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306.24 // Political Crash Raises Eyebrows

Just in, reports coming from Alzoc III state that a Imperial Shuttle crashed last night as it was following a plotted course leading to it’s exit of the atmosphere, the crash apparently killing all who were on board.

Alzoc’s Chief Of Security Ikto Lón made a statement in the early hours of the morning;

“We can confirm that a Shuttle carrying Imperial personnel and convicted prisoners, cleared for transfer of custody to the Imperials, crashed into an isolated area in among the peaks of the Alzoc mountains. Investigations are on going as to the cause of the crash, but we are working diligently to get answers as to what happened. We can confirm that one survivor was found, through the dedicated and unselfish work of the Jedi Order, though sadly the man later succumbed to his injuries whilst receiving treatment.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to the Jedi in question, for their quick reactions to the discovery and attempted rescue, and offer my sincere condolences to the families effected by this tragedy.”

While we wait on the official reports from the investigations, it is understood that the Alzoc Security Forces have allowed the Imperials to conduct their own into the incident and have extended an invitation for them to travel to meet with the team based on Alzoc that are leading the investigation into the crash.

Not much is being said by the Jedi Order at this time, with regards as to how they executed this apparent rescue attempt. Though the lingering question from the public is, did they do everything they could  to rescue the stranded Imperial personnel and their passengers?

We will bring you more as the investigations continue…