names of the executives in quick fashion, they have nevertheless confirmed that no contaminated nerf meat was found to have been shipped either prior to or after the whistleblower’s testimony. With this news, the Outer Rim may heave a sigh of relief as citizens may once again purchase their favorite cuts of nerf without fear.

The other plus side to what may have been a daunting outcome? In spite of worries about a potential blip in the Olaneti economy, an increased demand for bantha meat in the Hunnoverrs Sector has deposited significant capital into the accounts of rural farmers who herd the beasts. This recent development then begs the question of whether or not bantha meat will see a permanent increase in demand following the scare, as potential investors speculate the market in hopes of making a profit.