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306.30 // Jedi Related Crime Rate Up

In the news today, reports of a survey with documented evidence that show there has been a steady increase of crimes happening across the Galaxy, mostly near major landmarks and trade points which involve Jedi personnel, has been released to independent organisations and news sources. While it is obvious that these incidents are unique and independent of each other, public opinion of the Jedi Order has significantly decreased once again.

Senator Gylon of Bothawui, has always been in opposition of the Jedi Orders standing as an independent entity and has been openly critical since the release of these documents;

“As many of us know, the Jedi claim to be upholders of peace and guardians of the light. Though recently we have been receiving multiple accounts of what we believe to be Jedi committing petty crimes across the galaxy. In fact, just last night here on Coruscant there was a speeder hijacking in which the man was threatened with what has been hypothesized as the hilt of the famous Jedi Lightsaber. Sadly, these are not the only sighting of Jedi committing these sorts of crimes, the public in the surrounding areas have already reacted negatively towards the Jedi, claiming that they are no longer fit to protect.”

With this, Chief of State Malucia, is already being pressed on these matters in and out of Senate. Calls are being made for an investigation into these alleged incidents and a drafted plan on how the Jedi Order will be held accountable for these happens with the view to resolving these matters are quickly as possible. It is not sure how the Jedi Order has reacted to these reports or if they have responded to the allegations at all. One thing is for sure, the Jedi Order still has many supporters within the Senate and the public, who say that they are the main reason the War against the Ascendancy and Mandalorians was turned around then won. With the public and Senate so divided in opinion of the Jedi Order, the interest on how this will develop is already heating up.

More on this as it comes…