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276.30 // Jedi Arrested in Triple Homicide Case

From Emperor Palpatine to Darth Rishi, many atrocities have been committed in the galaxy by the hands of Jedi. Despite the rising favor the Jedi have garnered with the public in recent years, and their message of justice and pacifism propagated by the Order’s higher ups, heinous acts still regularly occur at the hands of the “chosen ones.”

The extremely rare genetic marker in a Jedi’s blood which gives them their special abilities is sometimes believed by them to be a mark of distinction, making them special. Since their secession from the Galactic Alliance many Jedi have even considered themselves to be above intergalactic law. This has been seen most recently on our capital planet of Coruscant with a string of robberies by the hands of Jedi Aeris Erith and the triple homicide caught on a security camera in Coruscant’s lower levels by a Jedi who remained anonymous, until yesterday.

Jedi Knight Maloush Paroveid formerly of the Coruscant Temple was arrested for the murders when two Coruscanti police officers identified him at the scene of a bank robbery. His reason for returning to Coruscant since he allegedly killed a respected doctor and his pregnant receptionist was “Official Jedi business.” When pressed for details of what exactly that business entailed, Jedi Master Phoe Nhix of the Coruscant’s High Council responded with an emphatic, “No comment.”

Though charges have been filed, no court date has been sent for this Jedi on the lam. The Galactic Holonews, as always, will provide detailed updates as this story develops.

276.30 – Kirk Retson, Staff Writer // GHN