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307.05 // Gree Hypergate Discovered On Alzoc III

Astounding news today in the realm of archaeology as what has been confirmed to be an ancient ‘Gree Hypergate’ was officially unveiled as being discovered on the relatively backwater world of Alzoc I some months ago.

While local and independent archaeological teams initially found the site it was apparently after a team from the renowned ‘Exploration Corp’ of the Jedi Order arrived that progress was made on what was described by one of the lead researchers as an ‘unprecedented scale.’

Not only did the team acting on behalf of the Exploration Corp identify the gate they, beyond all odds apparently managed to get the gate operational, a feat long held impossible by even the Gree themselves today. While what they found at the other end of the gate is classified, what little has been revealed is that both the archaeological teams and the Exploration Corps have poured significant resources into exploring the site beyond the gate and supposedly establishing a research site there.

While it is not entirely known just how the Jedi who activated the gate managed to, it is known that Jedi Knight ‘Delmi N’jork’ is the one held with the most credit by those of his peers that were present with getting the gate operational.

While it is still not known just what they found on the other side of the gate, just where the gate linked to or indeed if it can yet be linked to the remainder of the Gree Hypergate network, what is known is that this is without a doubt one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the past several centuries.

More news as it comes…