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276.28 // Mass Invasion Pushed Back in Failure

Failed Invasion

Trandoshan Forces Fail to Break The Wookiee Blockade

As expected, the government of Trandosha took little time to send a large invasion force towards Kashyyyk following the failed flails at diplomacy earlier in the cycle. With seven capital-class ships anchoring the impressive fleet of hundreds of fighters and frigates, the Wookiee world was facing more than terrible odds in its chance to defend itself from the inevitable attack. Forming a defensive blockade half the size of the invading force, Kashyyyk was all but living on a humble prayer for victory.

What was not expected however was the subsequent defeat of the Trandoshan fleet and its retreat back home. Amazingly, the numerically inferior Wookiee blockade out-strategized the attackers with reported wise maneuvering. Unable to break through the defenses, the Trandoshan fleet soon found itself vulnerable, as the flanks of capital ships became exposed. Following the loss of two of those ships, an order of retreat was given out, as every single Trandoshan ship turned back in defeat.

With an unlikely pause of warfare this early in the conflict, the Senate Chambers on Coruscant are bustling with talks on how to swiftly end the conflict before further clashes occur. Though both Senators from Kashyyyk and Trandosha are keen to come out of this cleanly, their home governments hold more animosity towards each other, effectively making a potential solution hard to obtain. Stay tuned as new developments arise.

276.28 – Keth Tohll // GHN